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Default Jogger vs Bodybuilder

My jogs take me up and around the neighborhood streets, and one night I started noticing that the house at 425 Pineview's garage always had its door open, light spilling out onto the street. As I jogged past I'd always see a plump Asian woman in there working out - one night pushups, one night squats, one night jogging, one night jumping jacks, one night weightlifting. I guess she noticed me too as she started waving to me and I waved back. I guess we were kind of workout buddies; at any rate we waved at each other for about six weeks until one Friday night instead of just a wave, she came out to talk to me. I jogged in place, not wanting my heart rate to go down as she walked up to me and said something I didn't catch.
"What?" I asked, taking my headphones off.
"I just wanted to say hi." We shook hands, and I flinched - she had a strong grip! "Oh, sorry. I guess I'm not used to my own strength."
"Oh, yeah. I've seen you lifting those weights. Getting in shape?"
"Trying," she laughed. "You? I guess you're already in shape, huh? Staying fit?"
"Something like that." We made small talk for a minute, then I got to ask some questions I'd been wondering about. Why, I asked, was she out in her garage?
"Distractions. Every time I went to work out in the house, I'd end up on YouTube, or Facebook, or whatever - I have to come out here to get anything done." And leaving the door open? "You know how hot it gets working out in a stuffy garage in the summer?" Fair point. "Speaking of, you look hot."
"Not like that!" she yelled. "I mean, you look sweaty. I mean... uh, I have water in the garage if you want some. And gatorade."
Well, I was pretty thirsty, and she didn't seem like the serial killer type, so I followed her into the garage. It was a big two-car one, set up with stiff new mats on the floor and all kinds of workout equipment - a treadmill, weight bench, rowing machine, elliptical... and a old blue cooler my new friend was rooting through.
"Okay, I lied. I just have water. But it's Fiji water!" She tossed me a bottle. "It's really from Fiji. Uh, it says on the label."
I took a long sip and looked her up and down. She was about five nine, wearing black sweatpants and a black sports bra that was struggling mightily to hold in what must have been a 40F cup. She must have weighed at least 200 pounds; her body looked both fat and powerful as her workouts were still in the middle of transforming her body. She had broad shoulders, a big stomach, and large arms and legs that looked very strong. Her face was a bit long and plain, although I had already noticed she had a mischievous smile that lit it up. Her long black hair was in a very simple straight cut just past her shoulderblades and her big, almond-shaped dark eyes were fixed on me. She looked a little nervous, shifting her weight from foot to foot. She came out with it:
"So, uh.... listen, I'll just ask: Would you want to wrestle with me?"
"Huh?" Was this girl for real? She sure looked serious. "Yeah, absolutely. Right now?"
"Yes! I mean... if you're not busy...?" She made a wide welcome motion and I nodded, hoping I was going to regret this. Both of us took off our shoes, and I took off my shirt (I was hot) - this didn't seem to bother my opponent; to the contrary I almost felt a little uncomfortable as she stared at my body. I'm mostly lean muscle, and I started wondering what I might have gotten myself into. She used a switch on the wall to close the garage door ("no peekers!"). After it finished loudly coming down, we started circled each other cautiously. There was no question she had the power advantage, and I almost laughed as she lifted her hands, offering me a test of strength, as if I'd walk into that buzzsaw. My plan was to use my speed to stay out of her grip and wear her down, although I almost abandoned it right away based off the disappointed look on my opponent's face when she realized I wasn't going to accept her offer to lock up.
"C'mon, I'll go easy on you," she offered. I still didn't accept; one look at her arms was enough to tell me how this was going to end. When she saw I wasn't going to indulge her she reared back and grabbed at me with a roar, I think trying to get me in a bearhug; but she left me plenty of time and I weaved away from her grasping arms, leaving her to unbalance herself as she whiffed. I took a few steps back and charged, lowering my shoulder, but I guess I aimed a little high; my plan was to take out her knees and bring her down to the mat, but instead my shoulder smacked into her tummy and I basically bounced off her. I ended up somersaulting awkwardly backwards with the impact, getting to my feet as Chloe smiled at me in bemusement: "Do you want to try that again?"
Did I? No, surely that was too obvious; she'd just catch me in some kind of power move. I backed up a few feet and then charged, but instead of trying to tackle her I dropped into a slide, catching my opponent by surprise as I took out her legs. With a yelp she toppled forward; unfortunately as I looked up in terror I realized she was falling on top of me and her body slammed into mine, crushing me against the floor. We ended up with me on my back, her laying on top of me chest-first, her tits pressing against my bare chest through her thick sports bra.
With the wind knocked out of me I had to take a second to suck up as much air as I could. Chloe shook her head and before I could recover she braced her arms, lifting her upper body off the ground.
"So, Josh, do you mind if I work out during our match?" She didn't wait for an answer. "Good, because I haven't done my pushups yet today." With that she dropped her upper body down on top of me, driving out the precious air I'd managed to take in, then started doing rapid-fire pushups on top of me, slamming her torso into mine with each repetition. She grunted with each push-up and drop (except for the time she yelled "Gotta keep my heart rate up!") and I gasped under her, barely able to take a breath before she repeated the maneuver. It took everything I had just to breathe and try to brace myself before each slam, leaving any kind of escape out of the question. I found out later from Chloe that she did 200 pushups a day, and luckily she did far less (I'd probably have died before a hundred), but the 25 or 30 she gave me left me a panting mess by the time she was finished. The last time she dropped her weight on me she lay on top of me, pressing all of her weight down on my body.
"You know, we forgot to decide when the match is over. How about if I keep you pinned for ten, I win? Does that sound good?"
"Guh," I gasped.
"Good? Okay. One..." She counted slow, but this was more than counteracted by her laying on top of me; I tried to at least push her body off mine, but my arms were shaking with weakness, and even at my strongest if she wanted to stay on top of me, there wasn't anything I could do about it. "Two... Josh, what the hell are you doing?" I was tickling her. I started with her sides - no luck. "Three... that's not going to work!"
I detected just a hint of nervousness in her tone. I just had to find the right spot. I tried moving my hands up to her her ribs - nothing. Then her armpits, and Chloe fell off me in shrieking laughter as I mercilessly tickled my way out of the pin. I had to back off as my opponent was thrashing blindly but with considerable force, getting to my feet and panting as Chloe slowly stopped giggling. I let her get up and thought we were going to face off again, but she started wagging her finger at me: "Fighting dirty, huh? I can do that too. Watch this!"
I wondered if this was Chloe's first ever fight as she lunged at me; I hadn't been in a ton myself, but I at least knew better than to announce to my opponent I was about to attack them, and simply stepped out of Chloe's way as she barreled past me, her arms closing over empty air, leaving me standing on her right side. I quickly slipped behind her back, locking her arms up in a full nelson, hoping my superior position would negate her huge strength advantage. I was about to find out as Chloe started flexing her arms. With a mumbled "Fuck" she attempted to power out. I held on for dear life, both of us grunting and panting with exertion. Our bodies rubbed together, her big ass pressed against my crotch. Between her rump pressing against me, her feminine grunts and the subtle smell of her sweat it wasn't long before I got hard as we struggled; I hoped she wouldn't notice, but I guess there was no way she could miss me sticking her: "You enjoying yourself back there, Josh?"
"Yeah," I admitted.
"Well, don't get used to it," she gasped, still trying and failing to dislodge my arms. "I'm - any minute now -" she stopped to pant - "aren't you getting tired?"
"Just say you submit and I'll let you go." That was apparently the wrong thing to say as Chloe snarled and almost broke the hold with a fresh surge of strength. Feeling like I had to do more to wear her out, I kept my feet planted and tried to move her with my arms, maybe shake her back and forth; no luck, she wasn't going anywhere. I realized we were stalemated - she couldn't break the hold and I couldn't move her. Now could I release her and maintain the advantage? I tried to convert the hold into a hammerlock, but the second I loosened my grip my opponent surprised me with her speed, sliding out of my grasp and spinning away from me. So much for that plan. Chloe rolled her shoulders as we faced off. Her eyes locked onto the tent I was pitching in my sweatpants, and when she lunged I was sure I knew where she was going.
But it was a feint, and at the last second she brought her right hand back, slamming a huge knife-edge chop into my chest. The impact was tremendous and knocked me down on my back. Chloe straddled my body and I realized she was about to drop all of her weight on my stomach. With speed born of terror I shot away from her on the mat and she barely missed, sitting down heavily with a grunt. I got to my feel while my opponent was still on her knees and went behind her, hoping to get that hammerlock, but she spun around on the mat to face me. She was just at the right height for my cock to rub against her face (at least I still had my pants on) and before I could take a step back she took it into her mouth.
With two layers of pants and underwear between my dick and her lips I didn't expect this to feel like much, but it was surprisingly enjoyable, and it was enough to paralyze me for a second, and that was all Chloe needed to yank my bottoms completely down with a smile. I stepped back out of them, my desire to win overpowering my desire to let my opponent have her way with me, and I found myself backing up quickly as Chloe got to her feet, ordering me to "come back here!"
Well, this was a large garage, but there still wasn't a huge amount of space, so if I wanted to keep wrestling her I was going to have to close up with her anyway. This time she kept her eyes off my cock, but I just knew she was going to go for it, and sure enough she faked a high slap and then tried to go low. I lifted my knee into her stomach, clearly catching her by surprise as she bent over with a gasp. I figured turnabout was fair play and reached down, unhooking her sports bra and whipping it off her.
If Chloe was embarrassed she didn't show it, taking a step back and standing straight, her huge tits hanging down, free from her bra. She had small, dark nipples, clearly very hard, and I guess I was a little mesmerized as she approached because I didn't see the knife-edge chop she aimed at me until it was too late.
I don't know if it was because I didn't have time to brace or she had more time to prepare this blow, but this hit had even more force than the first one and the impact knocked me over. For good measure I hit the back of my head on the floor and I found myself laying dazed on my back. Chloe rolled me over onto my chest and got me in a camel clutch, a weird variant where instead of sitting on my back she squatted over my shoulders, then linked her hands under my chin and pulled up. The back of my head went into her crotch as she worked the hold. This hurt pretty bad, and my in retrospect rather silly attempt to pry her hands from under my chin didn't help.
"You wanna give up, Josh?" she asked, not letting off the pressure at all. I grunted a "no" and tried to escape again by bracing my feet against the ground and pushing myself forward. I guess the reason that you usually sit down on someone's back is to stop them from doing this as I managed to break the hold, Chloe falling off me with a yelp of surprise. I hoped she'd be stunned long enough for me to get to my feet and recover, but I only made it to my knees when she unleashed her next move, coming around to my front and locking on a breast smother. She locked her arms around my head, keeping my face in the wide canyon between her huge and now sweat-slick tits. I found myself wishing I'd been able to take a deep breath before she applied this move; she had a lot to work with in this hold, reducing my world to a pitch-black, soft, sweaty prison.
At least my hands were free, but I wasn't really sure what to do. Chloe's upper arms were pressed against her sides, and my attempt to tickle her armpits failed. I tried to push her away from me, but this had no chance of working. Could I push her arms away? No, no chance of that either. Getting desperate and running out of air I grabbed the waistband of her pants and yanked them down (along with her underwear) to her ankles in one big pull. I hoped she would be shocked enough to release me, but instead she just laughed "Josh, what are you doing?" She wasn't laughing as I started stroking her pussy. Either she didn't want me to stop or didn't think of closing her legs - maybe the first as she was pretty wet - and I heard her moan as I slipped a finger in. I started pumping her and when this didn't weaken the hold or make her back off I started making a come-hither motion with my fingers, and this had quite an effect. I felt my opponent's grip loosening, then her arms fell and I managed to lean back and take in a huge breath, making sure not to stop my fingering lest Chloe slap the smother right on.
But it looked like she wasn't going to be doing anything soon as she had to support herself on me, resting her hands on her shoulders as her legs quaked. I thought I might be able to finish her right here, but before I could drive her over the edge she seemed to realize what was happening and gave me a shove, sending me somersaulting backwards. I rolled up to my feet and charged, hoping my opponent's head would be clouded, but with a Amazon war scream she caught me, using my own momentum as she turned and slammed me down to the mat on my back with crushing force. As I lay there stunned she went around to her ride side and nailed me with a cross-body splash, slamming her weight into my midsection and leaving me gasping for breath.My opponent picked me up like it was the easiest thing in the world for her, giving me a long, hard squeeze before hefting me up and laying me across her broad shoulders, leaving me facing the ceiling.
"Josh, you know what?" she asked casually.
"What," I gasped.
"I just remembered I haven't done my squats today."
Ohhhhhhhh, no. Before I could open my mouth to protest she started ripping off deep squats, each one sending pain jolting through my back as she bounced me up and down, her hands keeping my body pressed down against her shoulders. She started counting off each squat, barking "One!" "Two!" "Three!" as I groaned in pain on her shoulders. I managed to brace myself enough to ask how many she did a day and wanted to cry when she proudly barked "Two hundred!" then went back to counting with "Seven!" "Eight! Josh, just tell me when you want to give up. Nine!"
I somehow made it to fifteen; with my opponent holding me tightly I had no chance of escape and just held on as best I could. I guess Chloe got bored as she changed tactics, getting her hands under me, one on my back and one on my right thigh, and lifted me straight up over her head. The ceiling wasn't too high in the garage and I was almost touching an overhead light. "Hey, Josh. How much do you think it would hurt if I threw you down from here?"
I turned my head to look down - the mat-covered floor seemed impossibly far.
"Uh.... a lot."
"Oh." She brought me down, my back just touching her shoulders for a second, then lifted me up again. "Do you want to give up before I do it then?"
"Do wha-" Oh, no; ohhhhhhhhh, no. Why didn't I give up here? I don't really know; I guess I didn't want to lose, and maybe I didn't think she'd do it, or that I could endure it? I suppose it's a bit silly looking back; she'd pretty much demolished me by now, and I was only prolonging the inevitable. In any case I didn't give up, and Chloe gave me a count: "Three, two. one..."
She threw me down from what must have been eight or nine feet high. My back and the back of my head slammed into the ground with shattering force. The overhead lights swum in my vision, then a huge shadow loomed over me: Chloe, bending down: "Josh, are you okay?! Speak to me!"
"Uh," I managed. I guess that was enough to reassure her that I was alive as she sat down on my chest and started counting slowly, seeing if I was going to try to dislodge her. At first I didn't have the energy to even think about it, but she counted very slowly; by six (which was probably about two minutes) I managed to get my hands under her bare butt and started pushing up. I was prepared for a titanic struggle to unseat my opponent, but Chloe just hopped off me, I think deciding I wasn't quite finished yet; but getting up was still beyond me as my opponent leaned down and picked me up, carrying me like a baby. "Hey, Josh, how much do you weigh?" she asked, cradling me.
"Um, about one fifty."
"Hmm, feels about right. I'm gonna slam you now, okay? You wanted to keep going, right?" Well, I had pushed her off, so I guess I did. I tried to brace as she slammed me down on my back. Nope, I was finished; I should have just given up before she gave me that military press. I laid there waiting to get pinned, but instead Chloe got me in a reverse headscissors, laying on my left side, her thick thighs closing around my head and left arm.
At the best of times this would probably be impossible to get out of once my opponent got the hold locked in, and in my current shape all I could do was blindly slap at her legs with my trapped arm; and I stopped doing even this when it proved totally useless.
For a minute after I stopped struggling we both just lay there, and I wondered what Chloe was doing; I knew her legs were super strong, and she could just bear down and finish me, but she was barely squeezing, just enough to keep me from doing anything.
"Josh, you're pretty tough," I heard her, muffled by her big thighs. "But I got you now. You can struggle all you want, but you're mine. Right?"
With that her soft hand wrapped around my cock. It was semi-hard and she used just a ring grip, her index finger and thumb, to quickly stroke me to full attention. Then she started jerking me off, her hand languidly moving up and down my shaft, in no hurry to finish me off. I bucked my hips a little, seeking more sensation, but to not avail; I was totally helpless in my opponent's cinch and she set a slow pace, her other hand cupping and then playing with my balls as she toyed with me.
"You don't get to finish until I say so, Josh," she told me as if this was the most natural thing in the world. "How does that make you feel?" My rock-hardness seemed to be answer enough. She changed her grip to a whole-hand gentle squeeze and picked up the pace, but only slightly. I was totally in her power as she stroked my dick. For all the slowness it was an even more powerful climax when it came; I kicked my legs helplessly as she pushed me over the edge, her strong hand milking as much spunk as she could out of my cock as I grunted and writhed in helpless pleasure. Only when I had finished did she slow and then stop her hand, then she released the scissors.
"Whew! You let out a lot!" I looked up; she wasn't kidding. I had shot cum on my stomach, her hand, and the mats. "That was fun, though, right? You liked it?" she purred, getting up to all fours, moving so her body was pressed against mine. "It's my turn. Right?"
I had enough energy to nod, barely; Chloe scooted up so that she was straddling my shoulders, then then started slowly sliding forward, eclipsing the overhead lights as she straddled my face, until her musky pussy was pressing against my mouth. For a second I thought she was going to kill me with a facesit, but she backed up a little bit, enough for me to get my tongue out of my mouth. It wasn't much of a mystery what she wanted, and hell, she'd earned it; I leaned forward the tiny bit necessary to press my tongue against her pussy and was rewarded with a deep moan of pleasure from my opponent. She was very wet, turned on from dominating me, I suppose. I reached up and grabbed her hips and then went to town eating her pussy, tickling it by flicking my tongue over her entrance, pressing it deep in with long slow licks that seemed to drive her wild. As she got more and more excited Chloe pressed her hips forward, but I barely noticed; her panting moans egged me on as I went for the finish, and she came hard, reaching a powerful climax. All of the energy drained out of her body as she slowly slid off me until we were laying side by side staring up at the lights.
"Was that okay?" I asked meekly. She managed to turn her head and smiled. "Yeah," she panted. "Yeah, that was good." After a few more breaths she seemed to start to recover. "Oh... uh, should I pin you?"
"Sure, if you want."
"Well...." she bit her lip. "I mean... do you mind?"
"No, you beat me fair and square."
"Okay!" She stood up, planting one bare foot on my chest and flexed her arms, counting ten. She helped me up: "Are you all right?"
"Yeah," I gasped. "You're strong."
"Thanks." She slid some of her long hair behind her left ear. "Rematch?"
"Rematch." We shook on it, and she didn't even crush my hand.
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Default Re: Jogger vs Bodybuilder

Another great story! Now, is there going to be a rematch?
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Default Re: Jogger vs Bodybuilder

A rematch is on my to-do list; I think I have the ending and a basic framework in mind, but if anyone wants to make any suggestions, I'm all ears. (No promises!)
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Default Re: Jogger vs Bodybuilder

I do still hope this rematch is coming!
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Default Re: Jogger vs Bodybuilder

The good news is it's still on my list, the bad news is it's still all the way at the bottom. If anyone wants to start sending me female Asian bodybuilder wrestling pictures, well, I guess that couldn't hurt...
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