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Default Warren Park Massacre A Hunger Games Like Story


Disclaimer: Terms such as boy, youth, and such are meant to be general terms and do not specify any specific age. It is up to you, the reader, to supply them as you see fit.

This is the third installment of a Hunger Games type story. The first being “Queen of the Kill” and the second “Sex Kills.” It is advised that they should be read in order.

This takes place way in the future, the Hunger Games of Katniss and Peeta are long past. The games have morphed over the years and now emphasize sex over blood and gore. This world is way overcrowded due to advances in medicine where people live longer, war is all but abolished and tremendous advances in artificial or test tube food now easily feed the masses.

And there are masses, huge numbers of people. Life is cheap. In order to channel humans aggressive tendencies pay-per-view Hunger Games now reign. Some are official government sanction others are local, put on by cities or even private citizens. Women and girls sit on and smother to death their victims both in and out of the arena. No one is ever charged with murder, it is an everyday accepted occurrence. Men with Erectile Enhancement (also known as EE) stroke down the throat of their respective victim, eventually choking them to death. These are socially accepted “sexual kills.”

Due to advances in medicine and gene manipulation, many diseases common today were eliminated. Also, the human body has been manipulated to be almost perfect. One disadvantage, though, during the time of the wars genes were modified so women gave birth to males two-to-one to females. Also, typical gestation is now 7 months, not nine. This resulted in a massive number of young males roaming the streets, a dangerous situation for any society.

Kills are done in a casual manner with no thought to the victim. Sexual gratification during the kill is the only thing that matters. Though not all smothering results in a kill. The victims for their part are generally amiable and accept victim status. This arrangement had been going on for hundreds of years and was long ago ingrained in the culture. It was not uncommon to see mothers on sons, sisters on little brothers and fathers stroking down daughters. Actually, there was all manner of combinations.


Far out to sea sits Weather Station 3; a lonely outpost in the vast expanse of ocean. It sits atop a jagged pinnacle of rock and built at great expense. This is far in the future and you'd think weather satellites would supply a detailed accounting of meteorological data. Not true, after years of constant wars the space above the earth was a floating junkyard of exploded rockets, space stations, and other dangerous deb-re. No country would dare launch an expensive satellite and see it destroyed by 30,000 mph space junk. Weather data is now collected by buoys, devices embedded in the ocean floor and weather ships.

Manning this lonely outpost and Chief Meteorologist is Dr. Candy Young. At that moment she was sitting at the controls of Weather Station 3. Candy was tall and in her late 40's with curly brown hair that cascaded down her tanned face. Her body was trim from exercise as the station boasted a small weight/exercise room. Her life had centered around weather and all its quirks.

She grew up on a farm in the mid-west, tornado alley, and witnessed first hand it's destructive power. When she was a young girl she had a strapping neighbor boy several years older than herself down in the tall grass smothering him. She, like many young girls her age, often enjoyed the sensual pleasures of boy smothering. The smother had gone on for some time now as she was in no hurry to complete her kill. She was sitting on his face in a straddle smother working his nose all about the inside of her. The weather suddenly took a turn for the worst. A rain squally appeared several miles away, then, from a menacing blue-black cloud dropped a snake-like funnel – tornado!

She was quickly up and off her victim. The lad was dazed and gasping for air. “Come on. Move it,” she screamed. The lad was exhausted and bent over gasping for air. Candy grabbed him by the shoulders and half drug him towards her families farmhouse. They just made it inside when the tornado hit. The farm's house and all out building were superbly designed to withstand the most violent of tornadoes. Even so, the building shook from nature's fury.

Minutes later she had the boy down in her bed and was atop him once again. Now well situated she looked out of her bedroom window and watched the twisting turning tornado fade into a rain cloud. After witnessing such violent weather phenomena Candy was determined to know more about such things. Some years later after many long years of college, she was an experienced meteorologist and Senior in charge of WS3.

Seated next to Candy was her Junior Assistant, a newly minted meteorologist with the ink of her doctorate hardly dry. Claudia Robinson was her name. She was in her mid 20's. Though a pretty girl she never showed much interest in beauty and always kept her bright blonde hair done up in a simple ponytail. Like her supervisor Candy weather was her true calling.

From an early age, she was good at math and sciences and her test scores showed it. It was no surprise for her proud parents when she got a full scholarship to college to study meteorology. It also had another advantage, she got a coveted Exemption Card. EC's as they were called exempted someone and their families if married and in a critical skill, from the smother.

Throughout most of her life, Claudia had not experienced much in the way of smothering or stroking. True, every fall, when school would resume, a few of her classmates never returned. There was an incident that occurred which bothered Claudia and spurred her interest in getting into a critical career field.

She came home one day expecting to find her boyfriend waiting for her. He was nowhere to be seen when she heard the squeak of her mother's bed. Her mother was known, on rare occasions, to take a victim. She found her mother lying naked and stretched out atop her boyfriend in a 69.

Her hips were grinding down hard on him without mercy. She'd pulled his pants down and was energetically sucking his erection. She gave Claudia a sideways glance and continued what she was doing. The smothering continued far into the night. The next day Claudia found his young body on the front porch, all tagged and ready for pickup by the local body recovery people. Her mother never said a word about it though she was quite pleased with a most pleasurable kill. Claudia eventually forgave her mother but never again asked a boyfriend over.

Life on WS3 was mostly boring and consisted of analyzing endless reams of data. They, like many millions of others, had been watching the on-going Hunger Games at Warren City. The game was heating up. First the unexpected death of Haulkie then the famous Imperator Julie's death to follow. All eyes and money were now on the giant of a nun, Sister Halver.

As much as they tried to ignore it Area 43 seemed to be registering an abnormal spike in temperature. Area 43 was huge and far out to sea smack dab in the middle of the Wendell Current. Area sensors showed the water to be 98 degrees Fahrenheit and rising. Something was not right. The Wendell Current was a hot tropical current shooting north and dispersing into the vast ocean. It could get hot but not usually this hot and this far north.

Right in the center of Area 43 was the large yacht, the “Get it On.” It was owned by a major soap opera actor Harvey Heartthrob, AKA Gerbil Heimlich. Captain Franka Garcia was at the helm and kept the boat cruising along at a nice pace. He and his 3 man crew plus 2 stewards saw to the needs of Mr. Heartthrob and his guests. The “guests” were a bevy of beautiful aspiring actresses plus 3 of Heartthrob's business friends. No stroking or smothering on this craft, just plain old fucking, and lots of it. Man, it was orgy city 24/7.

Captain Garcia noticed the water's high temperature. Steam was rising off it now creating a fog. Some of the crew noticed bubbling with a hint of sulfur. Not Good, thought the experienced captain and changed course for the nearest land. With a push of the throttle the twin hydrogen electric engines came to life. He made a point to call in this data to WS3.

“Sulfur smell.” Candy said in shock. Both women turned off the Hunger Games and concentrated on the data before them. In the center of the screen was a huge map of Areas 40 through 46. Area 43 in the center was turning an orange color. Seismic reading showed a volcanic trench had become active. “Oh God, Oh God,” Candy said as she called into the main weather station in Warren City.

With the hot tropical water now being super-heated from below by volcanic activity, a vast stretch of the ocean would become a boiling cauldron. The excessively heated water would, in turn, heat the air. The hot air would rise in a circular fashion. Right now it would eventually dissipate into the air above. In the upper atmosphere was the Jet Current, a fast-moving mass of cold air. If it moved over, even by a few hundred miles it would cap off and keep the super-heated air from rising. Both women knew that a massive storm of unimaginable proportions was in the making.

Meanwhile back at the games, it was a pleasant day of FISH smothering. FISH was a name given to small mostly male boys that were put into a Hunger Game to keep the action going. Usually, the first day was spent killing off the FISH. However with Haulkie and Julie already eliminated Sister Halver thought “What the hell.” and turned on her fellow Imperators and Imperator wannabees.

First to go under her powerful body was Trevor. The smart ass son of the manipulative Miller's. Sister Halver's powerful body finished him off in 30 minutes. Next to go down was the gay, Greg. He put up a bit of a fight but she soon sat firmly on his face. He twitched and wiggled about under her but his situation was hopeless. Next, she killed off two high school boys thus ending their dreams of being famous Imperators. She killed them with a double head scissors with both their heads locked between her powerful thighs. Nothing was stopping her and the remaining Imperators and high school kids watched her hunting with fear.

End of Part 1 of Warren Park Massacre

Hey, didn't I just see Sister Halver lurking right behind you?

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Default Re: Warren Park Massacre A Hunger Games Like Story

Amazing as always man, cannot wait for the rest
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Default Re: Warren Park Massacre A Hunger Games Like Story

cool, great epiode
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Default Re: Warren Park Massacre A Hunger Games Like Story

When you are sending the next episode ?
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