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Default Starting to Write

Hey all, I have a friend that's encouraging me to write and so I am!

This is the first story that I posted over at: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

Hope you enjoy!


"I'm going to the gym." Kara huffed, using her hip to bump the door shut as she entered the apartment. She stared at her husband who lounged on the couch for a moment before throwing her purse on a thin iron table near the door.

He offered the jet-black haired beauty a wave but refused to tear his eyes from the latest episode of Walking Dead he streamed. "Why'd you come home then?"

"Well Jackson, I thought maybe you'd like to come with me?" She replied in a sweet tone, kicking the 4-inch heels to a rubber mat at the left of the table. Her nylon covered feet padded onto the carpet, toes squeezing the fabric with each step. She stood in front of him and blocked his view.

He craned his neck to the left, "Hey, hey! Tomorrow's the next episode, I won't have time to watch it before."

Kara rolled her eyes and huffed to the bathroom, "It wouldn't kill you to put some meat on your bones." She called out to him, leaving the door open on purpose. His wife accentuated every action to echo in the living area of the small apartment flat. "I'll make a deal with you?"

"No." Jack weighed in about 125 pounds, his body thin and no tone. She didn't marry him for his body though, her husband treated her well and was smart, making a career reading market trends for profit. Still, the frustration proved to be real.

"Fine, no nooky for you." Off came the skirt and silk blouse, tossing them into the hamper.

No answer. Jackson's indifference in the last several weeks compared to Kara's high libido weighed on her mind. Their sex wasn't great, or a big part of the couple's relationship but she wanted it to be. She wanted her desires to be heard.

I could just take it. I should just take it. I deserve it. Besides, really he oooonly needs to lay there and stick his tongue out.

Kara's eyes opened to find her hand outside the gullet of the tan hose which were now damp with desire. She snuck a look to the couch as her other hand dove inside her bra, "He just needs to lay there..."

Her body began to quiver as her fingers went to work, pinching her nipple between thumb and forefinger while the other caressed in light circles. A gasp escaped her lips as thoughts of taking what she needed ran through her mind.

It'd be easy, she thought. Like most couples, they've play wrestled and she always came out on top. She knew he gave his all as well, despite him playing off the opposite. Kara also had him by about three inches and twenty pounds and her thoughts continued to excite her.

She paused in her efforts and turned her flushed face to the mirror, he could be seen in the background with the door still open. Second thoughts filled her mind.

Will he be angry? He won't be. Fight back? Ohh, I hope he fights a little... He wouldn't harm a fly though. He'll be confused and maybe a little scared. Mmm, I want to see that. Try it once. Is it decided? Am I doing it? Yes. You are.

Jack raised a brow, his eyes catching Kara's curvy frame off to the side. He didn't give her gait much thought until it became too late and she pounced him. "Ooof! C'mon, I don't want to go!"

"I know. I'm working out here instead." She cooed, pressing her form on top of him as her legs snaked around his.

"No, no." He replied calmly, though his face reacted to the pressure her legs put on him. "Ow! I want t--"

Kara cut his reply off, her hand clasping over his mouth as she pressed it shut, "This isn't about what you want. It's about what I want. I'm going to have an orgasm and you're going to give it to me."

The thin blond male frowned, breathing in and out through his nose at a quick pace. A look of confusion crossed his features, just as she predicted. He couldn't bring himself to mumble a reply, it'd only get muffled by her hand at anyways.

Her free hand roamed his body with need, pulling at his shirt to urge him further down the couch. She untangled her legs and straddled his stomach, one of her feet planted to the floor for support.

The excitement overwhelmed her, pulling his t-shirt hard enough at the collar to rip it while her hips grinded on his chest. She inched forward and let out a growl as she leaned down to bite at his neck. The nip stung hard enough for him to yelp and it spurred her on. "Give it to me."

He began to slide his pants off but her hands reached down, stopping his efforts. The puzzled look continued but he did not voice his unspoken questions. Kara pushed his arms above his head, pinning them where he'd not have much leverage should he push back. Her crotch now sat on his chin, the fabric of the pantyhose rubbing up to his lips.

She reached a hand inside and shoved the nylon into his mouth. "Bite!" She ordered, watching as his teeth and lips closed down on the most womanly of clothing. The tearing sound sent her lust over the edge as her hands finished what he started, opening the tear wide and revealing wet curls that framed her sex.

"Good boy." She moaned, moving to cover his face, toned thighs pressing his arms tight above and around his face. He couldn't move and took it all in stride, mostly out of shock. Jack knew Kara liked to be in control at times but this was far and beyond anything she'd tried in the bedroom before. The wonder caused him to feel a sensual fear that shown through to his eyes, they inspired a rough bucking in her hips.

Moans filled the apartment as her lips slid with ease across his mouth and face. Her body pressed down to the point it became uncomfortable for him, muffled grunts and gasps for air playing along her sex.

It became harder to hit the right spots with the bumps of his face turning away. Still, Kara grew closer to her goal by the second and she would not be denied. One hand moved to grasp his hair as he'd began to search with a bit too much eagerness for air. Her other hand went to unclasp the bra, flicking the snap in front so that it fell away from her breasts. It allowed full access to her pert nipples and she took full advantage, pinching and caressing each in turn and taking her closer to the peak she desired.

Her hips quivered as his near violent jerks for breath turned out to be a thrill she didn't anticipate. His groans and gasps, rippled off her thighs and pussy as her pleasure reached its climax. Kara screamed, the sensation of taking him far greater than anything she ever experienced. Her body shook as the feeling ebbed, only to be ramped up once more upon hearing his pleading gasp for air.

She allowed it for a quick second before clamping down over his face. The hand at her breasts left, clasping onto the arm of the couch in order to anchor herself. Kara's entire body grew rigid as she held her breath to increase the intensity of the orgasm. Jackson thrashed for air to the point it became difficult for her to maintain the seat. He bucked between her thighs as she allowed her legs to part, a foot falling back down to the floor and giving him the precious air. He gasped, looking up at her with wide-eyed wonder. She returned the glance with a thin and mischievous grin, "Perfect, Jackson."

He found himself too stunned to reply as his lungs filled, heaving her up and down with each breath. She laid her forehead to the arm of the couch and looked down at him with a newfound gleam in her eyes. "If you don't give, I'm going to take. You're okay with that aren't you?"

Of course he was.

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Default Re: Starting to Write

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