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Default The Arrangement Part 1

This is something I started a while ago.

The aching in his jaw was starting to kick in. A dull throb that Jason found pleasing, even more so when he extended his lower mandible to antagonize the pain and surrender to the thunder in his veins . He became less a mammal and more like some gasping landed fish dragged up from the peaceful fathoms and into the loud horror of hooks and knives and hateful sunshine. A casual extinction once the screaming had stopped and his adrenalin had dwindled back to it’s normal levels. The cluster of ruptured blood vessels that had burst like tiny fireworks in the corners of his eyes had bled out. The show was over.

Twelve minutes ago he’d stood amidst a barrage of clawed hands and rabid hungry mouths. A lighthouse standing resolute against a boiling sea of humanity’s basest instinct. Time slowed to a tectonic crawl as chaos seethed beneath his feet. Twenty minute explosions of mutually cathartic anger and neutered violence that his shadow self controlled. The exchange of energy between him and the audience was a hang-man’s wager, an invitation to participate in the wild hunt he’d summoned. In these moments of release he fancied himself a shaman, wild eyed and elemental. The ragged and the wretched caught temporarily in his thrall. But when the music stopped and the lights came back on the shadow slid back under the floorboards like an oil slick in reverse. Delusion is the common coin when jagged microphones are thrust into the grasp of the overlooked and the damaged. Exhaustion kicked ego’s crutches from under him and he slumped against the wall for support. The evenings main band Malbolgia were due to take the stage and people shoved past him to secure positions at the front whilst he fought to find a clean breath in the stale atmosphere of the club. Windowless and dark, he inhaled a lungful of midnight. Sometimes this release felt like a prison.

‘You look tired’.
Ashleigh’s mid west accent announcing her presence, emerging from the murk like a pantomime devil from a trap door. Jason started at the promoter, forcing his glassy eyes to focus. Trying to remember the right behaviors required to engage. The correct shape his mouth should make to smile. They liked that.
‘I’ll be fine, just need a minute’. He said.

She studied him as he peered back at through the twilight. Weighing him up, like two animals trying to establish an order. Discerning the level of threat. Her gentle features seemed ill chosen for the wide shape of her face thought Jason. She was full figured but not overweight. A discrete hint of a tattoo emerging from the T-shirt that was a shade too small for her. Robust, like she should have been serving drinks in some Viking alehouse not promoting metal bands on a Wednesday night in Chicago.

‘Why do you do all this?’ She nodded with her head indicating toward the stage. ‘ I mean I don’t know you very well, but I get the impression you don’t like any of it very much’.

Jason snorted.
Is it that obvious? I dunno...convenient escape from reality maybe. Ego stroke for what it’s worth? Not many places where you can be applauded for having absolutely zero artistic merit’.

The deception felt good in his mouth. Self deprecation and glacial blue eyes had never failed him before. Average girls like Ashleigh fell for it every time. Made them feel like they were getting beneath the surface.

‘Heh’. Ashleigh punctuated the brief silence with a dry laugh.
‘Why do you always let them come at you like that, it must hurt?‘

Jason smirked. He could read the submission in her from a mile away.. ‘

“I never set out to be a human pinata, it just happens when we play. I encourage them, to be fair. It gets my blood up and stirs up the sharks. It’s fun to be the bad guy sometimes. Plus, I kinda like it’

‘You like being hit?’ Ashleigh replied

Jason saw her eyes widen. He enjoyed the power. The feeling of blowing this girls tiny mind.

‘Sure. Life’s fucking tedious. When I go into work on Monday with a black eye from the weekend or push my tongue into the tear of a split lip before its healed, I realize I’m not a corpse yet. Pain is proof of life’.

Ashleigh nodded and stuffed a slim wedge of crumpled bills into Jason’s hand.
‘Here’s your money Tyler Durden. You earned it bashing yourself around like that. Don’t spend it all at once’
‘Thanks’ he grunted ‘I leave for Boston on Friday so it’ll pay for a shitty airport breakfast’
She paused. Then asked not quite casually ‘Are you flying out of O’Hare?’
‘He nodded.
‘So are you staying in town tomorrow night?’
‘Yeah, with one of the guys from the band’
Ashleigh nodded, took a deep breath and said ‘Look....I live right next to the airport. You are welcome to crash at mine. If you like. Offers there. No hassle to me either way.’
Jason shifted his weight carefully and leaned into her, casting his shadow over her as his ego swelled. Still got the touch. So wrapped up in his own success that he didn’t see another shadow slip behind Ashleigh’s eyes. Something like a shark in the deep and the dark.

Jason didn't recognize her at first. Amidst the bustle of the evening commute Ashleigh blended in with the rest of the human cattle. Like one of those snakes you don’t notice until it’s teeth are sunk into your ankle and your gums are turning black. She was dressed in a tweed skirt and sky blue cardigan, her mousy brown hair tied back in a functional pony tail, fringe pushed to the side and gripped neatly across the front of her broad face. The flat soled shoes on her feet amused him.
‘Got your lesbian shoes on today I see ?’ He sneered.
Jason was amazed at how different some people looked in their work clothes. Today she looked closer to 40 than 25. Dressed to depress. She looked at him. Her impassive face registering neither delight at his arrival nor disdain at his comment. ‘Heh’. She laughed without humour. He’d noticed before that she occasionally punctuated her scant conversation with that vague mocking half laugh. He was never quite sure what it was that amused her. It certainly wasn’t him, he was sure of that. ‘You can get some food on the way of you like. Or I can make you something. You shouldn’t eat too much though. It’s getting late’.
He raised an eyebrow and sneered. That’s what boys like Jason did when treated with anything resembling consideration. ‘Ash... are you worried about me?’.
‘I’m not worried.’ she replied without looking ‘I just don’t want you throwing up on my new carpet’. He frowned at the glib remark. ‘I’m 27. I’m not made of china!’.
‘We’ll see’ she said. Without humour. Again.

Ashleigh lead him into the lounge room of her apartment.. He glanced around. Spartan. A couple of low stylish couches were pushed back against the plain walls. No pictures or photos or personal touches. Just a large television, a couple of book shelves and a small coffee table near the far wall. The room was large and the insipid light of the two lamps did nothing to defeat the inky black shadows that filled the corners of the room. ‘Make yourself comfortable’ Ash muttered as she disappeared into another room. Jason ignored her and wandered over to study the DVD’s on the bookshelf. He liked to hone in. Searching for a weakness. The obvious sentimental or nostalgic movie that was out of place in the collection. That’s what he liked to do. To get under the skin like a splinter. To take control. The DVD’s were mostly old 80‘s action films and sports movies. Rocky, Raging Bull, Bloodsport. ‘Is your room mate a dude Ash?’.
‘Nope’ she replied from the other room ‘All the movies are mine anyway’

He seated himself on the floor whilst she laid on the couch. She’d changed out of her work clothes into a pair of comfy blue and pink checked drawstring pajama bottoms and an oversized college sweatshirt, faded at the sleeves, her pajama bottoms loose and well worn. He imagined that she’d spent a lot of nights on that couch watching her films on her own. Dreaming of some excitement. Now here he was. The great wolf. Invited over the threshold. Silly girl. The dull glow emanating from lamp and the television lit her face. The broad features, a barely there smile, the eyes so deep and brown they seemed like tiny black mirrors. Two shards of midnight pushed into her face. She was difficult to read this one.

Jason had been seated for only a few minutes before Ash sat quietly upright and planted her feet on either side of him, easing herself forward towards the back of his neck so he was gently aware of her proximity. She’d eased herself silently out of her clothes. Her bare skin seeking it’s like in another. Sensing the signal Jason arched his back a little initiating contact, the touch of his bare neck against an exposed thigh like flints sparking the blue touch-paper. She slid gently off the couch and onto the floor so that she was behind him her legs extended out on either side.

‘I see” he chirped.
That was the trigger. She squeezed her thighs together and clamped them round his ribcage like a set of iron teeth. She leant back pushing her palms face down the floor and thrusting her cunt towards the ceiling, giving her serious leverage to apply the incrementing pressure that forced the air from his lungs and made his body buckle. She thrust violently and squeezed again, the impact wrenching yet more breath from his body. As he tried to pry her thighs apart she pushed herself forward into him and squeezed her right arm around his neck, placing his throat firmly into the nook of her elbow whilst the left grabbed her own wrist and pulled it tight , wrenching his head back and forcing a wet wheeze from his mouth as his face swelled red. Jason felt her hot breath in his ear. Fast and heavy already with the expended energy. Back and to the left. Just like JFK.

The attack had caught him by surprise, but not so much as the silent fury with which Ashleigh sustained it. Of course he’d played rough with partners before but this felt different. There was an steel in her grip. Neither spiteful nor tender. No words betrayed her motivation but the level of aggression and sustained pressure indicated purposeful intent.She flexed and wrenched his chin back further to an uncomfortable angle. Beads of sweat arrived on her arms and her inner thigh like tiny spectators. She pushed forward as he writhed and the two fell away from the support of the couch and onto the course carpet. He tried to shift his weight to throw her off balance but instead he succeeded only in swivelling to face her whilst she relented only for the briefest second in order to mount him face to face, thighs clamped hard against chest, knees thrustingdown on his shoulders as he bucked and exhausted himself trying to shift that aggressive weight.

In the dim light he could see her looking down at him, her hands clamped around the back of his head, she locked her fingers together and forced his chin into his chest. The tension wound tight like some visceral coil in his spine. He started to panic. The veins were starting to rise in her arms with the exertion, as though she wanted to force his jaw through his own chest.
His synapses sparked as he frantically tried to piece together anything he might have said or done that would cause this woman to respond to intimacy with violence. Had he been too forward? No he was a lot of terrible things but never pushy. Was this some kind of trap then, a scheme that had been plotted and manipulated, so that he had wandered willingly into her iron teeth? Were there accomplices concealed within the shadowed depths of the apartment ? Where was the roommate?

As he bucked again she shifted her weight and slid down his chest towards his abdomen, thrusting her weight down as their inguinal regions collided. It felt like some had kicked him in the groin, a pain he’d not experienced since a particular vicious after school confrontation. So intent on mastering his pain Jason didn’t catch sight of Ashleigh balling her fist until it smashed into his jaw with the inevitability of a concrete pendulum. A funeral bell tolled deep in his skull. Fireworks erupted behind his eyes and bile rose in his throat. The second blow slammed into the other side of his jaw, knocking his mandible almost out of place. Sensing the subtlest of relaxations in her hold as she writhed on top of him, Jason twisted counting upon the perspiration to lubricate his escape and scrabble out of her grip. He slipped free and scurried into the shadows.

She was up and bouncing lightly on her bare feet, her chest flushed and rising and falling as she brought her breathing under control. She’d stripped down to a matching black Everlast sports bra and bike shorts. She held her fists up on either side of her face in a very authentic looking boxers guard, there was a sheen of sweat across her, her thick thighs and arms that looked doughy before now looked fierce, brought to life by the smell of blood and the promise of violence. The look of indifference that he’d quickly learned to accept from her now replaced by something he’d not seen before. Was it nervousness? Expectation? Her deep set eyes flittered round the room and in that moment she seemed very self aware . Then it was gone. Devoured by the shark.

‘Jesus Christ Ash what the fuck’ he barked arriving in the moment and snapping into lucidity.
He was bewildered and hurting. He was no stranger to the arrival of sudden violence. The house he’d grown up in had been full of it. Jason felt stung, not out of physical hurt but because he hadn’t seen it coming. His arrogance had betrayed him. Like this girl would be satisfied to simply bask in his presence. Like he was doing HER the favor by simply being there. His embarrassment tightened around his neck like a noose.

She pushed a lock of hair back over her ear that had fallen across her face, a light glaze of perspiration visible on her chest and shoulders. She was collecting herself. She’d done this before. Ashleigh walked lightly over to the wooden unit and removed two lightly wound strips of fabric and perched on the edge of the couch and started wrapping her fists. Jason broke the silence.
‘For a second there I thought was going to need those!’ he laughed. Without humour.

She didn’t look up. The ritual of wrapping her hands lent her a sense of zen calm amidst the chaos. Over and under. Over and under. like some brutal mantra. ‘You will but not until I’m done’.

‘See, I’m filming you, you cocky prick. I’m filming you being humbled by me, a woman. And should you ever speak of this to anyone. Or you fail to turn up when I tell you to, I assure you it’ll be on Youtube before you know what’s fucking hit you.’

‘But why, what did I do to you?’ Jason stammered.

Of course you think it’s all about you.The big I am! Get it through your fucking head. You are not special. You are just the right person at the right time. And you’ll be back here next week. And the week after that and so on until I say different. Do you understand? How you look, What you think. How you feel. These things don’t matter. Just be here with me. Exist in this moment. Not everything needs to be a status update or a tweet. Now put this in and shut your mouth. You are spoiling everything with your fucking mouth’.

She tossed Jason a small clear plastic case and withdrew another for herself. He failed to catch it clutching at it like a bar of wet soap. All fingers and thumbs. He looked at the plastic mouthpiece in horror.

‘You have to understand Jason,I am not a bad person. I’m just good at doing bad things’.

She smiled at him as she slipped her own black gumshield into her mouth, adopted her stance lifted her taped fists into her guard and started stalking towards him out of the shadows. …..
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Default Re: The Arrangement Part 1

This really looks like you've put a lot of time and effort into it, mate. Truly excellent description and the use of simile and metaphor was very powerful. I can't wait to see what you do with the action that is obviously about to erupt. Thank you very much for this story.
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Default Re: The Arrangement Part 1

Originally Posted by RogueTrooper [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Beads of sweat arrived on her arms and her inner thigh like tiny spectators.
Man oh man, you can really write. I like the way your description creeps up to the edge of the overwrought abyss but never quite falls in.
I just wish there was at least one likeable character, but that's me. A wuss, I guess.
Great job!
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Default Re: The Arrangement Part 1

Thanks gents. BoyAndy, I definitely tend to gravitate toward humans uglier characteristics for my protagonists, but, I think you raise a valid point in terms of creating likable characters and I should like to throw someone more endearing into the mix for you!! Challenge accepted
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Default Re: The Arrangement Part 1

RogueTrooper -
I forgot to say that your story would be an amazing graphic novel. All you need is an illustrater that can do justice to your words.
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Default The Arrangement part 2

I didn't know if I should attach this next chapter to the previous thread or start a new one...so here it is. If you want to read the first part it's called The Arrangement Part 1.

There was no craft to her assault, no pace, nor tempo. Ashleigh hurled herself at Jason with an unbridled fury that hurled him backward and sent him crashing into the corner of the room. The velocity of her attack carried her after him, allowing him no reprieve or rest. Jason could only cover himself as she threw a slew of heavy handed punches . The tide of violence broke upon his forearms, the odd blow sneaking through his panicked defence and crunching into nose and temple

She backed away breathing heavily, giving him space and as Jason lowered his shell he could see she was skipping lightly left and right in a semi circle round him, her face a blushing mask of bloody eyed joy. She’d been so emotionless and passive in their previous encounters but once the combat had commenced she seemed to come alive and veritably crackled with energy. Their was a fell light gleaming in her eyes as though some kind of demon had uncoiled beneath her skin and taken control. Her fists clenched tightly in front of her she beckoned him on, spitting through the black rubber grin

‘Come on fucker, I thought you liked this stuff, you said you liked being hit. I want you to fight with me’

Jason’s ego felt bruised at her barbed words, her suggestion that somehow he was less of a man for not wanting to fight a woman. What kinda fucked up logic was that? What was even going on! A few seconds ago she’d been sat in her pyjamas watching TV whilst he planned out his moves. Now she was quite literally beating him around the room in her underwear.

Ashleigh flew at him again, forcing her shoulder into his chest and gripping him up, her legs spread wide as she leant her body weight against him, forcing the top of her skull up against his cheek and pushing her head upward so as to cause him discomfort as his own head was pushed against the wall. He’d thrown his arms around her in an effort to clinch but she was already slick with perspiration and he struggled to gain a purchase. It was an unenviable position as both combatants struggled for dominance in a clumsy and brutal exchange. Ashleigh plowed her taped fists into Jason’s exposed torso with a reckless appetite for destruction that was terrifying to behold. The dull slap of taped fists on swelling flesh echoed around the room.

Their faces were close to one another, his wrought with panic and confusion, hers screwed up with effort and frustration, stray locks of sweaty hair plastered to the side of her face, the black rubber of her gum shield visible through her grimace as she breathed heavily. She stepped back and gave herself enough room to throw a wild haymaker that missed the jaw she was aiming for but caught Jason flush in the ear before he could get his hands up to guard himself and he cursed as his ear flashed red and burnt with pain. He staggered and clasped his ear and in doing so left himself open and Ashleigh took advantage and threw a huge swinging left hook that connected sweet on his jaw, the lower mandible snapping left and disrupting the nerve flow from the brain.

As the lights dimmed and Jason's vision slanted sideways on his rapid descent toward the carpet he could see Ashleigh wide eyed and incredulous at what she’d done, still bouncing in slow motion. Jason was unconscious before he hit the floor.

Ashleigh stepped back and gasped, drinking in the site of the crumpled man before her. Part of her wanted to run over and mount him and continue the assault. Her body was coursing with electricity, the excitement of the fight stimulating her physicality in a way she’d never experienced. Her pale skin was mottled with goose bumps as the beads of sweat cooled on her flesh. She’d been waiting her whole life to fight some one like this. She glanced at her previously soft arms, the veins in her muscles had risen with the exertion forming a tiny map. She mused that all roads led to fist city.

She moved over to the shelving unit where she’d placed her phone to film the whole thing. A quick glance of the screen indicated that she had captured the fist fight perfectly. She smiled to herself and couldn’t wait to study the footage at her leisure.

Ashleigh could see that Jason was still knocked stupid. He didn’t seem to be choking or gurgling so she leant down and removed his gum shield for him and then removed her own. Suddenly tired, she slumped down against the wall next to him, glancing at his unconscious form and smiled to herself as she took a minute to breath, she contemplated her surroundings.

She’d spent a lot of time alone in the flat. She would delight in pushing back the furniture the moment her flat mate left for a night on the town. In her seclusion she would replicate the moves from the action movies she loved to watch time and again. Ashleigh had realised early on in her life that displays of violent athleticism were arousing to her, but it was the prospect of participation, of putting herself into the role of the actors on the screen that made the butterflies deep in her gut swarm and flutter. She wanted more than anything to feel the anticipation of stepping between the ropes and to physically indulge her appetites with the flesh and muscle of another. But she’d been too shy to ever fully embrace it. Until now.

Sure, there had been some clumsy attempts at play fighting with lovers in the past. A bit of rough and tumble or wrestling as a preamble to ultimately disappointing sex. But that wasn’t nearly close to enough. Ashleigh wanted the tension, the anticipation, the visceral thrill of feeling scared and challenged. She’d taken some classes here and there to try and satisfy her urges but boxing themed aerobics with the middle-aged housewives down the community centre hadn’t cut the mustard, it hadn’t given her the visceral sensation she craved.

She’d taken a beginners judo class when the opportunity arose through her job teaching at the local high school. She’d partnered with Kelly, a doughy colleague. An older woman in her late 30’s with a Mia Wallace hairstyle who taught French language. Kelly fancied herself a bit edgy and alternative. The kind of woman who had gotten a few tattoos later in life after her divorce, enthused about expensive coffee and obscure music. She had expressed herself loudly in the staff room one day about her desire to learn BJJ and Ashleigh filed the information mentally for future reference. Kelly was brash and opinionated without any grounding and it drove Ashleigh quietly insane. When the option for a judo sampler class had presented itself, Ashleigh had casually asked Kelly if she fancied it. Naturally Kelly had plenty to say.

“BJJ is far more effective but this will do in a pinch I suppose I’ll see you there” .

Ashleigh nodded her agreement even though she thought Kelly was full of shit.

They’d squared up on the mat in the school gym and prepared to replicate the throw that the instructor had demonstrated moments earlier. Ashleigh had dressed simply and unassumingly in grey marbled leggings and a black vest. Her partner for the evening had typically already splashed out on an expensive black Gi, sashaying onto the mat full of confidence. Ashleigh could see that Kelly had her chest tattooed, a flaming scared heart evident beneath the loose fold of her gi jacket. Ashleigh rolled her eyes and Kelly caught the sleight. The instructor hovered nearby and Kelly was keen to make an impression.

‘Come on then Ashleigh, see if you can throw me’ Kelly sneered and adopted an exaggerated stance, dropping into a haunched squat, sticking out her ass with her arms outstretched and fingers clawed.

‘I think we are just supposed to drill the move Kelly, not attack each other’ muttered Ashleigh with intent.

‘Fine I’ll just throw you then if you’re gonna be a lil bitch about it’ Kelly snapped

Smiling with malice Kelly sprang forward attempting to grab at the front of Ashleigh’s vest but this is what Ash had wanted and she shot in under her opponents grasp and grabbed Kelly’s gi collar tightly whilst twisting quickly and thrusting her hip into Kelly, pulling her over onto the mat with a heavy thud. She felt Kelly gasp as the heavy impact forced the air from her lungs, Ashleigh kept hold of the collar with one hand slipping her other arm under Kelly’s neck and squeezing the collar firmly as she forced Kelly’s flustered face into the side of her breast and began to choke her out with a headlock on the mat. ‘Stop stop please” squealed Kelly as she frantically tapped on Ashleigh’s formidable lycra clad thigh in panic, unable to generate much volume on account of the partial smother. Ashleigh paused then smiled to herself and squeezed tighter for just a fraction. She felt the wet pressure of Kelly's mouth against her breast then released the grip. Kelly fell back on the mat gasping, her gi jacket open revealing a black cotton Everlast sports bra soaked through with panic sweat, skin glistening.

The instructor nodded as Ashleigh rose from the tatami

‘That was pretty good for a first try, maybe you should have been wearing the gi instead of your friend there?’ He said.

Ashleigh flushed and beamed with pleasure, her broad face coloured with delight. Kelly had already got up and flounced off the mat in a rage. It had felt really good letting Kelly have a taste of the violence she carried. Throwing and submitting the larger woman had made her feel powerful and strong and that her yearnings were not without foundation. Lightning crackled in her veins.

“Thank you and yes, maybe I’ll buy one someday’. Ash sighed furtively.

The instructor didn’t need to know that she already had one in her closet at home. It was hung up next to the wrestling singlet and the black and silver satin Muay Thai shorts she’d bought online in the lonely watches of the night. Guilty purchases in the unforgiving light of day but she’d had fun trying them on in the privacy of her room, day dreaming and quietly hoping that someday she’d have the courage and opportunity to try them out for real.

Now here she was, finally basking in the glow of victory. She took her phone and stood up, placing one foot on the Jason’s chest. She flexed a bicep and took a selfie. Jason had been the unwitting key that let her demon out of the box and Ashleigh was in no hurry to put her back in. No. This was going to be fun……
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Default Re: The Arrangement Part 1

Threads merged.
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Default Re: The Arrangement Part 1

Will you be continuing? The story is really good and I would love to read more
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Default Re: The Arrangement Part 1

I should like to mate.

I've thrown quite a few plot threads and ideas into this chapter to work with and I'd like to write the next chapter with elements influenced by what the readers would like to see. As always suggestions are welcome and I'll try and work them in if I think they are cool
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Default Re: The Arrangement NEW CHAPTER

Ash was forced out of her reverie by a groaning to her left and she glanced down to see that Jason was stirring. He sat up groggily and leaned heavily against the wall next to her, he scowled as he rubbed his aching jaw. Ashleigh regarded him with a mix of curiosity, desire and a sudden surge of compassion. He looked confused, as though waking from a deep slumber unsure of where he was or what had happened. He glanced up at her then winced, it was clear that the fog of violence was shifting and the memory was starting to come back to him.

Ashleigh passed him a bottle of water without saying anything and as he sipped the water from the bottle they both sat in shared silence. After a minute Jason broke the stalemate.

“So….that was definitely not where I saw this evening going” he said.
Ash turned and smiled strangely at him

“Well it was my first time too, but well worth the wait”

“That was really what you wanted?” Jason replied.

“Very much. It was like turning a lock thats been rusted shut for decades. Now I want to do it again. I want to try different stuff within the context of a fight. Its all so new and real. I feel fantastic, my skin feels like its got electricity charging through it”. She paused, thinking….then added incredulously “And I knocked you out. My first proper match and I knocked you out!”

“Well in fairness you kinda caught me by surprise. I didn’t expect to come round here and be assaulted” Jason muttered back, clearly wounded by her words.

“Oh so you think it was a fluke?”. Now it was her turn to feel slighted. An assault on her pride the rush of blood brought colour to Ashleigh’s throat and Jason could see he’d touched a nerve and back peddled quickly.

“Well I’m not saying a fluke but you clearly had this planned out and I didn’t have any chance to prepare myself mentally or physically for a fist fight with a woman whom I thought I was here to fuck”

Ashleigh laughed. “And now you’ve experienced it…what are your thoughts?”

Jason grinned at her before gently massaging his jaw

If we’re going to do this again in the future my one request is be putting some safety measures in place” he stated matter of factly.

Ashleigh looked at him curiously. “You want to do it again?….I don’t even need to blackmail you with the footage? This is not what I expected… but I am not disappointed at all. Talk to me about your safety concerns, fragile man”

“I mean, somehow I’ve got to explain this tomorrow” he pointed at the angry red welt swelling beneath his eye. “Can we wear head guards or something?”

Ashleigh wrinkled her nose up” Head guards, really? Kind’ve a turn off. I’ve got some gloves though…how about we fight with gloves next time?

Jason agreed “Yeah that sounds better and get some mats. Nobody needs difficult carpet burns complicating things”

Ashleigh stood up and started to stretch her limbs out. Spreading her legs and leaning forward toward her toes. For a larger girl she was deceptively supple.

“It’s important to stretch after rigorous exercise, if we’re going to start doing this regularly you better take care of yourself. I’ll lose interest if I start knocking you out early each time. Its the challenge that turns me on”

Jason glanced at the damp patch evident through her boxer briefs and the nipples, making themselves apparent through her sports bra.

He rose and stepped close to her, slipped his arm around her waist then lowered his hand to firmly grab her ass. She could feel his cock rising taut against the fabric of his sweatpants and her hand slipped beneath his waistband to admire her handicraft.

You don’t need to worry about me presenting you with a hard challenge next time Ash”. Then he kissed her, his hands on her arse, fingers tracing circles on the skin round the waistband of her underwear, his mouth on her neck. She shuddered and tilted her head back, exposing the throat and Jason kissed her neck, one hand on her ass, the other in her hair. The scent of sweat and sex was an intoxicating musk that drove the pair of them wild.

They exchanged text messages as the weeks went by. Neither wishing to appear to keen but when Ashleigh brought the subject of the fight up, the exchange became excitable and sporadic, both parties warming to the matter at hand. Suggesting ideas, sporting technique, attire.

Whilst Jason had been working Ashleigh had been revising. She’d loved the feeling of letting go against Jason and throwing everything she had into the fight but she knew that it had been an artless attack. When she watched the clip back her suspicions were confirmed. There was no grace to her violence, she felt clumsy and self aware. Not of her body, she was confident that she carried her weight and shape well but the combat….she wanted to sharpen her skills. She liked the feeling of fighting the thrill and the risk and the pain both giving and recieving. She wanted Jason to contest her, to challenge her with his body and his craft. She craved the validation of authenticity. But how to do so?

Until now she’d settled for a visceral fix here and there. The odd judo class, some random boxing themed exercise classes. But now she had purpose. She had a reason to to train. She wanted to feel justified to wear the outfits and paraphernalia she’d collected

Jason was returning from tour in three weeks and she wanted to have some new tricks in the bag. The raw savagery of her first victory wouldn’t cut it now he that was prepared for her. And she wanted him so prepared. The appeal was in the contest. Domination alone did not turn her on, but the struggle, the shifting of advantage…the rigours of muscle against muscle and the undulations of skin on skin… oh my. She wanted to feel excited by the risk of getting hurt and she wanted him dressed for battle, the accoutrements worn with confidence made her head spin…and now she had him where she wanted him she could express herself fully.

Anticipation of his visit had spurred her onward, giving her the courage Ashleigh needed to walk through the doors of the local sports hall in search of the techniques she required. There were a number of mats spread out on the floor. The hall was sparsely populated, a handful of students in various states of preparation.

Ashleigh looked for some indication of a coach and soon enough a tall black woman excused herself from conversation with another student and made a beeline for Ashleigh
“Hi there…I’m Collette, welcome to Defiance Martial Arts!, is this your first visit with us?
she said offering a smile with genuine warmth and extending her hand in greeting

Ashleigh shyly nodded and shook the woman’s hand, her grip was like a vice. “Yes my first time…i’m a bit nervous to be honest, my names Ashleigh”

I didn’t think I’d seen you before I think It’s completely natural to be nervous when stepping into a new environment like this, but please, leave your preconceptions at the door, I like to think Defiance is an inclusive and welcoming space. Egos and negative attitudes don’t last too long here”
Collete continued as they walked
“We offer a broad selection of styles to train in here…all levels of ability from beginner to professional train together, that way knowledge is shared from not just the instructor but you’re training partners too”

Ashleigh beamed. She liked Collette immediately. The woman had a calmness about her that put Ashleigh at ease. She was dressed in an athletic grey hooded sweatshirt and charcoal leggings.

“ First weeks is free and you can take as many classes as you like, that way you can sample everything on the menu before committing Tonight its No Gi submission wrestling. It’s kinda like Jiu Jitsu but without the dress up! You wanna give it a try?!”

“Ummm sure are there classes with striking too?” Asleigh asked

“Sure” Collette replied “ Monday evening we offer boxing and Tuesday and Thursday is Thai Boxing”. She grinned and added “I can also offer the occasional private tuition session in either of those arts and also No Gi and regular BJJ but those are not included in the free trial and must be booked in advance OK?”

“Sounds great, thank you” Ashleigh said. “I’ll stick around of the class tonight then?”
“Brilliant, do you have something suitable to wear?” Collette asked looking at Ashleighs track pants and sweatshirt “No Gi works better without clothing to get choked out with so you’ll need something with a little less give I can hook you up with something from my locker if you don’t”

“i’m good thank you, is there somewhere I can get changed?

“Sure, changing rooms are though that door” she pointed over her shoulder at a door at the dar end of the room. “Class starts in ten minutes, join us when you are ready!”

Ashleigh wandered down toward the door passing individuals and small groups warming up on the mats. She was already weighing them up. She knew she’d be partnered with someone and wanted to make herself aware of potential opportunities. There were a couple of younger guys applying holds to each other in a playful rough house style, one of their friends was laughing and ribbing the pair. All dressed in tight colourful leggings or shorts and rash guards.

She stepped into the cool ladies changing room, the tiled floor was pristine and white and there were some low benches before a row of battered lockers. The room was empty so she selected a locker and dropped her kit bag onto the bench and started to strip down to her underwear. She caught sight of herself in the mirror at the far end of the room …Ashleigh was heavy set and she knew it, but she was strong. She’d already demonstrated just how powerful she was when she beat Jason into a KO daze. Now it was time to make the strength into deadly efficiency.

She went to her bag and removed a neatly folded black and white item. She unfurled it then stepped into it, hoisting the spandex wrestling singlet up round her ass then pulling the straps over her impressive shoulders. She looked again the mirror. The skin tight black and white unitard held all of her in place and presented a formidable image, there were mesh panels on the side of the torso and she smiled, pleased at how the outfit clung to her body and made her look tough. She placed her hands on her hips and lifted her knee slightly in a cheesecake pose and winked at herself in the mirror. It felt good.

“Ashleigh? Oh My god what are you doing here?”

AshLeigh heard the voice from behind her and froze, glancing in the mirror confirmed her horror as Kelly walked into the changing room. Kelly with the big mouth, Kelly who thought everyone in the world wanted to hear her thoughts on, well, everything. Fucking Kelly.

She bustled in and dumped her bag on the bench next to Ash’s as Ashleigh turned to face her.

“Hi Kelly, how are you keeping?” She muttered without any real warmth or sincerity.

Kelly didn’t notice the intonation, she was to busy stripping off. As she got down to her black sports bra and black satin underwear she paused to respond.

“Well this IS a nice surprise Ash…it’s been what, 18 months?”

Kelly had left the school where they’d both worked a few weeks after Ashleigh had flipped her during the Judo class. A better work opportunity had presented itself and Kelly had gone after it with her typical bravado and landed the position. Ash had forgotten all about her in the year and half since, but Kelly clearly hadn’t forgotten Ash.

“Are you here to wrestle Ashleigh?” She said, squaring herself up in front of Ash. Kelly was a little taller and still thickly built though Ash could see that in the year since she’d tapped her out Kelly had evidently been putting in some work. She was still thick, but their was definition in the tummy, shades of the upper abs visible, biceps and thighs both looked meaty.

‘I thought I’d give it a try, I liked the Judo class we took a while back’ Ash replied, with a hint of a smirk.

Kelly steeled her jaw at the mention of her last failing. She slapped a false smile on as she then pulled on a pair of black and grey camo print skintight spatz from her bag and pulled a matching stretchy rash guard over head before tying her dyed letterbox red hair back in a pony tail. Once dressed she turned to face Ashleigh, looking her straight in the eye.

“I made a mistake last time and I’m regretful of that, guess I just wanted to impress. But you humiliated me and made me feel like a fool to the point where I had to leave and find another job….”

Ashleigh cut in, one hand on her hip the other pointing at Kelly.

“You made a fool of yourself Kelly, you wanted to make yourself look cooler at my expense and it blew up in your face, boo hoo…you want to blame someone blame yourself”

“Oh I’m fully aware of that, I learned a lesson in humility that time but that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to get you on the mats or in the ring and fight you. Because when all is said and done Ash I just don’t like you If you’re any sort of woman you’ll want to fight as well”

“What do you have in mind?” Ashleigh replied coldly.

“I train here three times a week, how about at the end of your trial we clear the air and have a match…no high stakes, no wild threats. Just me against you to prove who’s the better woman”.
Doesn’t have to be No Gi or BJJ we can box to or just fight it out in some hybrid of the two if you like, whatever you want.Just give me the chance, you owe me that”

Ashleigh weighed this proclamation up before uttering her measured response.

“I don’t owe you anything Kelly. But I’ve no objection to fighting you. Fact of the matter is I never liked you either, found you quite insufferable so lets do it”

Ashleigh squared up to her larger nemesis right there in the changing room. Kelly came right back at her the two standing nose to nose with their fists up. The tension was off the chart between the two of them as they stood there weighing one another up

“I’m not kidding Kelly, lets fight right now. I don’t know how to wrestle but I’ll box you til you can’t fucking see straight. Try me bitch. Please”

Kelly stepped forward even closer, the tough red head loomed over her shorter opponent, Ashleigh didn’t baulk though, not for a second, her muscles tightening as she clenched her fists.

Kelly hissed through her teeth “Tonight it is then, after the main class is finished. You’ve had this coming for two years and I cannot wait”.

A few minutes later they were both out on the mats. The class had already begun, Collete had removed her hoody to reveal that she hadn’t been wearing leggings but an all in one charcoal catsuit. It had no sleeves and an open back and Ashleigh marvelled at the definition in the older woman muscular arms and back and the way the outfit emphasised her physique. Though clearly in her fifties, Collette was in incredible shape and with a warm and inviting energy she dominated the mat with her presence.

Kelly walked up to Collette and whispered in her ear casting a sideways look at Ash as she did so. A brief exchange of words between then as Collete nodded then approached Ash whilst Kelly partnered up with one of the young men from earlier.

“Since its your first class Ashleigh I’ll be your partner, get you some one on one tuition” Collette beamed at Ash and instructed her to lock up, as they leant in and grabbed each other Collette whispered into Ash’s ear “i know what she’s like, she told me that you guys want to settle some differences after class. I’m going to show you something you can use in the fight while the rest of the class drills heel hooks”

Collette slipped fluidly behind Ash and wrapped her left forearm around Ash’s neck “ok I’m going to gently take you down to the mat so go with me” Ashleigh went with the pull and as she hit the floor Collettes thighs snaked round her ribs and took a firm hold, her other arm snaked up under Ashleigh right arm forcing it upward and locked tight with the other hand “Ok I’m going to squeeze now so tap when the pressure is too much” Collette gently turned up the heat between her thighs whilst tightening the lock round Ashleighs neck and forcing her head forward.

“hows that feel? See how simple it is to apply then ratchet up the pressure in no time” To add emphasis to her calm whisper, Collette increased the muscle pressure in thighs incrementally, locking her ankles and forcing Ash’s neck further forward into the nook of the elbow. The breath was starting to falter now and the pressure, though gently applied was making Ash feel as though her ribs were about to splinter. The power within Collette was terrifying and she was demonstrating only the merest fraction. Control and poise and a deep core of proficient violence in one finely hewn package.
“Always lock the ankles honey, that’s where your power is. When you take her down remember that…now you try”

Collette unlocked the coils of the hold and the colour and oxygen flooded back into Ashleighs system. She slumped like a rag doll gulping down deep breaths, a light film of sweat already gathering on her chest, even after just a few seconds in Collettes grip she felt drained.

“OK lets see what you’ve got new fish” Collette gently chided Ashleigh and positioned herself between Ash’s thighs on the mat. “If anyone ever shows you their back, the choke I just showed you is the one. EVERYONE taps or naps from that eventually”

Ashleigh gingerly positioned herself so her thighs were gripped gently around her instructors waist. “Ok now wrap your left arm around my neck, be sure to get the nook locked in under the chin else I’ll break out of it”
Ashleigh did as she was bid and buried her meaty forearm beneath Collettes jaw immediately clasping her own wrist to fasten the hold.
“Now squeeze, thighs and arm…show me what you’ve got new fish”

Ashleighs lip curled. She was mild mannered most of the time slow to anger, but Kelly’s bullshit had served as a flint to light a spark of rage that was slowly boiling to black and red lava in the deep chamber of her guts.

Snapping her legs round Collettes waist and using her left arm as a lever she ratcheted up the pressure and squeezed. Colletes eyes widened in surprise as Ash grapevined her, finding purchase in colletttes muscular quads she used the hold to anchor her as she cranked the neck roughly and then fell backward forcing her pelvis up into the small of the older woman back.
“like this?” Ashleigh whispered into Collettes ear as the older woman bridged in an attempt to break the chokehold but Ashleigh was wrapped tight and squeezing with steadily incrementing pressure.

Collette tapped on the mat and Ash released the hold, both women breathless and damp with perspiration. Collette bounced to her feet first and extended a hand to Ashleigh, pulling her up off the mat.
“i’d say you have a good grasp of the basic principles of grappling Ashleigh” Collette grinned, “very impressive strength and you’re a fast learner.” She stood breathing heavily with her hands on her hips weighing Ashleigh up “I feel that maybe there’s more to you than you are letting on. Not your first rodeo?”

Ash blushed with pleasure at the instructors compliments. “I love to fight is all”. Collette returned the smile, a broad grin diffusing any last shreds of tension. “You certainly do, me too…how exciting that you found your way here to us. I cannot wait to see how you handle Kelly!”

Collette spent the next thirty minutes instructing Ashleigh on a couple of the more rudimentary holds and chokes with which to build her arsenal. As they trained it became apparent to Ash that Collettes opinion on Kelly was hazy.

“She shows up and she works hard and listens intently but there’s something… an arrogance maybe that bothers me, she is my student and of course I am pleased to see her grow but I wish she would be more humble”.

As if to emphasise her words the exchange was punctuated by exaggerated female laughter coming from the other side of the mat. Ash glanced across and could see Kelly had trapped one of the younger guys from earlier in a triangle choke, her thick legs wrapped around his throat and cranking his arm in a triangle choke. She was giggling, evidently pleased with herself at overpowering the young man, using her thick amazonian body to slowly and deliberately make the young man submit to her. She suddenly became aware of Ashleigh’s eyes upon her and the smile vanished off her face, replaced with a glacial stare that she would not break even as she preceded to ramp up the torment, leaning back heavily and thrusting her crotch upward to increase the pressure. She locked her ankles and ratcheted the boys arms into position then quick as a flash clamped her hands around the back of his head and forced it downward toward her crotch. The boy could be heard emitting a muffled scream even as he beat his free hand frantically on the mat in submission. Kelly never once breaking eye contact with Ashleigh throughout the duration, revelling in this display of her physical domination.

As the boys taps became more panicked and frantic she hissed “beg” through her teeth at him.
“Please Kelly, I submit PLEASE” he gasped through a moutful of lycra clad crouch. Satisfied with his submission Kelly finally unlocked her legs and pushed her opponent dismissively aside with her bare feet. The boy rolled over heavily onto his back, face flushed bright red, hair matted with sweat, panting and coughing. Kelly stood up and without missing a beat deftly placed one bare foot on the boys face, tossed her pony tail lifted her chin upward and flexed her biceps into a formidable double curl. The fierce definition in her arms was evident through the tight spandex of her rash guard. Unblinking she maintained her cold gaze even as a cruel smile appeared on her face.

Cries of “Daaaaamn” and “oh shit” echoed around the gymnasium as the other grapplers had stopped their own sparring to watch the Kelly show. Ashleigh snorted, seeming unimpressed by the performance but inside her thoughts were racing. Kelly HAD gotten a lot more skilled and stronger in the interim and she had a score to settle with. Half an hour of wrestling training was not going to last long on the mat against a vengeful woman with wrestling ability and a bellyful of vengeance. How to play it?

“Ok Ok I think you’ve made your point Kelly” Collette interrupted Kelly’s preening. “go take five, everyone else good session tonight, don’t forget to shake your training partners hands before you leave the mat”

Collette turned to Ashleigh “You sure you want to go through with this …she’s pretty tough”
Ashleigh watched as Kelly flounced off the mat with a look that was somewhere between grudging admiration and cold hate. “Yeah, she is……but so am I”.

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