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Default Wrestling with Gayle

Wrestling with Gayle

I met her in a bar in denver. Gayle and a her friend were paralegals for a chicago law firm that was conducting a fraud audit of a denver pharma company. My height at 5' 10" she tipped the scales at maybe 170#. More often than not I usually scored on the 1st date and this was not an exception.

I lived downtown since my divorce and just before midnight we stumbled across the street to Denver Place. Gayle was also recently divorced and it showed. A minute inside the condo she was unbuckling and unzipping my pants and on her knees. I usually slept with better looking gals but there was something about her I found attractive. Her small sagging tits with a large lower body would not normally get a second look from me. But I had no problem climbing on that big ass. She worked in Denver for maybe a month. Normally we hooked up at my place, however, she had this thing about me spending the night with her at the Fairmont just down the street. The only problem she was bunking with her coworker.. It didn't seem to bother her that we had an audience who would masterbate during our sex.

Fast forward a couple of months. The law firm had season tickets to the Cubs and Denver had no team at that time. She picked me up at the airport on a Friday night and we drove immediately back to her apartment. We and couple of her friends had a a great day at Cubs Park with stops at Sluggers and Cubbie Bear and then later at more sex at her place.

She became more aggressive. She brought her toys in and told me how she wanted me to use them. She would call me during the day at work for phone sex. And she had this annoying habit of hanging all over me usually with a hand on my ass. She had told me before training up to be a paralegal she worked at a deli. Her sex life at that time consisted of sucking off several of the regular married customers. She liked that I got hard and stayed hard.

Sunday morning after coffee she decided we should exercise at her club. I had not brought any workout clothes and I pointed this out ,however, she insisted. After rummaging through her bedroom chest she burst into the kitchen with a pair of blue women's lycra shorts and a red tank top obviously designed for a woman. "No way I am wearing that in public" I scoffed. I could see the shorts would be extremely tight and while I am not a porn star I am larger than most "down there". Our 1st major fight and I was losing patience with her. "Try them on" she yelled. "Fuck no" I retorted. She was in my face screaming at me and it pissed me off. Then she grabbed me and shoved me toward the bedroom. The shove surprised me and I slipped on a rug. Face down on the floor she straddled my back. "Gayle get the fuck off me." I tried to get up but she rode me back down. She reached back and grabbed underneath my jeans and pulled a hard weggie. She sprawled the length of me and had both my arms stretched straight out. She wrapped her legs inside and under mine. "Tough guy" she smirked. I struggled but all that was happening was I was wearing down. She pulled both arms up elevating my upper body and forcing a painful stretch waist to neck. Then she forced my arms behind my back high. It hurt like hell and I groaned loudly. She slid off my back to the side holding my right arm and scissored my chest. With her legs controlling my movement and my arm stretched and partially underneath her legs she had total control. There was no sitting up her legs were just too strong. If I were to roll toward her she would twist the arm and it became too painful. I was fucked and both of us knew it. Her left arm free she giggled as she unbuckled my belt. By now she had both my arms underneath her scissor. Unzipping my jeans with her left hand Gayle slid them down a bit. While letting up on the scissors a bit she raised my left arm up causing me to roll to the right. Using her legs she completely rolled me over face down. She slid back on top of me reverse cowgirl and pulled my legs up bending me at the waist. With little effort she slid my jeans off plus my shorts. My lower torso was now naked and Gayle slapped my bare ass several times. She was in total control. She reversed slid to the left of me and then threaded her left arm underneath my left shoulder placed her hand on the back of my neck in a half nelson. Her right arm had my right hand pinned to the mat. Using her legs she began to drive me counter clockwise pushing my legs out in front of me. When done she had me in a sitting position legs straight forward. She was now squatting behind me her legs n front of my arms and her left arm around my neck in a soft sleeper hold. I was no longer fighting.

"Honey I just have to do this." With her right hand she grabbed my member and began to stroke it.
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