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Old 18-Sep-18, 14:48
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Default Xena aka Lady Carla (London) reviews

I just posted this in her picture-thread, but perhaps this is where I should have placed it. A session review from some years ago with Lady Carla (Xena) in London:

I had come Carla'sr dominatrix website a short while before and kept looking at the photos of her calves. Also it was mentioned that she was really skilled in martial arts, which was another huge attraction for me.
Once we had introduced ourselves we started off chatting. She had also just arrived at the place and needed to prepare some things. I didn't mind. I followed her around and we talked about this and that. Then we proceeded with the session. She put on a dress and the highheeled sandals that are in a photo in this thread. She sat down in a chair and crossed her legs and I began to worship them. Feel her skin, her muscles, etc. In the meantime we kept chatting and it was all very light and pleasant. She is easy to talk to.
After the legworship we began to armwrestle. I felt a bit silly, sitting there in my boxershort, wanting to armwrestle with a girl who was so much shorter than me. However it was something that I had seen in videos here on the forum and the thought of getting beaten by a woman was immensely arousing in my imagination. So when we began our match, I was just hoping that I wouldn't have to let her win. I'm 6'2 and a healthy man and I had seen so many videos that looked fake. Anyway we began with our right arms and it was tight. For a moment I felt a bit disappointed, thinking I was indeed stronger, but then again, I also couldn't finish it. It was a real competition that took quite some time and in the end... she beat me. It was absolutely thrilling! We switched to our left arms and here I had no chance at all. She beat me easily and quickly. Then right arms again. Again a bit tighter, but I lost again eventually. One more time with our left arms and then it was 4-0 to her. I had given it all, but got beaten quite easily in the end. Like I said, I loved it! She could tell that I did, as we laughed about my erection in the boxershorts. She then let me feel her arm muscles and wow, that was a turn-on too!
After the armwrestling we moved to the other room for my first ever wrestling session. There were mats on the floor. It's been a few years so I don't remember exactly what we did first. I had asked her for a match and also to show me some holds that I had seen here on this forum. Again, I hoped that I would really get overpowered, not in a fake way. Well, she showed me everything and basically did with me whatever she wanted to do. Headscissors, bodyscissors, figure 4, etc. I remember the last very clearly. Silly me, I had thought beforehand that I would probably be able to escape from those holds if I really wanted to, but I didn't stand a chance. At some point she had me pinned down (again!) and grabbed my hard cock. Just that, but it was sexy as hell. Another lovely moment was when she let me pin her down. I weigh 85 kilos and lay on top of her and pinned her wrists to the floor. We looked at eachother from up close and I said to her: 'Now I've got you!'
A moment later her legs came up and wrapped themselves around my waist and just like that she threw me off her. In no time I was back again at being immobilized. It was just great! She was not only stronger than me, but also much, much more skilled.
We wrestled for about an hour and I got taught some lessons that I had always dreamed off. I liked how she used I don't know how many moves and holds to beat me and casually remarked upon them, telling me how it was done and what they were for.
It wasn't just that I was beaten by a woman, the distance felt even bigger than that. More like teacher/pupil. In a nice way though. No yelling or other theatrics of domination. It was good fun, also for her I think.

So that was it. I'm happily married now with a woman who also puts me in a figure 4 every now and then, so I won't be going back to Lady Carla. But if anyone of you thinks of maybe going, do it! She won't disappoint you.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!
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Old 22-Sep-18, 13:16
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Default Re: Lady Carla a.k.a. Xena (London)

She sounds awesome.

I tried to organise something with her a while ago but didn't get a reply, regardless I'd love to try again.
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Old 23-Sep-18, 17:15
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Default Re: Lady Carla a.k.a. Xena (London)

I'm not from UK so i never met her but i saw her pictures and she seems awesome,love her martial arts skills,expecially kicks.
Anyone knows if she travels outside the UK?
Any of you have ever had a martial arts session with her?
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Old 02-Dec-18, 19:22
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Default Re: Xena aka Lady Carla (London) reviews

Don't think she travels outside of UK.
But defiantly worth seeing if you are in London.

She super flexible (can do splits) and has the most muscular calves I think i have ever felt.
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Old 02-Dec-18, 21:56
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Default Re: Xena aka Lady Carla (London) reviews

I had a 90 minute session with Xena/Lady Carla at the submission room last week.

Things nearly got off to a bad start. I visited the venue a few months ago and thought I knew where it was. But when I got to the doorway in the alley, it was already open and there was an old woman waiting there. Whoa, I thought – she does not look like that in the photos! But obviously I’d taken a wrong turn…

I found the right alley, knocked on the door and Xena opened it. And this was a much more appealing sight – an attractive blonde wearing black leggings that showed off her thick, muscular legs. We had a quick chat about what I wanted (a tough session, being dominated with scissors, chokes and pins). Then we both changed and got down to business.

I was more passive than usual in this session – I just wanted to get squeezed by those big legs. But it seemed liked she had some pretty good grappling skills. There were many times where she rendered me helpless with little effort, hooking just her foot around one of my limbs or using her bodyweight or a fiercely strong grip on my wrist to prevent me from moving. And she must have used fifty different variations of holds, pins, scissors and chokes. She also has an exploratory style, starting at one level of intensity and then asking if you want her to ramp things up.

And she’s one of those women who increases the physical pressure gradually, rather than squeezing hard right away - at times I could really feel those big thighs slowly getting harder and harder until the pressure on my neck was unbearable. For me, though, the main event was the body scissors. In some positions I could take the pain for a while, in others I tapped almost as soon as she applied pressure to my ribs. She was also able to submit me with scissors to my thighs and even my upper arms. Those thick thighs are extremely effective when they’re enveloping something skinny.

I stopped resisting altogether and got into a state where I just wanted her to torture me with those big legs. There was lots of eye contact and I was on the edge of ‘subspace’. But I’d had a cold in the days before and the head scissors and chokes were creating a lot of pressure in my nose and head - the wrong kind of discomfort. Xena said we had a few minutes left and was there anything I wanted her to do, so I asked her to just concentrate on my body. And those were the best moments of the session, as she crushed me between those thick thighs, holding me close while she tortured me. I felt very tender by that point, and it took about 24 hours for my insides to settle down!

With some session providers, it’s a case of hit or miss, their approach to sessions – the level of intensity, the kind of trash talk, their willingness to push limits – either suits you or it doesn’t. There are women who are forces of nature, who just do their thing and you go along for the ride. They can provide fun, memorable experiences. And there are others, like Xena, who study your responses and tailor the torture to your needs and desires. I think it’s interesting that after an hour and a quarter, we got to a place where I felt a level of pleasure that I don’t think I’ve ever felt before. And so while I can say that I’ve had sessions that were more intense and blew me away, I have a feeling that I could experiment with Xena to reach a deeper level of satisfaction. We talked about whether I could take a full hour of nothing but body scissors..
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