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Old 07-Sep-18, 18:50
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Talking Trip to Budapest

At the end of August I decided to travel to Budapest for 8 days.

My goal: to do sessions and visit a city that I always thought as a child, how can it look like there. It was often explained in my childhood as a city half European and half oriental.

I have to correct the latter one. When I got off the plane, I have to say that it reminded me a lot of Italy. On the way to the city, many industrial zones with dilapidated factories. But what was different than in Italy, is the cleanliness! The cleanliness is very good.

Who is several days in Budapest, I can recommend a multi-day ticket for public transport. I myself booked a 7-day ticket for around 16 .-- Euro. The public transport is surprisingly good, a bit old but quite dense and regular.
If the subway does not run for some reason, buses are quickly organized.

The Indoormarket in the center is a feast for the eyes!

The food in Hungary is good to very good, even excellent and about as price is a little cheaper than in Germany. The beer, however, is much cheaper than in Germany and tasted good, the beers are more like those from the south of Germany.

Unfortunately I was a bit too fast when booking the hotel and booked a bit too south. So I always lost 20-25 minutes to get to the H5 regional train.

Antscha recommended a hotel that was cheaper than the booked IBIS and pretty close to the train, unfortunately I can not find the e-mail anymore.

Otherwise in Google map you intorduce : Batthyny tr, Budapest, Hungary

and then click on other hotels that are showing all the hotels nearby. Attention! Budapest is very touristy, so the prices are very fluctuating.

From Batthyny tr, Budapest to Budakalasz, it takes about 30 minutes by regional train. From the station then about 200 meters/yards to the studio.

The studio is suprizingly big! Overall, about 50-60 square meters then anteroom with kitchen and toilet and shower room (which are old but clean), a total of about 80-90 square meters. In the back lives a 50-55 year old man,
However, during the session disappears and he sticks to it. I think he has great respect from Antscha!

The mat is perhaps 30 square meters and relatively hard, similar to the one in Troisdorf. But it is also suitable for throws! I had no problems being throwed by Sheena.

The prices are the same as when traveling, unfortunately most girls want the sessionist to pay the rent at Antscha which amounts to Euro 20 .-- per session.

So please do not get angry with Antscha! Because actually the girls would have to pay her. Generously, I paid without a big grunt, after all, the quality of the session is worth more than Euro 20 .-- more or less.

Antscha, however, does not require rent.

Now for the sessions:

21.08.2018 at 18.30, OrsiB:

A very happy OrsiB came with about 5-7 minutes late and apologize very much for it. No problem, it's rush hour and probably, as in all cities, traffic is unpredictable.

She came in a very sexy sport bikini in black. To warm up, we tussled a bit, where I noticed that she is again stronger than in July (she had meanwhile a few dozen of sessions).
Technically, she surprised me with a few cleanly executed techniques.

After 15 minutes I told OrsiB, so Techtime! She looked at me questioningly and I said we practice a few techniques I've seen on the internet.

She even managed to throw me several times with a hybrid hip throw! I'm almost 2.5 times as heavy as here. Which surprised me how fast she had the techniques in mind. We have tried about 3-4 other techniques they all had very fast learned.
Most surprisingly, my hand is flat against the chest over the breasts. She crosses her 2 arms over my hand and then press down hard. I lay on the floor in less than a second! Woow!
She had a lot of fun with it.

Then 2-3 normal fights and the hour and a few minutes were over.

21.08.2018 at 20.00, Kimbra:

A very sweet woman and I understand Fritz already, that he finds her sweet! It's her too until you're on the mat with her. Then she mutates into a panther. I had to take her break more often, it was much more exhausting than with OrsiB.
She is stronger than OrsiB but not as strong as Antscha or Tia and technically not quite as good as OrsiB. But I love to take your shoulders. Female athletic strong shoulders. After 30-40 minutes it was ready and we talked for a while.

22.08.2018 at 10.30, Sheena:

Anyone who has ever met Sheena during a session knows that the successor to Antscha and Tia is secure!

She is like the other Hungarians just great, human and combative! Just like OrsiB she is a bit girlish which is very contagious. When I fight with OrsiB and Sheena I always feel 20 years younger.

Who has fought with Sheena knows how strong she is. Powerful +/- like the Antscha or Tia. Personally, I had better control over her than Antscha or Tia. This had 2 reasons! BJJ is simply more efficient on the ground than judo,
but like Ronda Rousey, Sheena has trilled a bit BJJ and is bearing fruit. 2nd reason, my weight! The Sheena may have a handful of fights with heavy guys like me, Tia and Antscha have a lot more experience!

But if I book Sheena there is another reason, I want to be throwed! And she is good at that!

2-3 shoulder throws! 4-5 hip throws! And 2 Tomonage, where I helped with these a little bit, since it was the first time and my scope ist to prevent injouries.
The second time I landed with noise from the back. But nothing happens, luckily not from marzipan. Fat gets a softer landing!

Since she has a good english (better then me), I dared to experiment with her! We did a little casting, where I played the homecoming hungry lover, who was annoyed with the girlfriend's "laziness", but only with words and then
first with pushing around and then fighting, where she aggressively said she was not my dog ​​and I told her as a friend she kindly wanted to do what I told her. We harmonized pretty well. Antscha and Tia had fun on the video when I showed it.
Who knows, maybe next year we'll do a video together. Sheena also had a lot of fun with acting.

Then still 2-3 hard but fair fights and already she had to go to work.

22.08.2018 at 12.00, Antscha:

She too came a little too late ... Rushhour ... she apologized too. And I was not worried, because she said she had a little more time than usual. Here, everybody knows something like that.
I was badly dominated by this pretty thiny girl! Was also pretty tired of Sheena session. 2 tigress!

We finished a little earlier, because I was to tired and I invited her to dinner. She took me to a country locale where I ate delicious spare ribs and she ate a turkey salad. Then a wonderful dessert. I gived her to try my and she said
it's like music in my mouth! That was even true!

So, only Tia remained! I visited her right away in Gyr, I think, logistically, it was not easy for her to came to Budapest and also had several other appointments ...

So I went with the Railjet to Gyr. This train is very comfortable, which could not be said of rails, which did not rumble bad. Arriving in Gyr, Tia awaited me with a big smile on the platform. My heart beat higher.
We went straight to a dojo. There we changed and went to the mat. Next hart time, also it was stronger than in May.

I told her about the other sessions and asked if she had the courage to throw me a shoulder throw. After denying it several times in the past, she agreed to my surprise and she threw me 3 times.
1st and 3rd times was normal and the second time it was huge. Bumm, with a strong and dull sound, I slammed on the floor and I thought wow! Lying there and Tia leaned over and asked worried if she had hurt me.
I answered with a smile: WOW, that was awesome! The palm of my hand and footpads hurt but kept within tolerable limits. Then we went to her home because I did not have a drying towel. I was allowed to use her shower.
She has a small cute beautiful and warmly renovated and furnished house. We stayed there for another hour talking. Then we went to eat together and after eating she took me to the train station.
Where I said goodbye with tears in my eyes. She herself was a little sad too. Sad and happy, I went back to Budapest, where I chill for a few more days and visited sights.

I will definitely return to Budapest again. I recommend it to everyone. The girls are more relaxed, stronger, not tired of previous sessions and looking forward to every visit. The Antscha has coordinated the times excellently.

Orsi wrote me on Saturday morning if I would like to have dinner with Nikki and a friend together on a Sunday evening. What I gladly accepted. Nikki also had a "victim" with here and we had a great evening together. Here too,
if you can be with such a cute woman as OrsiB, you have to be a gentleman and pay the dinner (and I was amazed how much she can eat!). The sessions makes hungry!

I look forward to seeing Budapest again. Thanks a lot girls!
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Old 07-Sep-18, 21:50
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Default Re: Trip to Budapest

And don't be shy to contact Antscha, she is very helpful! A big thanks to Antscha for helping organising!

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