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Default Anniversary Catfight Behind the Classy Fondue Restaurant [F/F]

"Happy Anniversary!" my wife toasted. We clinked our (water) glasses together before tucking into the Wisconsin cheese fondue in front of us. We were at the nicest fondue place in town treating ourselves for our 9th anniversary.
"So, what do you want to do this weekend?"
"Well," Ann stopped to eat a cheese-coated bread chunk, "Uh, we need to go grocery shopping."
"Right, that's romantic."
"And I want to go up to the farm store and-"

"You fucking bitch!" We both froze; the exclamation had come from the next table. Then another voice:
"You're calling me a bitch? You're Bitchasaurus Rex!"
I locked eyes with my wife, and I could tell she was trying not to laugh as she slowly put down her fondue fork. She leaned forward as our seat neighbors lowered their voices into angry whispers.
"At least I'm not a fucking ham beast!"
"Shut up, Robyn! You just ate two fucking appetizers!"
"Jealous?" the other voice gloated. "You're pathetic, Maya, you know that?"
"Ahh, I need to visit the little girl's room," Ann whispered. She got up and took a slow pass by our neighbor's table both there and on the way back. The two women continued trading insults; Robyn had a high tone with vocal fry, and she spoke quickly, while Maya's was quite a bit deeper and slower. I listened to them hiss at each other until Ann came back, floofing into her seat and leaning forward over the table. I did the same until our foreheads were touching.
"So, there's two women there. Robyn is a black lady and Maya's white, and she's wearing a black dress cut really low.”
“Does either one of them look like a ham beast?”
“How about a Bitchasaurus Rex?”
“Stop, you’re going to make me laugh!”

We finished off the rest of our dinner texting each other and eavesdropping. We had just paid the check when Ann looked up from her phone, eyes wide, as we heard Robyn challenge Maya to a fight out back.
“We have to go watch!” Ann whispered excitedly. “What if one of them hurts the other? You’ll have to break it up!”
“Me?” I squealed.
“Well, both of us. Come on!” And just like that my wife was dragging me out of our booth and behind the restaurant. There was a concrete area, a loading dock I think, that was well lit; behind this, bordered by a chain link fence, was a large, harshly-lit dirt field, then dark forest. Ann walked us over to the treeline, where we went in a few feet. I took off my suit coat for her to sit on, then sat next to her, pretty well-covered by a bush. We were barely settled before the two women came out, going straight to the dirt field and facing off; they didn’t seem to see us, thankfully.

I got a good look at the women before they started fighting. Robyn looked like she was in her 30s, with dark skin - even darker under the sodium lights - wearing a black tank top and jean shorts. She had sharp features, accentuated with dark eyeliner and black lipstick. She was tall, maybe 5’10”, with small round tits and a slim build - her shoulders were narrow, and her arms and legs were toned and muscled. Her hair was worked into long dreads down past her shoulders. She kicked her flip-flops off, barefoot in the dirt, leaving them next to her large purse.
Maya was shorter and curvier - Ann wasn’t exaggerating about her outfit; she was wearing a little black dress and black high heels, which she removed. She had softer features compared to her opponent, with a rounder face, large grey eyes, and a heart-shaped mouth. Her light brown hair was even longer than her opponent’s, brushing the top of her big tits, in a simple, straight cut. Maya was maybe 5’6” without her shoes, holding the advantage in power but giving up speed and reach to her opponent.

I guess I assumed they were going to have a stereotypical catfight - open-handed slaps, hair-pulling, rolling around in the dirt - but it was clearly not either of these women's first fights as they knew how to handle themselves; Maya went right at Robyn with controlled hooks and straight punches, while the lighter fighter danced around her more powerful opponent, waiting for her spot.

Before she found it Maya caught her with a hard right to the gut. Robyn flinched and her opponent started ripping off a combination of punches on her - a left to the side, right to the ribs, quick hook to the jaw. Robyn stumbled backwards and Maya followed, grabbing a handful of her opponent's dreads with her left hand and lining up a straight right to the face with her other hand. But it never landed; she took just a second too long cocking her arm, and Robyn stopped her cold with a kick between the legs. Maya screamed so loud I didn't know how the whole restaurant heard it, releasing her opponent's hair, shuffling backwards holding her crotch, her eyes squeezed shut in pain. Robyn pounced, expertly bracing her left leg behind Maya’s right, then pushing on her shoulders, taking them both down to the dirt, the black woman on top. She tried to pin Maya’s wrists to the ground, but the shorter woman just threw her off. Both women got up, panting; Maya had dirt in her hair and stuck to the part of her back not covered by her dress.

Robyn attempted to dance around her opponent again, and this time it seemed to work better as Maya chased after her, the heavier woman’s big tits heaving as she sucked down air, trying and failing to get a good hit on her opponent. Robyn thought she saw her spot and came in throwing a big slap at Maya’s face, but with surprising speed the white girl got her forearm up, expertly blocking Robyn’s hit. In return she hammered a right into her opponent’s flat stomach; Robyn gasped, leaning against Maya, who wrapped her arms around the black woman, lifting her up off the ground. With a roar Maya slammed her opponent down into the dirt as hard as she could; Robyn lay stunned on her back as Maya lifted her foot. I was glad both women had removed their shoes as Maya started stomping on her opponent, landing the first one on Robyn’s stomach. The taller woman moaned, covering her midsection with her hands, which just prompted Maya to lower her foot against her opponent’s chest, crushing Robyn’s left tit against her ribs. Robyn howled, managing to roll over; she took the next stomp in the back, then Maya straddled her, sitting down on her adversary’s butt.

"Hey," Ann whispered. "Are you enjoying your anniversary?"
"Yeah, you?" I whispered back.
"Of course." She reached out to hold hands with me as we watched Maya grab two handfuls of Robyn’s hair and start rubbing her face into the dirt.
“How’s that taste, loser?” Maya shrieked. “Eat up your dessert, bitch!”
In response Robyn started pushing against the ground, grunting with effort; she managed to unseat Maya, who fell off her with a surprised yell, both women landing on their sides, facing each other for a second. Robyn moved quickly, drawing her foot back and slamming a hard kick into her opponent's stomach, the force pushing Maya onto her back as she groaned and held her tummy. Robyn grabbed a handful of loose dirt, getting to her knees and throwing it down into her opponent’s face. Some of it definitely got in her mouth, but I think what really hurt was what got into her eyes; Maya shrieked, rubbing her face helplessly as Robyn approached, still on her knees. She rolled Maya onto her chest, then unzipped her dress and roughly yanked it off, leaving Maya in just her underwear and stockings. The white woman then lost her bra as Robyn unhooked it, working it off her opponent’s shoulders. She went for Maya’s bottoms as well, but by now the white girl had managed to clear her eyes and sat up, shoving Robyn away with a curse.

The women stood up, both caked in sweat and dirt, Maya’s large natural tits hanging free. I suppose these were natural targets, and Robyn ducked under the opening right hook Maya threw at her head, reaching forward and administering a double nipple pinch. Maya screamed, grabbing for her opponent’s wrists as Robyn pulled and twisted on her large, pink nipples. I could see tears forming in Maya’s eyes from back where I was squatting behind a bush; despite her greater strength, she couldn’t pull her opponent’s hands away from her chest, and instead reached her hands up Robyn’s tank top and applied a double-handed squeeze on the black woman. They stumbled around the field for a moment, Robyn panting and Maya gasping in pain; I could see that the shorter fighter was getting the worst of this, her gasps becoming weak sobs, her hands coming out of her opponent’s tank top to try again to pull her wrists away. This worked no better as Maya sank to her knees, her hands falling down to her waist. Robyn pushed her over onto her back, sitting down on her tummy, finally giving up the breast hold she had wrecked her opponent with. Maya lay helpless as Robyn tucked the heavier woman’s wrists under her thighs, getting a handful of Maya’s long hair, yanking her head up off the ground. With her free right hand she started laying vicious slaps into her opponent’s face, turning Maya’s cheeks red; I could hear the loud smack of skin on skin from my spot hiding in the bushes. By the time Robyn released her opponent’s hair and let the brunette's head fall to the dirt, it looked like the fight might be over. Robyn got off Maya, pulling her bottoms off and leaving her totally naked. Robyn planted one delicate foot on her beaten opponent’s face.
“Here’s your dessert, asshole! You like this? How’s that taste, bitch?” Robyn rubbed her toes over Maya’s kisser, then forced them between her lips, foot-fucking her opponent’s mouth. The beaten brunette just took it until Robyn got bored. “Fuckin’ stay there, loser,” she barked, going over to her bag and getting her phone.

To my amazement Maya started getting up; although she was beaten, sweaty and caked in dirt, it looked like she still had some fight left in her, and by the time Robyn came back to take pictures of her defeated opponent, Maya was waiting for her with her hands set in a boxer’s guard. Robyn put her phone down with an annoyed cluck as it looked like she didn’t want to bother going back to where her bag was laying.
“Don’t fuckin’ step on this, okay?” she barked as she mirrored Maya’s stance. Robyn deployed an aggressive attack, I think figuring that her opponent was just about finished, an opinion I frankly shared - Maya had soaked up a lot of punishment, and I couldn’t imagine that she could take much more. The brunette ate the quick left Robyn slammed into her side, and the black woman lined up a following knockout right, but it never landed as Maya grabbed Robyn and started squeezing the life out of her. The taller fighter tried to escape, hammering blows on her opponent’s thick arms; when this didn’t work she got both hands under Maya’s chin and pushed, leaving the shorter fighter looking straight up at the starry sky. This didn’t look like it felt too good, but the crushing bearhug looked even worse; Robyn kicked her legs uselessly, loudly panting and gasping as she failed to break the hold. Maya leaned back, both I think to ease up the pressure on Robyn pushing on her chin, and also to add extra power to her hold, going so far back the taller fighter’s feet left the ground. Maya started shaking her back and forth; I could see Robyn’s head whipping around, and she lost her hold on her opponent’s chin, now totally helpless.

By the time Maya threw her opponent to the ground, Robyn looked like a mess, laying limp in the dirt. She didn’t move as Maya set about stripping her, peeling off her tank top and shorts, then removing her underwear. Robyn managed to get up to her feet, but she could barely stand, panting and gasping. Maya lumbered at her and Robyn came in with a punch aimed at the brunette’s face, but it was sloppy and slow, and the white girl had no trouble grabbing Robyn’s wrist, twisting it as Robyn shouted in pain. Maya went behind Robyn, turning her grip into a hammerlock; Robyn tried to shoot an elbow backwards, but Maya got this arm, too, converting her grip into a double hammerlock. She worked her opponent’s arms as far up her back as they would go; Robyn squealed, trying to bend over but lacking the strength. Maya didn’t work the hold for long, releasing Robyn’s wrists, wrapping her arms around her opponent just below her boobs and squeezing. Robyn moaned, grabbing Maya’s wrists and trying to pull her arms away; I don’t think this would have worked even at the best of times, and with Robyn beat down and hurt it had no chance. The fight seemed to have started going out of the black woman as she just went limp in her opponent’s arms, moaning in defeat as Maya squeezed her. The brunette worked the hold until Robyn was hanging helpless in her arms, then let her go, watching Robyn sink to the dirt on her chest.

Maya flipped her over, then sat down on Robyn’s face, planting her sweaty, dirty, fat ass directly over her opponent’s nose and mouth. She grabbed Robyn’s wrists, pinning them to the ground. Robyn struggled under her, trying to reach her legs up, hook her feet under Maya’s armpits and fling her off; I thought she had a good chance - she was certainly tall and long-legged enough - but it looked like the damage her opponent had inflicted was finally catching up to her as her first, best attempt was merely her feet brushing Maya’s shoulders. Her legs fell to the ground and each subsequent attempt was weaker and shorter, until she lay still underneath her opponent. Maya kept the ass smother for another minute until she’d decided she had won the fight.

“Wow,” Ann whispered to me. “That’s embarrassing, huh? Can you think of a worse way to lose? She used her face like toilet paper!”
“Pretty bad,” I whispered back. “What’s she doing now?”
Maya was changing position slightly, sliding back until it was her pussy instead of her asshole pressing against her enemy’s face. She started rocking back and forth, no longer bothering to hold down Robyn’s wrists; she gave her beaten enemy a quick boob squeeze, which brought Robyn around enough to weakly twitch and tremble under Maya. The brunette started playing with herself as she fucked Robyn’s face, one hand tweaking her own nipples, the other teasing her clit. I squirmed, unbelievably hard at the sight of Maya getting off on her opponent; I thought my cock was going to rip a hole through my pants.
“What are you doing?” my wife hissed. “Do you have to pee?”
“No, I’m turned on,” I whispered back. “Aren’t you?”
“Yes, but I can sit still! Stop it, she’s going to see you!”
I didn’t think she would; Maya wasn’t facing us full on, and her head was thrown back, her eyes closed in ecstasy as she came closer and closer to what looked like it was going to be a very powerful climax. Her aroused grunting became louder and louder, running into a long, deep moan as she reached her peak, her hips bucking against her beaten opponent’s face.

Maya came down slowly, rolling off Robyn - I could see the losing fighter’s face soaked with her opponent’s juices as Maya got on all fours, eyes still closed as she recovered.
“We better go now,” Ann told me, tugging on my arm.
“What? Now? She’s right there!”
“How long do you want to squat in the woods, honey? We have to get groceries!”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This whole thing was her idea, and I told her so. She fired back, and I guess we weren’t whispering as quietly as we thought; we both froze as Maya yelled “Is someone there?” She was looking straight at where we were sitting. Uh oh.
"Oh, fuck," Ann breathed. "Run!!"
"What - " she was already out of the bush and sprinting for the car. Grunting a curse I ran after her.
"Hey!" Maya bellowed. "Hey! Stop!" I looked over my shoulder and she was after us, hot on my heels. Luckily for us in her state of undress she couldn't run into the parking lot without attracting a lot of attention. My heart was pounding as I chased my wife into the safety of the parking lot, but I didn't stop going full tilt until we were both in the car. Ann twisted the keys to start the engine and we roared out of our parking space, leaving the restaurant behind us.

I wanted to go back for our anniversary next year; I didn’t dream we’d see either of the women before then, but just a few weeks later Maya was at our front door.
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Default Re: Anniversary Catfight Behind the Classy Fondue Restaurant [F/F]

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