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Default Wrestling with Maria

I've been wanting to write about my experiences with Maria for years. I have decided to write exactly what happened based on my memories and one video. I could embellish the story, but for me the value is that this is all true. Thus it won't be as intense as many stories here. Many things I wished had happened didn't. But hopefully it may be of some interest precisely because this is in fact what happened.

[I went through the amazing Grappling Girls thread on this forum to find photographs to illustrate the various holds described in the text. The photo of Hot Legs Holly is freely available from the also amazing Utopia Entertainment site.]

I've had many amazing experiences wrestling with women over the years, but something about Maria haunts me in a unique way. Our relationship was almost exclusively centered around play wresting and strength contests.

We met when I was traveling for work. I am a journalist living in a Latin American country and travel constantly for work. About 12 years ago I was in the southern part of the country reporting and saw Maria participating in a conference at a teacher's union. I saw her in my peripheral vision as she walked onto the stage to take a seat at the table with the other speakers. I had sensed that she had thick, muscular legs, but when I directed my vision directly to her, she was already sitting down. Her shoulders looked thick too, but from where I was sitting it was hard to tell. I made a point of looking for her when the conference was over and sure enough, she was wearing somewhat tight blue jeans showing serious muscle. She was about 5'2".

I noticed she walked up to a woman speaking with a journalist friend of mine and I too approached and joined the conversation. After a bit Maria and I were left alone and kept talking. I am usually way too shy to initiate contact like this, but for some reason I took the chance. After a few minutes chatting I asked her if she'd like to get a coffee later and she said yes and we exchanged cell numbers.

I was only going to be in town for a few nights, perhaps that contributed to my having the courage to ask her out. Also, while Maria has always seemed beautiful to me, she is not "classically" pretty and perhaps that made me less nervous as well.

I am 5'7" and weigh about 140lbs. I work out five or six days a week, am in good shape and have good definition, but am on the smaller, weaker side of the human scale. I have always been attracted to muscular women.

Maria, as I mentioned is 5'2" and when I met her--I would learn later--was a gym rat, working legs four times a week. She did squats for sets of 15 reps with 225lbs. In contrast I did the same sets with 135lbs.

Maria and I arranged to meet in a park in the center of the city. When I saw her approach my heart leapt. She was wearing a short skirt showing her beautiful dark skin and thick, defined quads. (We were in a tropical country and it was not uncommon to wear a short skirt in the late afternoon.)

We went for coffee, and then dinner, and then--upon her suggestion--for beer. It was obvious that we were attracted to one another. When the beer joint was closing I asked her if she wanted to have one more in my hotel room and she said yes. We bought a six pack (I didn't care about the beer, to be honest, and we only opened one beer each of the six pack) and went to my room.

Once we were in my room I decided to take the plunge. I said she looked really strong and asked if she worked out.

"Pretty much everyday," she said.

"Me too," I said, though she raised an eyebrow at me.

"You look kinda skinny to me," she said in a flirtatious voice.

"Well, looks can be deceiving," I added just to gently provoke her. "Wanna arm wrestle?"

"Ha!" she laughed, "You'll beat me arm wrestling. I barely work arms, once or twice a week tops. I mostly train my legs," she said. We had been sitting on the edge of the bed and as she said this she straightened out her right leg and flexed her quad. I thought I'd faint. He muscles were bulging and rock hard. If you've ever seen pictures of Hot Legs Holly, that is what she looked like.

"Let's give it a shot," I said, and we both stretched out on the bed, on our stomachs to arm wrestle.

I did not want to win. Obviously. Even if I had to fake it, I wanted her to win. So when we started I decided to begin at about 50%. We stalled in the start position. After a bit I looked at her and could tell that she wasn't trying.

"Is that all you've got?" I asked playfully.

"All I've got? Are you kidding? I haven't even started yet. Have you?"

"A little," I said and decided to increase to about 70% but to make facial expressions as if I were going full strength. When I increased the pressure she did too and we stayed in the stalled start position.

"And now," she said, "Is this all you've got?"

"I'm going full strength, but looks like you are too," I said.

"Do you want me to go full strength?"

"Of course."

"Okay, you asked for it." And with that she swiftly put my arm down on the mattress. I felt an intense rush of attraction. I was pretty much in heaven. I hadn't gone full strength, but still, it was obvious that she was really strong, and the fantasy of her beating me was thrilling.

She laughed, a little bit nervously, as she held my hand down to the mattress. Maybe she was worried I'd become a jerk after losing. To put her at ease I said:

"Wow. You're really strong. That's amazing. Let's try with the other arm."

"Ok," she said.

With our left arms we pretty much repeated the same experience. I started at 50% and after seeing that she wasn't trying, increased my strength while pretending to be going 100% until she put my arm down in a steady, controlled movement. I proposed best two out of three and she laughed and said okay. And again she beat me with me pretending, but pretending only a little. I was using about 70% of my strength after all.

I tried to think of some way to transition into wrestling, but kind of lost my nerve and didn't just come straight out and suggest it. Instead I proposed another strength contest. She said okay. I lay down on my back and told her to sit across my waist in a school girl pin and then held my arms up in the air and said that the contest would be to see if she could pin them down. She did so immediately and giggled, surprised.

I too was surprised. I hadn't had time to prepare, I thought to myself and suggested we do two out of three. She said ok, and I lifted up my arms and prepared at about 50% of my strength. Again she pinned my arms down to the mattress in a single move. I was surprised and she was laughing.

"Okay, okay," I said. "Best three out of five."

She laughed out loud and said, "okay, but if I beat you again that's it, I win and you have to try to pin my arms down."

"Okay," I said.

We counted to three and said go and I tensed my arms with 100% of my strength. She grunted and adjusted her hips and shoulders and pushed down hard, steadily driving my hands down, down, down until she pinned them to the mattress with a little scream.

"Ah! That time was a bit harder," she said, "but I still beat you."

I was in heaven and didn't want to move, but she started getting off me to lie down next to me. I had a huge erection and was embarrassed about it, trying to keep it out of the way so she wouldn't feel it. I stood up, turned around and adjusted it without her seeing. I then mounted her so that she wouldn't feel it. She held up her arms. At first I decided to position myself so that I wouldn't be able to use my full chest and triceps strength. Again, I didn't want to win. We said go and I strained and strained and grunted and couldn't move her arms an inch. After a bit I started to sweat and gave up. She laughed.

"Look at you! You're sweating!" She said, giggling.

"I get three tries," I said.

""Be my guest," she said holding up her arms. She was starting to get confident about beating me, which was--on top of everything-- incredibly sexy.

I decided to use my chest, but start slowly so that if I felt her arms start to struggle I could stop there. But I never felt her arms start to struggle. I got up to full strength and was panting and sweating, literally dripping sweat, and she was looking up at me smiling. I finally gave up.

"You win," I said.

She laughed and said, "since I won, you have to do what I say, okay?"

"Okay," I said.

"Kiss me."

I bent down and we started kissing. That night we made out and touched each other passionately for hours. We didn't have sex.

It turned out that because of both of our jobs we weren't able to spend another night together, but we had lunch and made plans to see each other in the capital city where I lived in a few weeks when she had to travel there for work.

I couldn't stop thinking about her. I didn't know if I wanted to get into a serious relationship, but I knew that I was very attracted to her. I also confess that I thought her beating me had been fantasy. Since I never went full strength on the arm wrestling I assumed that if I had I would have beat her. But I was ecstatic with the experience of the strength contests and with her being strong and thinking that she was stronger than me.

When we met a few weeks later I was again shocked at the sight of her approaching from the distance. She was wearing tight jeans and her quads were simply amazing.

We greeted each other with a kiss and went for a coffee. At the time I was living with a few friends and so recommended we get a hotel room. She agreed. After coffee we went to check in to the hotel. In the room I made a joke about her beating me arm wrestling.

"I've been working out, just so you know. Maybe this time I'll beat you."

She looked me over and said: "You still look skinny. I think you'd need to work out for more than two weeks to beat me," she said playfully.

"Oh yeah, let's see," I said and got on the bed with my arm out for arm wrestling. She got on the bed too and said, in a sensual voice, "let's see how hard you've been working."

I decided to do the same thing, but to go a little bit harder. Say that if I'd gone to 70% last time, this time I'd inch up to about 80%. Go harder, but still not full strength.

She beat me just the same. I could tell she had to work a bit this time, she made a bit of a growling face before bending my wrist back and then taking my hand down. The next time I tried to keep my wrist straight, but she bent it back just the same. She beat me with both arms.

"Looks like you need to spend some more time in the gym," she said. "You should lift heavier if you want to beat me."

"Seems like you're right."


"Well, no, you're just plain right. But what about actual wrestling?"

"Actual wrestling? This wasn't actual?"

"No," I said and got up on my knees holding my arms out, "I mean what if we start out like this and see who can pin the other person down on their back, with their arms pinned down too." I was dreaming of her getting me into a school girl pin. Sometimes dreams come true.

She got up on her knees, grabbed my hands, and before I could do anything she threw me down on the bed, mounted me, pushed my hands down to the mattress but then lifted them again and slammed them back down, hard, higher above my head. The strength she used to do this surprised me. I had no chance of preventing anything she was doing. It all happened so fast and with such power. One instant we were on our knees facing each other and then next instant she was pinning me down.

She bent down and said, "This time I'm not going to let you get away so easy," and starting making out with me. Heaven. My entire universe became that kiss.

After making out for just a few minutes while keeping my arms pinned above my head the whole time, she lifted her face a few inches from mine and said: "To be continued. Let's go get dinner. I'm starving."

I'd forgotten about food. I almost had trouble comprehending what "dinner" meant, I was so turned on. But since she had just slammed me down and pinned me and kissed me I didn't feel like I was in a position to contradict her, so I said, "Okay."

We decided to eat at the hotel restaurant. Throughout dinner I had trouble concentrating. I kept asking myself: did she really just slam me down and pin me in a flash, and apparently without effort? Did that happen? Or was it just that I had been caught off guard? I still think I could beat her arm wrestling. But, could I? Was she really stronger than me? (We hadn't talked about the gym yet, I didn't know she was doing squats for reps with 225lbs.) Either way, I thought, it was amazing. I was looking forward to heading back to the room after dinner.

After a slow meal, a glass or two of wine, we went back upstairs. Back in the room I said: "Okay, you beat me earlier, but how about a rematch?"

"Sure thing," she said with a smile, "I hope you like losing, 'cause I'm going to beat you again." And she chuckled.

"We'll see," I said, even though I hoped she would.

We matched up. I didn't try to take her down. I didn't want to go on the offensive. I waited to see what she would do, hoping I'd be able to navigate us into a scissor hold. Instead, she tossed me down again and tried to mount me, but I squirmed such that she couldn't get the mount. She had control of my hands and I tried to wiggle about, hoping to find a way out of her grip so we could go back to the starting position. We ended up at the edge of the bed. I tried to use my full strength to sit up and get back to the center, but instead she pushed me hard, driving me off the bed, onto the floor. She landed on top of me, mounted me and quickly pinned my hands down.

"I won! I beat you again," she said. "Though this time you made me work a little bit. That was fun!"

I was panting from the effort of having tried unsuccessfully to escape her grip. We sat up and she said: "Your sweating!"

"Want to take a shower?" I asked. "Together?"

"That sounds wonderful," she said.

We got undressed and got in the shower. I was a little embarrassed about my erection. She grabbed it while we made out under the hot water. I washed and kissed her entire body. Her upper body was thick but not very defined, but her lower body was thick, defined and hard muscle.

After the shower we got in bed and made out and talked for hours. I think we were both waiting for the other person to initiate sex. Finally, she grabbed me and gave me oral sex. I warned her when I was about to have an orgasm, but she kept going and swallowed my cum. She then kissed me deep with the taste of my cum in her mouth.

I started massaging her sex and asked her if she liked caresses or kisses better. She said, keep doing what you're doing. I kissed her breasts and nipples and stroked her until she had several orgasms. We fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next day she had to return and we made plans for me to visit her again a few weeks later.

Something unexpected happened after that. I met a woman, D, who would become my lover for about four years. Someday I might write about D. She is amazing. We are still good friends. She is incredibly beautiful and the strongest and most muscular woman I've ever been involved with. She does reps on the leg press with 1000lbs.

After meeting D and starting to go out with her, I wrote to Maria and told her that I'd met someone and would be starting a relationship. She was angry and we didn't communicate again for a year or so. She wrote me a few emails and texts over the following two years and I always answered kindly and sincerely. We didn't flirt. After a while we didn't keep in touch.

D and I broke up about four years later, in 2010. A few months later I met E and we fell in love and started dating. But the relationship was already tense due to travel and work tensions. E lived in the US and I relocated to be with her, but kept having to travel for my work. On one such trip, back to Maria's town in the Latin American country I saw her again.

It was in 2011. We hadn't written each other for several years. I never forgot her. But hadn't wanted to write much when I was with D. D was insanely jealous. I never cheated on her. (I've never cheated in a relationship.)

Well, others may be the judge of whether this constitutes cheating. While I was dating E but on a trip--and our relationship was tense--I saw Maria again.

I was having breakfast with two friends at a sidewalk cafι when I saw a woman walk by in a short denim skirt. I looked just as she was looking away and just before she stepped out of my line of vision, but I saw that it was Maria. She looked amazing. After recovering from the shock, I said, "I'll be right back," to my friends and got up and walked out of the cafι.

Maria was standing in front of a newsstand a few doors down. I walked up and said, "Maria?"

"Hello," she said looking to me, a bit nervous.

"It is so good to see you, how have you been?"

"Okay. And you?"

"Pretty good. I'm having breakfast with some colleagues and I saw you walk by…"

"Yeah, I thought that was you. I was wondering if I should go back."

"Hey, are you busy later? Want to get a coffee and catch up?"

"Sounds good. What's your cell number?"

I gave her my number. She dialed and called me. I took out my cell and saved the number.

"I'm really excited to see you," I said, imagining that my cheeks must have looked as if they'd been set on fire. I had to concentrate to enunciate my words. I felt like I was trembling.

"Me too," she said and looked at me with a very flirtatious smile. "I'll call you and we'll meet up in a bit. Okay?"

"Perfect," I said.

We said goodbye. I went back to breakfast but could barely concentrate. Maria looked amazing. She was a bit thicker everywhere, but from the slightest glimpse of her legs I could tell she was still really muscular.

She texted me about 20 minutes later and we started flirting via text. We met up that evening for coffee and talked for hours. When the cafι was about to close I somehow gathered my nerve and said.

"Remember how you used to beat me wrestling?"

"Of course," she said.

"Well, I've been working out a lot. Do you think you could still win?"

"I doubt it," she said to my dismay, "I haven't been to a gym in years. I stopped eating clean and stopped working out. Sometimes I go to Zumba, but that's it."

"You still look strong."

"No, I'm fat now."

"I think you look great."

She smiled. "Thanks. So? Do you want to arm wrestle right here?"

"How about we go to my hotel?"

"Okay," she said.

We went. In my room we started with arm wrestling. I did the same thing I always did. She beat me, but she had to struggle. I felt that for sure I could win if I went 100%. She, however, was really surprised to beat me again, though I could tell she enjoyed it.

"I can't believe I can still beat you!" She said.

"Let's try a leg strength contest," I said.


We stood up. I held out my arms and we clasped hands.

"The first person to take a step loses," I said.


"We both push, or pull or whatever to try and force the other person to take a step. Whoever is forced to move their feet first loses."

I was imagining a contest where we could push, pull, twist, use our hips and so on to make the other person take a step in any direction. But I didn't explain it well. When we counted to three she pushed me hard, forcing me to step backwards, but then kept pushing. She walked me straight back to the wall and then pinned my hands to the wall. I was completely unable to stop her. I simply couldn't stand my ground. She walked me back up against the wall effortlessly and immediately. I was stunned, but she just giggled and said, "I beat you again! I always win."

"Best two out of three?" I asked.

"You really do like losing!" And she laughed. "Sure thing."

We went back to the center of the room. This time I knew that she would try to walk me back to the wall so I stood prepared with all my strength to defend against a forward push. We counted to three. It was useless. I couldn't do anything to stop her. She forced me to walk back into the wall and pinned my hands against the wall. And she did so as if it took no effort whatsoever. I was completely helpless to stop her, forced to walk backwards, and she was smiling and giggling and pushing me back like she were pushing an empty grocery cart.

I was swooning. Okay, I thought, maybe I could beat her arm wrestling. But she just annihilated me in this pushing contest. Her legs must be really strong. She giggled and said: "I win. Best two out of three. Again. And after all these years! I would have thought you'd be able to beat me now. But nope!"

"And you don't work out anymore?"

"No. Not at all. I mean, sometimes I go to Zumba classes. But that's not working out."

I started to ask her about her prior routines and that's when she told me about squatting 225 for reps. I was completely smitten, again.

"Let's try wrestling," I said. "But this time instead of just pinning, the winner has to make the loser submit."


"Yeah, whoever is forced to say 'I submit' is the loser."

"Okay," she said.

We got on our knees on the bed. She was still wearing her denim skirt. Her legs looked absolutely amazing. Thick and dark and hard and beautiful. My goal was to figure out some way to get trapped in a scissor hold and be forced to submit.

We said go and I made some weak attempts to move her. She quickly shifted her grip and turned her hips right when I was making some dumb move and she tossed me to the mattress. I tried to avoid her getting the school girl pin so quickly. She kept trying to pin me and I kept squirming until I made a big mistake. Unable to sit back up, I tried to roll away. As soon as I turned my back to her she pushed hard against my shoulders, pushing me face down. She then mounted my back, sitting on my lower back and trapping my hips. I stupidly put my arms in a push-up position as if I'd be able to lift myself up that way. She immediately grabbed my arms at the elbows and lifted them up behind my back, mashing my face into the mattress and hence forcing me to turn my neck a bit painfully to the side to be able to breathe. She then slid her grip on my arms to my wrists and pulled them up higher.

I was completely immobilized. Truly pinned. I tried to move my arms: nothing. I tried to move my hips: nothing. There was absolutely nothing I could do. If she wanted to she could have destroyed my shoulders. (She also could have easily released my arms and applied a choke hold.) And from what I could tell, she was exerting zero effort.

This wasn't what I had planned. I wanted to get trapped in a scissor hold or, at least, in a school girl pin where I could look up into her eyes and see her smile as she held me captive. Instead I was truly and kinda painfully trapped against my will.

With some effort, I turned my head to the other side and saw our reflection in the hotel room mirror. The image haunts me to this day. Maria mounted on my lower back, her denim skirt hiked up high, exposing her thick, muscular thighs, her arms holding mine behind my back, gripping my wrists. She looked down at me with a smile. After a minute or so she slowly began to push my arms a bit further behind my back which both hurt and made it very hard to breathe.

"I submit," I said softly, almost coughing.


"I submit," I said more loudly.

"Really? That's all you've got?"

"I can't move! How can I fight back if I can't even move?"

"That's a good point," she laughed. "So say it again."


"Yes. Say it again."

"I submit."

"One more time," she said, playfully, tauntingly, as she looked to her side and met my eyes in the mirror, "say it one more time while looking me in the eyes."

"I submit," I said again, completely defeated, completely enchanted.

She laughed and said: "I win! Just like I always do! I beat you in every strength contest, every wrestling match. Have you ever beat me in anything?"

"No," I said.

"I thought you'd win this time, but nope. Looks like I'll always be able to beat you."

I wanted to make out with her desperately, but I didn't want to cheat on my girlfriend so I thought I should tone down the flirting on my part. "You're really strong," I said, like an idiot.

"Not like I used to be," she said, "but you're really weak!"

"Tell you what," I said, "I'll be traveling back here in about three months. I'm going to work out really hard and let's have a rematch."

"Anytime," she said.

She said she needed to get back so I walked her home. We talked about our lives on the walk. I told her I'd be back in her town in a couple of months and joked about training hard to be able to beat her.

"You'll never be able to beat me," she said.

"Well, in that case," I said, "I'll train hard to make you work a bit more to beat me."

She laughed and said: "Good luck with that."

We hugged goodbye and I walked back to my hotel. On the walk I couldn't stop thinking about how she beat me in the pushing contest and then pinned me against my will. Was it just because I didn't start out fighting hard? No, I had to face it: she pinned me. She truly immobilized me and did so in a way such that she could control me without exerting any effort.

I was incredibly attracted to her and kept thinking about her. As things turned out, my girlfriend and I broke up a few months later due to tensions around how much I traveled for work. I emailed Maria and told her I'd be back in town soon and tried to email flirt with her a bit saying that I'd been working out and she'd better hit the gym again if she wanted to keep beating me.

"I don't need to go to the gym to keep beating you," she wrote.

"I don't know," I responded, "I almost beat you arm wrestling a couple of times when we last saw each other."

"When?" she wrote. "I don't remember any almost, and anyway almost isn't winning. The evidence is on my side: I've always beat you. And I always will. And last time, I'll have you remember, I even made you submit to me. In fact, I made you repeat the words 'I submit' several times."

"Very true. I do remember that. Well, maybe you don't need to workout to keep beating me. But imagine if you did…"

"If I went back to the gym and worked out like I used to, I'd slaughter you! Hahaha! You should be praying I don't workout!"

"Hahaha. Well, if I'm honest, I think your strength is super attractive."

"Do you? Hhhmmm. Well, next time we see each other I'll make you submit again. But, be careful, I might not let you go this time!"

"Sounds wonderful. Tell you what: when we wrestle again, the loser buys dinner."

"It's a deal. Start saving up. Hahahaha!!"

And so on… our emails went on like that for a while until I was able to move back to her country and visit her city.

This time she came straight to my hotel. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. We arm wrestled with exactly the same results. I only went to about 70%--I didn't want to risk breaking the spell of her beating me at everything--and she strained a bit and then put me down. Both arms. Best three out of five. She laughed and taunted me: "I thought you were going to work out? What happened? You need to change your routine and fire your trainer!"

We repeated the pushing contest and again this time I tried as hard as I could just to stand my ground, but it was futile. She walked me straight back to the wall every time, laughing all the way.

We got on the bed to wrestle. Again, I wanted to maneuver us into her applying a scissor hold somehow. But instead she threw me down and lay across my chest diagonally, pinned my arms down above my head. This was no good. If I couldn't get us into a scissor hold, again I hoped for a classic school girl pin. So I decided to lift myself up so we could get back to the starting position. The only problem was: I couldn't. I tried and she kept me down. I tried harder and she kept me down. I tried as hard as I could, lifted up a bit, and she pushed me back down. I was breathing hard from the effort. She was completely calm, though focused. After a few minutes of this she said:

"Okay. I'm going to count to… twenty and if you can't escape before I get to twenty, then I win."

I didn't like this scenario, but how could I say no? In wrestling the count is to three. In boxing, to ten. How could I complain about a count of twenty?

"Okay," I said, determined to get out of this pin. She wasn't even mounting me! She held my arms down and lay diagonally across my chest. How could I be pinned like this?

She started counting: 1… 2…

I started struggling for real. As hard as I could. Pushing, twisting, using my hips. Everything. She kept me pinned and kept calmly counting: 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9…

At nine I was able to break her grip and sit up!

But before I knew it, before I could turn around to face her, the next thing--I didn't even feel her grab me--I was slammed, hard, back down to the mattress. She pinned my arms back down, higher above my head and sat with her torso diagonally across my chest, now using more of her body weight to pin me. She immediately started counting again: 1… 2…

I didn't like this. I wanted a different hold. I went full out trying to escape and sit back up. She kept counting: 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… 10… 11… 12… 13… 14…

At fourteen I stopped struggling, out of breath. I planned to catch my breath for just two counts and then explode to break free. She counted:

15… 16… 17…

while I lay still, panting.


At eighteen I tried to explode, but nothing happened. I needed to rest a bit more. I had exhausted myself. I had no strength left. I looked up into her eyes as she smirked and kept counting:

19… 20.

"I win," she said, but didn't release me.

I tried to move my arms, but couldn't. She was still pinning me.

"I win," she said again.

"You win," I said and she laughed.

"So tell me, who needs to work out?"

"I go to the gym almost everyday," I said, honestly, in my defense.

"That's not what I asked. I asked, who needs to workout?" As she said this she stretched my arms out, crossed them at the wrists and pushed them harder into the mattress. "Hhmm?" She looked down at me and raised her eyebrows: "Who needs to work out?"

"I do," I said.

"Exactly. So, are you still with your girlfriend?" she asked.

"No, we broke up."

"Good," she said and kissed me while continuing to keep me pinned.

We went to dinner at an expensive restaurant that she chose. She asked me about my workout routines and told me I was doing it all wrong. I needed to left heavier and eat more and eat red meat. (I was a vegetarian for almost 20 years and had only recently started eating some fish and chicken.) She seemed genuinely concerned that she was able to beat me so easily and wanted to help me! I said I would change my routine and diet, but that she should workout again too--not that she needs to, I quickly added, "it is obvious that you're incredibly strong."

"Stronger than you! Tell you what," she said, "if you work out and can beat me once, at anything, any of the strength contests or wrestling, then I'll work out again for our rematch after that. But if you can't beat me, if I win again at everything, then you have to take me to the beach for a week."

"It's a deal," I said.

"But not just to the beach. We'll stay at an expensive hotel with a huge bed and a jacuzzi. That way I can kick your ass all across the bed and then we can relax in the jacuzzi after I beat you."

Heaven on earth.

"You're on," I said.

"But really work out! Try to at least make me break a sweat!" she added, laughing.

"I will," I said, "It's a bet."

She reached out her hand. We shook hands and she said: "It's a bet."

After that we often emailed and flirted about our bet. But, sadly, terribly, I got sent to another side of the country for work and was stuck there for months and months. We kept emailing every once and a while, flirting, but one thing led to an other and two and a half years went by. At one point I emailed and she responded, flirting as always, but mentioned that she was married! I was sad, but genuinely hoped that she was happy and said so.

We emailed a couple of times a year, no longer flirting, but just staying in touch. Until, about a year ago, she emailed me and asked for my cell number (I had changed it). I sent it to her and she called me. Just hearing her voice made my heart race. She said that she had to travel to the capital city for something and asked if I was around. I said I was. She asked if she could stay with me so as not to spend money on a hotel.

"Of course," I told her, "My apartment is basically a studio; it's really small, but you are totally welcome." I didn't want her to get uncomfortable when she saw how tiny my place is.

It ended up taking months for her to organize her trip and finally called me one day around noon--she had arrived early in the morning and already finished what she had to do-- and asked if she could come by. I said yes and met her about an hour later at the closest subway stop. It was amazing to see her. She still looked beautiful to me. She was quite a bit thicker, though her legs maintained a lot of their muscularity. She reminded me of how some ex-gymnasts look.

We hugged and walked back to my studio. Once inside I made her a fresh cup of coffee and we sat down to talk. I only have two chairs a table and a bed (besides five bookshelves). I am kind of a minimalist when it comes to material things. I love books and spend pretty much all of my small income on books. She sat down on the bed with her back against the wall. I sat down on the chair and turned it to face her.

After talking for a while she was the one to bring up wrestling!

"You look good, still skinny, but good," she said with a smile.

"You look amazing," I said.

"Not at all. I'm fat now."

"I think you look great. Really. You always have and you do now."

"Thanks. How much do you weigh?" she asked.

"About 140 pounds," I said.

"See? I weigh more than you. I weigh 150 now. When we met I weighed about 135. I always weighed 135, tops 140. Now I'm at 150. I bet that now you could beat me wrestling," she said.

"You think so?" I asked. "I don't know. You've always beat me…"

"I haven't done any exercise in years," she said. "But let's see."

I got up, took out a tiny Flip video camera and positioned it on the bed to record us. I didn't say anything, but just put the camera down. She looked at it but didn't say anything either. With so-called "smartphones" video recording and taking pictures has become like second nature, it seems. Now everyone records everything, so it doesn't seem special, or strange, to pull out a little camera.

I pressed record and we got into position on the bed. I was determined to lose and so started out at 50% again. She looked at me, waiting. We stayed like that for a bit and then I decided to increase to 60%, put to make it seem like I was going all out. She waited a second and then increased her pressure and slowly put my arm down.

"Oh my god!" she said, covering her face in her hands, "I beat you! I can still beat you! I didn't think I would be able to anymore."

"Wow," I said, kind of stupidly. I was both incredibly turned on and curious about whether or not she would still win if I went full strength.

"My arms are super weak. You must have no strength at all," she said.

"What about your other arm?"

"Let's try," she said.

We got into starting position and counted off to three. I started again at 50% and then increased a bit. Once again she then started pushing my arm down, this time her strength surprised me and I went down a bit faster.

"Holy shit! I can still beat you with both arms! Why don't you have any power?"

"I don't know," I mumbled. "I guess you're just really strong."

"But I really am out of shape. I'm not able to beat you as easily as before."


"Yeah. Before I never even used all my strength. I could beat you going about 50%."

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah. It was always really easy for me to beat you."

"And now?"

"Now I had to work a bit more."

"About what percentage of your strength did you use just now?"

"Maybe 60%."



"Let's try again," I said.


This time I increased my strength to 70%. I thought that the difference from 60% to 100% would be too obvious, and also I didn't want to run the risk of winning and ruining our record of her having always beat me at absolutely everything.

At 70% she also put me down. With the other arm I increased to about 75%. She strained a bit and put me down.

I was swooning. She was getting really into it. This time more than the others it seemed like she was having fun. Like really having fun.

Who knows why, but I recommended we thumb wrestle. She beat me over and over and over again and started getting more and more excited, celebrating her victories like soccer goals. After winning 20-0 in thumb wrestling, we arm wrestled again with both arms. I increased my strength to about 80%. She strained a bit more, but won both times.

"Let's try wrestling," I said.

I moved the camera, still recording, to a table. We got on the bed, on our knees and clasped hands. She forced me down but before she could mount me I started squirming quickly to the side. She had put me down with her back facing the camera and I wanted to shift around so that she would be facing the camera. Luckily I was able to do this and just as we had turned around she said, "that's enough squirming!" And she mounted me and pinned my arms down above my head. I tried to lift up, tried to buck her off, tried to squirm, but nothing worked. I decided to make a couple of tries at 100%. She put them all down and then, when I paused to catch my breath, stretched my arms out more and looked down into my eyes.

"I won," she said. "I beat you again."

I tried to buck and squirm but she just laughed and held me there. After a bit she said, "want to rest for a sec and then start over?"

"Okay," I said. "You won. The score is one-zero."

She chucked and we both sat up.

I got up to pour two glasses of water and held her one. "Thanks," she said, took a drink and set the glass down on the bookshelf nearest to the bed.

She got back on her knees and held out her arms. I met her there, we clasped arms. I thought I would wait for her to make the first move, but then I would really try to resist getting pinned or try as hard as I could to escape her pin if she got it. She completely surprised me, as I was thinking this, shifting her hands, grabbing my back with one hand while stretching my arm with the other and literally tossing me to the side. She came down on top of me and immediately mounted me and slammed my hands down again. She was laughing the whole time.

I went into full strength, real struggle mode. Several times I made her lose her balance a bit, and she had to struggle and for the first time ever got a little winded, but she stayed on top of me the whole time. I simply couldn't escape. She was that much stronger than me: she could keep me down in a school girl pin no matter how hard I tried to escape. At one point she lowered her body down, with her breasts mere centimeters from my face and my arms stretched out and held down at the wrists.

"Say the word," she said.

I was intoxicated by her beauty and strength, by her smell, by her enjoying pinning me.

I tried to lift myself up and she pushed me back down.

"Nope," she said. "You're done. Say the word."

I tried again and again and again, each time with a bit less strength, each time she held me down.

"Come on. You're done. Say the word."

I panted and tried to catch my breath and concentrate. I did not want this to end.

"You know I won. You can't get up. You can't escape. Say the word."

"You win," I said.

"What else?"

"You always win."

"True!" she laughed, "And what else?"

"I submit."

"Good boy," she giggled. "Say it again."

"I submit."

She sat up a bit, readjusted my arms, but didn't release me. She looked into my eyes.

"Who else do you play with like this?"

"No one," I said, kind of lying. I say kind of, because at that time I was not in a relationship, and had not had any sessions and wasn't dating anyone. I had not been wrestling with anyone at all.

"You know," she said, "I could really kick your ass. I mean, like, for real."

I didn't say anything, just looked up at her, completely enamored.

"I could completely kick your ass and you'd be helpless to do anything about it. I could easily beat the shit out of you right here, right now, and you'd be unable to stop me."

"Well," I said, "I hope not to piss you off, then."

She laughed. But she kept looking down at me with a strange look in her eyes.

"Does it turn you on that I can beat you so easily?"

Boom. There it was. Straight to the point. After twelve years. But, I got worried that I'd somehow made her feel uncomfortable.

"Have I made you feel uncomfortable?"

"No, no not at all. It's not that. I was just wondering. Does it turn you on when I submit you?"

"In all honesty, yes, it really does. I really hope…"

"No," she interrupted, "don't worry, I love beating you. It turns me on too. In fact, right now I'm really tempted to have my way with you."

My heart skipped a few beats.

"But I need to be disciplined. Let's take a break, get some dinner, and then we can play some more."

"Okay," I said, completely at her mercy.

We went for dinner and then went back to my apartment and arm wrestled and wrestled for another hour--she won every match--before she decided to get the overnight bus back to her town.

We've emailed over the past year, just to check in and say hello. We haven't flirted via email since she told me she was married.

I often think about her and about these handful of times when we playfully wrestled around and how I always thought I was actually just pretending to lose but she always ended up submitting me for real. Blissful.

I hope to see her again.
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Thread approved
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Default Re: Wrestling with Maria

Really love this story.... I'm sure it is a true recollection
I'm incredibly busy at the moment.. But I'll write an account of a woman I used to know.. It is a similar tale..

Great job
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