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Default Dominant Donna, Muscular Mama

The gym was filled with a light clamor of people, in one particular squat rack a curvy older woman was showing off to her 18 year old son.“Just...like...this” Donna said, squatting down with two plates on the bar. She could do a lot more, but she was just demonstrating to her son how to properly perform the lift

“Yeah whatever” Alex said, rolling his eyes. “I really don’t care” the younger man had had this attitude pretty much the entire visit. He thought it was kind of embarrassing to see his mom stick her butt out like that especially considering there were people from his school at the gym today. She had been trying to get him to lift weights all day and he had no idea why she was so insistent on that. He was wearing a T shirt and track pants over his skinny body, leaning against a wall in a practiced pose of expressive apathy. “I don’t think I need to know how to stick my butt out like that”, he stared at his full-figured mother, she was only about five pounds lighter than him at 145, her thick hips and large breasts were probably most of that, even if she did have thick arms.

“Honey, don’t be like that” his mom suggested, before walking to him, her hand on his chin “It took me a long time to get so good at squatting, I’m just showing off my hard work.” she crossed her arms at him, her green eyes going up and down his body

“Yeah, sure, hard work” said Alex, walking up to where she was, looking down at the mother whose head barely went up to his shoulder blades.

“Listen just because you’re strong for a 45 year old woman doesn’t mean I need to work out. I’m plenty powerful” the skinny kid said, looking at the barbell. “225 pounds? That’s nothing” he considered that he weighed 150….he could definitely squat half his body weight

“Oh, well if your so strong, why not show off for me?” Donna crossed her arms “if you can lift that barbell, I’ll stop dragging you to the gym” she was hopeful that he could, but also sort of doubted him. She knew that two plates was a lot for a beginner, but as mothers do, sort of overestimated her son. She reset the safety bars just to be sure.

Alex got under and really had to strain to get the weight out of the rack. He stepped back and grunted, letting it fall slowly like his mom had showed him….then dropped it onto the safety bars. It clanged loudly and everyone looked to see, his mom walked up to help him. “Shut up, I got this!” he said, before straining his legs to push the weight up, gaining about an inch before collapsing again, this time letting go of it.

Donna got under and easily lifted it to the lower rack and set it down, before looking down at her son. “Well, you are just a beginner” she said, feeling gravely disappointed, but also a bit giddy. She was apparently better at squatting than her son, a young man (if a rather lethargic one)
“Yeah well squatting is bullshit anyway” Alex said, getting up and feeling all eyes on him “It's just something girls do so they can show off their butts without seeming slutty” he sort of tried to avoid the fact that he was talking about his own mother “Lower body strength doesn’t matter, I’m leaving”
Donna considered what her son must have gone through, and figured she did sort of embarrass him. She hated the idea of poisoning him to weightlifting and having him stay so skinny for his whole life...maybe he just needed some confidence “Hey if lower body doesn’t mater, maybe you should wrestle me...see who really has the stronger body” the people around her all hooted at the suggestion.

Alex looked back at his mother. The idea of slamming her into the ground and showing her to make fun of him was definitely appealing. He placed his hands in his pocket and looked up and down her body. Thick, but didn’t look powerful to him. Beside, she was an old lady “Deal” he said snidely.
They moved to the wrestling room, which had padded floors and no equipment to crash into. She smiled as she grabbed her shirt “If you can beat your own mother at wrestling, I suppose you can go home for the day, as it shows you have some athletic ability” she shocked him by pulling her shirt off, showing off her bright pink sports bra. Her shoulders were more built than he remembered, as was her midsection (when she sucked in she had slight abs) but her breasts were as big as his memory told him they should be

“Mom, what are you doing?” he asked as she took her pants down, showing off an incredibly built lower body now clad in only a matching pink thong
“Oh, you know how inconvenient baggy clothes can be in a fight, I’d suggest you do the same.”

“You’re so humiliating” he whined, approaching his mom slowly as a crowd started really gathering around the two of them. He didn't want to show off his body right now, so he just went in and grabbed his mom, having no idea what he was doing.

Donna was surprised by how little skill he showed, but also by the apparent weakness of his grip. He was performing something resembling a bear hug against her, and she had to do some maneuvering to get out...at least he was able to lock his wrists. She sank out of it before grabbing him by the pants and forcing him back, finding that his body moved pretty easily “Alex….you need to actually try against me!” she chided. Why was her son taking things so easy on her?

“Shut up!” he screamed, before going in with both hands. He wasn’t especially graceful and Donna caught both of his incoming mits, suddenly placing them in a “test of strength”. He pressed his arms against hers and she completely stonewalled him, then took a step forward.

“Seems lower body isn’t the only place where I have you beat!’ she shouted in glee. She was beating a young man at wrestling, even if he wasn’t necessarily a fit one. His arms were failing against hers, she easily pushed his elbows behind his torso, then wrapped her arm around his chest and threw him to the mat. Before he could get up she landed on him and held him in a vicious Scissorhold.

Alex screamed as Donna upped the pressure, her enormous thighs making mincemeat of his head ‘now, as I said...wrestle in less clothing!” she said, reaching behind her body to grab the waistband of his pants and pull them down his long, skinny legs. The pressure on his head helped him not consider that everyone could see his tighty whities

Donna got off of him and went behind so she could take his pants all the way off. He wrestled against her again, but this time Donna wrestled his upper body, tearing the white shirt from his body to show off his skinny chest before pressing him down and catching him in a Double hammerlock. Alex was stook, now in just his tighty whities, and didn’t think things could get any worse, but then she lifted her right hand...just her left easily holding down both wrists, and started flexing for the adoring audience. Her arms were so much bigger than he thought his could ever get, her big bulbous muscles looking so much tougher than his skinny body.

His dad walked in at that moment, a bigger guy, when he saw what was going on he smiled. His firecracker of a wife was wrestling with his son...and she was winning! He clasped his fists, happy at the competition. “Hey honey, our son had some interesting ideas about exercise”
They laughed, and then Donna let him go. She put him through a bit of a spotfest after that, letting go of both of his arms before grabbing him under the chin “This is called the camel clutch” she said, pulling his head back “If you don’t want to get snapped in half, I’d suggest tapping out” she thought for a second “and verbally acknowledging my superiority”

Feeling the awesome strength behind his neck, Alex found himself unable to resist her hold and slapped the ground “I submit, mom!” she looked down and brought him up, placing him in a full nelson next, she gripped hard “and again?” he briefly tried to power out, but saw it was fruitless and tapped again, before saying he submitted.

The next hold was a grapevine, and he submitted to that in no time flat, then after that a cross body pin...but she noticed something when she did that “Is that an erection?”. Alex was feeling bad, certainly, but damn if his mom wasn't attracted. She got off of him, looking at his boner “Oh, well if that’s what you think of me” she pulled him to his feet “I’ll work with it.”

Donna smushed her breasts into his face, hands still behind her back “Oh my God Alex, you can't even win against your own mother's breasts? come on, please tell me this isn't gonna knock you out, they are literal blobs of fat!". His writhing, she had to admire, did feel good against her chest. She pressed forward with her powerful thighs, making sure she shoved her breasts right into his face, her thumbs tucked under her thong to make sure she refrained from using her arms. Soon enough he slapped the wall several times, tapping out.

Donna pulled back, looking down with an expression of absolute glee “Wow, five submissions from you and zero from me. Guess that proves mommy wrestles best, huh? But wait...you didn't tap out verbally. Tell me, Alex” she mocked her humiliated son “What part of my body did you just submit to.

Alex looked up. He didn't want to say anything, but as he looked up at her swaying breasts he knew that he didn’t have much of an option, unless he
wanted to get smothered again. “I submit to your breasts, mom!” he shouted, probably the most humiliating sentence of his entire life.

She moved his body across the mat, manhandling him now, before getting down so she could put him in the figure four leg scissorhold. The powerful thighs got tighter and tighter as Alex fruitlessly tried to pull her legs off of him. His mother, no longer even using her arms at all, easily kept the hold in place as she watched him writhe. She tightened again, and Alex started seeing stars. He reached up, his hand aiming at nothing in particular before his grip started disappearing completely

He woke up to a few light slaps “hey, are you OK?” Donna asked. Her face and bare, muscular shoulders looking absolutely angelic in Alex's Twilight state. Why did she have to be so damn attractive? He didn't want another boner in his tighty whities…

“I’m fine” he said, avoiding looking at her “You...you beat me mom, I’m sorry I doubted you. Could you please stop the match?”

Donna laughed, standing up. She gave her adoring audience a wink and blew a kiss at her excited husband, then looked back down “Oh, don’t think you get out of it that easily” she turned around and shook her ass at him, and what an ass it was! Big and firm enough to give him a little stiffy, it seemed “Kiss both cheeks” she said, twerking at him “and say you submit to your mommy”

The audience was all breathing heavy, wondering if he really would...Alex wanted so bad to resist. The old woman had completely overpowered and humiliated him, demonstrating superiority in every way, but now wanted him to worship her? He felt his tighty whities tighten and thought about the painful holds...then realized he didn’t have a choice here. He kissed the left cheek, secretly enjoying how big and round it was. He gently nuzzled the right one before kissing it, basking in the warmness of her skin “I submit, mommy”

She licked her lips and looked back at him “Now, sway who is stronger, you or me”

“You are stronger mom, it's not even close!” he found his submission growing stronger, to the point where he just wanted things to be over, preemptively flattering her

Donna was definitely disappointed in her son, but very proud of herself. She showed him how to properly act and was able to dominate a kid much less than half of her age. She thrust her hip into his chest and knocked him on his butt, before flexing her arms for the audience and letting them cheer her victory, finally walking right into them.

She hugged her husband hard, enjoying his grip as he hugged back. She puckered up and kissed him, passionately making out with his dad like she was a college girl again. Alex saw just how much they were enjoying themselves and felt bad about himself. He felt worse when she quipped at his dad “its so nice to be in the arms of a real man again!”

Alex tried to walk back to his clothes but found a friend of his stopping him in his tracks and asking him if he realized how humiliating everything was. Alex looked away to avoid the question, and saw his crush talking to his mom...gushing about how awesome beating him up was.


This was a 7-page ($21) commission. gimme opinions on it?
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