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Default C-18 & Krillin - Toy Boy - ILLUSTRATED!!!

This fanfiction has been written in italian language by Jenn92 under my supervision.
It's a first attempt to translate into English, but since that is not our native language it could be inaccurate in some point so... any kind of suggestion would be welcome.
Of course, it's inspired by the artworks that vanBrand made for me.

In the timeline followed by the Manga C-18 and Krilin after the saga of cell end up becoming a happy newlywed couple, but in the original one things are different.
This story aims to tell, through the eyes of Gohan, the meeting of these two characters in the alternative future where it grows mirai Trunks, all in key femdom / BDSM.


May 12, 767.

It all began with Piccolo, six months after my father's death.

Suddenly I perceived his aura increasing dramatically, a powerful and threatening aura, just like the one he had when we were on Nameck to fight Freeza ... but in times of peace like those, at first I could not give myself an explanation.
After a few minutes, it vanished.

I remember that I came out of my room worried, looking at the sky in the direction of the southern city... mum was in the kitchen preparing lunch, and I heard her call me just before I felt another gigantic aura bloom with tremendous force, such as to shake every grain of matter on the planet.

- "Vegeta" - I thought.
Vegeta was also fighting, and there was something in what I perceived that reminded me a lot dad when he was transformed.
He too had become a super saiyan? I shuddered just imagining it. An avalanche of different thoughts crossed my mind.
What had happened to Piccolo? What the hell was Vegeta doing? Had he gone mad, ebro of the new power the transformation had granted him?
When I also felt the auras of Tenshinhan and Yamcha lighting one after the other and converge towards the place where Vegeta was, I understood that I should have moved too, and without thinking too much I took flight.

I met them on the ocean, several miles off the southern city.
The sea was shaking, as if it were shaken by an earthquake and on the horizon clearly there were columns of smoke rising from the city.
We had felt the aura of Vegeta for almost the entire journey, we had followed his frenetic and angry variation typical of a duel and then suddenly, even that powerful aura had vanished into thin air.
It was simply inconceivable that someone had succeeded in defeating him, yet it seemed that this was the case.

We all looked into each other's eyes and we moved on the city.

What followed was not a clash, no more than it would be correct to define "confrontation" a cat that play with mice.
The cyborgs emitted any kind of energy, and they were very strong. Much stronger than Freeza, much stronger than Vegeta and perhaps even more than my father.
Thinking about it now, I think we lasted so long for the simple fact that they wanted to play.
They took on herself the most devastating attacks of Yamcha and Tenshinhan without batting an eyelid and when they were tired... they annihilated them kick after kick, punch after fist.
They were methodical in measuring the strength necessary to put out every part of their body before finishing them, and then giving it the coup de grace, just to prolong their sadistic game.

Then came my turn.
C-17 slipped nonchalantly into the rain of blows I was throwing at him in a desperate attempt to keep him away from me and I punched him in the stomach.
I vomited blood and rushed to the ground on my knees, my arms trembling and my eyes clouded with pain.
He stood in front of a few meters, silent and lethal.
I suppose it was going to make things worse when you heard the blonde girl's voice scream at him ... I do not remember what she told to him but I think they were fighting over the right to slaughter me.
When I was able to focus on what was in front of me I saw 17 fly east and you stared at me amused with those blue eyes, sitting on what once must have been a subway car.

She was beautiful, there was no doubt. And it was the scariest thing that had ever been before me ... when she snapped I could not perceive it in advance, because when they move they do not emit any kind of energy. She put a fist on my cheek and in a fraction of a second she grab the collar of the combat suit by making it almost tear off.
Then she scored a series of shots that made me fly through a pair of reinforced concrete walls and some windows.
They were strong enough to keep me from reacting but at the same time not to severely hurt me. He wanted to play with me, and he did it.
Football after kick, fist after punch, he reduced me to a rag and at the end could also use me to clean a floor so I was badly put.

But then Krillin arrived. I think he tried to catch her by surprise because the first thing I saw was his Kiezan appearing from nowhere behind C-18.
The cyborg did not stir a lot, dodged the disk with a pirouette, and turned to Krillin, who stood in mid-air above the top of a ruined building.
The Kiezan, continuing on his way, severed the top of a steel and iron tower, which fall down exactly on me.

I spent the next minute in the dust and in the glass, crawling through tons of twisted debris until I get to the surface.
There, from a crevice of the rubble hidden from the shadows I saw them, one in front of the other.

Krillin was on guard, ready to snap, she was still and smiling, arms crossed and those blue eyes fixed on my friend.
Krillin shot with all the power he was capable of and poured against her a hail of shots of all kinds ... he was really a warrior in possession of an exceptional technique, but I realized immediately that unfortunately for him, he was also infinitely weaker than opponent he had in front of him.

She remained motionless where he was, sometimes dodging and sometimes deflecting listlessly everything Krillin was throwing at her.
In despair, the man jumped back and began to create a new Kiezan. The blonde stood still and stared at him almost as if she was challenging him.
Krillin fired his shot and in an instant change of position... meanwhile C-18 was calmly preparing to dodge with the usual listlessness but eyes blear when Krillin materialized suddenly in front, with the hands next to the head in the 'unequivocal pose of the solar-flare.

For a moment everything turned white and blinding and I was forced to look away for a fraction of a second, but I managed to follow the movements of Krillin that slowly took off from the trajectory of the blow ... awkwardly followed by C -18.
I saw the energy disc heading towards the girl and brush her chest and I saw ... I saw the fabric of her dark top tearing off showing her flesh and her ... her ... her right breast.
It was white and turgid, surmounted by a delicious nipple. Even today I remember that vision with mixed feelings, but I am sure that at that moment it was fear and anger that dominated my mind when I saw that scene.

Unfortunately on Krillin the effect was different. When 18 had dodged the attack that crashed with a shrill noise in the surrounding rubble, she began to rub her eyes screaming furiously and Krillin was right there, in flight, a few meters from her and he was red in the face, just staring the portion of stripped skin.
Even today I feel a certain anger to remember him there, stunned like an idiot to contemplate the graces of that damned killer-bot, still and immovable, becoming imperceptibly more red while wasting one after another all the precious seconds in which he could launch a second Kiezan to finish her.

Then 18 regained his sight, and it was the beginning of the end. Shee threw herself in a rage on Krillin and gave him a pair of punches and kicks that made him fly through the rubble like a ping-pong ball and sent him with his head in the ground and dust. Then I saw her clearly preparing an energetic blow with a sadistic grimace printed on her face and throwing it at Krillin still stuck to the ground. There was a great explosion, so much dust and I saw my friend sneaking away like a cricket from the cloud of debris spreading in the air. He comes to perch about thirty meters from me, giving me his back.
Evidently he was able to dodge the blast because he hadn't any serious injury and he was still moving pretty fast for its standards... but when I was able to look at him better was clear that his combat suit was been damaged... and could his sould forgive me, I almost laughed when I realized that the back of his pants was disintegrated, showing his naked butt!

I was about to tell him something but in an instant a figure appeared in front of him, in a cloud of dust accompanied by a bang.
It was C-18.
She had approached with at supersonic speed, placing herself perfectly in front of him, proud and stiff with his sardonic smile, staring at him from top to bottom (Krillin was a great fighter, but he was not very tall). I suspect that in those few moments that passed from the appearance of the cyborg to his next move, Krillin could have attempted some kind of reaction, but he did not move.

Willing to be kind and compassionate I could also add that I'm not sure of my memories when I say that the only part that he seemed able to move were the pupils of the his eyes... staring at her breasts that was well on show in front of the face of the poor man.
However when 18 moved again, she did that with power, ferocity, and surgical precision: a single punch in the pit of his stomach.
I felt the vibration of the impact spreading in the air distinctly.
Krillin leaned forward, almost leaning on the shoulder of 18, who had bent slightly to carry the stroke.
Then she moved away and I saw him fall heavily on his knees, his arms hanging down over his body, his mouth wide open in a desperate attempt to breathe with his tongue groping out.
Then he rolled his eyes upward and his face ran straight into the dust.

My heart broke.
Krillin was not one of the strongest fighters, but he was the bravest and certainly a friend of mine ... he did not deserve to be defeated in such a humiliating way, with a single punch, without even trying to defend himself.

Once again I was about to scream but then I looked at her and my blood froze in my veins.
18 was watching with a rapacious glance the butt of the defeated adversary ... when Krillin had collapsed to the ground his a** flipped up in the air,
and he remained stuck unconscious, with his backside well on display at the center of the huge gash in his trousers from which now also appeared his scrotum , smooth and shiny in the light of what was now late afternoon.

The cyborg contemplated that spectacle for a few seconds and then laughed hysterically, mocking the poor warrior.
I think I heard her say something like: - "it seems that he found the famous dragon balls, little guy ... I think you owe me a wish!" - and then she kept laughing ...
She lifted one of her cowgirl boots and land that with a sharp snap on one of Krillin's buttocks, who stood helpless and unconscious with his a** in the air and his head planted in the dust.

I will never forget that scene.

I often think back to the friends I lost because of the cyborgs, but the image of a beaming C-18 that stands up comfortably on Krillin's a** is the one that haunts me the night more.
He, defeated and unconscious, with his cheek pressed against the earth and the look dull lost in nothingness, his tongue hanging out, his back bared with visible signs of the beatings suffered... still, motionless and SHE towering over him with a defiant and triumphant attitude, the heel of her boots well planted on his buttock almost as if she wanted to harpoon him like a bird of prey with her victim.

I thought everything would come to an end shortly thereafter.
Unfortunately I was wrong
She spent a few moments needling the unconscious Krillin with the tip of her boots, then gave him a loud slap on the left buttock and flew off.
I could clearly hear her while rummaging in the rubble behind my position.
And when she returned up to Krillin's body, she was holding a rope.

I did not understand, I did not want to understand, I did not want to believe it ... but I had to accept things as they were.
Krillin was not dead, I could sense that, and C-18 had no intention of killing him.
She wanted to play with him. She wanted to turn it into his private toy, and that became clear when I saw her bending over Crillin, rope in hand and happy as a child who just discarded the gift she had asked for Christmas.

She begin to bind it.
She passed one end of the rope around his head and with the other she secured his arms behind his back and then continued the process with great precision and skill with his legs. I have no idea what kind of girl C-18 was like before she was turned into a cyborg, but I have a strong suspicion that she must have grown up in a Ranch of some sort judging from the way she hogtied Krillin...

I think I saw something similar only in the videos where you could see the cowboys taking the young calves to the lasso, immobilizing them in few seconds.
However, unlike those cowboys, she could go through the whole process without Krillin giving her trouble, as he was unconscious all the time.
I stood there watching her from the rubble.
I was hurt, I had no hope of stopping her but I knew that as humiliating as it was, what she was doing to have fun with my buddy was also the only thing that kept him alive.

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Default Re: C-18 & Krillin - Toy Boy - ILLUSTRATED!!!

I also hoped with all my being that Krillin would not wake up.
He could have vaporized those ropes instantly but I was also sure that C-18 would vaporize him in no time... so he'd better for him stay down.
And it went like this.
She finished to tie up him well and then effortlessly took flight, dragging him behind like a trophy in the sunset light.
Several years later, flipping through documents and interviews to witnesses of the first cyborg attack on the Southern City, I came across several eyewitness accounts of survivors who swore they saw a blonde girl fly up to the mountains, carrying some kind of cargo attached with ropes.
Others said that what the female cyborg was carrying was actually a half-naked and immobilized man, even though no one took that kind of testimony seriously.
And I am happy about that, because the fact that the memory of how C-18 took away Krillin from the ruins of the Southern City is forever lost remains one of the few consolations that I have left in this desolate future. In the daily struggle for survival in this desolate world, morale is a precious commodity and I do not want humanity to be forced to remember forever that one of its champions was humiliated in a similar way by one of those two monsters.

Flying over rivers and plateaus C-18 dragged Krillin in that ignominiously way for hundreds of miles, until she reached the former laboratory of Dr. Gero, where she and C-17 were created. As soon as I could move without risking to be spotted I used the only Balzar bean I had and followed them.
I arrived near the laboratory and saw the blonde transport my companion through a small entrance dug into the side of a mountain.
I waited a few minutes and then I decided to enter.

It was an armored structure carved into the living rock.
Once the entrance was supposed to have been closed by a massive armored gate, but it seemed like an explosion from inside had blown it up.
I went into the darkness of the laboratory and almost immediately tripped over something.
They were Krillin's pants. Shortly afterwards on the floor, I found other clothes that had belonged to him, along with the ropes with which he had been tied ... moreover I heard mechanical noises and some beeps coming from one of the lab's rooms.

I took courage and looked out, but nothing could prepare me for that scene ...
C-18 had completely undressed Krillin and laid him down to what looked like a complex machine with a prominent symbol of the Red Bow Army on the side, a paramilitary organization that my father had been dismantling when he was a child.
Krillin's head was harnessed inside a helmet covered by multitude of colored threads, and his arms and legs were locked to the machine by metallic locks.
18 was very busy and continued to move around the machinery pressing keys and fiddling with a strange remote control that was holding in her hand.
But the thing that shocked me was the fact that... well, I was in a position behind Krillin and after a few moments looking at the equipment and machinery when I focused on him I realized that whatever C-18 was doing through those machines, it seemed to stimulate the vegetative nervous system strongly, because my friend had an erection that... defining it as "remarkable" would be reductive.

What was even more disturbing was that C-18 seemed to be not only very happy with that result, but occasionally I saw her position herself behind Krillin just to admire that spectacle and when she allowed herself these contemplative moments she did not bother refrain herself from touching and groping his poor victim's backside.
During one of these "inspections" at the krillin's backside, while the diabolical blonde was busy squeezing my friend's right buttock with her hand, I took the opportunity to move into the laboratory and change the observation point. I walked around the corridors that surrounded the room where the ignoble torture was taking place and I managed to find a door that allowed me to look at the front of the machine.

On the screen, the program in execution was clearly visible: "Reset and reconditioning of the synapses / Remote control / Voice commands package 789-78Bis sys64"

I realized that the cyborg was literally erasing the consciousness from Krillin's brain, replacing it with a set of predetermined commands.Krillin's face was indescribable...
motionless, the half-open eyes staring at nothing, his tongue dangling, letting a thin layer of drool run over the equipment below.
Then a note began to flash on the screen.


It was too late, I could not save it anymore.
I stared helplessly at Krillin's bewildered face and then saw a graceful thin hand settle on the helmet that was positioned on his skull.

She was C-18.
She was C-18 and he was watching me.
She was C-18, it was next to my friend with one hand resting on his head, and he was looking at me.

She winked at me.

I flew away, flew out of there as fast as the wind, and I think the only reason she did not come looking for me was that she was too anxious to start playing with her new toy.
Her new toy that had once been a friend of mine, one of my father's companions, one of the strongest men on the planet and a brave and valiant warrior.

She had neutralized him with a single fist and had kidnapped him.
And now he belonged to her.

I went sometimes in secret, near the laboratory.
I always found them both there, "playing".
In the first week that followed the attack on the Southern City, only 17 created problems for the population.
18 was in the mountains, playing with his puppet.
I watched her from a distance and I saw while she forced him to do whatever she wanted.
She remotely controlled him like a toy into a grotesque reversal of roles between human beings and cybernetic.
At the end I could not stand anymore.

One day I saw her carrying him on a leash, naked like a worm and with that ridiculous and abnormal erection always present.
- "stand" -
- "roll" -
- "play dead" -

Krilin obeyed her, with a stupid smile on her face and an empty stare.

It was enough.
I leapt out of my hiding place, picked up my energy and hurled a wave at that tragicomic parody of a mistress with her puppy.

C-18 took the shot without moving but Krillin was instantly vaporized and no longer had to be humiliated.
Sometimes thinking back to that time, I try to console myself by telling myself that Krillin spent the last 7 days of his life "happy", if the mental state of a man completely emptied of his ego, reduced to playing the part of the pet for the amusement of a cynical creature born from the mind of a mad scientist could fit that descriprion.
As painful as it was to see him crawling on all fours, in those moments he seemed genuinely enthusiastic about being treated like that by 18.
Of course his 24h turgid and erect penis was a clear proof.
However, I also realize that it was at the same time the symbol of the total victory of 18 on my partner, his "trophy".
I could not tolerate that.
However, a few hours later my raid C-18 met at C-17 and together swept away the entire Eastern City. Sometimes I wonder what happened if I had left her human toy at C-18...
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