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Old 10-Nov-11, 22:17
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Default naughty and nasty nurse part 3

There were a whole floor of these women! Is this what they all do to coma
patients when no prying eyes can see them? Unknown to each other, let alone
the outside world ... My god! Can I swallow my tongue and be done with it? Am
I to be trapped here for years until I succumb to the ravages of old age!?
Heaven above ... please have mercy!

Any comments to gary.thomas69 over at yahoo.com . Part 2 ... A brief
experience under Kara

While staring at the numerous dots on my hospital room/prison cell's ceiling
tiles on day 163 after my accident, I was greeted with the sound of women's
laughter approaching the room. In walked Audry and a nurse I had never before
seen. She had long blond hair, draping down past her shoulders, and powder
blue scrubs, so tight on her curvy little hips and bubble butt it looked like
she could explode out of them. Her perfume reminded me of a citrus grove I had
once visited in the south of Florida, and she was absolutely gorgeous. After
being Audry and Carol's butt cushion for the last number of weeks, it was sad,
but all I could think about was what horrible thing she would be subjecting me
to. I didn't care anymore. I was numb to the pain of having my head sat on ...
the searing pain of hot female flatus being shot into my sinuses by these she
devil's abdominal contractions ... I just wanted it all to be over.

Just then, Kara was about to change my bed, but she dropped the cover sheet on
the floor. In bending over to pick it up, she let out a little *prrip* of a
fart, very close to my head. She stood up immediately looking embarrassed as
Audry giggled at her. 'Oh god..' said Kara ... 'That just came out, almost in
that poor man's face..that must be awful' as she waved her hand. "Oh, you
don't have to worry about him getting angry or offended..or even thinking for
that matter" said Audry. "Here ... watch this." She approached the side of the
bed where Kara was standing with a somewhat confused look on her face. Audry
pulled me to the side of the bed so my face was sideways, facing the wall. She
threw a leg up, and sat roughly, heavily on my head. "Oh my god!" said
Kara...surprisingly chuckling. "Won't you hurt him?" "Nah ... " exclaimed
Audry. "He's limp as a dishrag, can't feel anything at all. *BRRRRROOOOOMMMP!!
Ooooh..sorry John Doe. That CANNOT smell very good from your vantage point. "
She lifted her other leg off the ground and bounced on my poor head a few
times, then stood up.

Expressionless, I lay there staring at the wall. I felt actual tears come out
of my eyes from the pressure, now relieved, and slowly breathed in the
dissipating anal emission of Audry, my tormentress. Kara nearly doubled over
with laughter. "Man ... imagine ... hahah..imag ... hahahahah ... imagine if
he came to while you were sitting on him like that! He'd be like""WHAT THE
F*** ... .hahahah" she laughed. Audry chuckled in agreement. "He's like skin
and bones though..have to be careful we don't break something" said Kara. "Are
you kidding?" Said Audry. "The doctors never check these stiffs, they can't
feel it if anything happens to them anyway. 99% of them die within a year and
get shuffled off for another one to take their place. Here..watch." Audry
grabbed my shoulders and dragged me off the bed. My heels hit the ground
really hard and pain shot through my legs. She layed me out on the floor on my
front. She Grabbed my legs under her arms, bent them back and sat on my upper
back with me in a boston crab. "See? Flexible as anything, and *crrk* even
when you really give it to them, *crrrrkkk* they can't even feel it. ooh, hear
that back popping? " Kara laughed again. "Wow..this is so absurd! But it's so
funny, I can't stop laughing."
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