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Grappling Headscissors Hanna

This story is originally written in German and posed in the German story thread. For there was asked if there could be an English version - well, here it is, the so far posted parts one and two of


"Your house is settled on the way to my running club, so I can free my colleagues from the parcel delivery from the trip to the settlement. So itīs me to deliver today. Besides, it is not a sacrifice at all to meet the world famous Headscissors-Hanna," I opened the conversation. "Seriously, I'm quite into mixed wrestling and especially a big fan of yours. How you made all these cocky guys give – awesome! Your parcel order gave me the chance to finally meet you in person. By the way, you have a nice place here! "

"I can not argue with that," Hanna responded. "My husband Thomas – itīs the skinny guy on the photo, next to the muscleman Guillaume, our neighbor - has got a good income, otherwise we could not afford such a home."

"I would like to see the attic where you used to film your wrestling movies, "I said.

"You're really a fan!" Hanna marveled. "We now use it as a fitness room. I'll show it to you. "

I climbed up the wooden staircase right behind Hanna and studied her body, which time obviously could not harm. The tight leopard bikini, with which she paid tribute to the warm early summer day, emphasized pronounced muscular and sexy female forms. I really sucked in her sight. When she was still active, I had never struggled against her: First, I hadnīt got the money for a session, then I hadnīt got the guts to compete in the real world against a strong woman, and when I was about to challenge her Hanna quit her job as a session wrestler three years ago.

The attic measured about twenty square meters. On the left side I recognized the high mileage of an exercise bike that proofed an intensive use. The rack on the right side was filled with dumbbells of various sizes. "Impressive!" I uttered, pointing to the blue mat that covered most of the floor. "Is that still the old one you used for your wrestling videos?"

"Yes, Thomas and I are doing regular gymnastics here, we are not getting any younger and we want to stay fit."

"Are you still wrestling?"

"Unfortunately, no. I've given up sessions and video productions completely. I was not willing to stand the hassle resulting from the tax rules and the internet performance which I had to do as a professional, and privately I was only able to engage my neighbor Guillaume to go a few rounds against me a few years ago. But he stopped it; alas…. " She seemed disappointed.

"Guillaume? The big guy from the photo, right? I canīt blame him him. Though you still have a great body, if I may say so, your best times clearly are behind you. Besides, you're a slight person compared to Guillaume. Competing against a skinny and mature lady can not be fun or a challenge for a powerhouse like him if he has to constantly hold back. "

Hanna grinned. "You know you sound like a macho-man, telling the tale of the always superior strong young man when competing against a weak old woman? Although I am not nearly as tall and heavy as Guillaume, I am more enduring and faster, and that is crucial in wrestling. In the beginning, the clumsy muscleman always tried to overrun me with his mass, but never got me in control. When he got tired, the tide turned, and in the end I could always shoulder him or force him to tap. After four meetings, he was tired of being conquered by me. He especially could not stand the fact that his older female neighbor could make him give in her famous headscissors."

I tried to imagine how the two collided, how the small lady forced the muscleman slowly down, how he had to say uncle in the end - no, I did not succeed. Despite the memory of Hanna's videos, I did not have the fantasy. Hanna read the doubts in my face. "You do not believe me!" More a statement than a question. She stepped forward, thrusting her arms at my upper body. Instinctively I took up my arms in defense. Hanna dodged and turned inside me. Her right arm wrapped around my neck, and with a skilful swing she threw me to the ground.

Although she was so considerate to set me up almost gently, I learned to appreciate the dampening effect of the mat. Before I could react, she laid herself across my chest and spread her legs. "One - two - ..." Hanna started to count me out! Angry, I reared up.

And I had to realize how good the grip was she used to hold me down. Like steel clamps, her strong arms pressed my neck. She smoothly balanced my movements, skillfully standing on her heels and using her body tension to support the pressure on my chest. If necessary, she acted as flexible as a cat, the next moment stiff as a board. Her scrutinizing, dominant looks demonstrated how sure she was to control me. It was the same scenery I always adored in her movies, but this time it was real, and it felt much more intense than I had imagined. I could not win a millimeter until her counting reached ten.

"Always be nice to old ladies and do not underestimate them ..." Hanna mocked with a smug smile and patted my cheeks. She let go of me and wanted to get up. Me, just decade ago one of the most promising young decathletes in the country before I had to stop because of a shoulder injury, a man in his prime, counted out by a small and elderly woman and then being taunted? No way! I threw myself against her back. Hanna lost her balance and fell onto the mat. Before she could roll away, I wrapped my arms under her arms. My hands met at her neck, and I finished the Full Nelson.

How would Hanna react to my - admittedly, cowardly - attack? She did not complain, but accepted the challenge and threw herself to one side. I closed my scissors around her abdomen. Hanna tried to fold her hands together to break the Nelson. Her neck and shoulder muscles arched. I felt how strong the upper body of this woman was, and had quite some effort to keep the grip.

But I succeeded. I held a strong woman, a legend of session wrestling under control! Bit by bit I intensified my pressure. Hanna made a curse and strengthened her resistance. As a boy in the schoolyard and later also in training camps, I had often wrestled with my peers, playful, but ambitious, though without much technical knowledge, and mostly triumphed because of my strength and agility.

This time it was different. For the first time in my life I wrestled a woman and felt the desire for dominance in this war of the sexes. And I had to fight for it, in the truest sense of the word. Man, how Hanna wriggled under me! How she gasped! I felt her warm breath on my hands, tasting her salty sweat. That's what I imagined as a teenager when I watched her videos: Headscissors Hanna, the Queen of the mat, the powerful, the dominant, the indomitable, in my grasp, panting, wriggling.

Hanna did not give in. For several minutes, she tensed her muscles, jerked, twitched, heaved herself up. What was this woman made of, I wondered; what a condition she was in! How ambitious she was! But I had my grip set perfectly and offered her no slackness.

I enjoyed every second of our battle. But even the most beautiful moment had to end sometime. After hours, it seemed to me, I felt the tension of her muscles subside. I intensified the pressure of my fingers on her neck. Deep down, I pressed her chin down on her breast. "OK, OK, you won, I give up!" she hissed between clenched teeth.

I let go and got up. Hanna crouched down and massaged her neck with her left hand. I, too, found myself breathing heavily; Despite my top position, the two matches had led me to the limit of my powers. Hanna straightened up. "From behind!" she accused me.

I did not accept the reproach. "I admit it was not very fair, but you did not announce your attack before, I think we're even now."

Hanna laughed. It sounded throaty, and I seemed to recognize a hint of sympathy in her dark voice. "Touche. I hate to give up, and it's never happened that I had to submit to a man - at least when I did not want to. A really interesting experience for me."

"So you are not mad?" I asked with relief.

"Mad? On the contrary. I had told you that I would like to wrestle now and then, and unfortunately my episode against Guillaume ended much too soon. No, our two skirmishes reminded me of the past and I enjoyed it. By the way, in contrast to the guys that I have met in my videos, you really are gifted. Do you think it ist actually 0-0 or 1-1 between us?"

"I do not really know that either," I confessed. "And I gladly return the compliment. I used to brawl a lot since I was young, but nobody lasted in my grip as long as you did. I donīt know who would win if we compete in a fair fight."

Hanna grinned. “Probably I would kick your ass. Would you like to find out?"

I stared at her. Was she serious? Did she offer me the opportunity that I dreamed of in my wet dreams on the silver platter?

Hanna seemed to pick my thoughts off my face and laughed. "Do I have to be clearer? Dear Frank ... "- She remembered my name she read on the delivery note, I realized and felt pleased -" ... I challenge you to a wrestling match in pin-and-submission style! You need to be shown that it's not fitting to attack helpless old women from behind ... ..

"Helpless and old are not the words that flash through my head when I see you like this," I replied with a grin, letting my eyes wander over her well-toned body. "You're a tough cookie, but I'm going to do anything I can to beat you.”

I took off my clothes until I was just wearing my retro shorts, and warmed me up. Hanna also stretched. Man, was she agile! I was amazed as I watched her bend her legs effortlessly with her hands clasping her feet or as she went into the splits. The old videos were not faked; Hanna was a real athlete, a supple powerhouse, and I understood more and more why her opponents could never keep up with her for long.

And now I was going to wrestle against her. If she wanted to impress me with her warm-up, that was what she had done. I was not only on the way to get a stimulating experience, I was facing a real sporting challenge.

And I was not even sure if I wanted to win at all. Hanna was a legend, THE idol of my teenage years, covered with the nimbus of unbeatability. Her dominance gestures after victorious battles and her trash talk had impressed and captivated me as much as her physical abilities. Did I really want to defeat her in a fair fight and smash those pictures? To disenchant her?

Hanna seemed to be able to read my thoughts. "Donīt even think about it! I am looking for a sports competition. Donīt dare to let me win ... "she threatened with a playfully raised index finger.

That was the decisive factor. "Donīt worry. Only for a moment I have considered to play the poor victim, but now I want to conquer you", I replied.

Five minutes later we faced each other in a wrestling stance. Hanna leaned her torso down slightly until I could not help but stare at her bare breast beneath the top, and lured me in with almost imperceptible hand movements. A mocking smile played around the lips of my opponent. So she still knew the old poses, shot through my head. Didnīt she say she wanted a fair fight? Why for heavens sake did she activate her female weapons?

During my driving to her, I wondered a thousand times if I could somehow persuade her to a mat rendevouz and speculated on how to proceed when we went into the clinch. Grip for grip, I had played through, and always defeated her after a hard fight. Now I could find out if I could transfer the theory into reality.

Taking into account Hanna's greater experience, I decided to start with a wild attack. Maybe I could surprise her. Hanna was out of practice, as she had told me, and certainly had slowed down over the years. Also, because of my own athletic past and my intense study of wrestling videos in theory and practice, I had some moves to offer, that she probably did not expect.

So I started Plan A. I stepped forward, feigned an attack against Hanna's upper body, but performed a foot sweeper and was even surprised that I succeeded with this action. Or was I about to fall into her famous counter-trap? Hanna grasped my forearms and spread her legs. For a moment I panicked. If those strong legs clamped around my hips, I would be in trouble. How many men had I heard screaming in Hannas merciless scissors, and that did not sound played.

But I had prepared for their action, put my feet on the mat and could hold my position. With a surprised scream, Hanna bounced hard on the mat and let go of my arms. Taking the chance, I grabbed Hanna's raised ankles and pulled them up to me. Then I dropped onto her abdomen.

To be continued
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Default Re: Headscissors Hanna

And here is part three of

Headscissors Hanna

where her beatiful daughter enters the scene...

My counter worked. I hit my opponent with a lot of force. Hanna had clearly not expected my action and did not tense up her muscles sufficiently. She uttered an almost desperate cry; my impact had squeezed the air out of her, and that had to hurt her. I took my chance, sat down and slid across her torso.

I looked into the red face of my opponent. Now she herself had the dubious pleasure of wriggling in the grip she had tied me up to minutes before.

And I was determined to give her the same end as she had given to me just minutes before. "Now YOU are being counted out, my dear ..." I whispered in her ear as my legs clutched her left arm. My left hand grasped the wrist of her right one. "One two…"

Now that the strong woman, my old idol, was lying beneath me, I realized what was really going on here. I, despite of all my experiences still feeling to be a learner, had wrestled the legendary headscissors Hanna, the legend, into a cross pin in a fair and square wrestling match! Did I really have strength and weight enough to seriously endanger, perhaps even defeat this woman?

But my opponent was not beaten yet. Hanna's face blushed as she heard me count. Her situation had to annoy her. With that same grip she had defeated almost as many men as she did with her legendary scissors; men like me, who had challenged her to a competitive fight, had ambitiously thrown in their dignity into the fight, only to be humbled, humiliated and counted out.

And now she laid below me. I hesitated, but then I could not resist the temptation to take revenge for the defeats of my peers not only in a sportive manner. "Three - four - ...." I counted slowly, and with each number I let my right fingers pass over the six-packs of her upper body and crawl up and down her firm breasts.

This demonstration of dominance had often been brought into her struggles by Hanna herself, and now she realized that I was copying her. Enraged, she screamed, propped her legs in the ground and reared up. Man, this woman was full of power, I marveled as she lifted up our bodies, but my weight and sense of balance did help me; it caused a lot of difficulty, but I somehow managed to hold my position. Hanna's resistance subsided, and then she laid down breathing heavily. I took advantage of the break, and solidified my situation. Again my fingers wandered down her body. Hanna stared up at me doggedly. "Do you know how I hate being dominated?" she hissed up to me.

"Then go and free yourself!" I grinned defiantly down to her. "Or are you done at last?"

She wasnīt. Hanna renewed her resistance. Based on her astonishing condition, she reared up under me, threw herself up again and again, but my physical condition was not bad either, and I was younger and heavier. Although she led me to the limit of my strength. Very often she was about to get out of my grasp, but somehow I managed to keep her shiny body under me. And finally, after an almost endless struggle, she laid there exhausted. Again I could not resist the temptation and let my fingers wander over her muscular abdomen. While doing this I began to count, and this time I got to ten. Millimeters before her bikini bottom I stopped the marching of my fingers. I enjoyed the feeling of my superiority, but of course I did not want to sexually exploit it. I felt too much respect for her.

But I could demonstrate my triumph in a different way. "Yeah!" I shouted, jerking my fist up. That had to be enough, I thought, when I saw her frustrated eyes, and got up. "Sorry, but I somehow needed to do this," I helped Hanna to her feet. We were both breathing heavily. Without further words, we went to the small beverage box next to the barbell rack and poured pleasantly cooled mineral water down our thirsty throats.

"Well, are you proud to be able to pin down an old woman?" Hanna asked with dripping sarcasm.

"Honestly, yes," I replied. "You are a trained wrestler, have routine with this type of fight and you are still really strong and agile. Defeating you is not self-evident even for a sporty man like me. And that's why I found it incredibly fun BECAUSE you're such a sporty and ambitious woman who really likes to wrestle! "I confessed.

"Thank you for your compliment, and sorry for my reaction; I have to learn to take defeats, "Hanna admitted. "I have seldom lost in the past. I usually have dominated even the strongest men and loved to cover them with trash talk, like being defeated by a mere weak woman - you know that kind of stuff, you've just put it down on me. "

For a moment Hanna paused; she obviously reminisced our fight. "Despite the defeat, I also enjoyed our fight," she continued. "I noticed how much I missed the romping and the competition! And in contrast to most opponents of my past, you really have abilities, congrats to that! And to be honest I always wanted to find out what it feels like when a man subdues me in a fair fight and when I have see him make his dominating gestures over ME. "

"And?" I grinned at her.

"Well .... now I know. It fools me and incites my ambition. And it itches for revenge! "Hanna answered. "If you dare ...."

I had not dreamed of that offer. "Agreed," I answered and looked at my watch. "But not now; the guys are waiting for me to show up. But I make this trip every week at the same time. A fight against you would be a great break and a good warm-up. "

That is how we came together. Our mat Rendevouz became a ritual, and as a gift of fortune, three days after her birthday, we also celebrated the anniversary of our weekly wrestling matches. I scraped together all of my good manners. "With this bouquet, I warmly congratulate and thank you for your hospitality and sporting spirit!" I stated perfectly. Hanna smiled quite happily. "Wow, fifty roses! Thank you! But do not expect me to let you win in return. "

"Hey, I'm an athlete! A dishonourable victory would be the last thing I'm going for! "I replied. " I really want to deserve my victories. But I have to warn you: I'm in great shape and am very ambitious to be victorious today. "

"Me too!" She countered with flashing eyes. "After all, we have a spectator waiting for us."

I stared at her enquiring. So far, we've always celebrated our battles as a private event, and I had no intention to change that.

"My daughter Geli has been visiting us for a few days because of my celebration; you know her from the pictures in the living room. She spotted the list of results on the door and pestered me until I told her about our fights. She really wanted to see her mum wrestling with a younger guy with her own eyes. You do not mind, I hope? "

How could I? Geli! Four weeks ago, Hanna proudly presented me the photos of her daughter, who absolved a year of study in Brazil. The sight of her immediately fascinated me. A little redheaded goblin with a mischievous smile. I had secretly wished to get to know this girl; now Hanna offered me the opportunity on the silver platter. "It's OK, if she's watching," I answered quite casually and followed Hanna up the stairs with a throbbing heart.

Geli's sight in reality even impressed me more than watching her photos. She sat on the bench in a green, dark blue bikini and stood up as we entered the room. Slim she was, sporty, with a visible six-pack and green mischieving eyes. "I'm Frank," I introduced myself and shook her hand. "Hello Frank. I'm Geli, "Geli answered in a melodious, slightly dark voice. Her handshake was amazingly tight. "So you're the guy who likes to mess around with my dear old mom .... Well, go ahead, you two, "she demanded, sitting back on the wooden bench and pulling her legs. If I wanted to win before, now my ambition had increased. I definitely did not want to lose in front of this fascinating maiden.

Ten minutes later, motivated and full of adrenaline, I started to put my plan into action. Of course, Hanna had recognized that I had stared at Geli furtively over my stretching again and again. She knew how to read my eyes and wore a kind of knowing smile as she faced me, ready to fight.

I wanted to impress Geli with male aggression. That turned out to be a fatal mistake against a veteran wrestler like Hanna. I quickly stepped forward, even faster my opponent retreated. Hanna grabbed my shrugging arms and jerked them down heavily.

Her timing was perfect again. You over-motivated idiot, I scolded myself as I lost my balance and fell to the ground. Immediately I turned on my back, lifting my upper body slightly to roll sideways. Hanna didnīt let me complete the movement. She lunged at me like a bird of prey on his victim. Powerfully, her impact forced me back onto the mat. With a sliding motion, Hanna rested her head on my chest and put her arms around my upper body. Then she spread her legs and squeezed my shoulders onto the mat with an almost casual pressure on my breast.

To be continued...
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Default Re: Headscissors Hanna

And here is the last part of

Headscissors Hanna

where the beautiful daughter takes the scene...

"Mama has said that no one has ever got out of her headscissors. I'm curious to see if you can do it, great strong man!" I heard Geli's mocking voice like through cotton wool.

The knowledge that the woman I wanted to impress was witness of my disassembly by her own mother increased my strength. I tried to grasp the torturing thighs and squeeze my hands between my cheeks and them. But to no avail, no matter how hard I struggled.

Hanna had me in her special grip, and she showed me that mercilessly. She did not fight me, she played with me. Again and again she let me breathe, and seconds later, with a quick squeeze, she proved how superior she really was, how easy it would be for her to strengthen the pressure to make me give without real effort.

She did not do it, she just celebrated her triumph. Hanna looked over at her daughter with a grin and let me romp. Only my stupid male pride kept me from giving up if I was not absolutely forced to. So I played her game. I gave everything I had, carrying our bodies over the mat again and again, but Hanna's grip was firm and consistent.

I fought like never before in my life, but at the end my energy was spent. Breathing heavily, I laid on my back and looked into the relaxed face of my conqueror, who now barely had to use power to dominate me. Hanna had enough experience to recognize my condition. She knew I was done and gave her daughter an encore. Powerfully she turned our bodies, loosened her scissors and sat down on my chest. My upper arms caught between her squats, she put her hands on her hips and looked down at me with a mysterious smile.

Defeated. Humiliated. With Geli watching us. Could it get worse? It could. Geli interfered. "Whatīs the score in your little series?" the cocky goblin asked hypocritically to me.

I could have strangled her, but unfortunately I was not in the position to. Not nearly. On the contrary. "My daughter asked you something," Hanna reminded me and supported her remark with a short thigh pressure. "Forty-five to four," I growled.

"Whoīs in the lead?" Geli continued with a somehow innocent girlish voice.

"Your mom!" I squeezed out. As if she did not know that; the overview with the result of our fights was clearly visible on the front door.

" So I have proven once again that I'm the stronger one of us," Hanna announced from above. "But today, that's not enough for me. Do you remember your little naughtiness from our first meeting? "

"Yes," I answered reluctantly.

"Me too. Today is a good day to revenge .... "

Panic pervaded me. She had announced to me several times that she would let me pay back my insolence someday but had it to be this day? Please not in front of Gelis eyes, I begged inwardly. Hanna did not listen to my silent plea. She leaned back slightly and let her fingers move slowly over my upper body. Playfully they circled my navel and stroked gently, affectionately emphasizing my swimming trunks. A shudder rushed through my body as my little friend lifted without my intervention. I looked up at Hanna, confused and startled. Geli could barely suppress a loud snort as her mother licked her lips with a gesture of pleasurous anticipation.

I felt like the victim of a rape. What did Hanna intend to do with me? In my condition she could do with me whatever she wanted. Desperately I wanted to rear up, but Hanna pressed her knees to my cheeks and suppressed my weak attempt. "Stay down!"

I could do nothing but obey. So there I was, in the prime of my life, completely helpless under this mature wrestler and fighting against burgeoning panic. "What are you going to do with me now?" I asked with a frightened voice.

Hanna registered my tone, stopped and laughed throatily. "Now you really got jitters, donīt you? Besides, someone down here seems to like the situation pretty much, "she stated, gave my erect bodypart a playful pat and leaned forward again. "You donīt need to fear. I'm not in the mood any more to take young men against their will, although physically I still could…. And anyway, not in front of the eyes of my daughter ... .. I just wanted to prove to you, me and her what I still have got and that my old videos were not fake, as Geli had presumed. Besides, there is something I am waiting for…."

I knew what she expected. Formally our fight was not over yet. "I give up - again!" I uttered in frustration.

"Fine; thank you!" Hanna stated, pushed up supple and strutted to her daughter. With a gimme five, the two clapped off. I was glad to breathe again, turned on my side and stared to them with shame.

"That's 46: 4 for mom," Geli said aloof and went to the board to perpetuate the result as Hanna walked to the bench and reached for the water bottle. Usually, I also got up and followed my conqueror, but at that moment, I was too tired and frustrated.

And another feeling crossed me. Despite all the humiliation, was I not privileged to share the attic room with these two women? Being able to compete in a wrestling match with the legendary headscissors Hanna was a gift that I had fantasized about for years in my youth and that I appreciated very much, even though I had learned the hard way over and over again that I was not good enough to play in her league. And what made it even better, that day I to got to know Geli ....

I watched over to Hanna's beautiful daughter. Her body by far was not as well-trained as her mother's, but still could not hide the athletic genes that had helped to shape it. And, in addition, Geli possessed a natural cheerfulness and a youthful freshness that her mother was missing. What would it be like to spend an evening with Geli? To talk to her? To laugh with her? In the end, go to the bedroom clinch? I did not think about wrestling - at least not only, maybe as a foreplay ...

Geli watched over at me and noticed my looks. A strange smile crept around her mouth. Somehow she seemed to like me, I hopefully concluded, despite my embarrassing performance. With a seductive hip swing she walked towards me, placed her feet left and right around my waist and looked down at me. "Do you like this position? Do you like being beaten by a strong woman? I've got a lot to offer too..." Provocatively slowly, Geli settled down on my chest, gripping my wrists firmly and squeezing them into the mat next to my ears. Fixed thighs pressed against my upper body.

It was obvious what Geli wanted me to try. I accepted her unspoken challenge and tried to push her up. Was it because of my exhaustion or because of her skillful seat? I could not lift up the little goblin. Wherever I focused my effort, she put weight and strength against it. More and more I squirmed, again and again in vain, and a mocking smile dug into Geli's pretty face. "Looks like you're having problems, boy ... .." she scoffed.

This woman teased and annoyed me to the point of insanity; and unfortunately she was in the position to do so. "Itīs logic that I can not free myself. You had a start advantage and I already had a tough fight absolved! Otherwise, I would be able to free myself easily, "I blurted out and recognized how much that sounded like a sore excuse.

Gelis mocking smile deepened. "Oh yes? Would you like to try a fair and square wrestling match against me? I'm sure you would end up in the same position you are in now. And be sure, once I get you between MY thighs you will know that it was just a harmless foreplay what my mom did to you... "

What was happening? Was she serious? I looked over at Hanna. My conqueror shrugged. "I am not suprised. Geli did not just want to watch us. She asked me if she could wrestle you herself. I agreed, but only on the condition that I first wrestle with you and make you tired. My maternal concern, however, was unfounded, as I see now. Geli can certainly take you on pound for pound even when you are both in fresh shape; if I had to make a bet on the outcome of your wrestling match Iīd place it on her. But whether you are fighting each other, or having a date, or going to the bedroom, you're both old enough and can chose your decisions. Although at the moment it seems itīs Gelis choice alone ... "

Hanna's spell reminded me of my humble situation. I looked up at Geli. She also possessed this dominance, which fascinated me so much with Hanna and which I had fallen for literally since my youth - a mental strength, combined with extradordinary physical abilities. Surely I should not underestimate Geli in a wrestling match; and if she really got me between her legs as she had announced, between those strong, firm things ....

How could I have hesitated in view of this perspective? "I want to fight you, Geli. If we compete in a fair fight you have no chance! Give me a ten minute break and I'll beat you!" I added with the degree of convincing that was believable in my position.

Geli let out a laugh. "That's not how you look right now. You can try to take me on - next week. As you lay down there, beaten and exhausted, you are clearly no match for me today. I'm a sporty girl looking for opponents; not for preys .... "

Geli pushed herself up, casually brushing her toe over my still erected limb and stepped out of the room like a queen. Man, I had fallen for this little one! How I felt the desire, almost the greed, to roll over the mat with her, with much more to follow. "I'll be on time!" I shouted after her hoarsely.

I kept my promise. But this is another story.
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Pinned Down Re: Headscissors Hanna

There was a wish of mixfightor to let Frank wrestle against Hannaīs daughter. Well, why not?

My fight with Geli

With my hands pressed down on my thighs, I put my chin on my chest and soaked up the clear, cool air. As I stretched my arms back, I looked at my opponent. Quite an attractive sight. Geli had taken off her T-shirt and boxer shorts, standing in front of me dressed just in a bikini and looking up at me challengingly. "So you really betted against Mama that you could beat me? Now you can prove that you can handle me if you are not exhausted from a match you lost before, dear boy."

This maiden was cocky enough to name me boy! I would really enjoy to kick her butt. Lowering my glance, I took a step back and focused on my warm-up program. I would get more than enough opportunities to get into contact with that tomboy that tried to annoy me. And succeeded with that, I had to admit. To defeat her had to be possible; 10 years of experience, 15 centimeters of height and 15 kilos of weight were in my favor. Taking into account my advantages, I had to be careful not to hurt her too much. On the other hand, she had accepted my challenge to this wrestling match only on the condition that I did not hold back.

Anyhow, it was necessary for me to concentrate. Even if the thought of rolling Geli over the lawn aroused erotic feelings in me, it would be embarrassing if my little opponent whopped my ass in front of her motherīs eyes. Geli put her hands on her hips, spreaded her legs and moved her upper body in a circle.

“Go ahead, kids”, Hanna gave the signal to start, and Geli and I shook our hands.

I expected to get into contact quite soon, but Geli almost danced around me. She seemed to study me and was supple as a panther. I tried to watch her quick steps. The expression on her face appeared to be the epitome of concentration and determination.

But being a former successful track and field athlete, I also had a lot to offer physically. I almost could keep up for her speed. Well, almost… Suddenly Geli reached for my arms. I backed away. She dove, her hand searching for my heel, but a quick jump brought me out of her reach again. Attack followed attack, and somehow I was constantly on the run. That had to fail in the long run, I assumed, and so it did. A dip in the lawn made me stumble. Geli's slim right arm reached around my neck. Before I could find my balance, she kicked me off my feet. We fell to the ground.

Hard, I came up on my side. My clever opponent took advantage of the brief moment of my daze. Geliīs right arm closed around my neck, her left arm went between my legs and wrapped around my left thigh. Powerfully she jerked up my leg, brought her hands together and crossed her fingers. Then she spread her legs and pressed her whole weight against my upper body. This young woman was not only attractive like hell, but also as fast as a cat.

And sassy she was. Without a word, she grinned down on me, and she needed no words to comment on my situation. The pressure around my neck and the weight on my chest made it almost impossible for me to move. I really was in deep trouble. Should Hanna be right, should I really lose a wrestling match to her daughter?

Well, maybe, but at least I had to put up a real fight, just as a tribute to my male pride and to my ambition as a sportsman. I put my free foot into the ground and tried to rear up. And was already stopped in the beginning, because the small woman countered my try by shifting her weight just at the right moment.

I turned back and forth, with the only result that the pressure around my neck grew even stronger. I tried to get my forearm between my ribcage and Gelis head to break the hold. Geli pressed her face against her shoulder. I failed.

Should I really be beaten that easy by this little one? The thought of how embarrassing my situation must appear to Hanna, who filmed our one-sided battle with the smartphone, motivated me to resist. I put my heel in the soft ground and threw myself to the side. My desperation must have given me extra power, for somehow I managed to break the grip. I rolled over and jumped up.

Slowly my opponent rose, smiling like a goblin. The little girl drove me crazy. Her challenging face showed dominance. And provocation. Iīll kick your butt for that, gal, I thought and jumped ahead. Apparently, Geli had just been waiting for that. Smooth, she dived under my right armpit, grabbed my wrist, and lifted my arm. Her right crashed down on my left calf, while her buttocks hit my hip.

The dynamic move forced me down on my knees. My opponent yanked my arm up even more, put her right foot on my rump and pushed me down. Letting go an aggressive scream, she pressed me flat to the ground. My chest touched the lawn. I felt a collision on my back. Straddling me, her thighs gently nestled against my ribs. So my strong opponent sat on me like on a subdued horse und put her hands slightly between my shoulder blades. Her drooping hair gently stroke my skin.

"You are done, my dear. Do you give right now or do I have to make you?" She asked so loudly that the smartphone microphone really could not ignore it. I pressed a "Never!" over my lips and struggled to my knees. This made me fell deeper into her trap as Geli's thighs went around my waist and clamped tight around my upper body. Her feet crossed in front of my belly. A short, sharp pressure let me slump back to the floor with a shout of pain.

And Geli gave me not one single second to catch breath again. Her arms snaked under my armpits, her hands entwined in my neck. The pressure on my neck forced my chin onto my chest. "Now my little daughter has you in an anaconda, Frank," explained Hanna in a mocking voice. "I know," I hissed back angrily, trying desperately but unsuccessfully to pull myself out of Geli's hold.

No doubt, my little opponent mastered this grip as well as she mastered me. I tried to get my hands between my lower body and Gelis thighs, but her muscles seem hard as steel - no chance! I reached for her feet, hoping to break the leg scissors from below. But her feet were firmly entangled, and without difficulty Geli thwarted this attempt.

Should the little one really defeat me? I did not have much time to think of an effective strategy for the pain became unbearable. I had only strength for a last try left, I felt. If I failed, I would have to concede.

With all the energy I had left, I tore my arms down and put my heels in the grass. Just at that moment a shrill ringing signal indicated that Hanna's smartphone battery was about to fade out. Geli, distracted by the sound, could not keep her hold. I got out of her powerfull limbs, broke the grip of her hands and jumped to my feet.

Ready to fight I turned around, trying to resist against my superior opponent as long as I could. And there she stood right in front of me, clearly not showing any determination to fight on, and stretched out her hand. “Saved by the bell, werenīt you?” she asked with her goblin smile. The she gets serious again. "My mom was right: You lack any talent to wrestle, but you are a brave fighter, Frank; I have to give you credit for that. That makes you a worthy opponent, and I hope you agree on a draw so I wonīt have to punish you any more, "said Geli.

I thought about her words. I considered it as a honorable offer, taking into account how Geli had wiped the floor with me, and so a draw would help me to remain a little bit of my male dignity. But on the other hand, accepting it I would have lost the bet against Hanna.

With a smile that expressed appreciation and sympathy, Geli looked at me, her hand still outstretched, waiting for an answer.

Should I accept? Or should I fight on?

Well, should he?
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Thank you for listening to my request to read of the fight between these two. I do hope he doesn't accept the draw. I would love to see Geli going all out against him.
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