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Default Re: Femdom Stories of mine

Supposedly a true experience

Story Name: I Lost At Strip Poker To A Female Friend
Author: celibatewhtboy

I have a very attractive female friend and we are pretty close but not in a sexual way. I mean we kid around a lot and talk about different sexual things a pretty good bit. She is married but mistreated quite often but she don't stray. She does love to have sex a lot though but only with her husband. I am divorced and pretty much sexless but certainly not by choice. She knows all about my sex life or lack of it simply because we talk a lot and we don't really hold anything back from each other.

She knows all about me and my sexual experience and resume and I know what she likes, does, does not do, how often she does it and a lot more about her sex life before her marriage and after. She knows about my desire to obey the females. She knows I am an exhibitionist and will do some crazy stuff. She knows I would love to see her naked but she won't allow it. She has seen me naked on more than one occasion since then but this time was the first time. That's the way she likes it too in that she now knows exactly what I have while I am still wondering what she has. She holds that advantage over me to this day so to speak.

Anyway, that is what set the basis for a strip poker game with her. I had tried several times to get her to play and she always said no. Well, this one time when I asked she thought for a second and said that she might but it would have to be by her rules. After so many failed tries to get her to play this was a welcome change and I agreed without even hearing the rules. I quickly said ok.

She said don't you want to hear the rules before you agree? I said it don't matter what they are I still want to play. She said ok then. What I didn't realize at the time was that she had no intention of losing and every intention to make sure that I would be the revealing one and she would remain the covered one.

She said alright, here are the rules. The game is high card. The deck is shuffled after each draw. High card wins, low card loses. You draw first then the winner draws first after that. Socks count as two articles of clothing and so do the shoes. Jewelry counts also. Pretty much anything that is being worn and can be removed individually is counted as one article and takes one loss to remove it. She made sure to include and mention this because I don't have any jewelry and she does.

The next rule is each of us must inform the other of exactly how many articles of clothing that they have on, thus how many losses it would take to lose the game and be completely naked. There is no maximum limit on how many you can start with but there is a minimum of at least one and she gives me this little sexy smirky grin.

Now, since you agreed to play by my rules then I will start the game wearing 14 articles of clothing. Those would be 2 shoes, 2 socks, 1 pair of panties, 1 bra, 1 pair of jeans, 1 shirt, 1 pull over sweater, 1 necklace, 1 watch, 1 ring and 2 earrings. Now you will start the game wearing only one, your full bodied coveralls. She smiled and said my rules remember? So grab your coveralls and go ahead in the bedroom there and remove everything else and slip into those for me.

I said oh I see now. Your rules mean near impossible odds of me winning and you losing. She said, but the possibility is there. If you are feeling lucky today then you might just pull it off and your chances are real good that you might just literally pull it off and she laughs. I said so let me make sure I understand here. You must lose 14 hands to lose the game have to show me whatcha got and I have to lose just one hand and I am out of luck, out of clothes, out of cover and pretty much out of dignity? She smiled and said, pretty simple huh?

She said so, you can still back out if you want, otherwise you need to head on to the bedroom with your one little article of clothing and prepare yourself for the game. I said hey I am a gambler from way back so I will take those odds and I went in there and ******** down and put on my coveralls. One thing was for certain. I was completely covered from neck to ankles but the problem with the coveralls was it sure didn't take much time or effort to be completely uncovered either. Just the thought of the entire ordeal had me hard as a rock and you could tell it by looking at the front.

Anyway, I went back in there and she was shuffling the deck. She noticed the coveralls poking out in the front right off the bat and said, it would appear that you are a little excited there and launched another one of her sexy and smirky grins. She said well, you ready? I said I was born ready. She shuffled some more and set the cards down. I cut the deck and then drew my card. King of Clubs I think it was. I said well at least hope hasn't totally abandoned me. She said see it is possible for you to win and she draws a damn ace of spades. She cackled out laughing and said just not very probable that you will win. Get em off there and let's see what YOU got.

Oh she was loving this. One hand. She wins the game without having to lose anything. I ain't believing you pulled a damn ace out of there. She laughed and said, believe it. I might just make sure you really believe it here in a minute. I said what does that mean? She said you will find out shortly. I was stalling for time while building up my excitement level when I said well. I guess this means the winner gets to enjoy a few bonus advantages over the loser huh? She said like what? I said well, like having any curiosity completely satisfied by no longer having to rely on a mind produced mental image or speculation. Simply put, those images will be traded in for a complete and unobstructed view of what's really there. She said I suppose you could look at it that way and I do mean literally look at it that way then she laughed again.

I said and that ain't all either. The loser is still stuck with producing those speculated mental images in his mind about what he has never seen in reality. You know that really isn't fair. She said no and that's the way I like it. So pay up loser. I stood up with my bulging front and started unzipping the coveralls. I looked at her and she was sitting there all content like with her arms crossed and sporting another version of that sexy grin she has. This grin was more like a "I won, you lost" type. I finished unzipping and pulled my arms out of the sleeves. I was holding the coveralls up with my hands and I was bare from that point on up.

I said is this good enough. She said all the way off loser. So I bit the bullet and pulled my legs out and pitched the coveralls over out of the way. So there I stood, completely naked with a full hard on in front of my friend. She was smiling and observing me. Then she said yep. It has now been verified that this has officially excited you. Then she pointed, giggled a little and said and it's crooked. I said yep. It can go places and touch things a straight one can't.

Then she said well. Since you lost and all, I want to make sure you know and understand why you lost. I said uh oh, do I need to sit down for this? She said oh no, I want you standing and in full view for this. Now stand over there in front of me and repeat after me so I can hear you say it while seeing all that bare skin a showing. I said ok. I moved over directly in front of her and fully exposed.

She said put your hands behind your back and repeat everything I say. I put my hands back there along with any hope of using them for cover. She said now, I am standing here today completely naked because I lost a game to a female and I now realize that females are better than me at most things. She paused and I repeated it. She had to rub it in some when I finished she said, could you repeat that a little louder please? I made a little face at her and repeated it louder. She said thats better.

Now, I am learning more every day that it is extremely difficult to beat the females at anything so let me verify that here and now by saying I am not as good as females are at anything. She paused and I repeated it. She continued with, I now know that this is not possible and I should immediately begin submitting to all females from this point on. I should do as they say without hesitation, argument or resistance. I looked at her and shook my head but repeated it. She is still sporting the smile and loving my vulnerable position in defeat.

She said and last. I really and truly wish I was a female. I said ahh, you are really laying it on now. She said, say it. I did and she said good. Now don't you feel better now? I said oh yes much, much better. She couldn't resist landing at least one more jab when she said, it looks like you may need to go give that thing some relief. I said, can you tell it has been a while since I had any *****. She said oh yeah, I can tell. You should get you some. I said from who? She named off a couple of names of some females she had heard me mention before but were not my type. I said, hell I would rather just beat off. She said that's the reason you can't get any. You want the married ones that you know you can't have. I said that's not completely true. I get turned down by single ones too.

I said, I need me a blow up doll. Then If they wouldn't give me none I could at least give them some humorous entertainment and make them laugh while they watched me put on a show and pound a love a doll for them. I think that would be hot having one or more females to watch me do that.. She shook her head and said you are crazy and yes that sounds like something that would be fun to watch. I said maybe I will just make a video of it and then it could be watched and enjoyed anytime. I looked at her and said I like that idea. I believe I will go for it. She just shook her head some more and said you ain't right. I said I know, don't want to be either.

Then I said well, for now please excuse me for a few minutes while I go, once again and provide myself with that relief since no one else will. She smiled and looked me over one last time and said, take all the time you need which shouldn't be much. I will just sit here, enjoy my victory and reminisce about what all I have managed to see today. Have fun with your hand.
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Default Re: Femdom Stories of mine

Found this on another Forum:

Author: Lucious

Hello Everyone,

Few weeks ago, I was messing around with my friends (2 girls from my college) at my place. We were testing strengths of each other and both the ladies decided to team up against me and the loser has to treat winner by buying lunch for a week. They both aggressively attacked me by grabbing and pushing me back and at one point, one of my friend literally threw herself at me which made me trip and I fell on my back. One girl pinned my legs by standing with her each foot on each of my ankle with her hands on her hips and other stood beside my head and stood on each of my wrist. Both of them were barefoot.

They started countdown. I was supposed to be up before the count of 5 but they had me pinned really well. The countdown was finished and Natasha(one who stood on my leg) stepped down. Jenna( on my wrists ) still standing on my wrists puts her hands on her hips and said "fuck, I can feel his pulse under my feet..damn it's so cool".

Natasha starts walking towards me and plants her right foot on my chest with her toes pointing towards my chin and said "Step anywhere on his torso, you'll feel his heartbeats too".

After that they got engaged into conversation,

Jenna: (laughing little) what? feeling heartbeats? oh my god, that is so awesome. From where do you get this stuff? can you feel his heartbeats?

Natasha: (her foot still resting on my chest and smiling) Well, this is not first time I am stepping on someone hun, and yes I am feeling his heart pounding under my foot (gently presses her foot to apply more pressure). It's not just the heartbeat (lifts her foot from my chest and plants it on my stomach), if you apply enough pressure on any part of the body with your foot, you'll feel the blood flow, organs, pulses and infact you'll feel his breaths under your foot.

Jenna: Jesus Natasha, who are you?

Natasha (starts laughing): Are you telling me that you never stepped on anybody? Well my boyfriend and I fool around a lot and he always wants to wrestle me but he never tries to beat me, he just pretends to beat me but never really does as he's afraid he might hurt me so everytime I would end our wrestling with me posing like a wrestler on his body and during that I noticed what things I felt everytime when I stepped on him. I've also stood full weight on my younger bro, even he always gets into fight with me but he's too fat to move quickly so he gets real good beating from me.

Jenna (laughing): Fuckin' Hell, is he okay?

Natasha: What? I'm just 145 lbs and he's 260 lbs; that fat fuck can take you and me together standing on him.

Me(requesting): Girls, lets sit and talk. I am feeling little weird lying down here like this.

Natasha (requesting): No, stay down for a while, it feels so good. Can I stand full weight on you?

Jenna: Hey even I want to feel his heartbeats and organs with my feet.

Natasha: C'mon Lu, be a sport.

Me: On one condition, bet is off

Natasha: Ya ya .. you cheap bastard.

Me: You have my permission to use me as your lab rat.

Jenna: I need to stand next to Natasha.

Natasha: Come here babe, stand right next to my left. ( Jenna comes and stands next to Natasha). Okay now what do you want to feel first

Jenna (excitingly): His blood flow and organs.

Natasha lifts her foot of my stomach and place it on my right thigh; she rests her right palm on her right thigh and puts her left hand on her hip.

Natasha: Okay then, put you foot his stomach.

Jenna gently lifts her right foot and slowly rests it on my stomach.

Natasha: What the fuck? are you stepping on your puppy or what? press harder.

Jenna carefully applies little pressure.

Natasha: Are you crazy? even a small baby wont feel a thing if you step like this.

*Natasha lifts her Right foot and plants it on Jenna foot which is resting on my stomach and pushes little aggressively*

Natasha: There you go, now can you feel his organs getting squished?

Jenna: Holy shit, I can feel vibrations under my foot, feels like something is moving inside him.

Natasha: That's his blood flow. Now press little harder so that you'll also feel his heart pounding even-though you're stepping on his stomach.

*Natasha applies more pressure on Jenna's foot and even Jenna gets more confident in applying pressure and even she presses little harder*

Me (coughing): Easy, easy girls; you are only supposed to feel my organs and pulses and whatever, you don't have to stop them.

*both laughed and said sorry*

Jenna: Whoa!! shit, it feels so cool.

*How to say them that the word they were looking for is powerful?*

Natasha: Now heartbeats and breathing.

Jenna: Yeah...

*Both remove their foot of my stomach*

*Natasha steps away and stands with her right hip out and both her hands on hips*

Natasha: Step horizontally on his chest and this time press it; more like pin him with your foot.

*Jenna steps horizontally with her foot on my chest and puts her both palms on her knees so she can apply enough pressure*

Jenna: Shit Nat, this idiot is so damn nervous, his heart is pounding so loud and fast. Still I can't feels his breathing.

*Natasha steps towards me and with hands still on hips*

Natasha to Jenna: Move.!!

*Jenna removes her foot off my chest and Natasha puts her foot vertically on my chest and stands full weight on one foot and immediately rests her other foot vertically next to other foot and with that she stands full weight on my chest facing me and her toes towards my chin and hands still on hips, looks down upon me*

Natasha: Turning Red huh?

Natasha (Sounding like a pro domme): Yeesssss... Now I can feel the air leaving out of your lungs and you're having trouble breathing.

Me: Yeah I am feeling the pressure but nothing that I can't handle.

Natasha: Oh is it? Jenna can you get down and put your hand just above his mouth; you're gonna feel something.

*Natasha raises her heels slowly and tries to stand tip toes; she successfully stands tip toes on my chest*

Natasha: Jenna are you ready?

Jeena: Yes Love.

*Natasha lands her heels heavily on my chest, forcing all the air out of my lungs, where air coming out my mouth was felt by Jenna on her hands*

Jenna (laughing cruelly): Oh my my, that was powerful sweetheart.

*Natasha flaunting the most cutest smile with hands on her hips stood on me for next half minute walking up and down on my chest and stomach and finally stepped down*.

*Natasha extended her hand to help me get up and hugged me lightly*.
Jenna thanked me for being a sport and kissed me on my cheeks and hugged Natasha for giving her such experience and they kissed each other lightly on lips.

I can't stop thinking about that day and would like to know from both girls and guys here that what are your thoughts on feeling human body under feet. To me it puts women at so powerful position that thinking itself make me feel I want to be on ground just under those beautiful soft feet.
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Default Re: Femdom Stories of mine

Story Name: My first Girlfriend
Author Name: Unknown

When I was 18, I met my first girlfriend, Gianna. At first it was just like any normal relationship, complete with our share of little game playing. One of the things we used to do, though, would change my life forever. It all started out when Gianna asked me how much I loved her and I told her that I loved her enough to bow down and actually kiss her feet (not thinking that she would take me up on the offer). Not only did she ask me to do this but she had me do it every night. It did not matter to her if we were on the beach walking around barefoot all day or if her feet were in her sneakers without socks and sweating that day, my job had become to worship her feet for longer and longer periods each and every night. This took a turn for the worse when one day we were in a terrible argument over something I had done and Gianna pointed to the floor and told me, "You better get down on your hands and knees and kiss my feet and beg for forgiveness or you are out of here!". I loved her so much and did not want to lose her so I did her request. She was still furious after half an hour of my begging and decided to call her friend Diane, who never really liked me just like all of Gianna's friends. She explained what had happened and Dianne must have asked where I was and I heard Gianna casually say, "Oh, he's here on the floor kissing my feet right now". This must have freaked Diane out because I heard Gianna trying to convince her that it was true for 5 minutes before she eventually told her to come over and see for herself.

Now let me explain that I am a straight male and am not really into kissing my girlfriend/owners feet much less someone that I do not particularly like. This meant nothing to Gianna. She hung up the phone and pulled me up to my knees by my hair explained to me what would be required of me when her friend arrived, and I obeyed because I did not want to lose the love of my life. Then the doorbell rang and my life would never be the same. As instructed I answered the door and let Diane in. She had a look on her face as if she was still trying to figure out if this was real or not. Once in the living room Diane said hi to her friend and sat down. It was then that I knew my instructions but wasn't sure if Gianna would actually make me do it or if she were bluffing. So I just stood there. Gianna looked at me and said, Well...we’re waiting". At this point I swallowed my pride and got on my hands and knees and crawled to Diane and bowed my head down and said, "Diane, I am now Gianna's slave. Would you like me to clean your sneakers with my tongue for you?" There was still hope, maybe Diane could not put anyone through such humiliation and would refuse out of kindness. No such luck. After about a minute of her hysterical laughter, Diane said, "Sure, I have been waiting to do something like this to you for a long time now. Start with the tops". Like a good slave I bowed my head and for the first time in my life, actually began licking someone's dirty sneaker. As I licked, I could hear them talk as if I were a piece of property. They said this is a dream come true and that it was something every girl should own. When the tops were finished I thought I was done, and then to my horror, sat back, put her feet up and pointed, saying "allright, now I want the bottom of my sneakers to look just like the day I bought them". Without knowing why I didn't run, I did this and gave them blackmail material on me forever.

The next day I woke up hoping that this would be something that would be forgotten and never repeated again. Silly me. Gianna and her friends were all 18 and seniors in high school. I was a recent graduate and not doing anything that day. Around 1:00 I got a phone call from her between classes and she told me to be at her house (I had the key) and waiting for her on my hands and knees with my head bowed to the floor at 3:00. When the time came and I bowed down waiting for her I was so nervous, not having any idea what to expect. I heard the door open and saw Gianna's shoes walk next to me, then I saw Diane’s walk to the other side, and then to my absolute horror, I saw a third unidentified pair. When Gianna told me to kneel upwards, I looked up into the eyes of my most hated enemy, Melissa. A little background on Melissa: she was Gianna's friend who she had to stop seeing because me and her were always at each others throats. I had spit on Melissa once, thrown a slap at her, and called every name under the sun until I told Gianna it was either her or me, and at the time the choice was me. Now I am on my knees in front of her and I see her grab me by the hair, pull my head back and spit a gigantic wad of spit right in my face before she even says a word. Melissa broke out laughing at me and told me to bow down and clean every speck of dirt off of her shoes and told me that my impending punishment would be more severe if I didn't. As she relaxed and I knelt, she would have me tell her how sorry I was for the stuff I did in the past and have me answer while still licking the bottom of her shoes. The other girls laughed at how my speech sounded with my tongue dragging across the bottom of Melissa’s footwear.

This bring me to my life today. For the last six months I have stayed kneeling every day at three o'clock only to have Gianna, Diane, Melissa, and three other girls come over Gianna's every day after school. My duties are:

Shoe cleaning: I must crawl to all six girls and lick clean the top and bottom of their sneakers, no matter what they stepped in (usually on purpose).

Feet cleaning: I then wash my mouth with soap and crawl back to them and take off their shoes and socks. At this point I start with licking in between each toe and swallowing the toy jam, them I suck each toe and chew any long toenails and swallow them, then I lick the top and bottom of their bare feet until they push my face away with the bottom of their foot.

Toilet service: This all takes place in the basement and the bathroom is upstairs. Gianna tells me that her friends shouldn't have to walk all the way upstairs to go to the bathroom as long as I am there. Melissa always tells me that she holds it in day in school, no matter how much she ate or drank just waiting for me. I don't think that Melissa has even used a toilet that much in the last six months.

Air freshener: The girls do not like the smell when one of them has gas so my job is to sit on the floor in front of a chair, tilt my head back so it is face up on the seat, and then whoever has to will pull her pants down and sit with my face up the crack of her ass and fart directly into my open mouth so that I can suck it up and they don't have to smell it. Melissa usually "accidentally" forgets to stop sitting on my face for a few minutes after farting.

Punching bag: Whenever one has a breakup or it's that time of the month, I stay on my hands and knees and am kick, punched, spit on, and beaten for as long as it takes to make them feel better.

Doormat: There is not a day that goes by where I do not have all six standing on me at once. Luckily, there combined weight is only about 650 pounds. usually they will all stand on me, the one who is standing on my face will wipe her bare feet off on it for about a minute, then get off and go to the back of the line (my legs) and wait her turn again. This is done to toughen me up for when they have a party in the future and I will be the doormat.

Ashtray: I stay on my hands and knees with my mouth open while Melissa (the only smoker) taps her ashes into my mouth. And finally,

Amusement: They like to sit in a wide circle, blindfold me, and have me crawl to whomever I think snapped their fingers and kiss their feet. If I am right, I go back to the middle and await the next snap, if I am wrong, the person whose feet I kissed gets to spit in my face and I try again.

So this is my life now and I hope you have enjoyed it. My owners have also told me to say that I am available for parties with them only requiring a small fee for my services. Oh well, I have to go, it's almost three o'clock.

Added after 9 minutes:

News Paper Report:

Saudi princess makes decorator 'kiss her feet’, orders guards to 'kill this dog'

Sep 29, 2016

Paris: In yet another case involving the royalty abusing their staff, a Saudi Arabian princess forced a painter to 'kiss her feet' and ordered her bodyguards to kill him. "You have to kill this dog, he doesn't deserve to live," she told her guards.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the victim had arrived at the property to carry out some basic decorating but ended up annoying the princess.

Reports stated that the princess caught the decorator clicking photographs of the place on his mobile phone. She accused him of selling them to the media.

The princess, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has been accused of kicking the man, before abusing him inside a palatial flat in the French capital city of Paris.

She then called her bodyguards and asked to tie up the man and ordered him to kiss her feet.

The man's ordeal ended after four long hours, following which he was thrown out of the property. He was told to 'never return' to the area.

A case has been registered by the police, but no action has been taken yet.

The victim had also asked for some money for the work he had done. However, he hasn't received any payment yet.

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Default Re: Femdom Stories of mine

Below story is a good read. Overlook a few language/grammar mistakes.

No Story Name
Author Not Known

Part 1

During my high-school years my best friend was a girl named Jyoti. We shared our secrets, we went out almost everyday and we talked about everything a teenager could be interested in. Though it never became sexual. It had always been pure friendship and we both liked that. Jyoti was the only child of an elite family in Cyprus. Their house was an enormous two floor building with a basement used as wine cellar. Every time I entered their house I felt a wave of seduction to hit me. It was as if I had walked into a place that I had to pay respect to everything and everyone.

Jyoti was not the girl who one could call sexy, but she was too beautiful. She always took good care of her appearance. She often used to tease me by kicking me gently with her feet. I liked that, but I never showed anything to her. As the time went by and we had to study harder, we found it easier and less boring to study together. We spent countless hours locked in her room trying to understand thousands of physics laws and math types. Jyoti usually studied on her desk and I usually laid on the thick carpet next to the heating. I caught my self to look at Jyoti’s feet under her desk many times as she was playing with her slippers. I never gave it much of an attention but I remember recalling that specific moment at various times a day.

One night I had a strange dream: We were in Jyoti’s bedroom and somehow she pointed to her feet and ordered me to kiss them. I knelt in front of her bowed my head down and the time I was about to kiss her feet I woke by a shake that run through my entire body. I cum in my sleep. I didn’t know how I should feel. It happened again but it always came along with a nice-horny dream where most of the times a beautiful girl was blowing me off. The next day found me very confused. I went at Jyoti’s place to study, but I couldn’t concentrate. I kept taking quick looks of her feet and to my surprise, I felt an erection. I tried to push it out of my mind but it was impossible. I thought sharing my problem with my friend would make it to go away.

“Hey Mel, would you like to have a brake? There is something that I want to tell you”

“Sure, why not. I think I need a break. So what is bothering you?”

“You know I had this strange dream last night.

But before I finished what I wanted to say she run at the door and called on her mother “Mom would you come up here for a minute please? My mother knows how to explain every dream. Don’t worry she is the only one who can tell you what your dream means” I was lost. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have a problem tell to Jyoti about it but to her mother? I wasn’t so sure. It was embarrassing. Her mother was French. She was not beautiful but all of her other characteristics were perfect. She had all the good French manners- Savoir vivre-. She didn’t talk much. She always kept a distance from other people. I guess that was the main reason I wasn’t feeling too good to talk in front of her about my dream.

As her mother entered the room I rolled and sat on the floor with my back against the wall facing Jyoti’s bed. The two women sat opposite me. “Mom my friend here had a dream and we would like to hear what you think it means”

“Ok, but it’s been a while since I did that for the last time and I hope I didn’t loose my talent” she said smiling. So what is it your dream about?

“It’s very strange, I don’t know.” I smiled and looked down hoping she wouldn’t insist.

No reaction. Just silence from both of them.

“Well?” Jyoti added. “Don’t keep us waiting”

Jyoti’s tone sounded just like last night’s when she told me to kiss her feet! I felt too weak to oppose.

“I dreamed that Jyoti wanted me to kiss her feet” I couldn’t believe what I have just said. I was unable to talk no more.

Jyoti started laughing hysterically while her mom lit a cigarette. I felt embarrassed.

“I am going to ask you one question and I want one true answer. Were you aroused last night after that dream?”

“I swear I don’t see Jyoti in a sexual way.”

“Just answer the question, her mother said raising the tone of her voice making Jyoti stop laughing and me lowering my look”

“The truth is yes, but I don’t know why.”

“And I can guess you would like to do it in real life. Am I correct?”

I didn’t think about it until that moment. I felt a tremendous wish to kneel in frond of her and experience the sensation I had last night. The entire scene was too emotional. Jyoti’s dominant way of asking left me no choice.

“I would yes” I whispered.

“What is going on here? Jyoti said. Mom you make him feel uncomfortable.”

Her mom made her a sign to hush and she turned to me.

“Listen kid, what you feel come right from your soul, from your mind. You have a submissive character. This is not a bad thing. Many men have submissive fantasies but only a few make them come true. As you know, in this life we are living everything has its price.”

“I don’t understand, I said.”

“You will understand in a moment. What I mean is that you have a chance to experience now something that you may ask for the rest of your live and you never get it – but this can be done only if Jyoti wishes- . If you kiss someone’s feet, it’s an action of seduction and Submissiveness. It is a way to show that you accept someone as your superior, as your owner. By doing it you deny all your freedoms. After that you lose your human substance and you become your owner’s property. You have no rights. No right to talk, to eat, to write or even to think. Your life will focus on your owner’s needs. From the other hand, the owner should use you as it pleases her. There are no limits. This relationship will last for a life time unless if the owner wishes to stop it by letting you free or by selling you to another person or even by removing his life.”

I was lost.

“Ok mom we got the joke, thank you. Now let us study please”

“I am not joking at all daughter, what you have in front of you is a submissive young man who with a little work could become your personal servant. All it takes is for him to decide to kneel in front of you and beg you to accept him as your servant.”

“Beg me to let him be my slave. Come on mother. No one will ever do such a thing. The ages of slavery are long passed. Besides he is my best friend”. “I wouldn’t mind though having someone to serve me but I prefer to live in reality”

“It is his nature to be submissive and to serve people. He will do anything to please you. All you have to do is to say that you want to have someone to work for you.”

“I already did say that mother. Who wouldn’t like someone to everything for her? But I can’t ask something like that from my best friend”

They were talking as if I wasn’t there. The whole scene was so real and full of emotions. I started getting more aroused by this situation. My thoughts interrupted by Jyoti’s mother voice: “Just look at him. He didn’t say anything all this time. So what is going to be son? What do you want to do? We will leave you a few minutes alone to think about it. Conceder it in all aspects because this might be the last decision you will ever take.”

They left me there speechless sitting on the floor and trying to understand what has just happened. I could hear them talking behind the door” Before I put my thoughts in order, the two ladies walked back in the room. Her mom was holding a pen and a piece of paper while Jyoti was trying to get something out of her bag. Suddenly to my surprise I saw her holding her Handycam.

They both sat again on the same positions.

“Well, Jyoti’s mother said looking at me, what did you decide?”

I couldn’t speak.

“If you know what you want you just have to ask for it. You can say that you don’t want things to go any further and we all shall forget about it or you can beg my daughter to accept you as her servant and kiss her feet.”

This woman knew exactly how to bring someone in a difficult place. I felt all of my blood rising to my head. It was so hot. I don’t think I knew exactly what I was doing. I couldn’t speak. All I did was to bow my head down.

“I think we have an answer here. Jyoti’s mother said. Before we proceed any further I will let you know that we will video tape you and you also have to sign this.” It was a paper which had the title “SLAVERY CONTRACT”. My name was written along with a few empty spaces to complete; such as my ID number and some other personal information. The text was simple:

I agree with my own will and not forced by anyone to offer my self and all of my freedoms to Jyoti …. This contract places me as a property of my owner. It is valid from the sign date and I have no right to break it. This contract leaves me with no human wrights.


“Now if you are ready go and turn that camera on”

I went to the camera and put it into the recording function

“Know kneel in front of Jyoti and say what you want to say”

It was all coming so natural just following Jyoti’s mother’s orders. I knelt in front of them and with my eyes down I confessed: “Jyoti I want to be your personal servant. I am begging you to accept my services. With this Contract I offer you my self in all aspects. I wish to become your property. May I kiss your feet to show you my dedication?”

A few moments passed without anyone said something. Then Jyoti slid her feet out of her pink slippers. I knew exactly what I had to do. I lowered my head to reach her feet but she withdrew them. I didn’t know what to do. I tried to reach forward but still the same reaction. Then I heard her laughing from above. “I am giving one more chance to reconsider. Don’t think that I will be soft on you after that!”

I made no move. I stayed there and waited for her to allow me kiss her feet. “I could never believe we would end up this way! You are so pathetic down there. Go on, kiss them”

I then placed my lips on her left big toe. As I was down there on my knees bowing to the ground I felt a nice and beautiful pressure on my abdominal. Soon I felt my gut start to murmur. I knew I was at the point with no return. In a matter of seconds my body started shaking the same way it did the night before. I cum in front of Jyoti and her mother!

“Oh, I think he got more excited than I expected him to be. Let me switch that camera off. ”

“No mom let him do it mom. Go turn that camera off and come back here” I did as I was told. I went back in front of Jyoti, knelt and tried to bow my head again to her feet but suddenly I felt something hitting my ribs three times so hard it made me fell to my side. I realised it was Jyoti’s mother who kept kicking me. “How dare you come near my daughter and try to touch her with this sperm of yours in your pants?” and she turned to Jyoti, “Sorry for interfering my dear. It will not happen again. He is your slave but I really would like to give you a few advices”

Jyoti looked at me and from the look on her face I could tell she was worried if I was heart.

“Let him down there, he is ok. He has nothing to worry about. Listen dear, your grandmother owned a slave. I can remember it all very clear. She had him doing everything for her. From making dinner to cleaning the house. She kept telling me that slaves exist to serve their owner and not the other way around. The less you give a slave the more you get back. It is strange I know but that is how it works. Your grandmother had him dominated in all ways and the result was way beyond your imagination. That slave became so submissive that when your grandma gave him his freedom back, he didn’t want to leave. What I am trying to tell you here is that don’t let him enjoy so much. Make him to earn what he wants. Use him as a tool and never get emotional. That is his nature. He will be happy just for having the chance to serve you”

Jyoti seemed worried about something “And if I want him to stay here all the time what will his family say?”

“Don’t worry love, they will think their son is staying at his girlfriend’s house and they will never make a problem for that!”

They kept talking for an hour ignoring my presence. I did not move an inch from the place I was kicked earlier. Staring at their feet, I got aroused again. Soon I heard Jyoti talking to me “I want you to go and clean yourself now. Use staff’s toilet right under the stairs. Don’t be late” As I walked down the stairs, I knew that something changed inside me. Maybe Jyoti’s mother was right. Kissing someone’s feet is an action of surrender and devotion. It leaves you with no dignity, no self respect no nothing. I was empty. Everything now felt different. I cleaned my self, and wend back in Jyoti’s room. Mother and daughter were still talking. I stood in front of them waiting to tell me something but they didn’t. They just let me there standing like an idiot. I didn’t know what else to do so I waited. A few minutes latter they left the room but they told me nothing. Jyoti came an hour latter and found me standing at the same position. She started laughing again so loud and so hysterically that made my feel very bad. “Mom he is still standing at the same position”

Her mother came back in the room and when she saw me standing there she smiled.

“Mom what do you think we should do with him now? I can’t accept the idea that he is my servant. It’s weird. We were studying together an hour ago and know. he can’t talk”

“Just try to do something on the edge with him and after that you will find it very easy. You always wanted a pet didn’t you? Now there is your chance!”

“Yes, that’s true. I always wanted a dog. Now lets see if you can be my dog” Jyoti said and noted me to kneel. She took off her left slipper and threw it away, “Go and get it dog”

I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I went for her slipper and before I take it with my teeth, I sniffed it just like a dog would do. They were both laughing at me now. I bite into the instep of her slipper and wend back to her. She snapped me on the head. “Good doggie” she said and pushed to my side putting her foot on my belly and pressed my stomach very gently with circular movements. “You like that doggie?” and kept rubbing her foot on me. Her mother came next to her and they both looked down at me. “Come on mother put your foot on him its fun. See how soft it feels” she moved her foot to my chest and released my fatty belly for her mom. Her mother’s foot pressed way too herder. She was acting as if she was squishing an insect on the floor. She was turning her foot left and right and then she gave me a final hard press which made me to cum again.

“You did it again didn’t you? I think we will have a problem with that” Jyoti said. “I will not allow you to clean yourself this time. You are going to stay that way all night locked and tied up in the cellar.” I thought she was joking but to my surprise a moment latter I was descending the stairs towards the basement. “You were right mom I feel better now. Look at him. I still can’t believe how pathetic he is”

As soon as we entered the cellar her mother grabbed me from the hair and hard-pressed me on the floor. Jyoti tied my hands to my ankles and pushed me to the site. The floor was cold and I could feel the wet atmosphere getting heavier. The two ladies stood over me looking down for the second time that night. “Enjoy your self” Jyoti said and kicked my forehead. They left me there like I was nothing. Being humiliated by my best friend and her dominant mother was something that I liked. I don’t know if I slept at all. I was somewhere between sleep and dizziness, I felt someone kicking my ass. I turned up and I saw Jyoti’s mother standing above me holding a plate.

“I brought you something to eat. It’s not much; it is the remaining from Jyoti’s dinner. You should start getting along with the idea that you are inferior to us. You shall always have your food served on the floor” She put the plate down and as she was leaving she stepped in it. “Oops! Bon Appetite” .she left laughing

PART 2 – The next day

Soon after I opened my eyes the smell of the wet basement filled my nostrilies and remind me what I have done earlier that evening. I could barely feel my arms. Being tied up for so long made me want to stretch my body. Thousands of thoughts crossed my mind in the following seconds; how long have I been left there? Is it for real or is it a joke that will end soon? I didn’t remember talking to my parents; they would have been very worried by now. I couldn’t say if it was day or night. I held my breath trying to listen to something, anything but there was no sound at all. Suddenly the silent broke up by the sound of the big wall clock in the living room; I thought I count nine ring bells or maybe ten? Why nobody woke me up? I had to go to school. My anxiety grew stronger every minute. I didn’t know what I should do; was I suppose to call them and tell them I was awake?

Along with all my thoughts I felt a compel need of going to the toilet. The clock bell sounded again and again and again but still nothing. The time now was three sharp when I heard the front door to open. Steps from above broke the silence. I was expecting the basement door to open but still nothing, no one came to check on me. I wanted to shout but I felt so tired and my need to go to the toilet was so big and I knew that if I moved at all from my place I would do it in my pants.

I stayed there waiting and prying for someone to come and let me go to the toilet. It must have been a few minutes after six when the basement door opened. Jyoti walked down the stairs, she was alone. “Hello there! How was your night? I decided you shouldn’t go to school today.”

I didn’t know if I was supposed to answer to the question.

“I asked you how was your night.”

“Fine, it was fine. Thank you. I need to.”

“Good I am glad you liked it. I think we found your new bedroom! I made a search on the internet, you know, about people like you who are submissive and they like feet. I found out lots of things. I wanted you to know that from now own you are not only my servant but my mother’s too. I believe she deserves to be treated like a superior person. Oh there she is! Mom I have just told him what I told you this morning and I think he liked the idea” She didn’t say a thing. She just came above me and untied me. I wanted to move but I couldn’t. “What is wrong with him mom? Why isn’t he moving?” Again she didn’t say a thing. She came closer and stepped on my belly pressing my bladder with her foot.

“Ummm” was the only sound I could make.

“He wants to go to the toilet but not yet. He has to learn to control his needs. Get up and follow us to the living room.

They both sat on the big sofa and ordered me to kneel before them on a distant. There I was again on my knees, humiliated once more by my best friend and her mother.

“Now we are going to tell you your duties around here so open your ears and listen carefully” Jyoti’s mother sounded very serious. She had this strict face that made me motionless. “First of all you are going to learn to control your needs and your passions. You are allowed to use the toilet three times a day. You will be eating everything is left from our food in a plate on the floor. You will be serving our food and we will bring your food to the basement. Now as far as it concerns your erectings and cuming thing we will have to punish you every time you cum without being told to. Honey can you continue please?”

“Of course mom. Taking it from the start. You will be addressing us as Miss for me and Mrs for my mom. You will be responsible for the house cleaning. That includes doing all domestic chores, cooking for us, doing the laundry and ironing. We decided that if you can manage with these things, you will be let going to school on a regular basis and visiting your family because we don’t want anyone to suspect anything. Obviously, from now on you will be spending all your nights here. You will be sleeping in the basement. Each time you fail a target, one of your privileges will be taken from you”

What privileges I thought to my self. I have nothing left

Jyoti’s mother lit a cigarette and looked straight in my eyes “Your first two tasks for next week are to start learning how you are supposed to behave and learn to recognize your owners’s smell. Thus every night you will be given a pair of shoes from each of us so you get to know our smell. At the end of the week you must be in a position to understand whose shoes and feet you have in front of you without seeing anything. I think this is an easy task and you will enjoy it very much. Now before you go to the toilet I want you to lay on your back in front of us.” she put her cigarette in the ashtray. “There are a few things I want to show you” she continued talking to her daughter now. I placed my self in front of the couch and waited to see what would follow. “There are some parts of his body that can give you the absolute control.” Jyoti’s mother seemed to be very informed on the subject. At that moment she had a pair of brown high-hills on. Before I knew, I felt my senses to abandon me. She stuck the front part of her shoe right under my ear and pressed really hard. She then moved to my neck pressing the spot right above my sternum. I could feel my heart pounding now. As she went further down and stuck her shoe in the spaces between me ribs. I heard her talking to Jyoti but my pain wouldn’t let me decode the words that were coming to my ears. The bone above my genitals was the next spot. “This is the spot which can give him pleasure or a large amount of pain. If you press on the bone, he will like it, but if you press a few centimetres above it, especially if he hasn’t been to the toilet for some time, just like now, you can send him to hell.” She had it all planed from the beginning. Jyoti’s mother stood up and stepped on my bladder!

“Look at him mom, is he ok?”

“Don’t worry about him at all. Nothing will happen to him. Nonetheless we have to tread him as an object. He is insignificant darling. Come on try the spots and watch his reactions.”

Jyoti started pressing me at the same spots as her mother did a few minutes ago, but more gently. I guess she didn’t want to hurt me. When she reached for my bladder, she pressed very calmly, but when she saw no expression on my face she placed more power and more and more. She stood up and she placed both her feet on me leaning on her mother. I couldn’t hide my pain anymore. As soon as I closed my eyes she pressed twice harder. “Look mom its working! Unbelievable! Ha-ha.” “Good work darling. You have talent inside. Now I will leave you alone for a while.” Jyoti’s mother stood up and ‘accidentally’ kicked my head as she left.

Jyoti kept stepping on and off my body like I was a toy “I hope you like it too, she said, because I can get used to it very easily. Now I will let you go to the toilet and clean your self up. Make it quick. I will be waiting in my bedroom. Knock the door and wait for an answer”

I went straight to the bathroom. What a relief. I guess I started to enjoy my privileges!

After a few minutes I was standing outside Jyoti’s door waiting for permission to enter. It was a bit difficult for me to understand what was going on but I knew I liked it a lot. All this domination and humiliation from these rich and powerful women made me powerless. “Come in” I entered and Jyoti pointed her desk “Get under the desk. I think I can use a mat. I want you to keep my feet warm while I study.” I laid on the floor and waited for her to show me how I was supposed to warm her feet.

As she sat on her chair she placed both her feet on my lap. “You don’t need to do something. Just stay still and don’t get too excited.” said and laughed with meaning. It must have been over half an hour. I think she mast have forgotten I was there because she kept crossing her feet, swinging them, touching my face with the sole of her slippers whilst she talked on the phone with her friends.

I had a hard on again. I knew I had to control my self, but suddenly her right foot pressed my face at the same time as her left foot slipped on my penis. The smell of the rubber sole and the pressure on my genitals was all it needed to make me cum once more.

“Mary, I have to go darling, my mother is calling me. I will see you tomorrow at school. Bye honey.” I heard her putting the phone down and rolling her chair back looking down at me “What is going on with you? You just can’t do what my mom told you can you? Get out of there”

I crawled out and knelt in front of her in total submission.

“What am I going to do with you?” She said and grabbed me from my hair. “I think I have an idea. Stay there.” She returned to the room with her mother. “Jyoti told me you did it again. Is it so hard for you to be around our feet without getting so excited?” She humiliated me. I felt like shit. “Jyoti had an idea which I find very good. Tell him honey”. Jyoti smiled and after giving her mom a quick look she turned to me. “Listen now,” and she went behind me pulling my hair again, “in order to avoid unpleasant incidence like this, every night when you will be alone in the basement, you will have to masturbate as many times as you need to fill this up” She was holding a urine test cup and threw it to me. “I want you to fill that every night. I don’t care if you don’t have time to sleep. Make sure I see it every morning full or at least twenty ml. I think this will work”

It was unbelievable what she asks from me to do. Was she serious? I had to masturbate more than five or six times to get twenty ml of cum! “Don’t let us down” “I don’t think he will, honey. Our shoes will be very helpful!” Their laughter was so loud; one could hear it from the street.

I had no pride left. They left me on my knees while they went downstairs giggling and laughing at me. “Come one. Follow us to the kitchen” They were sitting around the table talking about how they will train me as I was serving them their tea. “Good, now I want you to kneel under the table and do nothing but staring at our feet” Jyoti’s mother had a special way of giving orders. It came so natural for me follow her commands. They both wore their cotton slippers. Jyoti’s were pink and her mother’s white. The seemed so smooth and warm. I could never believe a woman’s slippers can be so stimulating. They had me following them around the house like an idiot and stare at their feet.

The time passed quickly. It was eleven o’clock and my two owners thought it was time for me to clean up the house before I go to the basement. Jyoti’s mother ordered me to throw in the dustbin all the food they left in their plates and do the dishes before I announce that everything was done. My ego was broken by this lady. She has me cleaning her house, and in return she wants me to bow in front of her and kiss her feet in order to thank her for letting me being their servant. After I did everything I was supposed to do, I went back in the living room to pay my respects and let them know I finished . They both watched a film. I didn’t want to interrupt them so I stood next to the couch waiting for my next order. No comment. On the first commercial brake, Jyoti’s mother, turned to me “Well, did you do it?” her eyes showed me the floor. I knelt and kissed her slippers. “Good. I would have let you be our foot stool for the rest of the film, but I think you can’t handle it, can you?”

“Let’s give it a shot mom. The table is too cold for my feet.” “Fare enough. Before you come here go and make some more tea” I went back to the kitchen and made them their tea. I thought I was about to loose my patience but as soon as I got back to the living room, I felt nothing but submission. I placed the tea cups next to them and knelt in front of the sofa. Jyoti put her feet on my shoulders and her mother stepped on my butt. I stayed there until the film was over. I was totally surrendered under their feet.

“Did I tell him to throw away all the food?”

“I think you did mom. Why?”

“That was his dinner.”

“I don’t think this is a problem. There is some bread left from yesterday. That should do” Jyoti replied “Yes that’s a good idea but don’t you think it would be more appropriate that we keep our word on him?”

“Sorry mom, I didn’t understand”

“Go and get your food out of the dustbin” said kicking me hard on the ass. When I opened the dustbin I saw the pasta I cooked hours ago covered with the dust and the hair I picked up from the floor earlier when I was cleaning the kitchen. I put it in a plate and went back to my position. “Everything is done Mrs.” “Nice, no go to the basement and we will be coming shortly”

The basement was wet and cold. I sat on the floor and waited. Not long after, the two women walked down the stairs. Jyoti was holding two pairs of shoes and her mother kept the plate with my food. “Is he really going to eat that mom?” “He will and he will enjoy it honey” Instead of putting the plate on the floor, Jyoti’s mom emptied it right on the ground with a quick move. “There you go! Make sure you eat it all and you lick the floor clean. I don’t want any stains on my floor.”

They stood there and watched me trying to eat. “I would have stepped in his food like yesterday but I don’t want to soil my slippers with this rubbish” That woman had a way of humiliating me all the time. Every word coming out from her mouth had a purpose. “You stepped in his food yesterday mom? And he ate it? “Of course love. The less you give him the more you get back”

“In that case, I think I will try it too.” Jyoti put on her shoes and gave her mother hers. I knew I had to stop eating and let Jyoti and her mother humiliate me some more.

“Come on mom show me how you did it last night” Jyoti’s mother raised her left foot and landed it in the middle of my dusty food. Jyoti did the same. Soon after there was not any pasta left they squished it all. They got their shoes off and put back on their slippers. Jyoti turned back with a smile on her face “By the morning I want everything to be clean down here. And don’t forget to milk your self up!” They left me on the floor in front of something between pasta and rubbish and two pairs of shoes which I had to clean before they woke up.

Jyoti’s mother was right one more time! Their shoes let me to submission. I didn’t know what was right and what was wrong now. All I had in my mind was the shape of their feet and how I would like to get near them as soon as they woke up next morning. Being locked in their basement and being forced to do things over the edge, felt so right for me. I was ready to do anything they would ask me as long as they let me serve them. Only a day after my enslaved to my good friend, I was addicted to this new life style.

Jyoti’s mom knew how to handle me and my best friend seemed to have it in her blood.
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Default Re: Femdom Stories of mine

Story Name: Author claims this is a true experience, so no story name.
Author: Helmegood

This is my best and most recent experience.

A month ago I was at a friend’s house for drinks. We were sitting in the conservatory, downstairs at the back on the house. There was about a dozen people sitting around drinking, talking and laughing.

I have always fancied a girl called Suzy. She is in her early 30s, around 5’6”, slim and blond. I have known her for several years and we have flirted with each other on a few occasions and she knows that I like womens feet and shoes. That night she was there, looking gorgeous, wearing a little black top and skirt, black hose and black knee high boots with a 2 inch heel. More importantly her boyfriend was not with her.

I was chatting to people and glancing across at her quite often. Around 11pm I went to the kitchen to get a beer from the fridge and a few seconds later Suzy followed me in and asked if I could fix her a vodka and orange. While I was getting her drink she said something like, “I have not had a good chat with you in ages. Why don't we sit here and talk a while?” So we sat at the breakfast bar and she said, “well how are you these days? I replied, “Not too bad. Nothing a good back walking would not cure” and glanced down at her boots. Suzy laughed and said, that would be my cure for everything. So we chat some more and go back and join the others.

About two hours and several drinks later, I had to go for a pee. The downstairs was occupied, so I went upstairs. I had finished and was just about to go back downstairs when I saw Suzy coming up. So I lay down on the hall floor on my belly facing the stairs and waited

Suzy reach the top stair looked down, smiled and said something along the lines of "You madman. Do you want me to walk on you?" So I said yes. She hesitated, so I suggested she start with my hands and reached forward and touched the toe of her boot. She moved her foot and half stood on the back of my right hand with the sole of one boot. I asked if she could not do better than that, so she trod hard on my hand with one foot, then both feet, standing on my hands, then my forearms, first with her soles, then her heels

After a minute or so I suggested she get on my back, using the banister rail to balance. After a pause she did. Then got more confident and started to walk up and down my shoulders and back, then my bottom, which she seemed to like cause she marched on my butt cheeks for a while

So I then suggested that she should do the other side. She just replied "Are you sure?" I said of course, so she stepped off and I rolled over onto my back. She stepped up onto my belly and moved cautiously to my chest. She stood on my chest for a while, slightly rocking her weight from one boot to the other. Suzy commented that I was a gentleman because I was not trying to look up her skirt. I must have beamed like a cheshire cat.

"I could wipe that smile off your face" she said. I replied "Why don't you try?" So she stood with one foot on my chest and started to gently press the sole of her boot on my cheek. Then she pressed her sole on my mouth and smiled down at me. Next she slowly stepped back down my chest to my belly and then put one foot on my upper thigh

I could not believe my luck. Next thing I knew she placed one foot, then the other on my groin, right on my penis. She stood there gently shifting her weight from one foot to the other and laughed. I was in heaven for about ten seconds, until disaster struck. She had let go of the banister and suddenly she toppled over backwards, hitting the half open bathroom door. She ended up sprawled on her back with one leg in the air, laughing out loud

Well, that was it. She was worried that someone might have heard her fall, so I helped her up and she told me to go back downstairs to join the others.
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