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Default Re: Femdom Stories of mine

Supposedly a true experience

Story Name: I Lost At Strip Poker To A Female Friend
Author: celibatewhtboy

I have a very attractive female friend and we are pretty close but not in a sexual way. I mean we kid around a lot and talk about different sexual things a pretty good bit. She is married but mistreated quite often but she don't stray. She does love to have sex a lot though but only with her husband. I am divorced and pretty much sexless but certainly not by choice. She knows all about my sex life or lack of it simply because we talk a lot and we don't really hold anything back from each other.

She knows all about me and my sexual experience and resume and I know what she likes, does, does not do, how often she does it and a lot more about her sex life before her marriage and after. She knows about my desire to obey the females. She knows I am an exhibitionist and will do some crazy stuff. She knows I would love to see her naked but she won't allow it. She has seen me naked on more than one occasion since then but this time was the first time. That's the way she likes it too in that she now knows exactly what I have while I am still wondering what she has. She holds that advantage over me to this day so to speak.

Anyway, that is what set the basis for a strip poker game with her. I had tried several times to get her to play and she always said no. Well, this one time when I asked she thought for a second and said that she might but it would have to be by her rules. After so many failed tries to get her to play this was a welcome change and I agreed without even hearing the rules. I quickly said ok.

She said don't you want to hear the rules before you agree? I said it don't matter what they are I still want to play. She said ok then. What I didn't realize at the time was that she had no intention of losing and every intention to make sure that I would be the revealing one and she would remain the covered one.

She said alright, here are the rules. The game is high card. The deck is shuffled after each draw. High card wins, low card loses. You draw first then the winner draws first after that. Socks count as two articles of clothing and so do the shoes. Jewelry counts also. Pretty much anything that is being worn and can be removed individually is counted as one article and takes one loss to remove it. She made sure to include and mention this because I don't have any jewelry and she does.

The next rule is each of us must inform the other of exactly how many articles of clothing that they have on, thus how many losses it would take to lose the game and be completely naked. There is no maximum limit on how many you can start with but there is a minimum of at least one and she gives me this little sexy smirky grin.

Now, since you agreed to play by my rules then I will start the game wearing 14 articles of clothing. Those would be 2 shoes, 2 socks, 1 pair of panties, 1 bra, 1 pair of jeans, 1 shirt, 1 pull over sweater, 1 necklace, 1 watch, 1 ring and 2 earrings. Now you will start the game wearing only one, your full bodied coveralls. She smiled and said my rules remember? So grab your coveralls and go ahead in the bedroom there and remove everything else and slip into those for me.

I said oh I see now. Your rules mean near impossible odds of me winning and you losing. She said, but the possibility is there. If you are feeling lucky today then you might just pull it off and your chances are real good that you might just literally pull it off and she laughs. I said so let me make sure I understand here. You must lose 14 hands to lose the game have to show me whatcha got and I have to lose just one hand and I am out of luck, out of clothes, out of cover and pretty much out of dignity? She smiled and said, pretty simple huh?

She said so, you can still back out if you want, otherwise you need to head on to the bedroom with your one little article of clothing and prepare yourself for the game. I said hey I am a gambler from way back so I will take those odds and I went in there and ******** down and put on my coveralls. One thing was for certain. I was completely covered from neck to ankles but the problem with the coveralls was it sure didn't take much time or effort to be completely uncovered either. Just the thought of the entire ordeal had me hard as a rock and you could tell it by looking at the front.

Anyway, I went back in there and she was shuffling the deck. She noticed the coveralls poking out in the front right off the bat and said, it would appear that you are a little excited there and launched another one of her sexy and smirky grins. She said well, you ready? I said I was born ready. She shuffled some more and set the cards down. I cut the deck and then drew my card. King of Clubs I think it was. I said well at least hope hasn't totally abandoned me. She said see it is possible for you to win and she draws a damn ace of spades. She cackled out laughing and said just not very probable that you will win. Get em off there and let's see what YOU got.

Oh she was loving this. One hand. She wins the game without having to lose anything. I ain't believing you pulled a damn ace out of there. She laughed and said, believe it. I might just make sure you really believe it here in a minute. I said what does that mean? She said you will find out shortly. I was stalling for time while building up my excitement level when I said well. I guess this means the winner gets to enjoy a few bonus advantages over the loser huh? She said like what? I said well, like having any curiosity completely satisfied by no longer having to rely on a mind produced mental image or speculation. Simply put, those images will be traded in for a complete and unobstructed view of what's really there. She said I suppose you could look at it that way and I do mean literally look at it that way then she laughed again.

I said and that ain't all either. The loser is still stuck with producing those speculated mental images in his mind about what he has never seen in reality. You know that really isn't fair. She said no and that's the way I like it. So pay up loser. I stood up with my bulging front and started unzipping the coveralls. I looked at her and she was sitting there all content like with her arms crossed and sporting another version of that sexy grin she has. This grin was more like a "I won, you lost" type. I finished unzipping and pulled my arms out of the sleeves. I was holding the coveralls up with my hands and I was bare from that point on up.

I said is this good enough. She said all the way off loser. So I bit the bullet and pulled my legs out and pitched the coveralls over out of the way. So there I stood, completely naked with a full hard on in front of my friend. She was smiling and observing me. Then she said yep. It has now been verified that this has officially excited you. Then she pointed, giggled a little and said and it's crooked. I said yep. It can go places and touch things a straight one can't.

Then she said well. Since you lost and all, I want to make sure you know and understand why you lost. I said uh oh, do I need to sit down for this? She said oh no, I want you standing and in full view for this. Now stand over there in front of me and repeat after me so I can hear you say it while seeing all that bare skin a showing. I said ok. I moved over directly in front of her and fully exposed.

She said put your hands behind your back and repeat everything I say. I put my hands back there along with any hope of using them for cover. She said now, I am standing here today completely naked because I lost a game to a female and I now realize that females are better than me at most things. She paused and I repeated it. She had to rub it in some when I finished she said, could you repeat that a little louder please? I made a little face at her and repeated it louder. She said thats better.

Now, I am learning more every day that it is extremely difficult to beat the females at anything so let me verify that here and now by saying I am not as good as females are at anything. She paused and I repeated it. She continued with, I now know that this is not possible and I should immediately begin submitting to all females from this point on. I should do as they say without hesitation, argument or resistance. I looked at her and shook my head but repeated it. She is still sporting the smile and loving my vulnerable position in defeat.

She said and last. I really and truly wish I was a female. I said ahh, you are really laying it on now. She said, say it. I did and she said good. Now don't you feel better now? I said oh yes much, much better. She couldn't resist landing at least one more jab when she said, it looks like you may need to go give that thing some relief. I said, can you tell it has been a while since I had any *****. She said oh yeah, I can tell. You should get you some. I said from who? She named off a couple of names of some females she had heard me mention before but were not my type. I said, hell I would rather just beat off. She said that's the reason you can't get any. You want the married ones that you know you can't have. I said that's not completely true. I get turned down by single ones too.

I said, I need me a blow up doll. Then If they wouldn't give me none I could at least give them some humorous entertainment and make them laugh while they watched me put on a show and pound a love a doll for them. I think that would be hot having one or more females to watch me do that.. She shook her head and said you are crazy and yes that sounds like something that would be fun to watch. I said maybe I will just make a video of it and then it could be watched and enjoyed anytime. I looked at her and said I like that idea. I believe I will go for it. She just shook her head some more and said you ain't right. I said I know, don't want to be either.

Then I said well, for now please excuse me for a few minutes while I go, once again and provide myself with that relief since no one else will. She smiled and looked me over one last time and said, take all the time you need which shouldn't be much. I will just sit here, enjoy my victory and reminisce about what all I have managed to see today. Have fun with your hand.
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Default Re: Femdom Stories of mine

Found this on another Forum:

Author: Lucious

Hello Everyone,

Few weeks ago, I was messing around with my friends (2 girls from my college) at my place. We were testing strengths of each other and both the ladies decided to team up against me and the loser has to treat winner by buying lunch for a week. They both aggressively attacked me by grabbing and pushing me back and at one point, one of my friend literally threw herself at me which made me trip and I fell on my back. One girl pinned my legs by standing with her each foot on each of my ankle with her hands on her hips and other stood beside my head and stood on each of my wrist. Both of them were barefoot.

They started countdown. I was supposed to be up before the count of 5 but they had me pinned really well. The countdown was finished and Natasha(one who stood on my leg) stepped down. Jenna( on my wrists ) still standing on my wrists puts her hands on her hips and said "fuck, I can feel his pulse under my feet..damn it's so cool".

Natasha starts walking towards me and plants her right foot on my chest with her toes pointing towards my chin and said "Step anywhere on his torso, you'll feel his heartbeats too".

After that they got engaged into conversation,

Jenna: (laughing little) what? feeling heartbeats? oh my god, that is so awesome. From where do you get this stuff? can you feel his heartbeats?

Natasha: (her foot still resting on my chest and smiling) Well, this is not first time I am stepping on someone hun, and yes I am feeling his heart pounding under my foot (gently presses her foot to apply more pressure). It's not just the heartbeat (lifts her foot from my chest and plants it on my stomach), if you apply enough pressure on any part of the body with your foot, you'll feel the blood flow, organs, pulses and infact you'll feel his breaths under your foot.

Jenna: Jesus Natasha, who are you?

Natasha (starts laughing): Are you telling me that you never stepped on anybody? Well my boyfriend and I fool around a lot and he always wants to wrestle me but he never tries to beat me, he just pretends to beat me but never really does as he's afraid he might hurt me so everytime I would end our wrestling with me posing like a wrestler on his body and during that I noticed what things I felt everytime when I stepped on him. I've also stood full weight on my younger bro, even he always gets into fight with me but he's too fat to move quickly so he gets real good beating from me.

Jenna (laughing): Fuckin' Hell, is he okay?

Natasha: What? I'm just 145 lbs and he's 260 lbs; that fat fuck can take you and me together standing on him.

Me(requesting): Girls, lets sit and talk. I am feeling little weird lying down here like this.

Natasha (requesting): No, stay down for a while, it feels so good. Can I stand full weight on you?

Jenna: Hey even I want to feel his heartbeats and organs with my feet.

Natasha: C'mon Lu, be a sport.

Me: On one condition, bet is off

Natasha: Ya ya .. you cheap bastard.

Me: You have my permission to use me as your lab rat.

Jenna: I need to stand next to Natasha.

Natasha: Come here babe, stand right next to my left. ( Jenna comes and stands next to Natasha). Okay now what do you want to feel first

Jenna (excitingly): His blood flow and organs.

Natasha lifts her foot of my stomach and place it on my right thigh; she rests her right palm on her right thigh and puts her left hand on her hip.

Natasha: Okay then, put you foot his stomach.

Jenna gently lifts her right foot and slowly rests it on my stomach.

Natasha: What the fuck? are you stepping on your puppy or what? press harder.

Jenna carefully applies little pressure.

Natasha: Are you crazy? even a small baby wont feel a thing if you step like this.

*Natasha lifts her Right foot and plants it on Jenna foot which is resting on my stomach and pushes little aggressively*

Natasha: There you go, now can you feel his organs getting squished?

Jenna: Holy shit, I can feel vibrations under my foot, feels like something is moving inside him.

Natasha: That's his blood flow. Now press little harder so that you'll also feel his heart pounding even-though you're stepping on his stomach.

*Natasha applies more pressure on Jenna's foot and even Jenna gets more confident in applying pressure and even she presses little harder*

Me (coughing): Easy, easy girls; you are only supposed to feel my organs and pulses and whatever, you don't have to stop them.

*both laughed and said sorry*

Jenna: Whoa!! shit, it feels so cool.

*How to say them that the word they were looking for is powerful?*

Natasha: Now heartbeats and breathing.

Jenna: Yeah...

*Both remove their foot of my stomach*

*Natasha steps away and stands with her right hip out and both her hands on hips*

Natasha: Step horizontally on his chest and this time press it; more like pin him with your foot.

*Jenna steps horizontally with her foot on my chest and puts her both palms on her knees so she can apply enough pressure*

Jenna: Shit Nat, this idiot is so damn nervous, his heart is pounding so loud and fast. Still I can't feels his breathing.

*Natasha steps towards me and with hands still on hips*

Natasha to Jenna: Move.!!

*Jenna removes her foot off my chest and Natasha puts her foot vertically on my chest and stands full weight on one foot and immediately rests her other foot vertically next to other foot and with that she stands full weight on my chest facing me and her toes towards my chin and hands still on hips, looks down upon me*

Natasha: Turning Red huh?

Natasha (Sounding like a pro domme): Yeesssss... Now I can feel the air leaving out of your lungs and you're having trouble breathing.

Me: Yeah I am feeling the pressure but nothing that I can't handle.

Natasha: Oh is it? Jenna can you get down and put your hand just above his mouth; you're gonna feel something.

*Natasha raises her heels slowly and tries to stand tip toes; she successfully stands tip toes on my chest*

Natasha: Jenna are you ready?

Jeena: Yes Love.

*Natasha lands her heels heavily on my chest, forcing all the air out of my lungs, where air coming out my mouth was felt by Jenna on her hands*

Jenna (laughing cruelly): Oh my my, that was powerful sweetheart.

*Natasha flaunting the most cutest smile with hands on her hips stood on me for next half minute walking up and down on my chest and stomach and finally stepped down*.

*Natasha extended her hand to help me get up and hugged me lightly*.
Jenna thanked me for being a sport and kissed me on my cheeks and hugged Natasha for giving her such experience and they kissed each other lightly on lips.

I can't stop thinking about that day and would like to know from both girls and guys here that what are your thoughts on feeling human body under feet. To me it puts women at so powerful position that thinking itself make me feel I want to be on ground just under those beautiful soft feet.
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Default Re: Femdom Stories of mine

Story Name: My first Girlfriend
Author Name: Unknown

When I was 18, I met my first girlfriend, Gianna. At first it was just like any normal relationship, complete with our share of little game playing. One of the things we used to do, though, would change my life forever. It all started out when Gianna asked me how much I loved her and I told her that I loved her enough to bow down and actually kiss her feet (not thinking that she would take me up on the offer). Not only did she ask me to do this but she had me do it every night. It did not matter to her if we were on the beach walking around barefoot all day or if her feet were in her sneakers without socks and sweating that day, my job had become to worship her feet for longer and longer periods each and every night. This took a turn for the worse when one day we were in a terrible argument over something I had done and Gianna pointed to the floor and told me, "You better get down on your hands and knees and kiss my feet and beg for forgiveness or you are out of here!". I loved her so much and did not want to lose her so I did her request. She was still furious after half an hour of my begging and decided to call her friend Diane, who never really liked me just like all of Gianna's friends. She explained what had happened and Dianne must have asked where I was and I heard Gianna casually say, "Oh, he's here on the floor kissing my feet right now". This must have freaked Diane out because I heard Gianna trying to convince her that it was true for 5 minutes before she eventually told her to come over and see for herself.

Now let me explain that I am a straight male and am not really into kissing my girlfriend/owners feet much less someone that I do not particularly like. This meant nothing to Gianna. She hung up the phone and pulled me up to my knees by my hair explained to me what would be required of me when her friend arrived, and I obeyed because I did not want to lose the love of my life. Then the doorbell rang and my life would never be the same. As instructed I answered the door and let Diane in. She had a look on her face as if she was still trying to figure out if this was real or not. Once in the living room Diane said hi to her friend and sat down. It was then that I knew my instructions but wasn't sure if Gianna would actually make me do it or if she were bluffing. So I just stood there. Gianna looked at me and said, Well...we’re waiting". At this point I swallowed my pride and got on my hands and knees and crawled to Diane and bowed my head down and said, "Diane, I am now Gianna's slave. Would you like me to clean your sneakers with my tongue for you?" There was still hope, maybe Diane could not put anyone through such humiliation and would refuse out of kindness. No such luck. After about a minute of her hysterical laughter, Diane said, "Sure, I have been waiting to do something like this to you for a long time now. Start with the tops". Like a good slave I bowed my head and for the first time in my life, actually began licking someone's dirty sneaker. As I licked, I could hear them talk as if I were a piece of property. They said this is a dream come true and that it was something every girl should own. When the tops were finished I thought I was done, and then to my horror, sat back, put her feet up and pointed, saying "allright, now I want the bottom of my sneakers to look just like the day I bought them". Without knowing why I didn't run, I did this and gave them blackmail material on me forever.

The next day I woke up hoping that this would be something that would be forgotten and never repeated again. Silly me. Gianna and her friends were all 18 and seniors in high school. I was a recent graduate and not doing anything that day. Around 1:00 I got a phone call from her between classes and she told me to be at her house (I had the key) and waiting for her on my hands and knees with my head bowed to the floor at 3:00. When the time came and I bowed down waiting for her I was so nervous, not having any idea what to expect. I heard the door open and saw Gianna's shoes walk next to me, then I saw Diane’s walk to the other side, and then to my absolute horror, I saw a third unidentified pair. When Gianna told me to kneel upwards, I looked up into the eyes of my most hated enemy, Melissa. A little background on Melissa: she was Gianna's friend who she had to stop seeing because me and her were always at each others throats. I had spit on Melissa once, thrown a slap at her, and called every name under the sun until I told Gianna it was either her or me, and at the time the choice was me. Now I am on my knees in front of her and I see her grab me by the hair, pull my head back and spit a gigantic wad of spit right in my face before she even says a word. Melissa broke out laughing at me and told me to bow down and clean every speck of dirt off of her shoes and told me that my impending punishment would be more severe if I didn't. As she relaxed and I knelt, she would have me tell her how sorry I was for the stuff I did in the past and have me answer while still licking the bottom of her shoes. The other girls laughed at how my speech sounded with my tongue dragging across the bottom of Melissa’s footwear.

This bring me to my life today. For the last six months I have stayed kneeling every day at three o'clock only to have Gianna, Diane, Melissa, and three other girls come over Gianna's every day after school. My duties are:

Shoe cleaning: I must crawl to all six girls and lick clean the top and bottom of their sneakers, no matter what they stepped in (usually on purpose).

Feet cleaning: I then wash my mouth with soap and crawl back to them and take off their shoes and socks. At this point I start with licking in between each toe and swallowing the toy jam, them I suck each toe and chew any long toenails and swallow them, then I lick the top and bottom of their bare feet until they push my face away with the bottom of their foot.

Toilet service: This all takes place in the basement and the bathroom is upstairs. Gianna tells me that her friends shouldn't have to walk all the way upstairs to go to the bathroom as long as I am there. Melissa always tells me that she holds it in day in school, no matter how much she ate or drank just waiting for me. I don't think that Melissa has even used a toilet that much in the last six months.

Air freshener: The girls do not like the smell when one of them has gas so my job is to sit on the floor in front of a chair, tilt my head back so it is face up on the seat, and then whoever has to will pull her pants down and sit with my face up the crack of her ass and fart directly into my open mouth so that I can suck it up and they don't have to smell it. Melissa usually "accidentally" forgets to stop sitting on my face for a few minutes after farting.

Punching bag: Whenever one has a breakup or it's that time of the month, I stay on my hands and knees and am kick, punched, spit on, and beaten for as long as it takes to make them feel better.

Doormat: There is not a day that goes by where I do not have all six standing on me at once. Luckily, there combined weight is only about 650 pounds. usually they will all stand on me, the one who is standing on my face will wipe her bare feet off on it for about a minute, then get off and go to the back of the line (my legs) and wait her turn again. This is done to toughen me up for when they have a party in the future and I will be the doormat.

Ashtray: I stay on my hands and knees with my mouth open while Melissa (the only smoker) taps her ashes into my mouth. And finally,

Amusement: They like to sit in a wide circle, blindfold me, and have me crawl to whomever I think snapped their fingers and kiss their feet. If I am right, I go back to the middle and await the next snap, if I am wrong, the person whose feet I kissed gets to spit in my face and I try again.

So this is my life now and I hope you have enjoyed it. My owners have also told me to say that I am available for parties with them only requiring a small fee for my services. Oh well, I have to go, it's almost three o'clock.

Added after 9 minutes:

News Paper Report:

Saudi princess makes decorator 'kiss her feet’, orders guards to 'kill this dog'

Sep 29, 2016

Paris: In yet another case involving the royalty abusing their staff, a Saudi Arabian princess forced a painter to 'kiss her feet' and ordered her bodyguards to kill him. "You have to kill this dog, he doesn't deserve to live," she told her guards.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the victim had arrived at the property to carry out some basic decorating but ended up annoying the princess.

Reports stated that the princess caught the decorator clicking photographs of the place on his mobile phone. She accused him of selling them to the media.

The princess, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has been accused of kicking the man, before abusing him inside a palatial flat in the French capital city of Paris.

She then called her bodyguards and asked to tie up the man and ordered him to kiss her feet.

The man's ordeal ended after four long hours, following which he was thrown out of the property. He was told to 'never return' to the area.

A case has been registered by the police, but no action has been taken yet.

The victim had also asked for some money for the work he had done. However, he hasn't received any payment yet.

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Default Re: Femdom Stories of mine

Below story is a good read. Overlook a few language/grammar mistakes.

No Story Name
Author Not Known

Part 1

During my high-school years my best friend was a girl named Jyoti. We shared our secrets, we went out almost everyday and we talked about everything a teenager could be interested in. Though it never became sexual. It had always been pure friendship and we both liked that. Jyoti was the only child of an elite family in Cyprus. Their house was an enormous two floor building with a basement used as wine cellar. Every time I entered their house I felt a wave of seduction to hit me. It was as if I had walked into a place that I had to pay respect to everything and everyone.

Jyoti was not the girl who one could call sexy, but she was too beautiful. She always took good care of her appearance. She often used to tease me by kicking me gently with her feet. I liked that, but I never showed anything to her. As the time went by and we had to study harder, we found it easier and less boring to study together. We spent countless hours locked in her room trying to understand thousands of physics laws and math types. Jyoti usually studied on her desk and I usually laid on the thick carpet next to the heating. I caught my self to look at Jyoti’s feet under her desk many times as she was playing with her slippers. I never gave it much of an attention but I remember recalling that specific moment at various times a day.

One night I had a strange dream: We were in Jyoti’s bedroom and somehow she pointed to her feet and ordered me to kiss them. I knelt in front of her bowed my head down and the time I was about to kiss her feet I woke by a shake that run through my entire body. I cum in my sleep. I didn’t know how I should feel. It happened again but it always came along with a nice-horny dream where most of the times a beautiful girl was blowing me off. The next day found me very confused. I went at Jyoti’s place to study, but I couldn’t concentrate. I kept taking quick looks of her feet and to my surprise, I felt an erection. I tried to push it out of my mind but it was impossible. I thought sharing my problem with my friend would make it to go away.

“Hey Mel, would you like to have a brake? There is something that I want to tell you”

“Sure, why not. I think I need a break. So what is bothering you?”

“You know I had this strange dream last night.

But before I finished what I wanted to say she run at the door and called on her mother “Mom would you come up here for a minute please? My mother knows how to explain every dream. Don’t worry she is the only one who can tell you what your dream means” I was lost. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have a problem tell to Jyoti about it but to her mother? I wasn’t so sure. It was embarrassing. Her mother was French. She was not beautiful but all of her other characteristics were perfect. She had all the good French manners- Savoir vivre-. She didn’t talk much. She always kept a distance from other people. I guess that was the main reason I wasn’t feeling too good to talk in front of her about my dream.

As her mother entered the room I rolled and sat on the floor with my back against the wall facing Jyoti’s bed. The two women sat opposite me. “Mom my friend here had a dream and we would like to hear what you think it means”

“Ok, but it’s been a while since I did that for the last time and I hope I didn’t loose my talent” she said smiling. So what is it your dream about?

“It’s very strange, I don’t know.” I smiled and looked down hoping she wouldn’t insist.

No reaction. Just silence from both of them.

“Well?” Jyoti added. “Don’t keep us waiting”

Jyoti’s tone sounded just like last night’s when she told me to kiss her feet! I felt too weak to oppose.

“I dreamed that Jyoti wanted me to kiss her feet” I couldn’t believe what I have just said. I was unable to talk no more.

Jyoti started laughing hysterically while her mom lit a cigarette. I felt embarrassed.

“I am going to ask you one question and I want one true answer. Were you aroused last night after that dream?”

“I swear I don’t see Jyoti in a sexual way.”

“Just answer the question, her mother said raising the tone of her voice making Jyoti stop laughing and me lowering my look”

“The truth is yes, but I don’t know why.”

“And I can guess you would like to do it in real life. Am I correct?”

I didn’t think about it until that moment. I felt a tremendous wish to kneel in frond of her and experience the sensation I had last night. The entire scene was too emotional. Jyoti’s dominant way of asking left me no choice.

“I would yes” I whispered.

“What is going on here? Jyoti said. Mom you make him feel uncomfortable.”

Her mom made her a sign to hush and she turned to me.

“Listen kid, what you feel come right from your soul, from your mind. You have a submissive character. This is not a bad thing. Many men have submissive fantasies but only a few make them come true. As you know, in this life we are living everything has its price.”

“I don’t understand, I said.”

“You will understand in a moment. What I mean is that you have a chance to experience now something that you may ask for the rest of your live and you never get it – but this can be done only if Jyoti wishes- . If you kiss someone’s feet, it’s an action of seduction and Submissiveness. It is a way to show that you accept someone as your superior, as your owner. By doing it you deny all your freedoms. After that you lose your human substance and you become your owner’s property. You have no rights. No right to talk, to eat, to write or even to think. Your life will focus on your owner’s needs. From the other hand, the owner should use you as it pleases her. There are no limits. This relationship will last for a life time unless if the owner wishes to stop it by letting you free or by selling you to another person or even by removing his life.”

I was lost.

“Ok mom we got the joke, thank you. Now let us study please”

“I am not joking at all daughter, what you have in front of you is a submissive young man who with a little work could become your personal servant. All it takes is for him to decide to kneel in front of you and beg you to accept him as your servant.”

“Beg me to let him be my slave. Come on mother. No one will ever do such a thing. The ages of slavery are long passed. Besides he is my best friend”. “I wouldn’t mind though having someone to serve me but I prefer to live in reality”

“It is his nature to be submissive and to serve people. He will do anything to please you. All you have to do is to say that you want to have someone to work for you.”

“I already did say that mother. Who wouldn’t like someone to everything for her? But I can’t ask something like that from my best friend”

They were talking as if I wasn’t there. The whole scene was so real and full of emotions. I started getting more aroused by this situation. My thoughts interrupted by Jyoti’s mother voice: “Just look at him. He didn’t say anything all this time. So what is going to be son? What do you want to do? We will leave you a few minutes alone to think about it. Conceder it in all aspects because this might be the last decision you will ever take.”

They left me there speechless sitting on the floor and trying to understand what has just happened. I could hear them talking behind the door” Before I put my thoughts in order, the two ladies walked back in the room. Her mom was holding a pen and a piece of paper while Jyoti was trying to get something out of her bag. Suddenly to my surprise I saw her holding her Handycam.

They both sat again on the same positions.

“Well, Jyoti’s mother said looking at me, what did you decide?”

I couldn’t speak.

“If you know what you want you just have to ask for it. You can say that you don’t want things to go any further and we all shall forget about it or you can beg my daughter to accept you as her servant and kiss her feet.”

This woman knew exactly how to bring someone in a difficult place. I felt all of my blood rising to my head. It was so hot. I don’t think I knew exactly what I was doing. I couldn’t speak. All I did was to bow my head down.

“I think we have an answer here. Jyoti’s mother said. Before we proceed any further I will let you know that we will video tape you and you also have to sign this.” It was a paper which had the title “SLAVERY CONTRACT”. My name was written along with a few empty spaces to complete; such as my ID number and some other personal information. The text was simple:

I agree with my own will and not forced by anyone to offer my self and all of my freedoms to Jyoti …. This contract places me as a property of my owner. It is valid from the sign date and I have no right to break it. This contract leaves me with no human wrights.


“Now if you are ready go and turn that camera on”

I went to the camera and put it into the recording function

“Know kneel in front of Jyoti and say what you want to say”

It was all coming so natural just following Jyoti’s mother’s orders. I knelt in front of them and with my eyes down I confessed: “Jyoti I want to be your personal servant. I am begging you to accept my services. With this Contract I offer you my self in all aspects. I wish to become your property. May I kiss your feet to show you my dedication?”

A few moments passed without anyone said something. Then Jyoti slid her feet out of her pink slippers. I knew exactly what I had to do. I lowered my head to reach her feet but she withdrew them. I didn’t know what to do. I tried to reach forward but still the same reaction. Then I heard her laughing from above. “I am giving one more chance to reconsider. Don’t think that I will be soft on you after that!”

I made no move. I stayed there and waited for her to allow me kiss her feet. “I could never believe we would end up this way! You are so pathetic down there. Go on, kiss them”

I then placed my lips on her left big toe. As I was down there on my knees bowing to the ground I felt a nice and beautiful pressure on my abdominal. Soon I felt my gut start to murmur. I knew I was at the point with no return. In a matter of seconds my body started shaking the same way it did the night before. I cum in front of Jyoti and her mother!

“Oh, I think he got more excited than I expected him to be. Let me switch that camera off. ”

“No mom let him do it mom. Go turn that camera off and come back here” I did as I was told. I went back in front of Jyoti, knelt and tried to bow my head again to her feet but suddenly I felt something hitting my ribs three times so hard it made me fell to my side. I realised it was Jyoti’s mother who kept kicking me. “How dare you come near my daughter and try to touch her with this sperm of yours in your pants?” and she turned to Jyoti, “Sorry for interfering my dear. It will not happen again. He is your slave but I really would like to give you a few advices”

Jyoti looked at me and from the look on her face I could tell she was worried if I was heart.

“Let him down there, he is ok. He has nothing to worry about. Listen dear, your grandmother owned a slave. I can remember it all very clear. She had him doing everything for her. From making dinner to cleaning the house. She kept telling me that slaves exist to serve their owner and not the other way around. The less you give a slave the more you get back. It is strange I know but that is how it works. Your grandmother had him dominated in all ways and the result was way beyond your imagination. That slave became so submissive that when your grandma gave him his freedom back, he didn’t want to leave. What I am trying to tell you here is that don’t let him enjoy so much. Make him to earn what he wants. Use him as a tool and never get emotional. That is his nature. He will be happy just for having the chance to serve you”

Jyoti seemed worried about something “And if I want him to stay here all the time what will his family say?”

“Don’t worry love, they will think their son is staying at his girlfriend’s house and they will never make a problem for that!”

They kept talking for an hour ignoring my presence. I did not move an inch from the place I was kicked earlier. Staring at their feet, I got aroused again. Soon I heard Jyoti talking to me “I want you to go and clean yourself now. Use staff’s toilet right under the stairs. Don’t be late” As I walked down the stairs, I knew that something changed inside me. Maybe Jyoti’s mother was right. Kissing someone’s feet is an action of surrender and devotion. It leaves you with no dignity, no self respect no nothing. I was empty. Everything now felt different. I cleaned my self, and wend back in Jyoti’s room. Mother and daughter were still talking. I stood in front of them waiting to tell me something but they didn’t. They just let me there standing like an idiot. I didn’t know what else to do so I waited. A few minutes latter they left the room but they told me nothing. Jyoti came an hour latter and found me standing at the same position. She started laughing again so loud and so hysterically that made my feel very bad. “Mom he is still standing at the same position”

Her mother came back in the room and when she saw me standing there she smiled.

“Mom what do you think we should do with him now? I can’t accept the idea that he is my servant. It’s weird. We were studying together an hour ago and know. he can’t talk”

“Just try to do something on the edge with him and after that you will find it very easy. You always wanted a pet didn’t you? Now there is your chance!”

“Yes, that’s true. I always wanted a dog. Now lets see if you can be my dog” Jyoti said and noted me to kneel. She took off her left slipper and threw it away, “Go and get it dog”

I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I went for her slipper and before I take it with my teeth, I sniffed it just like a dog would do. They were both laughing at me now. I bite into the instep of her slipper and wend back to her. She snapped me on the head. “Good doggie” she said and pushed to my side putting her foot on my belly and pressed my stomach very gently with circular movements. “You like that doggie?” and kept rubbing her foot on me. Her mother came next to her and they both looked down at me. “Come on mother put your foot on him its fun. See how soft it feels” she moved her foot to my chest and released my fatty belly for her mom. Her mother’s foot pressed way too herder. She was acting as if she was squishing an insect on the floor. She was turning her foot left and right and then she gave me a final hard press which made me to cum again.

“You did it again didn’t you? I think we will have a problem with that” Jyoti said. “I will not allow you to clean yourself this time. You are going to stay that way all night locked and tied up in the cellar.” I thought she was joking but to my surprise a moment latter I was descending the stairs towards the basement. “You were right mom I feel better now. Look at him. I still can’t believe how pathetic he is”

As soon as we entered the cellar her mother grabbed me from the hair and hard-pressed me on the floor. Jyoti tied my hands to my ankles and pushed me to the site. The floor was cold and I could feel the wet atmosphere getting heavier. The two ladies stood over me looking down for the second time that night. “Enjoy your self” Jyoti said and kicked my forehead. They left me there like I was nothing. Being humiliated by my best friend and her dominant mother was something that I liked. I don’t know if I slept at all. I was somewhere between sleep and dizziness, I felt someone kicking my ass. I turned up and I saw Jyoti’s mother standing above me holding a plate.

“I brought you something to eat. It’s not much; it is the remaining from Jyoti’s dinner. You should start getting along with the idea that you are inferior to us. You shall always have your food served on the floor” She put the plate down and as she was leaving she stepped in it. “Oops! Bon Appetite” .she left laughing

PART 2 – The next day

Soon after I opened my eyes the smell of the wet basement filled my nostrilies and remind me what I have done earlier that evening. I could barely feel my arms. Being tied up for so long made me want to stretch my body. Thousands of thoughts crossed my mind in the following seconds; how long have I been left there? Is it for real or is it a joke that will end soon? I didn’t remember talking to my parents; they would have been very worried by now. I couldn’t say if it was day or night. I held my breath trying to listen to something, anything but there was no sound at all. Suddenly the silent broke up by the sound of the big wall clock in the living room; I thought I count nine ring bells or maybe ten? Why nobody woke me up? I had to go to school. My anxiety grew stronger every minute. I didn’t know what I should do; was I suppose to call them and tell them I was awake?

Along with all my thoughts I felt a compel need of going to the toilet. The clock bell sounded again and again and again but still nothing. The time now was three sharp when I heard the front door to open. Steps from above broke the silence. I was expecting the basement door to open but still nothing, no one came to check on me. I wanted to shout but I felt so tired and my need to go to the toilet was so big and I knew that if I moved at all from my place I would do it in my pants.

I stayed there waiting and prying for someone to come and let me go to the toilet. It must have been a few minutes after six when the basement door opened. Jyoti walked down the stairs, she was alone. “Hello there! How was your night? I decided you shouldn’t go to school today.”

I didn’t know if I was supposed to answer to the question.

“I asked you how was your night.”

“Fine, it was fine. Thank you. I need to.”

“Good I am glad you liked it. I think we found your new bedroom! I made a search on the internet, you know, about people like you who are submissive and they like feet. I found out lots of things. I wanted you to know that from now own you are not only my servant but my mother’s too. I believe she deserves to be treated like a superior person. Oh there she is! Mom I have just told him what I told you this morning and I think he liked the idea” She didn’t say a thing. She just came above me and untied me. I wanted to move but I couldn’t. “What is wrong with him mom? Why isn’t he moving?” Again she didn’t say a thing. She came closer and stepped on my belly pressing my bladder with her foot.

“Ummm” was the only sound I could make.

“He wants to go to the toilet but not yet. He has to learn to control his needs. Get up and follow us to the living room.

They both sat on the big sofa and ordered me to kneel before them on a distant. There I was again on my knees, humiliated once more by my best friend and her mother.

“Now we are going to tell you your duties around here so open your ears and listen carefully” Jyoti’s mother sounded very serious. She had this strict face that made me motionless. “First of all you are going to learn to control your needs and your passions. You are allowed to use the toilet three times a day. You will be eating everything is left from our food in a plate on the floor. You will be serving our food and we will bring your food to the basement. Now as far as it concerns your erectings and cuming thing we will have to punish you every time you cum without being told to. Honey can you continue please?”

“Of course mom. Taking it from the start. You will be addressing us as Miss for me and Mrs for my mom. You will be responsible for the house cleaning. That includes doing all domestic chores, cooking for us, doing the laundry and ironing. We decided that if you can manage with these things, you will be let going to school on a regular basis and visiting your family because we don’t want anyone to suspect anything. Obviously, from now on you will be spending all your nights here. You will be sleeping in the basement. Each time you fail a target, one of your privileges will be taken from you”

What privileges I thought to my self. I have nothing left

Jyoti’s mother lit a cigarette and looked straight in my eyes “Your first two tasks for next week are to start learning how you are supposed to behave and learn to recognize your owners’s smell. Thus every night you will be given a pair of shoes from each of us so you get to know our smell. At the end of the week you must be in a position to understand whose shoes and feet you have in front of you without seeing anything. I think this is an easy task and you will enjoy it very much. Now before you go to the toilet I want you to lay on your back in front of us.” she put her cigarette in the ashtray. “There are a few things I want to show you” she continued talking to her daughter now. I placed my self in front of the couch and waited to see what would follow. “There are some parts of his body that can give you the absolute control.” Jyoti’s mother seemed to be very informed on the subject. At that moment she had a pair of brown high-hills on. Before I knew, I felt my senses to abandon me. She stuck the front part of her shoe right under my ear and pressed really hard. She then moved to my neck pressing the spot right above my sternum. I could feel my heart pounding now. As she went further down and stuck her shoe in the spaces between me ribs. I heard her talking to Jyoti but my pain wouldn’t let me decode the words that were coming to my ears. The bone above my genitals was the next spot. “This is the spot which can give him pleasure or a large amount of pain. If you press on the bone, he will like it, but if you press a few centimetres above it, especially if he hasn’t been to the toilet for some time, just like now, you can send him to hell.” She had it all planed from the beginning. Jyoti’s mother stood up and stepped on my bladder!

“Look at him mom, is he ok?”

“Don’t worry about him at all. Nothing will happen to him. Nonetheless we have to tread him as an object. He is insignificant darling. Come on try the spots and watch his reactions.”

Jyoti started pressing me at the same spots as her mother did a few minutes ago, but more gently. I guess she didn’t want to hurt me. When she reached for my bladder, she pressed very calmly, but when she saw no expression on my face she placed more power and more and more. She stood up and she placed both her feet on me leaning on her mother. I couldn’t hide my pain anymore. As soon as I closed my eyes she pressed twice harder. “Look mom its working! Unbelievable! Ha-ha.” “Good work darling. You have talent inside. Now I will leave you alone for a while.” Jyoti’s mother stood up and ‘accidentally’ kicked my head as she left.

Jyoti kept stepping on and off my body like I was a toy “I hope you like it too, she said, because I can get used to it very easily. Now I will let you go to the toilet and clean your self up. Make it quick. I will be waiting in my bedroom. Knock the door and wait for an answer”

I went straight to the bathroom. What a relief. I guess I started to enjoy my privileges!

After a few minutes I was standing outside Jyoti’s door waiting for permission to enter. It was a bit difficult for me to understand what was going on but I knew I liked it a lot. All this domination and humiliation from these rich and powerful women made me powerless. “Come in” I entered and Jyoti pointed her desk “Get under the desk. I think I can use a mat. I want you to keep my feet warm while I study.” I laid on the floor and waited for her to show me how I was supposed to warm her feet.

As she sat on her chair she placed both her feet on my lap. “You don’t need to do something. Just stay still and don’t get too excited.” said and laughed with meaning. It must have been over half an hour. I think she mast have forgotten I was there because she kept crossing her feet, swinging them, touching my face with the sole of her slippers whilst she talked on the phone with her friends.

I had a hard on again. I knew I had to control my self, but suddenly her right foot pressed my face at the same time as her left foot slipped on my penis. The smell of the rubber sole and the pressure on my genitals was all it needed to make me cum once more.

“Mary, I have to go darling, my mother is calling me. I will see you tomorrow at school. Bye honey.” I heard her putting the phone down and rolling her chair back looking down at me “What is going on with you? You just can’t do what my mom told you can you? Get out of there”

I crawled out and knelt in front of her in total submission.

“What am I going to do with you?” She said and grabbed me from my hair. “I think I have an idea. Stay there.” She returned to the room with her mother. “Jyoti told me you did it again. Is it so hard for you to be around our feet without getting so excited?” She humiliated me. I felt like shit. “Jyoti had an idea which I find very good. Tell him honey”. Jyoti smiled and after giving her mom a quick look she turned to me. “Listen now,” and she went behind me pulling my hair again, “in order to avoid unpleasant incidence like this, every night when you will be alone in the basement, you will have to masturbate as many times as you need to fill this up” She was holding a urine test cup and threw it to me. “I want you to fill that every night. I don’t care if you don’t have time to sleep. Make sure I see it every morning full or at least twenty ml. I think this will work”

It was unbelievable what she asks from me to do. Was she serious? I had to masturbate more than five or six times to get twenty ml of cum! “Don’t let us down” “I don’t think he will, honey. Our shoes will be very helpful!” Their laughter was so loud; one could hear it from the street.

I had no pride left. They left me on my knees while they went downstairs giggling and laughing at me. “Come one. Follow us to the kitchen” They were sitting around the table talking about how they will train me as I was serving them their tea. “Good, now I want you to kneel under the table and do nothing but staring at our feet” Jyoti’s mother had a special way of giving orders. It came so natural for me follow her commands. They both wore their cotton slippers. Jyoti’s were pink and her mother’s white. The seemed so smooth and warm. I could never believe a woman’s slippers can be so stimulating. They had me following them around the house like an idiot and stare at their feet.

The time passed quickly. It was eleven o’clock and my two owners thought it was time for me to clean up the house before I go to the basement. Jyoti’s mother ordered me to throw in the dustbin all the food they left in their plates and do the dishes before I announce that everything was done. My ego was broken by this lady. She has me cleaning her house, and in return she wants me to bow in front of her and kiss her feet in order to thank her for letting me being their servant. After I did everything I was supposed to do, I went back in the living room to pay my respects and let them know I finished . They both watched a film. I didn’t want to interrupt them so I stood next to the couch waiting for my next order. No comment. On the first commercial brake, Jyoti’s mother, turned to me “Well, did you do it?” her eyes showed me the floor. I knelt and kissed her slippers. “Good. I would have let you be our foot stool for the rest of the film, but I think you can’t handle it, can you?”

“Let’s give it a shot mom. The table is too cold for my feet.” “Fare enough. Before you come here go and make some more tea” I went back to the kitchen and made them their tea. I thought I was about to loose my patience but as soon as I got back to the living room, I felt nothing but submission. I placed the tea cups next to them and knelt in front of the sofa. Jyoti put her feet on my shoulders and her mother stepped on my butt. I stayed there until the film was over. I was totally surrendered under their feet.

“Did I tell him to throw away all the food?”

“I think you did mom. Why?”

“That was his dinner.”

“I don’t think this is a problem. There is some bread left from yesterday. That should do” Jyoti replied “Yes that’s a good idea but don’t you think it would be more appropriate that we keep our word on him?”

“Sorry mom, I didn’t understand”

“Go and get your food out of the dustbin” said kicking me hard on the ass. When I opened the dustbin I saw the pasta I cooked hours ago covered with the dust and the hair I picked up from the floor earlier when I was cleaning the kitchen. I put it in a plate and went back to my position. “Everything is done Mrs.” “Nice, no go to the basement and we will be coming shortly”

The basement was wet and cold. I sat on the floor and waited. Not long after, the two women walked down the stairs. Jyoti was holding two pairs of shoes and her mother kept the plate with my food. “Is he really going to eat that mom?” “He will and he will enjoy it honey” Instead of putting the plate on the floor, Jyoti’s mom emptied it right on the ground with a quick move. “There you go! Make sure you eat it all and you lick the floor clean. I don’t want any stains on my floor.”

They stood there and watched me trying to eat. “I would have stepped in his food like yesterday but I don’t want to soil my slippers with this rubbish” That woman had a way of humiliating me all the time. Every word coming out from her mouth had a purpose. “You stepped in his food yesterday mom? And he ate it? “Of course love. The less you give him the more you get back”

“In that case, I think I will try it too.” Jyoti put on her shoes and gave her mother hers. I knew I had to stop eating and let Jyoti and her mother humiliate me some more.

“Come on mom show me how you did it last night” Jyoti’s mother raised her left foot and landed it in the middle of my dusty food. Jyoti did the same. Soon after there was not any pasta left they squished it all. They got their shoes off and put back on their slippers. Jyoti turned back with a smile on her face “By the morning I want everything to be clean down here. And don’t forget to milk your self up!” They left me on the floor in front of something between pasta and rubbish and two pairs of shoes which I had to clean before they woke up.

Jyoti’s mother was right one more time! Their shoes let me to submission. I didn’t know what was right and what was wrong now. All I had in my mind was the shape of their feet and how I would like to get near them as soon as they woke up next morning. Being locked in their basement and being forced to do things over the edge, felt so right for me. I was ready to do anything they would ask me as long as they let me serve them. Only a day after my enslaved to my good friend, I was addicted to this new life style.

Jyoti’s mom knew how to handle me and my best friend seemed to have it in her blood.
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Default Re: Femdom Stories of mine

Story Name: Author claims this is a true experience, so no story name.
Author: Helmegood

This is my best and most recent experience.

A month ago I was at a friend’s house for drinks. We were sitting in the conservatory, downstairs at the back on the house. There was about a dozen people sitting around drinking, talking and laughing.

I have always fancied a girl called Suzy. She is in her early 30s, around 5’6”, slim and blond. I have known her for several years and we have flirted with each other on a few occasions and she knows that I like womens feet and shoes. That night she was there, looking gorgeous, wearing a little black top and skirt, black hose and black knee high boots with a 2 inch heel. More importantly her boyfriend was not with her.

I was chatting to people and glancing across at her quite often. Around 11pm I went to the kitchen to get a beer from the fridge and a few seconds later Suzy followed me in and asked if I could fix her a vodka and orange. While I was getting her drink she said something like, “I have not had a good chat with you in ages. Why don't we sit here and talk a while?” So we sat at the breakfast bar and she said, “well how are you these days? I replied, “Not too bad. Nothing a good back walking would not cure” and glanced down at her boots. Suzy laughed and said, that would be my cure for everything. So we chat some more and go back and join the others.

About two hours and several drinks later, I had to go for a pee. The downstairs was occupied, so I went upstairs. I had finished and was just about to go back downstairs when I saw Suzy coming up. So I lay down on the hall floor on my belly facing the stairs and waited

Suzy reach the top stair looked down, smiled and said something along the lines of "You madman. Do you want me to walk on you?" So I said yes. She hesitated, so I suggested she start with my hands and reached forward and touched the toe of her boot. She moved her foot and half stood on the back of my right hand with the sole of one boot. I asked if she could not do better than that, so she trod hard on my hand with one foot, then both feet, standing on my hands, then my forearms, first with her soles, then her heels

After a minute or so I suggested she get on my back, using the banister rail to balance. After a pause she did. Then got more confident and started to walk up and down my shoulders and back, then my bottom, which she seemed to like cause she marched on my butt cheeks for a while

So I then suggested that she should do the other side. She just replied "Are you sure?" I said of course, so she stepped off and I rolled over onto my back. She stepped up onto my belly and moved cautiously to my chest. She stood on my chest for a while, slightly rocking her weight from one boot to the other. Suzy commented that I was a gentleman because I was not trying to look up her skirt. I must have beamed like a cheshire cat.

"I could wipe that smile off your face" she said. I replied "Why don't you try?" So she stood with one foot on my chest and started to gently press the sole of her boot on my cheek. Then she pressed her sole on my mouth and smiled down at me. Next she slowly stepped back down my chest to my belly and then put one foot on my upper thigh

I could not believe my luck. Next thing I knew she placed one foot, then the other on my groin, right on my penis. She stood there gently shifting her weight from one foot to the other and laughed. I was in heaven for about ten seconds, until disaster struck. She had let go of the banister and suddenly she toppled over backwards, hitting the half open bathroom door. She ended up sprawled on her back with one leg in the air, laughing out loud

Well, that was it. She was worried that someone might have heard her fall, so I helped her up and she told me to go back downstairs to join the others.
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Default Re: Femdom Stories of mine

Author John Blaze has written some of the best femdom stories that I've read.
Following are some of his stories:

Story Name: The Thrill Of The Sale
Author: John Blaze

Chapter 1

I’m not a bad person. I’ve never really set out to truly hurt anyone before. I’m not really sure how it even got to this point. But… it did. And I must admit, as much as I hate to admit it… winning feels good. Kind of weird for me to take such pleasure in another person’s humiliation…. Another person’s grief and misery. But, this really felt good. Well, I guess I should start from the beginning.

My name is Candice Smith. I sell medical equipment to hospitals. I’m Ivy league educated. I’m consistently number one at my job. I finish number one in my division for almost every contest and always max out my bpomid snd commission because I smash my quota every year. I win the awards and the nice President’s Honors trips to the exotic locations designed for the top 5% of earners in the company ….all the time. And because of this … people are jealous of me. Well that and…I’m drop dead gorgeous. I don’t say that to be conceited or sound like a diva. I say it as a matter of fact so that you can fully understand my story. I’m 5’7” inches tall. I have dark blond hair. And, quite honestly, a body to die for. I work out all the time and I’ve been blessed with what most men consider a beautiful face. I’ve done some modeling and acting in commercials and things. I have full lips and porcelain smooth skin. I have deep blue eyes and long blonde hair. I have a nice, firm body built from years of varsity tennis in undergraduate and post graduate study.

I’ve always found men to be fairly harmless creatures. Sometimes useless too, but harmless. In fact, at an early age I discovered that I could get damn near anything I wanted from them just by being really nice. You see, men love attention. Give them a little kindness, flash a smile, and they will eat out of your hands! I’ve always used this to my advantage. Nothing too serious, just a little harmless flirting and fun… but its gotten me some really nice gifts over the years. And when it comes to my career… forget it! Combine my brains and savvy with these looks and its almost not fair! What I’ve also discovered is that there is a certain role that we attractive women have… almost an unwritten law that dictates a job we have to do for all women… all humanity even! We must squash the egos of overly conceited men! You know the type - the kind that thinks he’s all that, that any woman should drop to her knees and blow him on command. Like I said before, I’ve never really reveled in hurting anyone - but I’ve certainly embarrassed a few. There is a certain look these men get in their eyes when you crush their egos that just puts me on cloud nine! Usually with a public snide comment or laughing in their face when they approach you with no class. I once had a man insist on the tired “throwing the jacket on the puddle” routine. He was a complete ass… so I walk on it, paused as the dirty water soaked into his expensive sport coat, wiped my fet for goot measure, and then… stole the cab he thought we would share. Youy should have sen the mortified look on his face as I drove off and the people around him laughed and pointed. Up until recently, that was my “top play”. Not anymore!

So anyway every good story has a villain and this one has a few. The first time I ever realized how much I could REALLY enjoy watching a man squirm was with Ben Frost. Ben was the kind of sales person everyone hates. He was real pushy, real cocky, and spoke with a tone of cheesy one-liners like a bad infomercial. There is only one real company that makes the types of equipment I sell other then my own employer. In many areas they are killing us… not in mine! My competitor brought Ben in town from New York because… well.. quite frankly I was kicking their assess. I was closing all the major accounts and they needed to find some way to compete. This was their best salesman in the nation and he was brought in to “take me down” . I saw him waiting at a client of mine’s office. I walked over to introduce myself and he said - “I know who you are. You’re the bitch that used to be top dog around here. Well, your reign is over sister.! I’m the new sheriff in town and this is a whole new ball game!” With that he slapped my hand away - the one I had extended in friendship and stood there smirking, black hair greased back.

“New sheriff?”….”whole new ball game?”… who talks like that? Then, he sat in his convertible white Mercedes and looked my way. “Maybe one day you can have a car like this…. But I doubt it! Not after wht I’ll do to your sales!“ Then he drove off. Never mind the fact I have TWO Mercedes and a BMW. How would he know? What an arrogant ass! At that moment I wanted him crushed. Not just to outsell him, but CRUSH him. So, I did. I continued to dominate the sales in the area, but now I focused on taking his accounts away. His predecessor wasn’t very good but he was polite. This guys was a complete jerk! So one by one, I stole all of his clients. His business shrunk, and shrunk, and shrunk until he was virtually business-less. There were two rumors on the street. 1) this clown was about to get fired. Everyone was laughing behind his back and to his face that I was eating him alive and he couldn’t do a damn thing. Whenever he saw me he was always real nasty with me. Jealousy at its worst. I shed no tears for his imminent dismissal.. Rumor 2) the largest hospital in the state was looking to purchase a ton of cardiovascular equipment. The kind that only two companies sell - Mine and Ben’s. We would be competing head to head for the largest deal either one of us had ever seen. If I got it, tons of bonus dollars and another #1 finish were certain. For him, it MIGHT save his job. Only one problem for little Ben…the head of cardiology was a former client of mine with another hospital and we were quite friendly. In fact, we had just had dinner together the other night.

Dr. White called me up to set an appointment. The day that I arrived I wore my power suit - look good/ feel good, right? I had on a silky smooth, form fitting black skirt suit with a semi low cut top under the jacket. It was a sunny day, so I wore my Gucci sunglasses and my Gucci stilettos to match. My nude pantyhose completed the power look. I sauntered into her office and sat down. After some pleasantries we got down to business and brokered the deal. It was all but finished when the secretary buzzed.

“Dr. White, your next appointment is here”, she said through the intercom.

Looking somewhat embarrassed, Dr. White mumbled that she had lost track of time and didn’t realize her next appointment was about to start… with my competitor… Bob. “Well,” she said “we can send him away cause the deal is yours.” she said.

I smiled and said, “To be fair, shouldn’t you at least hear him out. He drove all this way”

“He’s a clown” she replied. “You should hear him on the phone. So pushy and arrogant… and the way he speaks to my staff! “

I giggled at our mutual disdain for this man. Then I informed her not to worry. In fact, he would likely be gone soon. If he didn’t get this deal, I told her, he was toast.

Dr. White, a fairly attractive woman for her age (she just turned 50 and was in great shape) smiled and raised an eyebrow. “You mean he is desperate for this deal?”

“Desperate!” I confirmed. “In fact, a close friend of mine that works with him says that the conditions of his relocation package have him paying back his company for the expenses incurred to bring him here. He hasn’t made any money, so he’s more or less been only receiving a draw… which is being garnished!. His precious baby… his Mercedes may be re-possessed!”

Dr White smiled. “Let’s have a little fun with him then” She had an evil look in her eye. She buzzed him in and Bob walked in carrying his briefcase. When he saw me sitting there his eyes lit up. Part surprise part anger, he waited for me to stand up and leave. When I didn’t, he spoke. “What is she doing here?”

“Bob”, Dr. White started “I’ve asked Candice to come pitch her product as well. I need the best product and the best price. So sit down and show me what you’ve got.” It was a little unorhtodixed to have competitors both present, but Bob sat down and started his presentation. True to his personality, Bob spent the next 20 minutes not some much trying to sell his product but discredit mine! He did all but get up and slap me as he talked down me, my company, my products, and then offered what he thought would be a good price!

I was furious, but before I could speak Dr. White said. “Bob, that sounds decent but I think I’m going with Candice.” Bob looked scared and panicky.. Then angry. He cut his price some more… and then a third time. When Dr. White didn’t budge, he started to get borderline nasty with her. Then, as a last result… he started to beg.

“I’m sorry” she said “but I just like Candice’s products better. And, quite honestly, I like her better as well. You’re just not a nice person. You have no humility!”

“I… I … I can be humble! Please help me… I NEED this deal”

I’ll never forget what happened next! Dr. White pointed to the floor. “On your knees”

Bob froze. Did the head of cardiology at the state’s largest hospital just tell him to beg for her business… on his knees… and in front of his top competition? He paused and had a look in his eyes of disbelief. “Do you really want this business?”

Bob slipped out of his chair and got on two knees by Dr. White’s desk. I couldn’t help but giggle and he looked at me with a nasty look… but one slightly mixed with humiliation.

“Please Doctor. Please give me this deal… I can really be of great service!”

Dr. White smiled. “Of great service, huh? Lets see!” With that, she swung her chair sideways and motioned for him to crawl around the desk to be in front of her. She pushed forward so that he was in plain sight for me to see as well. Then, she crossed her legs and caught the heel of her shoe with the toe of the other. As her shoe hit the floor she extended her pant leg with the blue nyloned foot extended towards the kneeling Bob. “Then be of good service! Rub my feet. Rub the feet of a tired doctor if you are so humble and of such good service!” Bob swallowed hard but did not move. He looked at her, then looked at me. I was smiling brightly… amused at the dismantling of this jerk’s ego.

“Please.. I really need this deal!”

“You better do a good job then, huh?”

Bob turned bright red and then in front of his top competitor he stooped to a new low. He grasped her stockinged foot and started to rub. “Come on Bob”, Dr. White started “I thought you wanted this deal!” Bob started rubbing a little harder. Dr. White started to give orders - “Use your thumbs on my sole more…. Mmm that’s nice…. Tug on my toes…. More pressure on that spot” Bob obeyed like a good little foot masseuse. I periodically giggled and each time he would shoot me a nasty but embarrassed look. Dr. White was enjoying giving me such a show while using this fool for our amusement. Then she smelt blood in the water and went in for the kill!

“Bob, describe to me what my feet feel like”. Bob just stared at her with a dumb look on his face. “Tell me about my feet.” Silence. “Well, are they soft?

“Um.. Sort of…”

“Where are they not soft?”

“Well… its hard on the heel… and on the outside of the big toe…”

“What else?” Dr. White said, starting to giggle at the task she had given him. “What comes to mind as you rub my foot?”


Both Dr. White and I broke out laughing! “Seriously, tell me about my feet!” With that, she re-crossed her legs and kicked off her other shoe, extending her newly exposed foot to Bob. He dejectedly grabbed her other foot and started rubbing.

“Damp” he said. “Your feet are damp.” Then he continued to describe her feet to her as he rubbed her feet … hoping against hope for the deal! Dr. White listened to him describe the task of rubbing her feet and then, when he was done, she started making small talk with me. For the next 20 minutes, Bob knelt and rubbed her feet while we chatted about pleasant things.

Eventually the conversation turned to shoes. Peeking down she commented that she LOVED my Guccis. I repled that they looked great but weren’t broken in yet. “They’re killing my feet!”

Then, it happened. Dr. White asked - “Would you like a foot massage?”

I was tempted to say no. How could I really humiliate him anymore. Had he had enough? Then, he looked at me with such hatred in his eyes. All my distaste for this man came rushing back. “I’d love one!”

Dr. White reached down and grabbed Bob by the jaw with one hand and looked into his eyes! “You go over there and rub her feet like your career depends on it… because it might!” Then, in a humiliating act of dismissal, she placed her stockinged sole on the side of Bob’s face and shoved him in my direction. As he crawled towards me with a fearful and embarrassed look in his eyes, I knew this was going to top the “jacket on the puddle” story.

Chapter 2

The sight of Bob crawling across the floor in his expensive suit got me excited. I wanted him crushed but even I couldn’t have imagined this scenario! His face, bright red with embarrassment, contrasted with his greasy black hair. When he was directly in front of me I extended my foot. He couldn’t look me in the eye. He was in such a low place emotionally. I wiggled my foot in his face and told him to take my shoe off adding “Be careful! It costs more than your whole outfit!” He paused, obviously weighing his options and taking an audit of his pride.

He stared at my foot. For a second, I didn’t think he’d do it. Then Dr. White gave him a swift kick in the butt, which was conveniently right in front of her. “Rub her feet, damnit!” she snapped. That was it. The thought of losing this deal seemed to force his next move as he slowly unstrapped each of my expensive heels and gently placed them on the floor. He sat at my feet with his legs folded. He placed one foot in his lap and took the other one in his hands. Then, he started to firmly massage my foot. This pampering was just what the doctor ordered… no pun intended! My tired foot felt wonderful as his thumbs pressed firmly into my sole and his strong hands slid all over my stockinged foot. To my surprise, he was quite good at this! However, he never looked at my face. He stared at my foot, too ashamed to make eye contact. I felt the need to make his humiliation complete. I wiggled my foot out of his hands and placed my toes under his chin. I lifted his head, forcing him to look at me in the eyes. Then, I smiled the widest and brightest smile I possibly could. The smile clearly meant “look at you now!”

Then he really pissed me off. He turned even redder, but this time it was clearly out of anger and he mouthed the words “Fuck you bitch” slowly and deliberately so I could clearly understand. I wanted to both have the last laugh and shut him up, so I placed my stockinged toes on his mouth and “Sshhh”ed him! Infuriated at this disrespect, he slapped my foot away violently. Instinctively I kicked him swiftly in the face. The ball of my foot popped him in the mouth, snapping his head back. He looked angrily at me and then seemed to remember his circumstance. He continued his angry stare but did not retaliate. I realized at that moment that I had him! I had just kicked him in the face and he had just chosen to eat it! I really started to feel high on myself now. Perhaps I was enjoying the moment more than I thought I would!

“Didn’t like my foot in your face huh?” I asked.

He shook his head no in disgust.

“Too bad” I laughed. Then I firmly replaced my foot in his face with my toes on his lips again. This time, he just accepted it. “Now… kiss my toes and apologize for hitting me.” With my toes pressing against his lips he stared into my eyes. I can’t fully place the look he gave me. It was a mix of various and conflicting emotions – one that simultaneously expressed anger and hatred while also showing defeat and humiliation… with just a mix of pleading. Although I knew the desperation of the moment for him, I was still amusingly surprised when his lips gently kissed the toes against his lips. I watched my French Pedicured toes bob slightly as his lips pressed into them.

“I’m sorry” he mumbled into my foot.

“That’s better. Now, I’m going to keep my foot on your face so you can remember your place while you massage my other one. I want you to keep kissing it, ok?” He nodded his head in acknowledgment of his humiliating marching orders.

Dr. White laughed and said with an amused smirk, “And I thought I was bad! You’re too much!”

I pushed my foot into his face a little more as I got comfortable, resting the ball of my foot against his mouth and forcing his nostrils into my toe crevices. I wanted him to experience it all. Feel my sweaty foot against his lips, smell the faint smell emanating from between my toes. Truth be told, I knew my feet probably smelled more like new shoe leather than anything else… and that was fine too. “Smell the expensive shoes that I’ve bought with the money earned by crushing you!” I thought. He started to kiss the ball of my foot. The sight of this man who had been so rude to me and had vowed to crush me sitting at my feet and kissing my foot as I pressed my warm sweaty stockinged toes into his nose gave me a burst of naughty pleasure… a real sense of power!

For the next fifteen minutes my arch rival sat and massaged my foot. Well, maybe not my arch rival. Truth be told, he was a fool… a bug squashed under my shoe! I took his clients at will and had reduced him to this – humiliating himself in front of me and his biggest potential client just to save his job. But, I was HIS arch rival for sure. As I felt him kissing my sweaty foot and sighed at the relief his strong hands gave the other one, I wondered how all this made him feel. What a loser! Crush me? Ha… smell my foot… that’s right, kiss it bitch! All kinds of self indulgent thoughts raced through my head as I enjoyed total victory.

As he rubbed and kissed away, I spoke pleasantly with Dr. White. We covered family, friends, favorite restaurants… all while he rubbed and kissed my feet like it was the most natural thing in the world. When Dr. White signaled her time was almost up I had him put my shoes back on. He dug into his bag and pulled out a contract. He wrote it up quickly and gave her the best price he had to offer. He straightened his suit and tried to look professional, as if he had not just been relegated to our foot rubbing fool only minutes before! Placing the contract in front of Dr. White he handed her a gold pen. She looked briefly through the contract and then at him. He looked confident, but as the moments passed and she didn’t’ sign it, he started to look slightly panicked. Then, she handed me the contract and asked me what I thought. Now he looked deeply troubled. I flipped through it and then dropped it on the floor. I stood up and stepped forward, standing on the contract with both feet. “I can do better” I offered. I reached into my briefcase and pulled out a contract that I had already prepared. Flipping to the price page, I cut his deal by $1 and handed her the paper.

Bob looked frantic now! He dropped to his knees at my feet and started tugging on the contract. I dug in my heels, and my expensive Gucci stilettos pierced two holes through the paper as if it were bitten by a vampire. He pulled on the paper harshly and it started to tear. He was borderline screaming now. “Get off of my contract. This is my deal! This isn’t fair! This isn’t fair” I loved every minute!! He looked up at me. His eyes were welling up. I knew he saw his entire career falling apart. He pleaded with me to let him have the deal! He shouted “What about all that I just did! I rubbed both your feet! I kissed…!” He couldn’t bring himself to say the rest.

Dr. White looked down at him and said “She cut your price. Can you go lower?”

“How much?” he asked.


He looked up at me with resentment in his eyes! He couldn’t go lower. He didn’t have the power. As it was he probably cut deep into his profits. “I need to call my boss…” He was truly pathetic now. He didn’t have the authority to go lower by $1? He was about to lose the biggest deal of his life!

“I don’t have time for that.” Dr White replied. She was… as was I… reveling in his humiliation and desperation.

He pulled out his cell phone and frantically dialed his boss. “Hello? Josh, hey its Bob…”

I snatched the phone from his hands. Putting the phone on speaker I reached down and slid it under my foot. You see, I had on some strappy sling backs and I firmly inserted the phone under my foot in between my heel and the shoe. Bob didn’t know what to do! With his boss on the phone and the deal slipping away he didn’t have time to fight with me. I almost peed on myself trying to hold in the laughter as he dropped to the floor and tried to continue the conversation with his boss – shouting into my foot!

“Hello Bob? Bob, you there?” his boss’ muffled voiced said from under my foot.

Bob, in a pseudo push-up position spoke to my foot. “Yeah.. yeah.. I need clearance to…”

“You sound muffled…”

Bob looked up at me as I smiled back down at him. He placed his foot up against the back of my heel with his lips grazing my foot and shouted into the phone. “Must be a bad connection… anyway…” He proceeded to explain that he needed clearance to go lower than the agreed upon low-ball offer.

His boss, not aware that he was on speaker, tore into Bob. He went on and on about how disappointed he was, how I had been creaming him, how this deal was so important and he better not mess things up. Then, finally, he gave him the clearance. Dr. White and I were grinning wildly as we watched him on the floor and listened to him get berated by his boss for being a failure… a sound that was emanating from my shoe!

After his boss hung up he turned to Dr. White and said “I can go lower!” Then he reached down to get the contract from under my feet. It was the only one he brought! Stupid ass!

As if he could tell what I was thinking, he looked at me and asked “Do you really need this deal?”

I shrugged nonchalantly. “No”

His eyes locked with mine and they welled up with tears. “PLEASE!!!” He kept tugging on the contract that I stood on. I looked on with amusement as he spun pathetically out of control in desperation. He dove at Dr. White’s feet. He ripped off her shoes and started planting kisses on her blue nyloned feet. He kept kissing her feet and saying “please… please… I need this deal… please” His eyes kept welling up. I couldn’t wait to see him cry!

“Oohh” Dr. White blurted out surprised at this last move. “Keep doing that.. that feels nice” Bob kept planting gentle kisses on her feet. She lifted them to his face and he started kissing the bottoms. His lips feverishly dotted her soles with kisses. His dignity was long gone. He was now a feverish, desperate mess. I was amazed as this once snobby and well put together man unraveled in front of my eyes. Yet, I was amused and proud of my role in it all. THIS was what it meant to destroy an enemy.

Then, in the ultimate sign of disrespect – as he lay at her feet kissing them at her request, she signed MY contract using HIS gold pen. It was over. He had lost. Lost the deal, lost his dignity, and pretty much lost his career. He dropped his head in shame. Then, he slowly stood up and straightened out his suit. He looked like a man who had gone temporarily insane and was now trying to regain his dignity. He straightened his tie and collected his things. He moved in silence, unable to say anything to make this seem right. His red eyes were providing a constant stream of tears as he wept silently. He walked up to me. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Then he politely said “Do you mind?” pointing to the floor. I stepped off of his contract as he picked up the ripped and dirty papers. My shoe print and heel scuffs decorating his best chance at saving his job. Still kneeling down he looked at his phone still trapped in my shoe. I let my foot dangle in the air, giving him the chance to take his phone. He reached his hand in-between my foot and my shoe and collected it. Then, he stood up and walked out of the room and closed the door behind him. No sooner had he left, than we both bust out laughing hysterically at the events of the last twenty minutes. We were so loud that I was certain he had to hear us as he did the walk of shame down the hall.

That deal indeed put me over the top and I enjoyed another year as the #1 salesperson. Another great year! As for Bob, I thought that our little episode would have humbled him a little. In fact, it had the opposite approach. He ran his mouth slandering me all over town with all kinds of untruths. He even started some nasty rumors about Dr. White. I was furious when I heard this, but I was still crushing his business and I knew in only a little while he’d be gone!

However, as I said the little incident was the BEGINNING of our story. As fate would have it, Bob indeed got fired. The word on the street was that he was an obnoxious jerk and that he had been crushed head to head by yours truly. Therefore, he couldn’t find a job. That is, until someone in my division quit. Out of work and deep in debt, he was forced to interview for the spot. Desperate for help, he had to swallow his pride and ask… no BEG.. me for a reference. I wonder how that made him feel? I confronted him about his continued lies and slander. He had nothing of value to add. So, I asked him to give me $1000 and he did. It was probably his rent money! Loser! Well, long story short, with my help he got the job.

Now let me explain how my company works. All new employees are on a probation period. They get hooked up with a sponsor and must work their sponsor’s area. We give them a decent base salary, but they are not eligible for any bonus. Thy are mainly working to make money for their sponsor. The probation period lasts at least 2 years and can be longer if they need more time to learn the ropes. An experienced person like Bob can work off probation much quicker… IF their sponsor gives them an “excellent” at their year end review. And guess who was assigned to be Bob’s sponsor? HA!!! You should have seen the look on his face when he found out!

Just to ensure he stayed hungry and humble I talked my boss into low-balling him on his salary. And when he started to work my area I assigned him Dr. White’s account. You should have seen the look on HER face when I marched him into her office and explained the situation.

“So… he’s your little bitch for the year.. maybe more?”

“I guess you could say so.” I smiled.

“So..” Bob said trying to pretend this was a clean start and he hadn’t been humiliated a as he lost his job in this very spot months before. “What can I do to maintain this account to your greatest level of satisfaction.”

Dr. White looked him in the eye and stated “I will never drop this account. I love the products quality and I have a great relationship with Candice. However, as your largest client I know that your company will solicit my feedback as part of your review to get off of probation. So, do you want to explain why you’ve been ripping me apart all over town trying to soil my reputation?” Bob had nothing to say. He started to sweat and smiled a nervous smile. “So, here’s the deal. If you want to get my support to keep your job you must accept my terms. Monday mornings at 6 am I report to the hospital. I have a staff meeting at 6:15. You will save me the trip to the coffee shop by waiting her for me rain or shine with a large coffee, two sugars, 1 cream, and a raisin bagel.”

“But I live across town..” Bob started.

“Oh well.” Dr. White replied. “Now, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings I do my paperwork. As you might imagine, I have a ton of work that pile sup. You will show up here at 6:15 pm with 1 glass of red Cabernet from my favorite vineyard in Napa. While I do my work for the hour or so it takes, you will crawl under my desk and massage my feet while I work and sip my wine. Do you accept these terms?”

Bob stared at the floor in shame. He was determined to look for a new job with every available second he had. But for now… this was it. He nodded in submission. I was impressed and slightly surprised at how quickly and easily Dr. White snatched his manhood from him. My mind started to race as I thought of all the ways I could do the dame thing! If I was going to have a little bitch who needed to keep me happy, then I might as well enjoy some extra privileges!
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Default Re: Femdom Stories of mine

Next story from John Blaze. Any of the readers who have ever attempted writing stories will understand the worth of the below story.

Story Name: Temple of Athena
Author: John Blaze

Chapter 1

The massive ocean of men moved like a locust cloud through the fields. Dark from days walking through the sun, the tough looking men were fearsome in appearance. Never mind the fact that there were 10,000 of them. To look at just five of them could cause a soldier to flee. They were dressed in leather tunics. Their large shields were strapped to their backs and long swords or battle axes hung at their sides. It seemed that none of them was shorter than 6’3” or weighed less then 250lbs. Hairy, muscular, and bearded each man looked every bit the fearsome warrior. The horde of invaders approached Greece after days of travel and they were blood thirsty. At the front of the army rode the 5 brothers affectionately known as “The Pride”. They named themselves after a pride of five ferocious lions they had studies in Africa during an earlier exploit. Like those lions, they were all brothers with less than 7 years separating the oldest from the youngest. And like those lions, they were always looking to expand their territory. Their quest for power and land had brought them right to the door step of Greece.

Atop the mountain ahead they could see a shining white and gold structure. As they approached closer, they noticed it looked like a palace. Theokles, the ruler of his land and the head of this mighty army looked at his brothers and wondered aloud what the structure was.

“That is the Temple of Athena, brother. The Greeks worship her for many reasons. They believe she is their protector and she is their goddess of wisdom. She is also said to be a skilled warrior.”

Theokles smiled broadly and said “Where there is a temple dedicated to a goddess there are many priestesses. Many VIRGIN priestesses!” He motioned for his brothers to ride up next to him and he told them his plan. “Let the men rest here and set up camp. We’ve been marching for days. We will take our 100 best men and sack the temple. We will ravage the women and loot the treasures of the temple! It will be a great release for the men and a strict forewarning to the Greeks of what is to come!”

Hours later the maidens of the temple had no idea of the approaching danger! Fifty young women with soft ivory white skin walked around the temple tending to its various needs and performing their daily rituals. They all had long, beautiful flowing hair and wore loose white cloaks. These women were raised from birth to serve Athena. Picked by the age of 3, young girls were taught the ways of being a priestess and protected from any other form of work. At age 18, they were sent away to the temple to live out their next 12 years. At the age of 30, they would return to teach the next batch of young girls. And so the cycle went on for generations. This resulted in 2 things: 1) very skilled and dedicated priestesses and 2) a flock of 50 18-29 year old virgins who were pure of spirit while beautiful in flesh! Any man would be lucky to have them, but all knew that these women “belonged” to Athena and the law forbid any sexual contact or marriage. No man would be dumb enough to risk death under the law or risk showing disrespect to Athena. None, that is, except the oncoming 105 warriors.

The five brothers rode their horses right up the front stairs to the temple and their one hundred best warriors followed closely on foot. When they noticed the approaching men the priestesses rushed to lock the gates but it was too late. The five brothers rode through the front gate.

The head priestess (the eldest and most senior woman – 28 years old) shouted in anger “You cannot enter here! No man is allowed! And certainly not any horses! You defile Athena’s temple and you insult the goddess!”

The laughter of 100 men filled the temple and enraged the priestess. The youngest brother of the five, Oclaphius, hopped down from his horse. The large man walked towards the priestess and slapped her viciously across the face. She fell to the ground bleeding and he stared down at her with lust in his eyes. “You will KNOW defilement in a few seconds woman!” Oclaphius was a much feared member of this army. As one of its leaders, he believed in rape as a powerful psychological weapon and would often be the first to take a woman by force, setting off what would often turn into a multiple day display of savage brutality leaving entire villages of women demolished! “Do you know who I am?”

The priestess looked up and shook her head “no” in fear and anger.

“I am Oclaphius!” Reveling in the look of fear on her face when she heard his name, he laughed a hearty laugh and stated to loosen his clothes.

“You cannot take me on the steps of the temple… in front of Athena’s statue!”

A third brother, Marcus, now hopped down from his horse. “To hades with the goddess and to hades with you all! With that, he wiped his feet on the marble floor in an act of disrespect. The war boots were filthy and left dirty scuff marks all over the meticulously cleaned marble stone floor.

The priestess continued her pleas and warnings, “You defile the goddess with your horses and your boots. You defile the temple if you perform violent acts against Athena’s priestesses! You…”

Oclaphius kicked the women in the chest as she lay at his feet. “Shut your mouth woman!”

The fourth oldest brother, Diaphus, now slid from his horse. Looking down he noticed one of the horses had defecated on the ground. Walking over to it and picking up a large clump with his bare hand, he hurled it at the gold and ivory statue of Athena. It struck the statue in the face, slid down over her shoulder and off to the side…leaving a brown trail of filth on the statue. “How’s THAT for defilement?” The uproar of laughter was deafening. Most of the priestesses were trembling, some were crying, but all were praying to Athena for help!

Finally the fifth brother, Serekles, shouted out “Let the fun begin! And when we are done, let us destroy this place as a symbol to Athens that their protector is worthless! Let us carve our own likenesses into these walls instead!” Again, more shouts of triumph and laughter.

Suddenly thunder could be heard loudly. The men looked all around but the sky was blue and the sun was high and bright in the sky. The thunder continued and got louder and louder. Soon smoke filled the surrounding area and no one could see. Then, within seconds it was all gone. Standing in front of the army of men was an athletic looking woman. She stood about 5’8 and wore a helmet for war, carried a spear in her right hand and a shield in her left. She had a short dagger hanging from her waist and her loose fitting white garment stopped mid-thigh and exposed her athletic but incredibly feminine legs. On her feet, all she wore were “gladiator” sandals.

Some of the hundred were frightened at what had just happened. All of the priestesses were trembling. The woman took off her helmet and long, silky blond hair dropped down to the middle of her back. When she spoke her voice carried power in an unnatural way. “I am Athena. You have defiled my temple and my priestess. An example must be made.”

Some of the hundred began to back up trembling, but the bold five stood their ground.

Theokles shouted in defiance, “I don’t care who or what you are! If you breathe, you will bleed… and you will die!” Looking back over his shoulder he shouted, “Men… have you ever stuck your manhood into a goddess?” Reinvigorated by their general’s bravado, the 100 shouted out in a mix of defiance and rage!

Athena flung her spear to the side and her shield to the other. “Daughters, come stand behind me”. 49 of the priestesses ran behind Athena offering her prayers and thanks. The head priestess however, still lie hurt and bleeding at the feet of Oclaphius. He put his boot on her back pinning her to the ground and smiled “This one is mine!”

With a motion of his sword, Theokles signaled the hundred to charge the goddess. They ran forward screaming. Athena whispered her next words, but each man heard them loudly in his ears even above the screams. “You have been incredibly insolent towards me and my temple. I will allow none of you dignity. Whether you die or live, I will dishonor you all.” She pulled out her dagger and walked forward.

It was a sight to behold as the beautiful, young (looking) woman with nothing on but a white garment and some sandals literally mowed down the first 10 men to approach her. She moved with inhuman quickness at first. Stepping and weaving in-between the large sword swings. Then, she started to lay them down. 1 by 1 she took them out and true to her word she was intentionally disrespectful in their deaths. The first to die was a large man. As he swung his sword with both hands she caught his wrist with her free hand and with only one arm stopped all of his momentum. Looking directly into his eyes she spit in his face. Her spittle ate away at his face like acid and he fell to the ground writhing in agony at her feet until so much of his face was gone that he went into shock and passed away. She stepped on his dead body, giving it no more thought than stepping on a rug, and continued to walk forward. Two men then attacked her at the same time and with a lightning fast strike, she slit both of their throats with a single sweep of her dagger. Both men fell to the ground clasping their bleeding throats and their final sensations were a foot on their faces. Stepping up on both heads and stood on them as they died beneath the thin soles of her sandals. As the two men died, choking on their own blood beneath her feet, 2 more men attacked her. This time, actual lightning struck them just as they were about to reach her, they fell to their knees in agony roughly 2 meters in front of her. She walked the lengths of the two dead bodies she was standing on and stood in front of the kneeling men. She removed one sandal and ripped it into two pieces. She shoved the front half into the mouth of one and the heel half into the mouth of the other. So, kneeling before the goddess and slowly dying from lightning strikes, they were forced to taste the dirt and sweat from her shoe. The sweat from the goddess’s foot was 10,000 times more potent than that of a normal human. So, the two men knelt dying, unable to move and sucking on the overwhelming taste of Athena’s foot.

Five more men charged her. The first man to reach her was slapped across the face with the back of her hand with such force that he fell to the ground. Stepping on the side of his face with her foot (the one that still had a sandal on), she applied pressure and started to crush his facial features. The gut wrenching screams were accompanied by the sounds of bones breaking and teeth being crushed. As she stood grinding her foot as if on a bug atop the screaming man’s head, two of the other five lunged at her. She stabbed each one in the gut with her dagger. Her actions were so fast they were almost invisible to the naked eye. Each man felt a pain, but by the time he looked down he saw her standing there, smiling at them with her dagger dripping with blood. Each looked down to see a bloody wound in his abdominals and collapsed to the floor. As they lay dying, she repeated her earlier action of removing her shoe and tearing it in two, shoving the pieces into their mouths as a final insult. Only this time, the the foot sweat of the goddess was mixed with the blood of their comrade since the shoe had been used to crush his face like a piece of fruit. They each died with their eyes open and the look of disgust frozen on their faces from the incredibly salty tasting shoe they had been forced to suck on with their last ounces of energy. The fifth attacker of this second batch had gotten behind her and lunged at her with all of his might. Sensing his presence, her foot shot backwards into his scrotum, immediately causing him to collapse to his knees at her rear. As he was on his knees behind her, Athena lifted her garment and exposed the most beautiful bare ass he had ever seen. Even in his extreme pain, he was lustful. Then, he heard a light hissing sound followed by the most fragrant and beautiful smell he had ever experienced. It was sweeter than any perfume he had smelt on a woman in his life. At that moment, he became keenly aware that the goddess was passing gas directly into his face. As the fragrant smell filled his lungs, he found he could no longer breath. He started choking and grabbed in vain at his throat. She let her garment fall once again covering herself and the soldier dropped to the floor dying at her feet, choking on … well… her fart.

True to her word, she had dispatched of the first ten attackers in humiliating ways… and with tremendous ease. The 90 other soldiers froze in their tracks. For the first time they were afraid. Simultaneously, the priestesses all cheered the deaths of the first ten from their safe spectator positions behind Athena.

The ninety once fierce soldiers stepped backwards for every step forward she took. Eventually, one of the younger ones shouted out “We cannot fight a goddess!” and he turned to flee. However, when he reached the front gates he slammed into something and fell. Some sort of force field was blocking the exit… he was locked in… he was trapped!

Athena called out to the frightened and panicking men. “Only one of you will be permitted to leave here alive. Which of you will it be?”

The young one who had tried to flee sprinted forward and dropped at her feet. “Me! Please, let me go!”

“How old are you?” she asked.

“Twenty one years old” he said trembling, staring at the ground at her feet as he knelt.

“I see your thoughts… your memories. For one so young you have done a great many evil things! You are very vain. Do you think you are a beautiful man?”

“Y… yes”. He told her the truth, figuring she could read his thoughts anyway. Indeed, he had always gotten many women with his good looks.

The young man started crying. His comrades, though many of them were also frightened, cursed him for a coward! Athena beckoned for 10 of her priestesses to come over to where the young man was kneeling. Immediately, ten of the young women ran over They were no longer afraid… they were vindicated. Athena lifted her foot to the man’s chest and pushed him over onto his back. “Hold him down and hold his head still” she told the 10 women. As the man lay on his back four women went and stood on his right arm and four women went and stood on his left arm. Then two women knelt and held his head steady with his face looking up at the sky. The man was scared, but comforted that he would be allowed to leave alive. The eight women who stood on him looked down into his scared face with satisfaction. He was one of the men who had come to rape and kill them, now he was beneath their feet. Having spent an entire life in complete servitude to the goddess, each of them now experienced a kind of power that they never knew before as they looked down at their bare feet pinning this frightened man to the ground.

Athena stepped onto his chest and looked down at him. Then, as the two priestesses held his head still, she lifted her left foot and stepped forward. Her dainty foot covered his face. Her bare heel pressing into his mouth, her arch crushing his nose down, the ball of her foot resting on his eyes and brow and her toes on his forehead. She applied pressure, stepping forward until her entire foot pressed firmly against his face. Then, the man started to feel some heat. Subtle at first, her foot was heating up. Within a few moments the sole of her foot was white hot as if it were a piece of metal that a mason were forging into a sword in the fire. A sizzling sound could be heard as the man screamed out. The two women holding his head had to look away as they could see his skin frying off around the edges of the goddess’s foot. They tried to avoid the smell of his burnt flesh. His face made a sizzling sound like bacon on a hot skillet… although, they could hardly hear it over the man’s agonizing screams. He continued to cry out into the sole of Athena’s burning hot foot until she saw fit to step off of his face. The other women stepped off of his arms and the two women let go of his head.

For the next few moments everyone around was frozen looking at this man roll around on the floor screaming in pain. “My face… my face… what have you done to my face!”

Athena walked over to the cowering man and touched him with the tip of her dagger. “Heal.” She commanded him.

His pain started to slowly subside as the mangled and burnt flesh “healed” itself. Of course, heal was a relative turn. The skin stopped bleeding and the burnt pieces that were hanging from his face fell off. But, his charred face did not return to normal. Instead permanently charred into his face was a perfect black print of Athena’s sole. Dead center of his face, covering it from chin to forehead and complete with five dainty toe prints across his forehead was a perfect indentation of her foot. Since her sole had been pressing down on his nose, his nose was fused flat into his face. The print was a slight indentation, as if her foot had both burned his face and sunken slightly into it. Because his nose was flattened back into his face, he was forced to breathe through his mouth and he could not smell anything.

“I let you live” Athena started, “to walk the rest of your days bearing my mark. Now go, tell your legions across the field that your comrades are gone forever and they should turn around and leave Greece or face the same fate.”

The remaining men looked at the horribly disfigured face of their comrade with anger, shame, disgust…but mostly with fear. The young priestesses, once terrified of both the soldiers and Athena, now were reveling at being on the “winning side”. They pointed, laughed, and mocked the man with a footprint for a face. The once “beautiful” man caught his reflection in the shield of Athena laying on the floor and started to weep, even as the loud sound of female laughter filled his ears. Athena walked up to him and looked him in the eyes. Then, she punched him in the gut. He immediately collapsed at the feet of the goddess from the unusually strong blow. He was in the fetal position at her feet. She stepped behind him, cocked her right leg back, and kicked him square in the rear. Now, obviously, American football would not exist for thousands of years. However, the top of her foot stuck the balled up man in his buttocks and send him soaring out of the temple in a manner that could only be described as a “punt!”

The force of the blow from her foot shattered his tailbone, crushed his hamstrings and buttocks muscles on both sides, and caused internal bleeding in his intestines. A few minutes later, he came flying in through the air and crashed center camp among the 10,000 soldiers. A few men came running over to see what had just landed. They recognized the clothes of their comrade and tried to help him up. Unable to walk or stand do the crushing kick from the goddess, he crawled in the dirt and shouted for all to hear. “Run! Turn and run! We have angered the gods themselves and we cannot win! Our leaders and brothers are dead! Leave this land!”

“What happened to your face?”

“It is an evil gift from the goddess Athena. Her footprint on my face for the rest of my days! Let it serve as a warning to all of you!” At that exact moment, although the sky was blue and the sun was hot, lightning struck every single tent in the camp setting them on fire.

From the lookout atop the temple, one of the women shouted down. “The soldiers are mobilizing…. It looks like they are in a hasty retreat! All hail Athena!” The priestesses shouted out cries of triumph! With that call out, the remaining men in the temple all felt a sense of hopelessness and abandonment that they had never felt before.

Chapter 2: The fate of Oclapheus

Athena looked at Oclaphius who was still standing with his boot defiantly pinning down the high priestess. “I am granting you and your brothers immortality. None of you will ever die an earthly death. You are now immortal!” The brothers were confused by this seeming act of kindness. Obviously not trusting her motives, they all drew their swords in anticipation of a fight. “You” she continued pointing at Oclapheus, “You have ravaged many women for your pleasure. Your fate will be to spend eternity as an object of pleasure for my priestesses. Until now, all of these women have been deprived from the joys of feminine pleasure. From this day forward, that will be your job!”

Oclaphius smiled and thought to himself, “Now that’s a punishment I can take!”

A long stone table appeared next to Athena. She beckoned him over and he kicked the high priestess aside as he went to receive his “punishment”. When he stood in front of the goddess, towering over her in her current form, he smiled a wicked smile at the beautiful woman. Did she want a sample?

She ripped his clothes from his body and he stood naked with his large manhood starting to stir as it prepared for a romp with a goddess. Then, with a quick strike of the dagger, she castrated him. All of his sexual organs fell to the ground. Before he could cry out in pain, the pain was gone. He was immediately healed… but his sexual organs lie on the floor at Athena’s feet. She stepped forward and drushed them. Before his eyes they melted away from under her foot and vanished. There he stood… a newly created eunuch! The tiny woman grabbed the large man by the throat and slammed him down on the table with one arm… a sight to behold. As she held the frightened man there with her hand, he started to “blend” with the table. Within moments, his body was perfectly and permanently affixed to the table and it blended into the marble. Only his head was left protruding up. Athena touched him on his face and pushed it downward. His head sank into the table so that only his face from his ears forward were visible. Then she touched his lips. She gave him two special abilities. His tongue was now 4 times as long and could protrude out of his head at least 9 inches and thicken to 4 times the size as well. On the command of any of the priestesses, it could be hardened like a rod of iron! And she touched the tip of his nose making it so that if it touched any orifice of a woman, it would cause sensations that caused her to shake with pleasure. So it was that she made the once mighty rapist into a sex table where women would come and grind on his face for their pleasure. His tongue would lick them until they told him to “make it hard” then they would ride it like the stiffest penis a man could offer. And, just to ensure extra pleasure for the priestesses and extra humiliation for him, she had made it so that it was well worth their while to position themselves in reverse and wiggle their asses onto his face until his nose tickled their tight rims… because once his nose touched their anuses, pleasure shot through their bodies with such ferocity that they would often orgasm multiple times. The pleasure was so intense that often they would lose control of their bodily functions and urinate in his mouth or let loose loud farts directly into his face. With no sexual organs, it was impossible for him to get ANY sexual pleasure from these acts and with the gift of immortality, he would be in this state forever. So it was that for the remainder of the temple’s existence, generations of young women used the once feared rapist’s face in this manner and were allowed sexual release without ever being subjugated or taken by a man!

However, after she finished making him into the table it was not immediately clear what had just happened. So, Athena telepathically communicated what she had done to all of the women and the high priestess walked forward to be the first to use the new “gift”. “You would have raped me only moments ago. Let’s see how YOU like being an object for MY pleasure!” The woman hiked up her dress and straddled his face commanding him to make his tongue hard. As the soldiers and his four brothers watched on, but did not dare to interfere, she rode Oclaphius’ face and grinded down violently. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks with her hands wiggling her body until… his nose entered her sphincter and she shivered violently, coming violently and leaking fluid all over her enemy’s face. He felt shame he had never felt before as his tongue was shoved deep into her womanhood and his nose buried in her ass. He couldn’t breathe well and the pressure from her full weight grinding down made his head want to explode, but mainly he just felt shame. This was to be his fate for eternity.

Athena looked amused at the looks of fear and horror on the faces of the four other brothers. “Marcus” she called out “you tracked your dirty feet in my temple as an act of degradation. Shall I tell you your fate next?”

Chapter 3: The Fate of Marcus and the Fourteen

Marcus looked at the dead bodies on the floor, then at his “brother” the table. He could hardly believe all that he was seeing. He was not a man who even believed in the gods, and yet here he was witnessing all of this.

He looked at the beautiful blond woman who was doing all of these things to them with such ease and malice. Then he looked into the smug smiling faces of the priestesses who now felt free to point and mock him and his soldiers. This was to end now. He charged forward with his sword drawn. Emboldened by one of their general’s willingness to fight, the 14 men who were closest and most loyal to Marcus drew their swords and charged along with him. As they approached her she drew her dagger and as all 14 men swung their swords at her one after the other, she danced in between them with the speed of a flickering light. Then, one by one she sliced the backs of their Achilles tendons and laid them down. Soon, 14 men lay on the ground grasping at their legs unable to stand. Marcus stood facing the goddess alone. He stared at her and snarled, “You were worried about me tracking mud into your temple? I promise you that when I have vanquished you and I will wipe my boots on your very face!”

He sprinted at her full speed, preparing to cut her down. The goddess did not move, but stood facing her enemy as he charged. When he was almost within arms distance, she leapt into the air with the grace of a gazelle and seemed to float down towards him. He looked up in time to see the soles of her bare feet approaching his face as he ran smack into them. She came down almost vertically on his face with both feet and her momentum cancelled out his own. It wasn’t a kick at all; instead her feet met his face with his momentum the only source of force, like a ball hitting a catcher’s mitt. His feet flew out from under him as his body continued its momentum forward but his head traveled slightly backwards and down under the force of her body weight – with Athena virtually standing on his face in midair. Then as his legs and arms sprawled outward, his head slammed forcefully into the marble floor with the goddess standing on his face. The impact was such that his head split the ground and lodged itself into the floor as Athena landed on top of him standing in what resembled an acrobatic landing, feet close together legs slightly bent. The only difference was she didn’t have to raise her arms for balance… she was a goddess after all. So, she landed on his face with her hands on her hips and looked down at his face… or rather the tops of her feet since his face was completely covered.

She stepped off of Marcus’ face and turned to look at the 14 men she had just dealt with. Marcus was spread eagle with his head embedded partially in the marble floor. He was dazed and confused. But as he came to his senses, he was unable to free his head from the ground, since it had been slammed down with such force that he was stuck. The goddess called to her priestesses. “The eldest seven maidens come to me.”

Six women from the group came forward and stood with the goddess. Then, the eldest woman, the high priestess who was still straddling the face of Oclaphius after her monumental orgasm, slid off of his face and went to join the goddess as well. Oclaphius, relieved to have his face free, had tears running down his cheeks mixing with the juices of the young woman he had just serviced. However, although he was trying he could not sob. This was a gift from Athena to her priestesses… after all, who wants to listen to a sobbing sex toy

“You are the women who have served me the longest and my next gift is for you. From this day forward, the eldest seven maidens will be privileged to this gift and must give it to the next in line before leaving the temple on your 30th birthday.”

The women all waited eagerly for what they were about to be given. “Each of you pick two men” Athena offered to the women. “Select two of these once fearsome warriors who came here to ravage you and defile me. Roll them on their backs side by side.”

Each woman walked over to one of the men that lie on the floor in pain and with their feet kicked them each until they all lie on their backs side by side. The three remaining brothers looked on in horror but were unable to move, bound my some mystical force. Instead they were forced to simply watch the “show” in horror!

Athena then spoke to the men. “You fourteen dogs who dared to attack me in my temple know this - I will not grant you total immortality. Instead, I grant each of you 250 years of immortality so that you may serve in the manner that I now choose for you for generations!” Turning her head to the women, she now spoke to them. “Each of you do as I now do and say what I say.” Athena then stepped up onto the chest of Marcus. The seven women all stepped onto the chests of one of their selected men. Athena raised her right foot and hovered it menacingly over his face. “Mongrel, extend your tongue!” Marcus was unable to disobey and he extended his tongue. Each woman repeated the words. Some giggled at both their own words and the scared and confused faces of the warriors as they complied with the request. Athena then pressed her foot firmly onto the face of Marcus. His tongue grew wide and long and it was able to completely cover her sole and slightly cup it. She then slid her foot forward on his tongue so that his nose was forcefully wedged in between her big toe and her second toe.

Each woman did the same. They were docile women who had spent their lives humbly serving Athena. Now, they felt like conquerors of the world. Each man watched in disgust and horror, but unable to move as these women place the soles of their feet upon their awaiting tongues. Each tongue then widened and lengthened just enough to perfectly embrace the sole of the foot resting on it. Then, each man felt the foot slide forward on his own tongue and watched as toes embraced his nose.

Athena clapped her hands three times and three senses for each man were heightened to super human heights

- The sense of touch: Each man’s sense of touch was magnified exponentially. Under the weight of the women on their faces and tongues whose soles pressed down upon them, each man’s tongue could feel the little rough patches scratch their tongues harshly. They could feel the little specs of dirt resting on their tongues. They could feel the light film of sweat transferring consistently from the feet of the women to their tongues and faces. They could even feel the creases, lines, wrinkles, and indentations of each foot as their tongues became intimately familiar with the soles of these women’s feet. With their tongues doing nothing more than allowing the sole to rest on its new bed, each man unintentionally studied the intricacies of a woman’s foot by touch. In addition, this heightened sense of touch made the weight resting on their faces seem almost unbearable.

- The sense of taste: On their newly enlarged tongues, the taste buds became so sensitive that they were acutely in tune with each faint taste they were exposed to. As the soles rested on their tongues, they tasted each spec of dirt or dust with intensity, they could tastes the salty sweat – no matter how faint – with intensity. These newly concentrated tastes sank into their tongues and exploded with an unmistakable conclusion… “there is a foot on my face and I’m tasting it against my will”

- The sense of smell: Finally, each man’s sense of smell was heightened. With his nose wedged in between toes, this meant that he would be overwhelmed with the smell of feet. All the time! If a woman’s feet were clean and sweated little, his new sense of smell still assaulted his senses. But if a woman’s foot was dirty or sweating profusely… he was tortured!

Athena then instructed the women to repeat the process with their second male. So each woman repeated the commands for each new male to extend their tongues and watched (some with interest and curiosity and some with pure delight) as the same events took place. These new men had a front row seat as it happened to their comrades, so they were already depressed even before facing the same fate. When it was all said and done, 7 women stood upon the faces and tongues of fourteen horrified men.

Athena threw her dagger and each man was decapitated. Immediately upon decapitation their bodies vanished. So, now, there were 14 severed heads being stood upon by the priestesses. Thanks to the goddess’ gift of 250 years of immortality, each man could still breath, see and feel. Then, slowly, the women’s feet started to sink into the men’s faces. Each man could not tell what was happening but they felt their face contorting and stretching and filling with pain as if their very facial features were being ripped apart.

What they could not possibly know, is that each man’s head and face had been transformed into a thonged slipper for the foot that was resting upon it. When the women looked down, all they saw was a gold slipper on each foot where a man’s head had once been. Where a nose was once lodged between their toes there was a simple leather thong. Where a widened supernatural tongue had rested upon a man’s face and supported a woman’s sole, was simply a thing leathery sole. BUT, these shoes were so incredibly comfortable that the priestesses felt that they were walking on air. In fact, with each step, one million tiny hands seemed to massage their feet. Just standing still, each foot felt as though it were being serviced at a spa. This was the gift from Athena. Sandals made from the faces of their enemies that felt so good on their feet they would not ever want to take them off. These special shoes were to always be worn by the eldest seven priestesses as a gift from Athena.

From the perspective of the fourteen who had been condemned to this fate, the outlook was very different. Their faces had been transformed into insoles and their heads, in general, into shoes. However, they could not fully appreciate this because their view of the situation was unchanged. To each man, they still felt that their noses were lodged into the crevices of a woman’s foot. Their tongues, still enlarged and over sensitized, still supported her weight, tasted her foot, and felt every inch of her sole with intense accuracy. The weight of each woman upon each head was like a ton of bricks. So, as each woman walked around in her new shoes, each man’s head was slammed into the concrete and his face supported her weight. This was the “gift of Athena” 250 years of pain and humiliation, of tasting a foot all day, of smelling a foot constantly, of supporting the weight of a woman on his face with each step, of humiliation and degradation as they were literally and painfully walked on all day… all the while listening to the woman comment on how comfortable her shoe was… how comfortable his face was!

So for 250 years, a new existence was the reality for these once proud men. Each man’s eyes were functioning (though invisible to the women) so each morning when one of the seven got out of bed, they could see a foot approaching as she slipped on her shoes. Little things were unbearable humiliations. If a woman ate a meal and crossed her legs under the table, she may mindlessly flex her foot and slap the sole against her sole. This, to the man was the equivalent of someone slapping his mouth into their foot repeatedly as the sole smacked against the insole. If a woman scratched her foot with the other shoe or mindlessly played with the thong with her toes, it was the equivalent of someone using his face to scratch a foot or wiggling their toes in and all over his nose. And heaven forbid a woman have to run or jump! A sledge hammer to the face may have been more pleasant.

This was the fate of the 14. This was their destiny for 250 years, to be passed between women for generations as “the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear” and to endure the taste, smell, feel, weight, pain, and shame of her foot in his face and on his tongue for the res to of his days.

Athena watched as the women all tried out their new footwear and she looked down at Marcus. He had not been transformed into a shoe. Instead, he simply lay there in the same position with her foot on his “insole tongue” awaiting his final punishment. “Now, for you who defiled my temple with mud and foolishly threatened to wipe your boots on my face.” The anger in her eyes flared up as she repeated the words he had used.

Stepping off of him, she reached down and with one hand grabbed him by his hair and yanked him to his feet. She threw him, like one might toss a small dog, towards the front steps of the palace. Marcus lay battered and defeated on the ground as she walked over to him.

For perhaps the first time in his life, Marcus was terrified. When the goddess stood directly in front of him cowering on the floor, he threw himself at her feet and begged for forgiveness weeping. His brothers could not believe their eyes and looked away in disgust. Athena looked down at him and raised one foot off of the ground as if to step on him. He instinctively grabbed her foot with both hands. Using his newly enlarged tongue, he licked at her foot in a sign of self degradation hoping that his humility would earn him mercy. His heightened taste buds combined with the more potent sweat of the goddess and made her foot taste like a salt bomb. Athena paused to allow him to voluntarily debase himself in this manner. It felt good to her foot and the psychological effect this was having on his brothers and the other soldiers who were watching made Athena feel a feeling she hadn’t felt in a while… she was very amused. Marcus noticed that she stopped in her tracks to allow him to continue and took this as a good sign. He discovered that he could control his newly “enhanced” tongue in an impressive manner. He could stretch it and en-wrap her entire foot all while moving the muscles throughout his tongue to lick it all over. Imagine a warm, wet towel that is wrapped around a woman’s foot and then four or five hands simultaneously scrubbing her foot with that towel. This is how Marcus was able to control his tongue and this is the intensity with which he licked Athena’s foot. After a few moments of this, Athena was satisfied that he had embarrassed and humbled himself enough.

At that moment the ground opened up and started to swallow Marcus. It was as if the marble floor turned to quicksand. He struggled and cried out for help, but he sank into the ground. When only his head protruded from the ground, the ground hardened again around him and left him facing the gate at the top of the steps at the entrance to the temple. Then, his head turned to marble as well. Marcus, the once great warrior was a marble statue on the ground by the stairs. But if only that were the end of it!

Athena announced his role to the priestesses and the terrified soldiers that remained. “This man defiled the temple with his muddy feet and thought himself so great that he would clean them on my face when I was vanquished! This fool of a man has announced his own fate. For if any priestess rubs her foot on his face repeatedly and with enough vigor, he will return to flesh and use his mighty tongue to scrub her feet in the same manner he just did mine until she deem her feet adequately clean… or if she requires more, soothed”

Although he was stone, Marcus could still hear and see. He heard his sentence announced clearly! He was trapped in a marble prison, frozen as a statue. The only time he would get any release was to “come to life” to lick clean the feet of a woman. And his signal to accomplish this task? The “vigorous” rubbing of his face by that foot! Oh the shame! Oh the humiliation! And to think that he had just licked the foot of Athena in an act of cowardice to receive mercy! His pride was shattered!

What Athena did not disclose was another little trick she played on him. She made it so that when a woman was rubbing her foot on his face, it would feel really, really, reeeaaalllyy good! So good in fact, that she would indeed rub very vigorously. She also made it so that it would take a substantial amount of rubbing to “wake” him. Therefore, he would be forced to endure this indignity for an extended period of time. When he finally would awaken, the sensation received from rubbing her foot into his face would leave the young woman almost disappointed that she need not rub her foot into his face anymore…almost! Because the feeling of his warm tongue engulfing and scrubbing her foot would put that other sensation to rest!

His strategic placement at the top of the entry way was so that when a new priestess arrived for the first time, her first experience would be to use Marcus’ face and mouth. This served several purposes. It was a friendly and soothing welcome for the nervous new girl, it would serve to thoroughly clean her filthy feet from the many days walk to the temple, and it would serve as a reminder of Athena’s love for her personal priestesses as well as the power over her enemies - the head, face and tongue of a bitter enemy simply waiting patiently to soothe her tired feet.

The thought process was that his main purpose would be these new women. However, the entire group of 50 kept him very busy. On a hot day, or after a long day, or just about for ANY reason at all Marcus would hear a woman or two approach from behind and be forced to face the indignity of the sole of a foot forcefully relieving itself on his face until he could move. And how was he to spend this freedom? Licking the feet of the woman who demanded it with his “super tongue”. After a while, the priestesses starting bringing stools so that they could sit for an hour or more and get their tired feet soothed. What he hated most was looking up into their eyes. As his magnificent tongue soothed their feet, as he tasted the foulness of their foot sweat, as woman after woman rubbed her foot in his face only to then have it scrubbed by his mouth… looking at their faces proved torturous. Some didn’t look at him at all but simply closed their eyes and relaxed. Others looked down at him playfully or amused, but most looked down with a smug look of satisfaction.

This was why the goddess granted him immortality. This was his fate. He was a statue, his face was a foot massager, his tongue a foot washer and soother. He was a defeated and humiliated enemy of Athena. He was a gift to every priestess who would ever decide to use him., He was the first “perk” of every new girl with filthy feet and a source of stress relief for the more experienced priestesses. He was miserable for all eternity. He was pathetic!

Chapter 4: The Fate of Diaphus

Theokles looked around and could hardly believe his eyes. Several of his men lie dead scattered around the floor in various positions. His brother Oclaphius, the once feared conqueror, had been made into a sex toy. Even as he looked around there was now a second woman who saw fit to ride his brother’s face and grind on his tongue all while trying to positioning his nose to slide deep into her ass at exactly the perfect moment. Fourteen of his best men had been… well, transformed into shoes! The seven women who wore wore them pranced around and giggled remarking how comfortable their new sandals were. But, Athena had played a cruel trick on the men. She did not allow them to see the “happiest” reality, but rather the darkest one. While the women could only see gold slippers, the men all saw the flattened faces of their fallen brethren being worn on the feet of these carefree young women. This was another cruel “gift” of Athena, the ability to see things as they really were. All the men saw the truth… the weeping faces of their comrades with their noses stuck in between these women’s toes and engorged tongues cupping their feet as they had their faces walked on. And his other brother, he was only a head sticking out of the ground who was currently getting a foot rubbed into his face by an eager young woman awaiting a good foot licking. For both the sex table and the foot statue there were short lines forming. His family and army had been turned into jokes! They were virtually providing a carnival for these young women as they were laughed at and mocked.

Theokles looked at his 75 remaining soldiers. They looked terrified and unwilling to fight. Even his two remaining brothers had looks of defeat in their eyes. As he was pondering his next move, Athena called out to his brother. “Diaphus! We have unfinished business!”

Diaphus looked around in a panic as if looking for a way out. Whereas before, the men wanted to protect their generals, witnessing the fate of the fourteen who tried to help Marcus had taken all of the loyalty out of them. As Athena called out to Marcus, all of the soldiers around him backed away slowly leaving him by himself. Athena walked towards him and the other soldiers now ran backwards until it was only Athena and Diaphus. Theokles would not let another of his brothers meet a sinister fate so he ran to stand next to Diaphus and face Athena. Athena looked at the large man and forcefully kicked him in his chest with the whole sole of her foot. Feeling as if he had been kicked by two horses, Theokles flew backwards and slammed into a stone pillar before crumbling to the ground holding his chest.

“I did not call for you yet. Your time has not come.” At seeing this Diaphus nearly pissed down his own leg. Athena turned to face Diaphus again. “On your knees.” Diaphus, having seen that his brother begged and pleaded and groveled and licked her feet… only to face a horrible fate anyway decided that he would not give her the satisfaction of emasculating him. He stood tall and stuck his chest out proudly. It, he decided, was the only way to maintain any dignity… no matter what was about to happen.

Athena reached forward and grabbed a handful of the large man’s scruffy beard. She yanked it downward with such force that he fell to the ground and bounced his chin hard off of the marble. Athena reached down and grabbed a hand full of his hair to hold his head still. Then, she lifted her foot to his face. She slid her big toe in between his lips. He tried to resist but her tight grasp on his head would not allow him to turn away. Slowly, her toes started to enter his mouth. He clenched his teeth to avoid this humiliation. However, still moving slowly, Athena’s foot continued to slide forward… cracking and dislodging his teeth until he cried out in pain, opening his mouth and accepting her foot in the process. Five dainty toes and the ball of her foot entered his mouth. Then, she stepped down. As the sole of her foot came down, it crushed his bottom row of front teeth into tiny bits. He tried to scream out in absolute anguish, but the sound was muffled by the foot in his mouth. Using her foot in his mouth to anchor his bottom jaw to the ground, she stood upright and pulled his hair as she did. This dislodged his bottom jaw from the rest of his head. He cried out again as his ligaments and tendons snapped. So she stood there, holding his head in her hand by his hair and still standing with her foot in his mouth, pinning him to the floor. His “gift” of immortality allowed his face to stretch instead of tear… but the pain was immense. Athena had essentially stretched his mouth to four times the size, like a snake who can dislodge its jaw to swallow a large meal. She let his head go and took her foot out of his mouth. His face bounced off of the ground and he fought to regain his senses through all of the pain.

She once again repeated her command “On your knees. This time, he raised himself up and assumed the requested position. His mouth hung open, stretched, limp and useless. The goddess walked over to the kneeling man. She gently pushed him backwards so that his butt rested on his heels. Then she grabbed his head and tilted it upward. She molded his now large and loose mouth into an oval shape. Each time she positioned him, it had the effect of “locking” him in that position. She stretched his arms down to the ground with his palms facing upwards. “There. This is how you will spend eternity. All of the men, and even the women, looked confused as to what her intention was. She gently caressed his lips with her finger and they started to swell and inflame until the puffed up so large that they formed what look like fluffy cushions. Then, in this kneeling position he turned to marble… all but his lips. His lips remained very soft and fleshy, taking the form of a tube like cushion.

“This insolent dog saw fit to hurl excrement at my likeness. Since he sought to defile me in this way, this will be his fate.” Athena looked over at a woman who was starting to walk towards the area designated for “doing the business”. It was a ditch that was very far off to the far end of the temple. Athena called her over. “You. Come here.”

The woman walked over, frightened of what the goddess would want with her. “This is my gift to you. Sit here and relieve yourself.” No woman had ever seen a “toilet” before. She looked at the “statue” of a kneeling man, his mouth open and awaiting someone to sit on the comfortable looking cushions (lips). The young woman looked at this thing skeptically, but did not want to anger the goddess by refusing her gift. She turned around, hiked up her skirt and sat on the soft, swollen lips of Diaphus. She had to relieve herself in the worst way, but she was so nervous she could not go. To get comfortable, she repositioned her legs by putting her feet in the “foot rests” that were his upturned palms. When her feet touched his hands, they came to life and each foot received a relaxing massage. At first startled, the soothing feeling put her right at ease. The women all saw a marble statue of a kneeling man with a soft cushion and “magical” massaging hands. The men, being allowed to see reality, saw their comrade struggling to maintain this uncomfortable kneeling position under the weight of a woman who sat on his mystically enhanced mouth… preparing to expel waste into him, even as he massaged her feet from this awkward position.

The foot massage relaxed her enough that she was able to do her business. Slowly, comfortably, she defecated directly into his awaiting mouth. The goddess cursed him with special taste buds in his throat, so that as all sorts of foulness slid down his esophagus, he was tortured with its intense taste. The woman was finished with her deed and was about to stand up when Athena held up her hand as if to say “stop”. Then she spoke. “Wait for the best part. It will clean you if you wish. Do you want that?” The woman wasn’t sure what Athena was referring to but nodded out of curiosity. Pointing at his groin area, Athena instructed the woman to give him a swift kick if she desired a cleansing. The woman swung her foot backwards and smashed her heel into Diaphius’ genital area. Within moments the woman felt something warm and wet enter her crack and begin to wipe away the remnants of her bowel movement. It startled her terrible at first, but she quickly found the feeling soothing… even pleasant. She wiggled into it and smiled to the other women as if to say… wait till you try this! It didn’t seem to dawn on her, or if it did it certainly didn’t bother her, that the sensation she felt was the enhanced tongue of Diaphus cleaning her ass and swallowing the last remains of her shit. But it certainly dawned on him! This was his fate. He would spend eternity accepting the excrement of generations of women. And, if they so wished it, his tongue would spring into action to clean them when they were done.

So it was that the third gift to the priestesses of Athena was a comfortable, foot massaging toilet that would “lick a woman clean when she finished doing her business. No longer would priestesses have to walk to the outskirts of the temple, because this new gift absorbed and internalized all of the physical waste as well as the smell, they could keep it right in their sleeping quarters and conveniently use it whenever they had the urge. Diaphius, as he sucked down rancid tasting filth, realized this was his ETERNAL job description. Never did a man wish for death more than Diaphius at that moment!

Theokles looked at his three brothers – the sex toy, the foot cleaner, and the toilet. He was filled with such hatred that he knew, unequivocally, that he HAD to find a way to kill this demon! He HAD to!

Chapter 5: The Fate of Serekles

Serekles and Theokles were the last two remaining brothers from "The Pride". As Theokles pondered how he would defeat Athena, Serekles privately trembled in fear. The unnatural things he had just witnessed were burned into his mind's eye and he felt an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. The 75 soldiers all stood silently. Their bravado and confidence shattered, they looked for any glimpse of hope for escape or victory.

By contrast, the 50 priestesses were so emboldened that the looks of supremacy on their faces served as insulting reminders of the day's events to each warrior. Previously demure and docile women fed off of the energy of Athena to laugh and revel in the defeat of these invaders. Some of the women were already using their "gifts" and others just watched in amusement, but all felt a sense of superiority that they had never known.

Athena called out, "Serekles, come forth."

Serekles tried not to tremble as he slowly approached the goddess. Theokles grabbed his arm and said into his ear "Be strong my brother... be proud!"

The little pep talk did little to comfort him, but Serekles drew his sword and approached Athena. Athena could sense his fear and hopelessness. She set her eyes upon his sword and asked "Do you wish to face me in battle?"

"No." he admitted in shame as he dropped his weapon.

"Then, on your knees mongrel."

Serekles slowly dropped to his knees in front of the petite blond goddess, ashamed of himself for his own cowardice.

"Follow me." she commanded. Athena walked across the courtyard and up the many steps to the front of the inner temple. Behind her, crawling like an obedient dog, was Serekles the once mighty warrior. As he crawled past the many priestesses he was met with laughter, pointing, and jeers. Finally he crawled to the top of the steps and, still kneeling, looked up at the goddess. Pointing to the temple, Athena spoke. "This is the inner temple dedicated to me. This is where the most sacred rituals are held and the most important relics are kept. No man is allowed in this temple. Until today, no man has ever attempted. But now, to aid my priestesses in keeping foes out, I will add special security."

As she said these words, two giant marble and gold doors formed and then closed sealing the temple. Athena looked down at the kneeling Serekles. "You wanted to tear down my temple and carve your own likeness into the walls." Serekles trembled as she reminded him of his earlier proclamation. "I will grant you your wish and make you a permanent fixture in the temple." Serekles now had tears of fear running down his face. Athena placed her hands on the sides of Serekles' head and held it firmly. Then, she cocked her leg back and swung it forward, kicking him in the torso with such force that his body was torn from his head at the neck and rolled violently down the many steps to the temple - arms and legs flailing wildly. The priestesses gasped as the body lay at the foot of the steps still twitching even as the head was in Athena's hands. She turned towards the temple and placed the head on the floor by the newly formed doors. Serekles, felt the pain of being decapitated but still had all of his senses in his now severed head. Then, Athena raised her bare foot and slowly lowered it onto Serekles' face. He watched the oncoming foot descend onto his face, unable to move or stop it. Slowly, Athena applied pressure and his head was pressed further and further into the ground until only his face protruded from the marble floor. Then, he was turned to gold. So she had kept her promise, immortalizing him as a permanent statue per his "wishes".

Turning to the priestesses she announced to them, "In order to open these mystical gates and enter the temple, the approaching priestess must remove her sandals and stand with both feet on the face of this man until the gates open."

And so it was that the fate of Serekles was to be the foot pedestal of the priestesses for eternity, allowing them access to the temple. He would face the indignity of watching as the seven highest priestesses responsible for caring for the inner temple approached, removed their shoes, and stepped on his face with both feet. The final torturous insult was that the "shoes" they removed before stepping onto his face were once the faces of his fallen comrades. So, day after day he watched as women's feet descended upon his face and forced him to endure the humiliation of their soles in his face. His face welcomed the soles of many women for generations.

Chapter 6: The Unlikely Battle for the Temple

With his four brothers defeated and relegated to various humiliating roles of servitude, Theokles was filled with such hatred for Athena that he was overcome with rage. He turned to the 75 remaining men and shouted" Will none among you stand with me? Will none among you take your own destiny in your hands and fight with honor to avenge the fallen and control your own fate?"

The rallying cry would normally have worked. But after seeing all that they had seen, the men were not fully sold. Theokles continued "Remember, she has already promised that NONE of you will leave this place! She has promised all of you disrespect in your deaths! We must rise up to defeat her!" Still, only mild enthusiasm arose from the crowd.

Athena, always one to enjoy sport and a good contest, offered a final ounce of hope to the men. "Theokles, before I deal with you directly I will offer your men a thread of hope. Let your best remaining 50 men face 25 of my priestesses in battle and any who survive will be permitted to leave."

Although they did not fully trust the goddess, 50 men slowly stepped forward recognizing this as their best chance to escape. The priestesses all looked scared and confused by Athena's offer. Turning to the women, Athena offered. "Do not be fearful. All I ask is that 25 of you who trust me step forward to fight bravely." Slowly, 25 of the maidens stepped forward. They were eager to have personal vengeance on these would be rapists, but had no fighting experience and were nearly crippled by their fear. Only their trust in Athena bolstered them as they nervously prepared for hat was about to happen.

The 50 warriors felt renewed confidence upon seeing the dainty women who nervously stepped forward. Athena did not outfit her priestesses with any armor or offer them any weapons. The men did not know what she was up to, but if this was truly a chance at escaping this place then they would certainly take it.

Athena simply said "Begin!"

The 50 men charged the 25 woman. All of the priestesses looked confused and nervous. The 50 men ran at them like a stampeding herd of water buffalo. A few of the women started to turn as if to run and a few others started to cry. Then, a peculiar thing began to happen. As the men raced across the courtyard, swords drawn and screaming in rage... they started to glow. Slowly, the charging herd of men grew smaller and smaller until by the time they reached the first woman they each stood no taller than the middle of her shin. The men, realizing what had happened froze in their tracks looking up at the now seemingly massive women. The women, realizing what had happened, now started to laugh and point at their tiny attackers. Then, the priestess who was standing directly in front of the attacking horde cocked her foot back and soccer kicked the first warrior. Her bare foot slammed into his body like a wrecking ball and sent him flying backwards through the air...over the heads of the other 49 warriors. Her foot instantly crushed his rib cage and damaged many of his internal organs. Slamming into the marble floor finished the job and he lay dying.

Half of the warriors turned to flee and half stayed to fight... determined to take this chance at freedom no matter the odds. The ones who stayed to fight quickly realized the errors of their ways. Their swords amounted to little more than a means to create small cuts on the legs of the women - which only served to anger them. As one of the priestesses commented "One does not need to know how to fight with skill when facing an army of mice!"

The scene was brutal if also a little comical. There was the priestess who picked up a warrior and slammed him forcefully into the ground before stomping on him two times and ending his life. Her foot the perfect size to cover his body and her forceful stomp crushing his bones and organs. There was the priestess who, upon being cut by the sword of a warrior, grabbed him snatched his sword from him and repeatedly stabbed him with his own sword as one might stab a doll with a pocked knife. But mostly, there were just men getting stepped on. From their perspective, it was raining giant bare feet that usually kicked them and knocked them down and then blocked out the sun as the weight of the world came crashing down. Most men were on their backs when it happened. Usually, throwing up their arms in futile resistance as the overwhelming weight of a woman's sole crushed the life out of them. There were really three modes of death:

The stomp: This was when a priestess forcefully brought her foot down on a warrior's body and the crushing blow took his life. Under the weight of her forcefully stomp, the tiny warrior faced the excruciating pain of a broken body and after 2 to 3 blows - death. Her bare heel or flat sole devastating him like a giant sledge hammer, these men died fairly quickly.

The crush: This was when a priestess pinned a man under her foot and slowly applied pressure, often culminating in her standing on just the one foot which he was under. This was a slower and more painful death. The warrior was slowly crushed to death and died form either the slow, gradual destruction of his body or the slow asphyxiation of being unable to breathe. Often those who died this way were treated to the slow cracking sounds of their own bones. If his arms were free, often the warrior would beat against the foot or fight with the giant toes pressed in his face. This, on more than one occasion, caused the priestess to giggle at the futility of his efforts and allowed him to die to the humiliating sounds of her laughter.

The grind: This was done with the ball of the foot and/or the toes as the priestess would grind the body or head of the warrior underfoot and crush it until he was dead. This was incredibly painful for the dying warrior and his screams of agony would rise from under the crushing foot until he was dead.

The 25 priestesses were having such a good time killing their attackers that they were skipping around and laughing hysterically as the stepped on and stomped the men to death. To the modern eye, it must have looked like 25 super models kicking around 50 Ken dolls. When there were only a few men left, the women started to cruelly play with them like cats batting around dying mice.

They would let a man run for his life before slamming a foot down in front of him and watching him change directions. They would do this several times before finally stomping him to death. Two women kicked a man back and forth as if playing with a ball while they giggled and clapped until eventually his body was lifeless. One priestess thought it interesting to choke a warrior between her toes so she trapped his neck between her big toe and the next toe and squeezed until his lifeless body collapsed.

The last two men decided to beg for their lives. They knelt and begged for mercy. They crawled to each woman and kissed her toes. This allowed the priestesses to feel for an instant what Athena must feel like! But the men still had their heads crushed under the bare heels of the women whose toes they had kissed in vain.

As the "battle" came to a conclusion, the other 25 priestesses cheered in victory for their sisters, the 25 "warrior" priestesses all clapped and laughed and thanked Athena for that fun opportunity, Athena watched on seemingly unmoved but silently filled joy, the 25 remaining "full sized" warriors were emotionally crushed further, and the 50 small bodies of the fallen lay scattered al over the ground.

But mainly, there was Theokles who could physically take no more of this humiliation. His brothers all turned to objects of subjugation and 75 of his men dispatched in humiliating ways. Now, he watched as these young, naive priestesses had the time of their lives killing and humiliating his men.

"Enough of the delay demon woman! Let you and I finish this once and for all!"

Athena nodded.

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Default Re: Femdom Stories of mine

Chapter 7: The Breaking of Theokles

Theokles slowly walked towards the athletic and beautiful blonde woman. He drew his broadsword. In his massive arms, the sword looked only fairly large, but in reality it was a monstrous weapon that he had used to kill many foes. Lifting it to point it towards Athena, Theokles said "You have used sorcery and dark magic to destroy my forces and torture my brothers. If you dare, I challenge you to face me on skill alone! No witchcraft and no tricks!"

Athena looked at Theokles with piercing eyes and responded "I will face you in battle as a warrior and not call upon any powers until you are lying defeated... or, due to my mercy, to heal you of your wounds. But I warn you now, you will be trampled into the dirt and stripped of all of your remaining pride until you submit to me of your own free will and recognize my superiority over you!"

Theokles was shaking with anticipation at the thought of actually getting to kill Athena after all she had done! He charged forward screaming "Not today demon woman! Today you die and I will dance on your carcass!"

As Theokles charged her with his sword drawn and cocked back behind his head, Athena stood perfectly still and looked perfectly calm. When he was within an arm's length, she drew her short dagger. Theokles swung his sword down forcefully with the might of a grizzly bear but Athena smoothly side stepped the blow. His sword slammed into the ground causing sparks to fly as metal hit marble. He quickly swung it at her torso but she lept backwards and the blade missed her stomach by inches. For the next ten minutes Theokles swung his sword violently and Athena dodged it gracefully. The goddess now allowed herself to express freely what she was feeling...FUN. A beautiful smile appeared on her face as the large man grew winded from repeated swings of the large sword.

Theokles looked at the beautiful woman who was gracefully avoiding him and smiling in his face as if she were having the time of her life. He grew more infuriated and swung his sword with greater ferocity and quickness. Athena now deflected his blows with her dagger. The sight of the beautiful woman deflecting this massive sword with a small dagger...and with one hand... looked surreal. At that moment Theokles realized what he had done. He had challenged a goddess and despite her agreement to not use "magic", she was faster and stronger than he could ever be! As he watched his strongest blows easily knocked to the side by the smiling woman, he refocused himself. Even a goddess had to have a weak spot...even a goddess could be killed!

He swung with a downward thrust and watched Athena step just barely out of the way... she had to be toying with him! Letting him get just close enough to stay encouraged! When his sword hit the ground, she quickly stepped forward and with a downward stomp, snapped the mighty sword in two! Theokles watched in amazement as the petite bare foot slammed itself through the flat side of his sword and left the majority of the blade useless on the ground. Theokles looked at the sword hilt in his hand and threw it at her in frustration. Athena laughed at the flabbergasted look on his face.

"Don't you DARE laugh at me woman! I have killed 10,000 men and burned 1000 villages!" He charged her, determined to beat her to death with his bare hands! Lowering his shoulder to tackle her, he prepared for impact. Athena waited until he was directly in front of her and then she reached forward. She grabbed him by the face with her right hand. His face made a loud smacking sound as he charged into her palm. With one arm she stopped his momentum, lifted him off his feet, and slammed him head first into the ground. The impact lodged the back of his head into the broken marble floor and nearly knocked him unconscious.

As he slowly gained his senses, Theokles realized that he couldn't move his head. It was lodged into the ground just as he had seen happen to one of his men earlier in the battle. The goddess stepped up onto his chest one dainty foot at a time and stood looking down into his eyes as he struggled to free his head. She raised one foot over his face so that the slightly soiled sole of her foot was inches from his face. "If you extend your tongue and lick the dirt from my foot, we can end this now."

Theokles cursed at her and threatened her with death and torture. Theokles watched helplessly as the goddess, standing on his chest, raised her foot high in the air and then quickly brought it down upon his upturned face. The stomping foot smashed into his face like a sledgehammer. Unable to move his head, his upturned and unprotected face accepted her foot cleanly. The sole of her foot smashing evenly into his facial features, he felt his mouth and nose painfully give way under the force of the blow. She stood there for a moment after the vicious stomp with her foot resting on his face. The sensation was like a paradox - the blow of her stomp felt like a brick to the face but as her foot rested on his face he could tell it was soft and smooth. Then, the foot was raised from his face for a moment before it came slamming down again. The strong blow into his unprotected face again crushed his features. If the first blow broke his nose and busted his lips, the second blow crushed his nose and ruptured his mouth. True to her words, Athena used her powers to "heal" Theokles. Although his beating was enough to splatter blood everywhere, he did not shed one drop...externally. To the casual observer it seemed he did not bleed at all! However, while her powers blocked him from bleeding all over her foot and temple floor, it did not stop the blood from pouring down his throat from his busted mouth and crushed nose. Indeed, as he lay choking on his on blood beneath her foot, he realized her "gift" was geared towards not making a mess and not towards her "mercy" for him.

Her foot raised again and again it came crashing down. This time Theokles threw his hands up and caught her foot. However, the force of her stomp brought his hands helplessly crashing back against his own face. All of his strength was useless against her as he suffered the indignity of her foot breaking his hands and fingers against his own face. As she stood with her foot pinning his crushed hands against his broken face she permitted herself to be entertained at this fool of a man who dared to challenge a goddess and now lay crushed under her feet. The goddess let out a heart felt laugh at this pathetic creature that she cruelly toyed with. His ears rang with the sound of her amused laughter as she stomped him into oblivion. She lifted her foot again and mercilessly continued her onslaught. Now, the priestesses were cheering each blow.

STOMP! "Hoorah!"

STOMP! "Hoorah!"

A normal man would have first fell unconscious and then died under the vicious beating. But, thanks to his "gift" of immortality Theokles was painfully awake throughout the excruciating beat down. He felt pieces of his face give way with each blow. A cheek bone cracked. A facial bone shattered. On two consecutive stomps her heel led the way directly into his mouth. First he felt his teeth stomped back into his mouth and with the second stomp his jaw gave way. And of course, with each stomp her foot landed on a newly broken bone or a previously shattered one...destroying it further. While he was not externally bleeding, the damage was still obvious. His eyes and facial features began to morph. His face became grotesquely distorted as bone and flesh were battered beyond their limit. He lie there, repeatedly accepting her foot to his helpless face and slowly began to resemble Quasimodo.

STOMP! "Hoorah!" The cadence continued for what seemed like a cruel eternity. Finally she stopped raining her foot down upon his face. He lay immobilized with Athena standing on his chest and sputtered and groaned in a barely conscious state of agony. The physical beating was bad enough. His mind struggled to accept the fact that a woman was beating him in battle in the most disrespectful way...by meeting his face with the sole of her foot repeatedly. Could there be a sign that ore greatly showed him loathing? She looked down at his destroyed face and, placing the ball of her foot on his completely destroyed nose, twisted and grinded it into his face cruelly. The white hot pain was almost unbearable and he cried out in excruciating pain. She continued this to the laughter and cheers of her priestesses until he begged her to stop through his broken mouth. The goddess then gently placed her foot against his broken lips giving him the opportunity to lick her foot and end his misery. Theokles was within moments from swallowing his pride and licking the foot when he heard the taunts of the priestesses.

"Lick her foot, dog!"

"Beg for mercy!"

"Clean her soles you filthy pig!"

He hardened his spirit and refused to succumb to all of his pain. The goddess spoke "Very well." Then, she leapt high into the air and came crashing down onto his face. Her bare heels landed in each eye socket completely shattering the bone and crushing his eyes. She stood on his face and allowed her heels to sink into his head painfully where his eyes should have been as he screamed out in unimaginable pain. She waited a few moments, her soles on his forehead and her heels sinking into his eye sockets as he flailed his arms and legs in agony. Then, the pushed off of his face and flipped high in the air backwards. She came down, again heels first, and landed on his legs shattering them below the knees. Theokles was truly destroyed. Theokles silently prayed for death. He needed to end this pain, this torture, this...humiliation. Athena grabbed him by his throat and lifted him from his trapped position. Throwing him towards the crowd of young women like a sack of dog shit she said "I offered you submission twice. Now, you must receive forgiveness from all 50 priestesses before I will offer it again. Each woman may have her way with you until they all feel satisfied that you are sufficiently humbled and repentant."

The broken Theokles hit the hard marble floor and rolled around in misery. He was blinded and struggled to support his weight on all fours with shattered legs and broken hands. At first, nobody moved. All of the women seemed frozen as if they didn't know what to do. Then, they were upon him. Theokles felt both bare and sandaled feet kicking and stomping at him from every angle. He heard angry shouts and mocking laughter. He tried to cover up but it was useless. Kicks to his already broken face caused him to collapse. His men looked on in humiliated sympathy - the once mighty Theokles reduced to crawling around at the feet of young women as the beat and berated him. To be defeated by a goddess was one thing, perhaps their was some dignity in that. But being beaten and trampled by these servant women was another thing entirely. After he collapsed he felt the women walking on his body as they trampled him underfoot laughing and mocking him. In his painful and blinded state, all he could do was accept this fate. He felt women walking all over his body and giggling in delight when they got a clean shot to step on his face. Of course, since his face was a mound of broken bones and flesh, whenever a priestess got a clean shot to step on his face he cried out in distress. This only seemed to encourage them further as it seemed each time he yelled out another woman would step on his face... as if it were "her turn" now. The disrespect was epic. He felt and heard spit hitting him all over and he cringed as one woman actually bent over and farted in his face. He groveled on the floor and tried to protect himself but it was no use. If only he could see! If only he had his full strength! He would kill these bitches. But then, a foot to the groin brought him back to reality.

Slowly some of the women stopped beating him - a sign that they had seen enough to "forgive" him. He could feel less feet kicking and trampling him. Eventually, only a dozen or so women were still beating him.He hoped the worst was behind him. Then he felt two women jump on his back and command him forward. "Crawl! Carry us forward like our personal jackass!" The humiliated Theokles complied and blindly crawled forward. As he struggled not to collapse under the weight of the women on his back, he felt others walking behind him and repeatedly kicking him in his ass. Still others, walked in front of him laughing and repeatedly spitting in his face. One woman removed her shoe and repeatedly slapped him across the face with her sandal. Finally, the two women on his back got off of him and he was left on his hands and knees. He could sense someone in front of him. It was the head priestess.

She called out to Athena and begged for him to get his sight back. Athena complied and Theokles opened his eyes, looking up at the beautiful but angry woman in front of him. "I wanted you to be able to see for this. To see ME! I want this image burned into your head." She stepped out of her sandals, the sandals that were made of the faces of two of his men, and lifted her foot to his face. "Lick my toes! Use your wretched mouth to clean my toes and in between them and I will be satisfied."

A task that would have been unimaginable to him only hours before, now seemed like a foregone conclusion. The broken Theokles extended his tongue and to the sounds of a thunderous ovation from the crowd of women, licked the big toe of the head priestess. She shoved her foot forward and plunged her toes into his mouth. Tears ran down his face as Theokles sucked on the young woman's foot and allowed his tongue to swirl around all five dainty toes. He dug into the crevices between her toes with his tongue and tasted the foul taste of hot and dirty feet. With so many of his teeth missing and his jaw broken, this degrading act was as painful physically as it was emotionally.When she was satisfied he was sufficiently humbled, the head priestess removed her foot from his mouth and placed it on his face. Shoving him backwards towards the watching Athena she said "We are done with him."

Athena walked forward and asked, "Are you ready to surrender?" Theokles nodded. She then lifted her foot to his face. Theokles was fully broken now. He looked at her slightly soiled sole and thought for a long moment about what he was about to do. His tongue inched forward out of his mouth until he touched his tongue to her heel. Slowly, he dragged it up her sole to the base of her toes. The extremely salty sweat of the goddess's feet assaulted him . He also noticed that the dirt seemed to leap from her foot and onto his tongue as if her feet repelled the dirt and his tongue attracted it! A long clean streak was visible up her sole and he realized that he was literally eating the dirt from her foot... the same foot that had just stomped him into submission. With three more long licks her sole was completely clean and his ego was completely crushed. He collapsed to the floor at her feet and sobbed. She had laid waste to his army, punished his brothers in cruel and humiliating ways, beaten him within an inch of his life, allowed her priestesses to have their way with him, and forced him to eat dirt from her foot in a sign of complete subjugation. Still, as he lay groveling and crying in pain, he knew it wasn't over.

Athena smiled at him. He could tell it was a pleased smile but not a merciful one. Then she grabbed him by his hair. She leapt high into the air carrying him by his head and landed on the roof of the tallest building on the grounds - her shrine. She threw him to the floor, slamming him down on his chest with his head hanging over the ledge of the roof. She then leapt into the air and landed with one foot in the small of his back and one foot on the back of his head. The weight of her foot on his head forced his head downward and choked him by crushing his throat into the ledge. There she stood, one foot on his back and one on his head. Her foot sunk uncomfortably into his back adding to the discomfort that his broken legs, hands, and face caused him. He couldn't move well and he struggled to breathe with her foot forcing him to choke on the edge of the roof. Slowly, he felt her getting heavier and heavier. Soon her weight seemed to be crushing him. He heard and saw the priestesses cheering below.What he could not see was that Athena had turned into a marble and gold plated statue. So atop the tall building, a statue of Athena stood upon his broken body, dagger raised in victory - one foot crushing his back and one foot pinning his head. Then, Athena appeared in front of him floating in the air.

"This is your fate. Your immortality will not allow you to die. However, your broken body will cause you pain for all of eternity while you suffer the indignity of being the pedestal...the foot stool... for my statue. To all who see this, you will embody my trampled and defeated foes!" Theokles wanted to argue... to curse her. But under the crushing weight of her statue and with his throat pressed against the edge of the roof , he could not speak. His mind quickly faced the reality that he would spend eternity under the feet of this statue in excruciating pain and uncomfortably struggling to breath both due to the crushing weight and his choking position. The goddess continued, "From this vantage point you will be forced to see everything. You will watch as your brothers serve in the subjugated roles that I have created for them. Athena laughed, " Humph, the 'mighty' Pride... one: a sex object, one: a comfortable place for my priestesses to sit while they relieve themselves adown his throat, one: a foot washer for all who wish him to lick their feet clean, one: his face the pedestal to open my temple doors"... and you - the groveling floor for my triumphant statue to stand upon."

Again, Theokles struggled to try and say something... anything...this time he was able to summon a lowly grumble from his choking throat - "You bitch!"

Athena smiled. "Defiant to the last!" Athena then added the final insult. She reached into his mouth and ripped out his tongue. She held the long organ in front of his face and taunted "This tongue speaks cruelly. I have a much better way for it to spend eternity." With that she pulled out her dagger and sliced it in two down the middle. Then, she slapped each one onto the soles of her feet. Just as had happened earlier in the day, the tongue parts molded to her soles and became sandals. Theokles immediately tasted the salty soles of her feet and with heightened senses felt all of the crevices and skin textures of her soles - as if the tongue was still in his mouth. The sandal wrapped around each of her toes creating five toes thongs. While this looked like soft leather to the average eye, it was the equivalent of Athena weaving his tongue around and through all five toes. She squeezed them together and wiggled them to accentuate this fact and he immediately tasted the insides of her wiggling toes. Athena explained, "I had to dispose of my shoes earlier when fighting your men. This will serve me well. And for eternity, while you lay here and suffer, you will taste my feet ... wherever I am!"

Unable to speak, uncomfortable, and in pain, Theokles cried silently as Athena laughed in his face. He had been beaten. He had been trampled under foot. He had been forced to humiliate himself in several horrendous ways. And now, he watched as a laughing goddess Athena condemn him to lick her feet forever even though he would be trapped under her figurative feet in a different location. He locked eyes with Athena, tormented by the look of total victory in her eyes, and watched as she floated down to see her priestesses.

The 25 remaining soldiers were shaking and cowering, unsure of their fate. Athena cleared that up quickly. Standing before them she declared, "You 25 will remain here for as long as this temple stands. You will obey the commands of any and all priestesses. So that you may never know the pleasure of a priestess, you will be unable to function sexually. You will be their beasts of burden and serve them while they serve me. This is your fate." Turning to her priestesses she continued "I have given you a total victory today and given you dominion over your enemies as well. Enjoy and celebrate!" Then, to the cheers and praise of the 50 priestesses - Athena vanished.

The priestesses thought about the events of the day and couldn't believe all that had happened. Then, looking at the 25 "soldiers a few women immediately tried out their new toys - commanding the men to do silly things like bow down, kiss their toes, or give them piggy back rides. Eventually, these men were used as menial labor in the every day temple work of the priestesses. They were used like oxen or donkeys. Occasionally, if the "table" were unavailable, one would be called to provide oral pleasure. Their lives were a pitiful existence of humiliating chores and being commanded about like puppies. As for the priestesses, their lives improved dramatically. With 25 slaves to do the hard work, and the many "gifts" that were created from the former Pride brothers, their days consisted mainly of rituals to the goddess and the pleasures of getting serviced.


Theokles almost grew used to the pain. The foot on his back, his battered face, his broken legs... after 75 years these things were almost easy to handle...almost. From his vantage point he watched as 25 of his former soldiers worked like mad men in the hot sun to clean the grounds. Today was the appointment of the new high priestess. He watched as the special "shoes" were handed over and the new woman delighted in putting her feet into the "faces" of two of his men. Then, he was hit with an extremely strong taste of salt and vinegar. "It must be a very hot day wherever Athena is. Her feet are very sweaty today." He tried to think of his once mighty past... the memories of glory and victory. But as he watched a woman ride the face of is "sex table" brother and another receiving a foot massage as she defecated into his other brother' mouth... the toilet... he sunk back to reality and depression. Even as her stone likeness crushed him under foot, Theokles dreamed of the day he would get revenge... be free... or at least die! Again he tasted an overwhelming taste. Athena seemed to be intentionally rubbing her toes vigorously against her sandals... his tongue. A vivid reminder that today was yet again not his day for redemption. Today, like every day, was his day to lick feet.
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Default Re: Femdom Stories of mine

Another masterpiece from John Blaze

Story Name: Political Capital
Author: John Blaze

It all started after the last election. To say that there was envy and bad blood would be an understatement. It was fairly easy to see how they came to dislike each other. Truthfully, it was mainly driven by the senator. Senator James Bronson was very good friends with the last Republican presidential candidate. In fact, many people thought that he was a top front runner for the vice presidential nomination given their tight relationship. Then, she came out of nowhere! To everyone's surprise, especially the Senator's, Tara Lawton was announced as the vice presidential nominee. That theft would have been bad enough, but then as he watched with envy she quickly became the darling of the media and the Republican party. Who the hell was she? She had a certain charm that people seemed unable to ignore but she also seemed to have a toughness that made her formidable. Of course, her "ace in the hole" was that she was an incredibly attractive woman. A former beauty queen, she was now the governor of North Dakota and she exploded onto the public scene.

Then there were the repeated complaints from inside the campaign that Tara was getting bigger than the actual candidate, that she was an unpredictable diva, that she had her own agenda, and that she was being very difficult behind the scenes. Watching this woman who stole his vice presidential nomination outshine his friend was an additional slap in the face. Then....they lost the election. As a final insult, when the election was finally lost, rumors floated around that she wasn't even disappointed. Instead, she was looking forward to her future as a public figure. From that day forward, Senator Bronson made his distaste for Tara known and the bad blood began to boil.

Fast forward 3 years and much has changed. Over those three years the war of words and bad blood between Tara and James had played out through the media and it was no secret that they were not he closest of friends.Tara was no longer governor, although she maintained heavy influence politically. It seemed she was content to make a fortune speaking and writing books while wielding her hefty political influence from the sidelines. However, Senator Bronson was now a key figure himself and looking to win the Republican nomination for president. Yet, he found himself unable to ever fully escape the shadow of his hated foe, Tara Lawton.

Case #1

On the day that Senator Bronson called a press conference to announce his candidacy, he was dwarfed by Tara. On that same day she called an "impromptu" press conference to say that she was NOT going to run. Yet all over the news cycle HER story was getting the major attention. James watched the news all night only to see Tara's face on every channel. In fact, he later learned that most TV stations cut from his announcement to carry her speech live. He was furious! Then, the next day the press ran headlines stating that she had "stepped all over" his announcement. A major New York paper accompanied this headline with a giant political cartoon showing a smiling Tara literally walking on Senator Bronson...her high heeled foot in the small of his back as he thought to himself "Why don't they like me?"

James wasn't sure why, but this political cartoon really ate him up and he stormed around his office all day with an attitude demanding his staff get him some publicity. The hardest hit was Kerry, his young blonde publicist. He berated her to the point of tears and then stormed off.

Miles away, Tara sat in her office with her feet up on her desk and read the same paper. She ran her fingers through her long brown hair and fixed her wiry glasses with her index finger. An aide walked into the room. "Tara, we have word from our mole inside the Bronson campaign: he is furious! He knows you played him like a fool. Interestingly enough, it seemed what set him off the most was that political cartoon."

Tara glanced again at the drawing - focusing on her high heeled foot pressed into her foe's back. She laughed aloud and shrugged her shoulders. "Oh well... he IS a fool!"

Case #2

Although she had announced she was not running for president, her popularity was still soaring. James, on the other hand, could not seem to get any momentum going. Each week as the polls came out, more and more people seemed to back Tara for the nomination. 30%, 35%, 42%, 46%.... all while James' rating stayed right around 29%. Again, the headlines were brutal.

"Senator Bronson can't win!"
"Masses want non-running candidate over Bronson!"

The kicker was that the same New York paper now ran another political cartoon showing a line graph rising and rising with Tara's popularity. Under the chart, it showed the cartoonish likeness of Tara Lawton stepping on Senator Bronson like a step stool as she reached high in the air to try and touch the rising line in the graph. Her high heeled foot was planted firmly in his upturned face as he looked to be off balance, her shoe completely covering his face as she smiled and "reached for the top". The headline read - "Tara climbs over Bronson to the top despite not running!"

Again the way this paper made a fool of him sent him over the top! He actually called the paper to complain and borderline threatened the reporter and cartoonist, but he was met with laughter from the young woman's voice and a "click!"

James turned bright red and couldn't top cursing. He called Kerry into his office and laid into her with a profanity ridden tirade for ten minutes for not doing a better job of protecting his image.

Case #3

Much to his dismay and humiliation, Kerry had finally convinced James that he could not win the election without the backing of Tara Lawton's supporters. She suggested that he try to woo her over and put their bad blood aside. Reluctantly, James agreed and he thought the perfect place to start would be his upcoming gala $1,000 a plate fundraiser. He sent an invitation to Tara by certified mail and had his campaign people repeatedly call he campaign people. Still, there was no reply.

With three days left until the event, James was watching the news and saw that Tara was giving an interview. The topics covered many things but ultimately wound up on the upcoming election.

"Tara, time is winding down and everyone is waiting to see if you will put your support behind any of the candidates."

"Well, I just don't know yet. I'm watching closely and... we'll see."

"Tara, as you know, Senator Bronson is having a big event this Saturday. Have you been invited?"

"I have."

"Will you attend?"

"Well, this Saturday I have a previous engagement."

"What's that?"

"I have a spa appointment booked. I'm getting a two hour foot treatment. A fantastically special pampering! Its a foot massage, heat therapy, and a pedicure. What woman do you know who would pass that up?"

"Are you saying that you are blowing off Senator Bronson?"

"No... I'm saying that I really need a foot rub. Who's going to rub my feet if I go? Senator Bronson?"

Both the reporter and Tara chuckle. Then she continues. "I'll go if he rubs my feet!"

The reporter chuckles again and adds "He might take you up on that... he needs the support." Again they both laugh.

James was so angry as he watched this interview that he was physically shaking. The press only made it worse. For the next two days the clip of a smiling Tara saying those words into the camera played over and over on every channel.... "I'll go if he rubs my feet!"

The words kept ringing in his ears. Every news show... morning, mid day, six o'clock, evening news.... that clip played "I'll go if he rubs my feet!" The various anchors laughed at his expense. They always tried to reach her campaign for comment or clarification but there was no correction, no apology, no statement. Nothing. She just left the words to stand on their own and cause him embarrassment.

That same newspaper in New York ran the headline "I'll go if he rubs my feet" and a new political cartoon. This time, a resting Tara sat in a recliner with her shoes to her side and a glass of wine in her had. James knelt at her feet and vigorously rubbed them in his hands. His caption: "Can I stop now? Will you support me... plleeeeeaassse?" Her caption: "Just keep rubbing!"

James was beside himself at this latest cartoon. He almost called up again, but decided to spare himself the humiliation of being laughed at by the young lady at the paper again. He convinced himself that when he was president, he'd remember all the stations that humiliated him.

The Call

Kerry showed James the latest polls that showed him slipping further to his opponents. She pleaded with him to call Tara directly. To make peace. He berated her and threw the crumpled up poll back in her face. She left the room crying, tired from the repeated abuse. When she left, James realized she was probably right and against all of his instincts he picked up the phone to call Tara... personally.

"Hello? Yes this is Senator Bronson for Tara Lawton."

"Please hold sir."

The young female receptionist brought Tara the phone. James listened as she told Tara that he was on the line. Tara thanked her and asked her to leave the phone. The phone was never placed on hold, but instead sat on Tara's desk. Due to this fact, James could hear Tara typing, moving around her room, apparently pouring and drinking coffee, shuffling through papers... everything but talking to him. After 15 long minutes on"hold", she picked up the phone.

"Hello James. How can I help you."

Flustered at yet more disrespect, James tried hard to maintain his cool. "Tara, it's been too long. I'm calling because you haven't RSVP'd to my event yet. You know I need your support. Can you help me out and come?"

"I'm sorry James, I have other plans."

"Yes... I heard. I must say I was mighty peeved the way you talked about me. Telling me to rub your feet and all."

"Oh James. You know that the press takes everything out of context. I was just saying that I didn't want to miss my spa appointment. Just a little joke... that was all. You really must lighten up!"

"Well, ok then... so can I count on you to be there?"

"Well,"...there was a long pause... "are you going to rub my feet?"

There was silence as James turned red in anger. He was mad at her audacity and he was equally mad at himself for walking right into her power trip.

Tara continued, "Look James. Let's not pretend we like each other. We have a long history and you have been incredibly harsh with me both in person and through the press these last few years. You want my endorsement ?You want my support? The day you drop to your knees and rub my feet is the day I will consider supporting you."

James wanted to scream some profanity into the phone and slam it down. Instead he said quietly, "Let's be reasonable. How can we work this out. How can I make it worth your while?"

"Well... I have to fly from DC to California next week. Come with me on my private jet and we can possibly work something out."

James agreed, hung up the phone, and immediately found Kerry to scream at her for convincing him to crawl to Tara and give her this satisfaction. The young blonde just sat and listened to him, wondering why she didn't just quit already!

The Flight:

When the time came, James and Kerry met with Tara and Jane (her campaign manager). They briefly exchanged niceties and quickly boarded the small private jet. On board, there were 8 "captain's" style leather seats, but 5 of them were filled with luggage and papers. Tara sat in the front and James went to sit next to her. Jane sat in the last free seat and Kerry was left standing. Kerry started to clean off one of the seats but Jane quickly interrupted, "Please don't move any of those things." Kerry looked confused but James burst out "She can stand for the whole flight or sit on the floor... who cares. Let's get down to business."

Tara noticed that Kerry hung her head in shame at the public undressing. Reaching into her purse Tara pulled out a thick folder of papers. "Yes. Let's get down to business." She paused for a few moments and stared at James with a smirk on her face. He started to wonder what she was up to. Then she continued, "What you don't know is that one of your closest campaign members is actually a mole working for me. What I have here are hundreds of documents, phone transcripts, recordings, and emails." James looked at her somewhat confused. She continued, "You've been a very bad boy. This is all evidence of you giving money explicitly for favors, giving out contracts to friends with no other bids, embezzling money from both private companies and your campaign funds. Wow ... you'll be in a ton of trouble when I expose all of this."

James turned bright red. "Wh...what are you going to do?"

"I don't know. I guess it depends on you."

"What do ... what do you want from me?"

"Remember our phone conversation?"

James paused and thought back. "Yes."

"Well, I made you an offer."

James continued to think about their brief but intense conversation. Then it hit him and he turned even redder. She couldn't mean ... "You want me to rub your feet?"

Tara laughed at his discomfort. "Exactly...but the ante has gone up now. I want you to rub my feet ...", she paused almost as if she was trying not to laugh at her next words ... "and tickle my toes while you do ... with your nose."

Tara couldn't help but laugh at the horrified and defeated look on the senator's face. He looked so pathetic. Ecstatic to finally see him get a taste of his karma, Kerry started to giggle... then laugh at his predicament. James quickly shot Kerry a nasty look and started to shout. "You stupid bitch! How dare you ..."

Kerry quickly interrupted him. "You know what? I've been putting up with your shit for far too long! I don't know who betrayed you or why they did ... but I'm so glad they did. Your career is over! Fuck you old man! I quit!" With that, she leaned in and spit directly into his face. Senator Bronson didn't know how to respond. He pulled out a handkerchief and tried to remain calm as he wiped her spit from his face.

Tara clapped. "Good for you young lady. Would you like a job? You can join my team if you'd like." The thought of working for James's fierce enemy...who clearly had him by the balls... was definitely something Kerry would love and she quickly agreed.

Tara looked at James. "What's it going to be? This is a one time offer. If you take it, the world may never have to know. Heck, I might even endorse you still. It would be fun to have a president in my pocket. But if you refuse, you'll be in jail and disgraced!"

James paused and then slowly nodded.

"Good." Then get where you belong." Tara said while pointing to the floor at her feet. James slowly slunk out of his chair and sat, in his $1,000 suit, at Tara's feet.

"Would you like to sit Kerry?"

With a smile on her face, Kerry stepped over the senator and got comfortable in what was his seat moments ago. The plane accelerated down the runway and took flight. Tara reached down and sliding one of her long, red finger nails into the back of her shoe she ever so lightly loosened the black high heeled pump. Her heel could just barely begin to pop out. With her legs crossed so he couldn't get a "view" up her skirt she extended her foot towards the senator. He took her foot in his hands and slid the shoe off. Tara wore nude stockings and her toes were painted bright red to match her fingers. James took her foot in his hands. It was warm and damp. He began to knead it.

"Like you mean it damnit!"

He started to rub harder. He glanced over at Kerry who was watching with a very wide smile on her face. He stared back down at the foot. Tara Lawton sighed at the relief the strong massage was giving her foot. She pushed it towards his face and commanded "Now, be a good boy and tickle my toes". With his face turning bright red, the senator leaned in and buried his nose into the base of her toes. As his thumbs kneaded on her sole, he turned his head from side to side forcing his nose to massage her toes as it slid into the crevices between each one. Tara spread her stocking covered toes and allowed them to slide over the bridge of his nose one by one. It felt great... but it didn't tickle. "Try breathing through your nose deeply." James cringed, both at the command and at the way Jane and Kerry laughed as Tara barked orders, determined to get the sensation just how she wanted it. With his nose buried in her stockinged toes, James took a deep breath. And then another. James tried desperately to wake up from this nightmare. This couldn't be real! How could he possibly be sitting at the feet of the person he hated most in the world and not only be massaging her foot ... but allowing her to rub her foot in his face and make him breathe through her stockinged toes?

The massaging hands, the massaging nose, and the cool air running through her sweaty toes felt great ... but just not right. James inhaled her foot funk directly from the base of her toes and tried not to gag. He forced his mind to wander as to not focus on the fact he was using his hands, face, and breath to make the feet of his bitter rival feel good.

Tara once again snapped an order. "No that's not it. Try it very gently." James obeyed like a little bitch, mad at himself for being in this scenario. He pushed her foot slightly away from his face and used just the tip of his nose to trace the fleshy parts of the bottom of her toes. It sent a tingling up her foot through her leg and to her spine. "That's it!" Tara exclaimed. So, for the next hour James sat holding her foot and massaged it while gently tickling her toes wit his nose. Tara spent that time speaking with Kerry and all but ignoring his existence. His back, neck, and hands grew tired from sitting there and constantly rubbing her feet while turning his head back and forth. But, he dared not stop.

Finally, he heard the conversation turn to him.

"He never treated you nicely, huh Kerry?"

"No, he was quite mean all the time."

"Would you like him to rub your feet too?"

"Actually ma'am, maybe someday. But right now, I'm in the clouds watching him at your feet. You don't understand! He hates you so much! It killed him to ask to ask for your help. But this? This may cause him to die a thousand times! He thought he was on his way to the white house! He thought he was going to get your support on this flight! Instead, look at him! What a pathetic loser!"

Tara removed her foot from his hands and slipped it back into her shoe. She presented him with the other one and he removed her shoe for her. Since that foot had remained in her shoe the entire time, he was presented with another warm, sweaty foot. He immediately began rubbing with his tired hands and ticking with his nose ... this time, doing it "right" from the beginning.

As James massaged the warm wet foot, Kerry watched him closely like he was her favorite movie. Then she leaned in towards Tara. "You know what I want? I want to see you make him lick your toes!"

Tara looked at Kerry almost disgusted. "I don't want this pig licking any part of me!"

"No. you don't understand. It's not in anyway sexual. Just make him lick your toes like... like a dog would. Or an inanimate object. It feels amazing and it would be the icing on the cake. I once got my toes licked during a game of Truth or Dare. It was by this guy I would NEVER have dated... he was a real jerk. But when he did it it felt great. I felt no attraction to him, but his embarrassment made me laugh and his tongue made me feel good. Make the Senator do it! I'm sure he would just die!"

The senator shook with disgust at his situation as his once lowly assistant tried to talk his bitter rival into humiliating him in the worst way.

Tara smiled but declined. Then she laid her head back and enjoyed her relaxing massage in her comfortable chair. For the next hour, she reveled in her total victory. Just as she was bout to drift into sleep she was awakened by the senator's voice.

"Please Tara. My hands are numb and my back is killing me from this position. Can I stop?"

Tara was annoyed that she was robbed of her sleep, but she allowed him to stop. Before he could thank her she told him to lie down with is head at her feet. As he did he realized what was about to happen and tried to retract his request, promising to continue. But, it was too late. Tara removed her foot from her other shoe, which had once again grown sweaty, and lifted both feet in the air. Slowly she pressed them down into his upturned face and used his face as a foot rest. Then, she began to slide her feet back and forth, using his face as a massager. Her nude stockinged feet slid back and forth from his forehead to his chin. Her her sole & toes dragged back and forth across his nose, leaving their sweaty aroma for him to savor. Using his face as a personal massager, she started to feel relaxed. "I think I'm going to take a nap. While I rest, would you be a dear and massage my toes?"

He was furious! This was all too much! But what choice did he have? So, with her warm, damp feet sliding around on his face, he reached up with his hands and started to rub her toes through his fingers.

"No, no... not like that!" she corrected. "Use your thumb and index finger to gently rub, turn, an pull on each one. Work all ten one by one." So, reluctantly doing as he was told, the senator played with her toes as commanded while she used his face to soothe the soles of her feet. He played with one toe in each hand between two fingers over and over. To his dismay, Tara never seemed to tire of the sensation.

Laughing, Tara made an observation. "You wanted to be the most powerful man in the world... the President of the United States!! Instead, you are my toe massaging foot stool! Could you be in a more lowly and powerless position?" She chuckled at the irony and then laid her head back and closed her eyes.

The sliding motion of her feet slowed as she drifted into a blissful sleep. He filled with self pity at his predicament. Her feet never slid from his face as she slept. It would have been bad enough it she was simply trying to humiliate him. He knew that obviously that WAS her goal. However, she was actually deriving pleasure from the physical sensation. She was actually enjoying the feeling of using his face as a foot massager ... HIS FACE! To the sounds of laughter and belittling from Kerry, James let tears run down his cheeks as the dead weight of the Tara's sleeping feet pressed into his face uncomfortably. As she slept he kept massaging her toes. When he felt she was in a deep enough sleep, he would try to stop. However, she would vigorously slide her feet around his face as if nocturnally searching for the relaxing sensation. On his third attempt to stop, she not so gently stomped his face... dominating him even subconsciously while she slept. He realized he would have to continue , and for the remainder of the flight he served just as she said... as her toe massaging foot stool.

He traveled the remainder of the flight ... four hours .. like this. When they landed, Tara was awoken by her assistant. She commented that she NEVER had slept so well on a flight and that she had now found the secret to long trips! She patted him on the cheek with the ball of her foot as if to say thank you. Then she slipped her shoes on and went to exit the plane. James lay on the floor in a mixed state of shock and denial. However, the unmistakable scent of Tara Lawton's feet was fused into his face and served as a stark reminder of the day's reality. Kerry was filled with tremendous satisfaction at the disgraceful humiliation of her former boss. Looking at him on the floor, she couldn't resist the opportunity before her. So as she stood to exit the plane, she nonchalantly stepped on his chest with her heeled foot - walking on and over him like a speed bump. James was already too deflated to even react.

There were tons of press waiting to greet her outside the plane. Tara, Jane, and Kerry exited the plane talking and laughing as the cameras flashed. A few minutes later, a disheveled Senator Bronson exited as well. His hair was a mess, hi eyes were bloodshot, and his suit was wrinkled. As the cameras flashed, one of the reporters screamed out "What did you do? Beat him for the entire flight?"

The Surprise:

That evening, Tara Lawton gave a huge speech to a packed house of supporters. James watched backstage with Kerry by his side. The entire time, Kerry just kept looking at him and laughing. James tried to ignore it. Then, towards the end of the speech James heard Tara ask for the audience's attention. She began to describe a great man who she would finally be endorsing for president. She went on and on about his qualifications and his character. Then she concluded, "And that's why I'm incredibly pleased to announce my endorsement of ... Governor Smith!"

James heart sank. All he could hear was Kerry's laughter and the applause of the audience. Tara had just stomped out his career.

When the speech was over, Tara walked into her private office where James and Kerry were waiting. James tore into her. "You bitch! We had a deal. I can't believe you I'm going to ..."

Tara forcefully slapped James across the face with the back of her hand. "You'll do nothing senator. I still have all of that evidence and we never had a deal despite what you may think. I never promised you more than to consider endorsing you! But I do promise you this, you will go to jail if you fail to obey me for one second!"

James stood humiliated and firmly put in his place. Tara poured herself a glass of wine and sat in her leather recliner.

"Now, senator ... I'd like to relax and I've been curious about something ever since Kerry mentioned it." James wasn't sure what she was eluding to, but he was certain it wasn't going to be good for him. "Senator, crawl over here and lick my toes."

James' jaw dropped and Kerry simultaneously smiled a huge bright smile. The senator looked at the bare red toes peeking out from the black sling back, peep toed pump. Then he looked at the smug face of his hated nemesis as she sipped her wine. Finally he looked at the delighted face of his one time campaign manager. All before he slowly knelt to the ground and crawled towards his destiny in disgrace.

He felt like the eyes of the world were on him and he could barely stand the humiliation of his "crawl of shame". Looking at the foot dangling and swinging in the air, it seemed as though he were crawling for an eternity before he reached it. Then, reaching out with his hands, he removed her shoe. Tara's bare foot was warm and sweaty as he took it in his hands. Then, unable to even fathom what he was about to do... he extended his tongue. The touch f his tongue to her soft, salty toes sealed the agreement leaving no room for misinterpretation ... this was his new life.
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Default Re: Femdom Stories of mine

Political Capital II

Tara Lawton smiled widely. The two things that she found most invigorating about life were success and winning. She swirled her wine around in her glass and stared into the burgundy elixir as she reflected on all that had transpired to bring her to this moment. Ironically, losing the election last time might have been the best thing that ever happened to her. Rich beyond her wildest dreams and wielding influence as a well respected power broker in Washington, her seat atop the pinnacle seemed to be secure. And it all started with that failed campaign bid as vice president. Tara buried her nose in the wine glass and inhaled its rich aroma as she took another sip. It was one of her favorite blends. One that she had custom ordered from her favorite California vineyard. The richly flavored fluid coated her mouth and lit up her taste buds. As she slowly sipped her wine, she shuffled a little and settled deeper into the comfortable leather recliner. Lowering her glass, she looked down at her feet with a smile. There, on all fours, kneeling in what must have been agonizing, humiliating defeat was her buffoon, her servant...her bitch. Once upon a time he was her rival. Now, he was crushed - completely and absolutely.

Tara couldn’t help but smile at how she had played this whole thing. She had nonchalantly stepped all over his campaign from the moment that he announced his candidacy, easily sending his bid for the presidency into a death spiral. She had humiliated him and stolen his dignity on her private jet, dangling his ambition on a string like a carrot in front of a desperate mule. She had kept him clinging to a small shred of hopeful optimism only to crush his spirits and his career with her speech earlier that evening. And now, having stripped him of everything he held dear... having gleefully trampled any potential accomplishments that might come from a lifetime of his effort... she settled comfortably into the soft recliner, sipping her favorite wine and enjoying the moment.

She smiled down at Senator Bronson... the self important bully... the man who thought himself superior to her in every way. She had easily manipulated him to this exact moment - on his knees before her, looking awkward and uncomfortable as he cupped her clammy bare foot in his hands. He appeared almost hypnotized as he stared at her shiny red toenails and contemplated his options. Her eyes satisfyingly studied his face as his mind raced, searching for any way out of this situation - any way to save some dignity...to avoid such an utterly devastating defeat. His brow contorted in unison with his frantic thought process and betrayed his desperation as he failed to find any winning strategy. He slowly came to grips with the inescapable. He had no options. He had no way out. Tara had played him like a master violinist and he could find no recourse but to face the fate she had authored for him.

These minutes of anguish dragged on, playing out on his face like a Broadway musical for Tara’s enjoyment. She was clothed in self satisfaction as she watched this scene unfold in front of her...at her feet. Her amusement was surpassed only by anticipation of the inevitable - the fast approaching moment when he would crumble. Then it happened. He acknowledged defeat and resigned himself to get it over with. Ashamed of himself, he attempted to raise her foot to his lips. Tara flexed her leg muscles, keeping her foot steady and rejecting the efforts of his cupped hands. He noticed how powerful and sexy her well curved legs appeared as they flexed. Then he looked up at her face. There was a combination of stern resolve and smug amusement behind her eyes. James swallowed hard to clear his throat. He felt as though he were literally choking on his own humiliation. This absolute bitch would allow him nothing. He was given no daylight to claim even a miniscule moral victory. Not even the slightest sliver. His only choice would be to acknowledge his own pitifulness.

He leaned forward, kowtowing at her feet. Seemingly in slow motion, he lowered his mouth to the foot resting in his hands. The hair on the back of his neck stood up in recognition of this nightmare. What was he about to do??!! He grimaced and then reluctantly extended his tongue. Ever so slightly, the tip of his tongue touched the underside of her pinky toe. He paused. Was this really happening? Did he have to do this? Tara said nothing. Instead, she let his hesitation add to the gravitas of the moment. She observed in silence as a current US Senator was forced to lick her toe and she raised an eyebrow as he paused one last time to ponder the task. Basking in each new humiliation as it unfolded, Tara was delighted to watch as another of his small mental barriers got toppled. In fact, she got a chill of excitement imagining the humbling discussion he was having with himself at that very moment.

James continued on, further extending his tongue at a painfully slow pace. Ignoring the deafening noise of his dignity screaming for him to stop, he willed his tongue forward and allowed it to slowly slide under her pinky toe. His tongue slid forward, pressing against the underside of her tiny toe until the tip of his tongue gently touched the ball of her foot. Tara’s toe eagerly accepted the warm coat of saliva from the moist tongue as a refreshing gift. James was too disgusted and humiliated to continue licking but his momentary paralysis had the ironic effect of hitting the pause button at the worst possible time. For the next few moments, her delicate pinky toe rested comfortably on its new bed. And, like a good house guest, her toe had presented James with a gift of its own in return - offering him a fresh streak of salty toe sweat left down the center of his tongue. His face distorted in disgust, acknowledging the deed he was doing. At that moment, nothing could not have illustrated their relationship better than the contrasting details of their individual experiences. Rich, full bodied wine delighted her taste buds while the salty residue from her toe slowly penetrated his. All the while her toe rested victoriously on his extended tongue. James snapped out of his daze an quickly retracted his violated tongue into his mouth James made a face like a child who had just taken a giant dose of the nastiest medicine imaginable. Tara’s calm, confident voice rained down with encouragement “Go on, James. Lick all of my toes. And do it with enthusiasm...like you mean it.”

James shivered at the audacity of this bitch! He never thought himself capable of such hatred for another human being. But with no outlet to act on it, the hatred turned inward. He hated himself for being so weak... for allowing himself to become a pawn to her whims. He obediently opened his mouth again and let his tongue slide forward. This time he slid it under her fourth toe. Once again his tongue made the disgusting and humiliating exchange; swapping a thin layer of warm saliva for a thin layer of her sweaty toe residue. Once again, his tongue slid forward until it touched the ball of her foot at the base of her toes...and then he dragged it sideways from the fourth toe to the third. Following the deliberate flick of his tongue, James slowly dragged it back towards his mouth licking the length of her two toes in the process. His tongue flick caught some gunk from between her toes at the base. Unbeknownst to him, it rested on the tip of his tongue and rode it back to his mouth like a carnival ride. Meanwhile, the slow drag back pressed against both toes with the flat part on the front of his tongue. His warm tongue repainted the underbelly of her fourth toe with warm saliva while applying a fresh coat to the third. His tongue continued to exchange his moist saliva for Tara’s salty toe slime all the way back to his mouth. When he allowed his tongue to re-enter, his taste buds further exploded with the salty taste of her toes and a tiny splash of bitterness from the toe gunk he slurped in as a surprise.

His disgust meant that he had to force himself to perform every movement. This continued to make all of his movements slow and deliberate which counter intuitively served to prolong every moment. Despite his disgust, his tongue went back for round three. His tongue touched the underside of her third and second digits this time, pushing forward until it hit the skin where the ball of her foot met the base of her toes. He flicked his tongue once... then retraced his path. This time, as his tongue slid along her toes, Tara moaned in pleasure under her breath. Tara’s reaction cemented the truth in his mind. Reality crashed in like a tidal wave. He wasn’t lightly touching his tongue to a toe in a quick sign of defeat and storming out in disgust as he had hoped - though even that would have been a shameful and humiliating new low point in his life. No,there was no denying or getting around it. He had spent these last moments deliberately and somewhat thoroughly... licking ...her.. toes!

James tried to let his mind wander to something else...anything else. He tried to think of something pleasant... but he couldn’t. Last week he dared to think that he would be the next president of the United States. He thought that he would fulfill his life’s ambitions and dish out sweet retribution to all of his enemies in the process. He would have held all of the power. He would have crushed Tara and anyone else who dared to make an enemy of him. Now with that hope stomped out under Tara’s shoe, he knelt at her feet like a mongrel... and willingly did a mongrel’s work.

The sudden and loud laughter of Kerry’s voice snapped him out of these thoughts. He had forgotten she was there. He looked over at his one time publicist. Even she felt free to treat him like a joke now. He silently fumed as he remembered how she had felt free to casually suggest to Tara that he lick her toes “like a dog.” This was all her idea!

Right on cue Tara looked over at Kerry and spoke with a breathy voice. “Kerry. You were right. This really does feel amazing. It’s just what I needed after a long day. I could use this every day.” Those words rang in James’ ears like a fire alarm. EVERY...DAY. Then Tara spread her toes wide and wiggled them in his face. “Lick in between my toes now James.” James let his tongue glide in between her third and fourth toes. The saltiness and the sliminess seemed to increase exponentially. James tried not to gag. Again Tara moaned her approval. “That’s a good boy.” She continued to wiggle her toes back and forth even as his tongue slithered between them. It was as if she were massaging the inside walls of her toes with his extended tongue as he licked.

For the next few minutes, James knelt at the feet of his new master, stooped over in an uncomfortable position. His knees and elbows were on the ground. His cupped hands gently supported her bare foot and his butt was high in the air as he groveled at the foot of her chair. He let his tongue run in between and under her toes over and over. He “allowed” her to wiggle her toes and squeeze his tongue in between them. As the seconds turned to minutes and then ticked by, his mouth tasted more and more like it was the inside of her shoe. With each lick and retraction into his mouth, he feasted on the waste from her sweaty toes and specks of foot glop dislodged by his probing tongue. After a few minutes of this relaxing treatment, she slid her foot forward in his hands. James offered no resistance as her five dainty toes slipped through his lips and entered his mouth. “Suck them.” she said with a casual but cold and expectant voice. So he sucked her toes, all the while his tongue worked its magic and all the while more of her foot funk and salty sweat migrated off of her toes and into his mouth. Foot sweat made itself at home on his taste buds. Slimy toe jam and specs of dead foot skin were sucked off of her toes or licked from between them. They seemed to spread out and find comfortable crevices in the far corners of his mouth to call home so that they could “remain” with James long after this ordeal was over. “Enough.” Tara said coldly. “Remove my other shoe.”

James gently placed Tara’s refreshed foot on the floor. He slipped the shoe strap from behind her heel slid a freshly clammy foot out of its home. He held her newly released foot in his hands and prepared to get this over with. Before he could resume his humiliating duties Tara spoke slowly and almost seductively. “James, in your new role as my personal assistant, this will be a permanent part of your duties. In fact, I think I will require this every day.” James’ heart sank. Tara continued, “So, it will be important for you to learn a proper technique. We are going to combine everything that you’ve been working on with this next one okay?”

James fumed. "We?" “Working on??!!” Her words made it seem like he was an apprentice who had been working to perfect his foot relieving craft!

Tara took another sip of her wine. James stared up at the red liquid with envy as the taste of her toes pulsated in his mouth. Tara gave him his marching orders. “When I ask you to relieve my sore feet you will remove my shoe from one foot. You will hold it to your face so that your nose is buried in my toes and you will inhale deeply five or six times.” Those words hit James as if she had cracked him in the head with a hammer. What was the purpose? Did his breath hold some benefit for her? He wanted to pretend that it was to cool her toes or something practical. But, he knew damn well that it was a measure solely added to cement his place in life. She waned him to voluntarily debase himself and take in the smell of her foot, fresh out of her shoe simply to humiliate him and remind him of his submission and defeat. She continued, “ Then, you will firmly massage my foot with both hands...” Tara paused and tried not to giggle “while you tickle my toes with your nose just like on the plane. Finally, when I say so, you will lick my toes just like tonight. Then you will gently suck them, cleaning away the day’s filth and erasing the day’s stress.” Tara sighed loudly at the thought of this daily ritual. Then she smiled smugly as she looked down at him. The thought of subjecting him to this “job" for the foreseeable future was just perfect.

Tara paused. There was a powerful but awkward silence as James thought of his future as her foot soothing bitch. Her words penetrated his skull. He was still a US Senator!! He still had powerful friends. He rose upright on his knees and stared intently at Tara. “Now just a minute damnit. Enough is enough!! I am a member of the Senate of the United States of America and I’ve had just about enough of this shit! I...”

SMACK! Tara’s newly freed foot planted itself firmly into James’ face with a slap, shutting him up mid sentence. The clammy ball of her foot pressed against his lips and his nose was buried in the base of her toes. “Shut up James.” Tara offered in an almost bored voice. “You know what I have on you... or did you forget? Or maybe you think there is something cool about going to prison in disgrace.” She paused for a few long seconds as if she were waiting for his respnse. After some silence she continued. “Here’s how this works - I make the rules and you say nothing! You are not entitled to any respect from me unless I offer it freely.” As if to punctuate her point, Tara forced her foot into his face and ground it into his facial features. Her grubby toes and the ball of her foot smushed forcefully into his upper lip and nose as she spoke. “First of all,I will require you to resign your senate seat. You will come work for me as my assistant.” Her bare foot continued to grind into his face as he knelt in front of her and listened to her casually tell him he would be required to abandon his life’s work and all of his dreams. He didn‘t resist...didn‘t get up and storm out. He just took it. “Now accept your place... do as your told... and begin practicing a key piece of your new job!” She even more forcefully shoved her foot into his face and crushed his nose, nearly toppling him over from his kneeling position. “Smell...my...feet!”

Even on the plane when he was humiliated over and over and even just now when he had been forced to lick and suck her toes - James had NEVER felt this low, this humiliated or this defeated. It was all he could do not to cry. Scolded and firmly put in his place, the assault on James’ face came to a halt as Tara stopped grinding her foot into his face long enough for him to voluntarily comply with her directions. He cupped her foot at the heel as her slimy toes draped his nose. His nose was buried in the base of her toes against the ball of her foot. Like a good bitch, he did as he was told. The loud sound of his very deep breathing audibly filled the room. James cringed as he inhaled the unmistakable funk of foot sweat and old shoe leather. The grime and sweat of her foot had already been ground into his face...and had already been licked and sucked into his mouth. Now, it was being deeply and directly inhaled into his lungs.

Kerry could no longer take it and she burst out laughing hysterically. “Look at you! Not so important now are you?” Kerry was crying, she was laughing so hard.

James mumbled into the ball of Tara’s foot. “Fucking bitch!”

Tara removed her foot from his face. “Excuse me?” she questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“N-n-not you, ma’am. Her!” he said pointing to Kerry.

“I would be nicer to her than that if I were you. She’s going to be your supervisor you know.”

James’ eyes bulged open wide and his face turned red. Kerry’s laughter grew even louder and almost frantic. Before he could protest, Tara’s foot was slapped firmly back into his face. “Keep smelling.” She commanded. “And get back down there” she added, pointing to the ground at her feet. James got back into his uncomfortable kowtowing position from before and simultaneously started kneading her foot with his thumbs. With his elbows on the floor and his hands firmly massaging Tara’s foot, he knelt groveling and loudly sniffing her toes.

With his ass high in the air, Kerry seized her chance. Still laughing hysterically at the sight before her and the loud sniffing sound, she walked behind him. She stared at his big round butt in the air. Taking her time to measure it, she cocked her foot back and let a swift kick go into his backside. THUMP! Giggling hysterically she added “I always wanted to kick your fat ass!” Again, she gave him a firm kick in the pants. THUMP! “Imagine how those toes are going to smell when she wears nylons all day!” THUMP! Her foot slammed into his ass again. “Ewwww...imagine smelling that! Worse...imagine sucking that sweat out!”

Right on cue Tara commanded, “Suck my toes now.” Still massaging her foot, with the taste of her first foot still assaulting his mouth, with the smell of her foot sweat drying into his face, and with the funk of the deepest crevices of her toes burning his esophagus and lungs, he once again opened his mouth to accept her toes.

THUMP! Another swift kick to his elevated ass punctuated the point.

“Yeah bitch...suck her toes!” Kerry laughed.

So, the would-be president knelt in front of his enemy... massaging her foot and sucking her toes while she sipped her wine and enjoyed her moment of complete victory and the utter and complete destruction of a one time foe. His former employee and soon to be supervisor stood behind him laughing at his predicament and repeatedly kicking him in the butt. All the while, James contemplated his new reality: walking away from a lifetime of work and all of his dreams to carry his enemy’s bag and lick her feet every evening. He could no longer hold it together. Tears ran down his cheeks in two long streams as the sweat from his enemy’s toes once again filled his mouth. He heard her take another sip of her wine and then her free foot came to rest on top of his head as he knelt and ‘worked.’ “Ahhh." Tara sighed in obvious comfort and relief, apparently adding footstool to his job description. The tears ran more freely now. His ass grew sore as the assault of kicks and laughter continued to the rhythm of his sucking. This was the worst day and night of his life. Tomorrow didn’t promise to get much better.
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