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Default Re: Femdom Stories of mine

Supposedly a true experience

Story Name: I Lost At Strip Poker To A Female Friend
Author: celibatewhtboy

I have a very attractive female friend and we are pretty close but not in a sexual way. I mean we kid around a lot and talk about different sexual things a pretty good bit. She is married but mistreated quite often but she don't stray. She does love to have sex a lot though but only with her husband. I am divorced and pretty much sexless but certainly not by choice. She knows all about my sex life or lack of it simply because we talk a lot and we don't really hold anything back from each other.

She knows all about me and my sexual experience and resume and I know what she likes, does, does not do, how often she does it and a lot more about her sex life before her marriage and after. She knows about my desire to obey the females. She knows I am an exhibitionist and will do some crazy stuff. She knows I would love to see her naked but she won't allow it. She has seen me naked on more than one occasion since then but this time was the first time. That's the way she likes it too in that she now knows exactly what I have while I am still wondering what she has. She holds that advantage over me to this day so to speak.

Anyway, that is what set the basis for a strip poker game with her. I had tried several times to get her to play and she always said no. Well, this one time when I asked she thought for a second and said that she might but it would have to be by her rules. After so many failed tries to get her to play this was a welcome change and I agreed without even hearing the rules. I quickly said ok.

She said don't you want to hear the rules before you agree? I said it don't matter what they are I still want to play. She said ok then. What I didn't realize at the time was that she had no intention of losing and every intention to make sure that I would be the revealing one and she would remain the covered one.

She said alright, here are the rules. The game is high card. The deck is shuffled after each draw. High card wins, low card loses. You draw first then the winner draws first after that. Socks count as two articles of clothing and so do the shoes. Jewelry counts also. Pretty much anything that is being worn and can be removed individually is counted as one article and takes one loss to remove it. She made sure to include and mention this because I don't have any jewelry and she does.

The next rule is each of us must inform the other of exactly how many articles of clothing that they have on, thus how many losses it would take to lose the game and be completely naked. There is no maximum limit on how many you can start with but there is a minimum of at least one and she gives me this little sexy smirky grin.

Now, since you agreed to play by my rules then I will start the game wearing 14 articles of clothing. Those would be 2 shoes, 2 socks, 1 pair of panties, 1 bra, 1 pair of jeans, 1 shirt, 1 pull over sweater, 1 necklace, 1 watch, 1 ring and 2 earrings. Now you will start the game wearing only one, your full bodied coveralls. She smiled and said my rules remember? So grab your coveralls and go ahead in the bedroom there and remove everything else and slip into those for me.

I said oh I see now. Your rules mean near impossible odds of me winning and you losing. She said, but the possibility is there. If you are feeling lucky today then you might just pull it off and your chances are real good that you might just literally pull it off and she laughs. I said so let me make sure I understand here. You must lose 14 hands to lose the game have to show me whatcha got and I have to lose just one hand and I am out of luck, out of clothes, out of cover and pretty much out of dignity? She smiled and said, pretty simple huh?

She said so, you can still back out if you want, otherwise you need to head on to the bedroom with your one little article of clothing and prepare yourself for the game. I said hey I am a gambler from way back so I will take those odds and I went in there and ******** down and put on my coveralls. One thing was for certain. I was completely covered from neck to ankles but the problem with the coveralls was it sure didn't take much time or effort to be completely uncovered either. Just the thought of the entire ordeal had me hard as a rock and you could tell it by looking at the front.

Anyway, I went back in there and she was shuffling the deck. She noticed the coveralls poking out in the front right off the bat and said, it would appear that you are a little excited there and launched another one of her sexy and smirky grins. She said well, you ready? I said I was born ready. She shuffled some more and set the cards down. I cut the deck and then drew my card. King of Clubs I think it was. I said well at least hope hasn't totally abandoned me. She said see it is possible for you to win and she draws a damn ace of spades. She cackled out laughing and said just not very probable that you will win. Get em off there and let's see what YOU got.

Oh she was loving this. One hand. She wins the game without having to lose anything. I ain't believing you pulled a damn ace out of there. She laughed and said, believe it. I might just make sure you really believe it here in a minute. I said what does that mean? She said you will find out shortly. I was stalling for time while building up my excitement level when I said well. I guess this means the winner gets to enjoy a few bonus advantages over the loser huh? She said like what? I said well, like having any curiosity completely satisfied by no longer having to rely on a mind produced mental image or speculation. Simply put, those images will be traded in for a complete and unobstructed view of what's really there. She said I suppose you could look at it that way and I do mean literally look at it that way then she laughed again.

I said and that ain't all either. The loser is still stuck with producing those speculated mental images in his mind about what he has never seen in reality. You know that really isn't fair. She said no and that's the way I like it. So pay up loser. I stood up with my bulging front and started unzipping the coveralls. I looked at her and she was sitting there all content like with her arms crossed and sporting another version of that sexy grin she has. This grin was more like a "I won, you lost" type. I finished unzipping and pulled my arms out of the sleeves. I was holding the coveralls up with my hands and I was bare from that point on up.

I said is this good enough. She said all the way off loser. So I bit the bullet and pulled my legs out and pitched the coveralls over out of the way. So there I stood, completely naked with a full hard on in front of my friend. She was smiling and observing me. Then she said yep. It has now been verified that this has officially excited you. Then she pointed, giggled a little and said and it's crooked. I said yep. It can go places and touch things a straight one can't.

Then she said well. Since you lost and all, I want to make sure you know and understand why you lost. I said uh oh, do I need to sit down for this? She said oh no, I want you standing and in full view for this. Now stand over there in front of me and repeat after me so I can hear you say it while seeing all that bare skin a showing. I said ok. I moved over directly in front of her and fully exposed.

She said put your hands behind your back and repeat everything I say. I put my hands back there along with any hope of using them for cover. She said now, I am standing here today completely naked because I lost a game to a female and I now realize that females are better than me at most things. She paused and I repeated it. She had to rub it in some when I finished she said, could you repeat that a little louder please? I made a little face at her and repeated it louder. She said thats better.

Now, I am learning more every day that it is extremely difficult to beat the females at anything so let me verify that here and now by saying I am not as good as females are at anything. She paused and I repeated it. She continued with, I now know that this is not possible and I should immediately begin submitting to all females from this point on. I should do as they say without hesitation, argument or resistance. I looked at her and shook my head but repeated it. She is still sporting the smile and loving my vulnerable position in defeat.

She said and last. I really and truly wish I was a female. I said ahh, you are really laying it on now. She said, say it. I did and she said good. Now don't you feel better now? I said oh yes much, much better. She couldn't resist landing at least one more jab when she said, it looks like you may need to go give that thing some relief. I said, can you tell it has been a while since I had any *****. She said oh yeah, I can tell. You should get you some. I said from who? She named off a couple of names of some females she had heard me mention before but were not my type. I said, hell I would rather just beat off. She said that's the reason you can't get any. You want the married ones that you know you can't have. I said that's not completely true. I get turned down by single ones too.

I said, I need me a blow up doll. Then If they wouldn't give me none I could at least give them some humorous entertainment and make them laugh while they watched me put on a show and pound a love a doll for them. I think that would be hot having one or more females to watch me do that.. She shook her head and said you are crazy and yes that sounds like something that would be fun to watch. I said maybe I will just make a video of it and then it could be watched and enjoyed anytime. I looked at her and said I like that idea. I believe I will go for it. She just shook her head some more and said you ain't right. I said I know, don't want to be either.

Then I said well, for now please excuse me for a few minutes while I go, once again and provide myself with that relief since no one else will. She smiled and looked me over one last time and said, take all the time you need which shouldn't be much. I will just sit here, enjoy my victory and reminisce about what all I have managed to see today. Have fun with your hand.
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