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Old 16-Feb-12, 07:53
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Default Destruction of a weakling

Destruction of a weakling
by Boxing Fan
His twin sister's best friend destroys him mentally and physically.

Susan couldn't believe that this was actually going to happen but she couldn't
think of any way to stop it ... at least not easily. And a significant part of
her thought the ultimate outcome might do her brother some good. You never
knew. He might use the experience to make a change in his life. This was the
glass half full version. She tried not to think of the glass half empty
possibilities. She'd have to keep it from getting really bad ... if she could.
Susan had agreed to act as the referee and be in Tim's "corner." Susan worked
part time at the local gym as a personal trainer and so was able to get one of
the training rooms after hours.

Tim entered through the side door. He was wearing jogging shorts and a thin
grey tank top. Susan shook her head. "Kelly is going to murder him," was all
she could think. He was absolutely out of his mind to agree to this. He'd
known Kelly for years. He'd seen her around their pool in the backyard and
knew what kind of shape she was in. He knew how athletic and competitive she
was. He himself had never been in a serious physical confrontation in his
life. Maybe he thought that simply because he was a guy he had the advantage.
Susan had enough experience through her personal training and her kickboxing
classes to know different. And unfortunately so did Kelly.

Tim was alone. Per mutual agreement he was allowed to bring his friends for
moral support but for whatever reason he had decided to do this by himself.
Well, that might prove to be the only smart thing he's done lately, Susan
thought. At least his friends won't see what was destined to be a personal
disaster for him.

Tim started to do some awkward stretching to loosen up. Susan studied her twin
brother and wondered for the thousandth time in her life how they could
actually be identical twins and yet be so different. Susan had always been the
physical one. She excelled in sports, was naturally athletic and muscular. Tim
excelled at school work and had always been thin to the point of being sickly.
When they were both younger Susan had often found herself sticking up for her
brother on the playground, even though they were exactly the same age. When a
group got together for any kind of game Susan was almost always picked before
her brother. As a defense mechanism over the years Tim had learned to avoid
all physical activity so as not to be compared to his sister. This, of course,
just made matters worse. Here he was a Senior in High School and he still had
the body of a 12 year old. She assessed him in personal trainer mode. His legs
and arms were particularly weak looking. His thighs couldn't be more than 18
inches and his biceps were absolute sticks. His waist was wider than his
shoulders and his entire backside was totally underdeveloped. His bony
shoulder blades stuck out, he had absolutely no rear end and no hamstring
development at all. Of course how would you when you spent all day in a chair
in front of a computer. Susan had tried very carefully to get Tim to the gym.
For his sixteenth birthday she had even bought him a pair of dumbells but when
he opened the present his face turned bright red and he just made a joke of
it. Susan realized he didn't like that kind of gift to come from his sister.
In the last few years he had started to make fun of anyone that worked out. In
fact, it was his big mouth in this regard which ultimately got him into this
situation with Kelly.

Susan heard some loud voices coming from down the corridor and as she and tim
looked up Kelly and an entire entourage from their high school entered the
room. Kelly had invited not everyone she knew but close to it. There were
girls from the cheerleading squad, girls from the track team and even a few
that Susan recognized from their kickboxing class. Probably 10 in all. This
was a nightmare. She knew Kelly wanted to teach Tim a lesson but this was
definitely over the top. But she didn't know what she could do about it. Tim
and Kelly had agreed they could bring "spectators." Kelly stopped near the
center of the room and dropped to do some pushups. All her friends egged her
on. After ripping out 50 she stood up, gave Tim a quick once over and began to
strip down to what she intended to fight in ... which wasn't much as it turned
out. Kelly peeled off her baggy sweats to reveal small white thong panties and
a tight black sports bra. Her body was in incredible condition. Muscular in an
athletic and still very feminine way ... broad shoulders, prominent biceps,
ripped abdominals and very, very muscular legs. It was a body that could
slowly and methodically break Tim into small, unrecognizable pieces. Her hair
was tied back with a ribbon in a pony tail. It was the middle fo summer so her
beautiful skin had a particularly dark tan. And she had obviously spent some
time with her makeup. She looked great and Susan realized that Kelly was
planning on putting on a first class show. Kelly slowly walked over towards
Tim and his sister. She stopped very close to Tim with her hands on her hips.
Kelly was an inch or two shorter than Tim's 5' 9" and perhaps 10 pounds
lighter than his 140 ... but the physical contrast between the two was
tremendous. Kelly looked intimidatingly lethal ... Tim looked like a stick
figure of a man.

Well Tim ... are you ready to decide our little argument? Tim said nothing.
Susan knew her brother all too well and could tell he was finally scared to
death but too proud to admit it and probably too proud to back down. He still
didn't fully realize what he was up against. Kelly continued as much for
Susan's benefit as Tim's. Here's the deal you pathetic wimp ... I'll let you
go right now ... but it will be your last chance so think about it carefully.
After that it's no rules, no holds barred, no interference (she glanced
sideways at Susan), and no mercy. You have to admit that you are inferior to
me physically and mentally and beg me not to beat you up ... in front of all
my friends ... and then you'll have to crawl out of here are on your hands and
knees. This is a one-time only offer ... so what do you say?

Susan saw the slim opportunity Kelly was offering and wanted Tim to take it.
She grabbed Tim's arm and pulled him off to the side. Kelly's friends who had
been listening to the exchange with muted laughter ... oohed and ahhed when
Susan and Tim moved off to talk. The whole idea that Tim would even consider
crawling out on all fours amazed them. Susan held her brother firmly by his
upper arm ..."Tim I'd advise you to take kelly's offer. She's doing this as a
favor to me. If you don't .... I don't know how else to say this to you Tim
... If you don't she is going to wipe the floor with you. Do you understand
what I'm saying? Tim looked at Susan defiantly. Just because you two work out
all the time and have muscles and are good at sports doesn't mean you're
better than me ... or even stronger than me ... or anything else ... and, and
I'm going to prove it." Susan stared at Tim dumbfounded. It does matter TIm
... believe me .. it does matter. Susan looked over at Kelly who had turned
around and was doing some basic bodybuilder poses showing off for her friends.
Susan put her hand around the back of Tim's thin neck and forcefully directed
his attention at Kelly who had her back turned to them and was doing a double
bicep pose. Her back was etched with muscles which tapered to her small waist.
Her biceps were peaked and impressive from behind. SHe had one leg out with
her toe pointed which drew a deep cut down the outside of her thigh. That body
isn't just for show Tim. Those biceps will pound your face to a pulp. And
those legs ... Tim she can stick your face between them and squeeze you nearly
to death. And that's if she doesn't get too creative. Don't be stupid. Susan
could tell Tim was struggling wiht the decision. As he thought about it Kelly
walked over to a gym bag she had brought with her and put on a pair of workout
gloves. They covered her knuckles but had holes for her fingers. She turned
around and looked at Tim while she pulled them on tightly strapping and then
restrapping the velcro ties around her wrists. Then she punched her hands
together two or three times which made a lound smacking sound. Come on Timmy
... let's go ... even with that sickly body I can't believe you'd crawl out of
here? That was all TIm needed .. he turned away from Susan and moved toward

Kelly and all her friends gave Tim mock applause while at the same time
laughing. Kelly motioned them all to form a large circle around her and Tim.
Then to Susan and Tim's surprise ... Kelly gave a thumbs up signal to her
friend Sally, a friend from the school track team. Sally proceeded to pull a
small camcorder out of a bag and began to record. Kelly glanced at Tim ... " I
thought both of us may want to watch this tape over and over again ... but for
entirely different reasons. I'll make sure you get a copy." She then walked
over close to the camera, brought her arm up and slowly flexed her bicep right
in front of the lens. When her arm was fully flexed she said loudly "Tim vs.
Kelly - Destruction of a weakling."

Kelly now moved to the center of the circle. Her friends all shouted
encouragement. Her gloved hands were resting on her hips again and she nodded
to Tim. Let's go buddy. Tim raised his hands like he'd seen boxers do on TV
and very cautiously shuffled out toward Kelly. Susan was watching this
disaster develop with a strange fascination. She knew that Tim was going to
get the beating of his life but there was also some curiosity on her part
about how lopsided it was going to be. Would Tim be able to defend himself at
all or was it going to be a total decimation? Tim worked his way cautiously
back and forth in front of kelly occasionally feinting a punch. Kelly had no
reaction at all. She just stood there with her hands resting lightly on her
hips and a smirk on her face. Tim finally took a swing at her ... telegraphing
it the whole way. Kelly dipped out of the way so easily that it almost looked
like it was in slow motion. Tim launched a few more ... each with the same
result. Nothing but air. Each time kelly dodged her friends reacted with
laughter. After a few more weak attempts Kelly started to talk. Tim, you're
doing a number of things wrong. First your telegraphing your punches. You're
also not putting much muscle behind them. As she finished she lashed out with
a jab straight into Tim's mouth. The punch snapped tim's head back but wasn't
very hard. Susan realized that kelly had sized up Tim's fighting abilities and
had determined what she could do not to end things too quickly. She was
planning on enjoying herself. Kelly started to move around TIm picking apart
his inexperienced defense with sharp light jabs to his face. Tim had no idea
what to do. He tried to keep his hands up but Kelly was much to quick for him.
She was turning him into her punching bag. Tim's frail physique was coming
through already and within the next 2 or 3 minutes he was almost dead on his
feet. Both his eyes were puffed up, his nose was trickling blood, his lips
were split in two places and on of his teeth was loosened enough that Tim
could taste blood in his mouth.

Recognizing his weak situation, Kelly stopped right in front of him, reached
out wiht one hand to the top of his head and firmly grasped him with a hand
full of hair. Tim did nothing to stop her. Kelly looked around at her friends
enjoying the moment. Susan watched this development and winced at Tim's
immense vulnerability. To everyone's surprise Kelly suddenly thought of
something new. This is too easy and I think that's enough boxing. What do you
think Tim? Anything to say? No? With no warning and with her one hand still
grasping a good amount of Tim's hair ... she bent over slightly and with her
other hand gabbed Tim between the legs and lifted him bodily off the ground
over her head and slammed him down on the mats. Kelly slowly sauntered around
Tim's body and motioned Sally to come over with the camera. Kelly grabbed one
of tim's arms and yanked him to his feet. Spinning him around she wrapped her
arms around his neck and secured him in a sleeper. Tim's knees were already
wobbly but as Kelly began to tighten the hold Tim's legs gave way completely.
He was still conscious and feebly clutching at kelly's arms with his hands but
what very little strength he had startted with had been completely beaten out
of him in a few short minutes. The only question now was how long would kelly
prolong the match. Sally moved in close witht the camera getting close-ups of
the hold. Sally observed that Tim was crying. Kelly dropped the hold and tim
fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes. He curled up like a ball. Kelly
kicked tim over on to his back and roughly dropped on top of him facing his
feet. Reaching behind her she pulled tim's head up between her legs in a
brutal reverse head scissors. Kelly looked back at tim over her shoulder. Tim
you really are completely out of your league. She began to pulse and flex her
leg muscles and Tim began to sob audibly. Sally came over and kneeling down
focused the camer on him. Tim's battered face was completed encased by kelly's
muscular gymnastics trained thighs. The sight was unbelievable and even
Kelly's friends had gotten quiet ... awed by the total physical destruction
they were witnessing. As kelly continued to flex and unflex her legs, it
appeared to those standing around like TIm's thin white body was being slowly
ground into nothing.
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Default Re: Destruction of a weakling

This is a very well written story which
strikes at the heart of a young boy's
fear of humiliation. Erotic and unsettling
at the same time. Wonder if there will
be more.
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Default Re: Destruction of a weakling

I never write a sequel but I could ....
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Default Re: Destruction of a weakling

Did she strip him and put him over her knee for a spanking?
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Default Re: Destruction of a weakling

Pan, this has been amongst my favorites for a while - it was one of the stories I read years ago when I first got into female fighting and muscle girls. I love how totally dominant and sexy the girl is described as being, flexing at the camera after stripping down to just a thong - I wish it was longer and that we got more descriptions of her muscles (especially those abs - would have loved to see the wimpy brother try to punch her there only for his blows to do nothing) but a sequel would be just as good.
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Default Re: Destruction of a weakling

Great story! One of the best!
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Default Re: Destruction of a weakling

To me the story started great but not to include the complete destruction and his being totally forced into a broken pleading for his life mess and his being forced into complete submission as her defeated slave in front of all watching is like depriving a starving animal of his dinner alas for me a complete let down
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Default Re: Destruction of a weakling

I'm not picky, I'd love a sequel or just another story. Big fan, I look forward to anything else you write.
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