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Default Kids Fighting

These stories are inspired from the website many of us want videos from: Fighting Kids. Ages range from 10-16. All mixed wrestling. So let's go to the first story:
Christopher (Chris)
Age: 11
Height/Weight: 4'6''/ 83lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Age: 13
Height/Weight: 5'3''/ 102lbs.
Hair Color: Brunette

Chris was walking home from school on a warm September afternoon. It had not been a good first month of middle school for him. It's never easy for a boy his age and size to enter middle school. He had a lot of friends but he was still bullied constantly by a "gang" of 8th graders. The worst one for him was a girl named Cindy. Cindy was one of the kids in the gang that would harass the "fresh meat" in the school. She constantly shoved Chris around and called him mean names. He told the teachers but Cindy was always an angel in their eyes (for some reason). He never really told his parents yet because in his mind, it would all blow over.

Chris was walking home when:

"Hey, squirt!" He heard a familiar voice. It was Cindy and she had rope in her hands.

Chris tried to ignore her by walking away faster. Chris then looked behind him to see her following him. Chris started to run as fast as he could, but his backpack was slowing him down. He threw it off but Cindy was too fast. Chris was running as fast as he could to his house which wasn't too far away. He was getting there but he remembered that his front door was locked so he was going to have to go through his backyard.

He ran into his backyard and he ran for the door. But before he could, he was tackled by Cindy. She quickly immobilized him through a pin. He tried to move his arms around but Cindy was too big and strong for him.

"When I talk to you," she said. "You better respond to me."

Chris groaned as he tried to get himself free but it wasn't happening. He then managed to flip himself over. He tried to get himself free by crawling out but Cindy was having none of it. She grabbed his chin and got him into a camel clutch. Chris yelled out in pain but Cindy was prepared. She wrapped a bandana she was wearing around his mouth to shut him up. Chris then started to tap out.

"Awww," Cindy said in a little child's voice. "Am I hurting the wittle baby?"

Chris nodded to her. Cindy let him go and Chris took the bandana off but left it around his neck.

"Tell you what," Cindy said. "I'll let you come right at me."

She spread out her arms to signal him to attack her. Chris was fueled with anger so he saw this as window of opportunity to get revenge on her. He screamed like a psycho and ran right at her. However, Cindy was ready and she wrapped her arms around him and got him in a bear hug. She lifted him off his feet while squeezing him with all her strength. She shook him around and then threw him to the ground.

Chris tried to get up but Cindy fell right on his back. She sat on him. Chris tried to shake her off and it almost worked but while Cindy was falling over, she managed to wrap her legs around his midsection. Chris tried to pry her legs apart but they were too strong.

"Please stop!" Chris yelled.

"Not until you submit to me," Cindy said. She squeezed tighter and Chris yelled in pain.

"Okay, I tap!" Chris yelled tapping her leg repeatedly.

"Am I in charge of you?" Cindy asked.

"Yes, I will obey you!" Chris yelled. "Just stop!"

Cindy finally let go of him. Chris rolled onto his stomach in complete exhaustion. Cindy grabbed her rope. She sat on him and grabbed his arms. She used one of her ropes to tie them both together. She then turned herself around and did the same thing to his legs. She also tied the bandana back around his mouth.

She then stood up to see her captive. She grabbed him and threw him over her shoulder.

"There's one more thing we have to do," She said.

She carried him out of his backyard and across the street. He actually was surprised that she only lived down the block. She entered her backyard. There was a porch in her backyard with some tall poles. She put him down and grabbed her final piece of rope. She untied his hands but she quickly put him against the pole and proceeded to tie his midsection to the pole. He couldn't move his arms or anything.

"Oh," Cindy said pinching his cheeks. "You look so cute when you're helpless."

She then flexed her bicep in front of him. He was surprised at how big they were. She then grabbed her phone and took a pictures of him. There was a picture of Chris by himself, one with Cindy in it making kissy faces to him. And one with her flexing in front of his face.

"Well this was fun," she said. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek and started to walk away.

"Wait!" Chris yelled only it was muffled. Cindy took the bandana off his mouth.

"You're not going to leave me here are you?" Chris asked nervously.

"Don't worry, squirt," Cindy said. "I'll let you go right after my friends finish seeing you."

She put the bandana back over his mouth. He kept yelling for her but it was all muffled. She then walked inside and started to call her friends telling them to get over to her house.

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Default Re: Kids Fighting

Story #2
Age: 13
Height/Weight: 5'1''/ 100lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Age: 13
Height/Weight: 5'2''/ 102 lbs.
Hair Color: Blonde

"Well I think you're crazy," Mike said.

"I think I can beat you," Erica said to her friend.

"You're a girl," Mike said. "There's no way you can ever beat me in wrestling."

"Yeah I can," Erica said. "I am on the wrestling team."

"Do you want to do it?" Mike asked. "I bet I can beat you."

"You're on," Erica said.

"Good," Mike said. "Come to my house after school. There's a lot of space in my basement."

After school, Mike came straight home. He got into a pair of blue athletic shorts and took his shirt off. He then heard the doorbell. He opened the door to see Erica. She was wearing a sweater with a pair of short athletic shorts.

"You ready?" Mike asked.

"Yeah, ready to kick your butt," Erica said.

Mike led her down to the basement. When they got to the basement, Erica took off her sweater to show that she had on a pink tank top. The two then stretched out to prepare for the match.

"You know what else we should do," Erica said. "The winner ties up the loser."

"Yeah, sure," Mike said. "It'll be fun to tie you up."

"We'll see about that," Erica said.

"How far do we go?" Mike said.

"The first to four submssions or pins wins," Erica said.

"Alright, let's do this!" Mike said.

The match was on. They circled each other around and Mike charged right at her. He grabbed her legs and managed to pull them towards him so she could fall on her back. It worked and Mike pounced right on her. He pinned her arms down. Erica tried to move around but it wasn't working. Mike counted to five and won the first round.

"Yeah!" Mike yelled out with his arms in the air. "1-0!"

"That's all you're gonna get," Erica said.

They were ready for the second round. They circled each other and once again, Mike charged right at her. He grabbed her threw her down to the ground. She tried to get aways but Mike sat on her back. He then grabbed her arms and pulled them back. She yelled out in pain.

"Okay! I tap!" Erica screamed.

Mike let her go and got off of her.

"2-0!!" Mike yelled out.

"I gave you those ones," Erica said.

"Yeah right," Mike said sacrastically.

"Do you want me to try?" Erica asked.

"You already were," Mike said. "I'm just too strong for you."

They were ready once again. Mike then signaled for her to come right at him. Erica only signaled for him to go to her. Mike obliged and tried to grab her but Erica grabbed his head and put him in a headlock. She then fell on top of him and they both went down with him still in a headlock. She then grabbed one of his legs and locked her hands together securing him in a cradle position. Mike groaned in pain and tried to get out of it but he couldn't.

"I tap!" Mike yelled.

Erica let him go and got up.

"It's 2-1 now," Erica said.

"That was just luck," Mike said.

They were ready to go once again. Erica, this time,was the agressive one. She quickly pounced on him and got him into a pin. Mike got her off quickly before she could count to five. He turned over and tried to crawl but she got back on him and wrapped her legs around his head and got him into a headscissors. He couldn't pull her strong legs apart and tapped out.

"Tied 2-2!" Erica yelled.

"Well you surprised me with the pin," Mike said.

The were ready for the next round. Mike charged right at her in hopes of catching her off guard. But he was wrong. Erica was ready and she moved out the way and grabbed him from behind. She got him in a reverse bear hug and actually lifted him a little off his feet. Mike was surprised by her strength. He managed to swipe at her leg to make her lose balance but she managed to hang on to him as she fell. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his midsection. Mike tried to pull her arms off but she was too strong. He then tapped on her arms and she let him go.

"I'm winning now!" Erica said. "And only one to go."

"I have this one," Mike said. He was panting hard and Erica could tell that he was getting tired. She, on the other hand, had hardly broken a sweat.

They were ready for the next round. Mike tried to avoid Erica this time and she proceeded to chase him. He tried to escape to the stairs but Erica grapped him by the stomach and threw him down. She got on top of him and got him into a pin. He tried to move his arms but he competely helpless.

"Am I stronger than you?" Erica said.

"No way!" Mike said in defiance. Erica then moved her body up and down on Mike's body hard. He groaned in pain.

"Am I stronger than you?" Erica asked as she was bouncing on his stomach.

"Yes! You're stronger!" Mike said. "You win! I give!"

Erica grabbed two pieces of rope she saw in the basement. She then turned him over on his stomach and grabbed his arms. She tied them together and did the same thing to his legs.

She grabbed her phone and put one of her feet on his stomach. She flexed her biceps in front of the camera and took a picture. She then took a picture of him alone.

"Well this was fun," Erica said. "We should do it again." She then started to walk up the stairs.

"Wait, you can't leave me here!" Mike yelled.

"You're parents should be home soon anyways," she said looking at her phone. "I have homework and I have to post these pictures on Facebook. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Wait, Erica," Mike said but she closed the door. Mike was trying to tell her that his parents weren't coming home until 10.
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Default Re: Kids Fighting

Story #3
Age: 10
Height/Weight: 4'4''/ 75lbs
Hair Color: Black
Age: 14
Height/Weight: 5'4''/120lbs
Hair Color: Black
Age: 10
Height/Weight: 4'5''/80lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Age: 14
Height/Weight: 5'3''/110lbs
Hair Color: Blonde

It was a warm summer morning as Justin and Kyle were throwing their baseball around. They had to practice for their teams. Kyle was wearing a white t-shirt and blue athletic shorts while Justin was wearing a green sleeve-less shrt and black athletic shorts.

Kyle then threw the ball too high and it sailed over the fence and into their neighbors yard.

"Way to go, stupid," Justin said. "Go get it."

"I don't want to, what if they're mean?" Kyle asked.

"Nothing's going to happen," Justin said. "Now hurry up."

They didn't know much about the family that lives next door. All they knew is that they had just moved weeks ago. Justin and Kyle's mother said that the family had two girls their age.

The fence was tall and wooden so Justin had to help Kyle up the fence. Kyle got over the fence and went to retrieve the ball. Just then, Justin started hear his cell phone ring and went to go answer it. It was his girlfriend and he started to chat with her.

"Justin?" Kyle asked out loud. "I need your help."

What he didn't know was that someone was creeping up behind him.

"Justin?" Kyle asked again.

Suddenly, he was grabbed from behind and thrown to the ground. He looked to see a girl his age sitting on his stomach. She had a brown tank-top and blue athletic shorts for girls.

"What do you think you're doing here?" Katie asked firmly.

"I'm just getting my ball," Kyle said as he struggled to get her off of him.

"Well, you're in my kingdom and you can't enter without my permission," Katie said.

"I don't need your stupid permission!" Kyle yelled in defiance. He tried to push her off again but to no avail.

"You're weak," Katie said giggling. Kyle finally pushed her off and tried to get out of the yard. He was again grabbed from behind and was brought down with Katie's arm wrapped around his neck and her legs around his midsection.

"You are in my yard so now you must do what I want," she said.

"Never," Kyle said as he stuggled to breathe.

Katie let go of him and he took deep breaths.

"How about this," Katie said. "You'll have to go through me to get out."

Kyle then lunged at her but Katie grabbed him in a headlock. Kyle tried to get out but her arm was too strong.

"I was a grappler at my old town," Katie said. She then threw him down and stepped on him with his stomach on the ground. She grabbed both of his arms and pulled them back with her foot on his back.

Meanwhile, Justin came back out the house to see that his brother was still gone.

"Kyle?" He asked but heard no response.

He then heard groaning coming from the neighbors' yard. He ran down his house and entered the neighbors' yard to see Katie pulling Kyle's arms back.

"Hey!" Justin yelled and he ran towards Katie. Without thinking, he tackled her and pinned her to the ground.

"What are you doing?!" He yelled.

"Just playing with your weak brother," Katie said.

"She wouldn't leave me alone!" Kyle yelled.

"My sister will beat you up," Katie said.

"Sure she will," Justin said sarcastically.

He was suddenly knocked off of Katie and pinned down by a girl his age in a pink tank top and short jeans.

"Oh I will," Lindsay said. "Katie, take care of his brother."

"My pleasure," Katie said. Kyle then ran off but Katie chased after him.

"Leave my brother out of this," Justin said as he tried to get her off of him.

"You trespassed so it's our duty to protect," Lindsay said. Katie then entered the yard with Kyle across her shoulders in a torture rack.

"Your brother is lighter than I thought," Katie said laughing. Kyle kept groaning in pain.

"Let him go!" Justin yelled.

"Okay!" Katie said and she dropped Kyle onto the grass.

"Katie, go get some rope," Lindsay said and Katie entered their house.

Lindsay then sat moved closer to Justin's head and she tilted down with her legs around his neck as she got him in a headscissor. Justin tried to free himself but her legs were strong.

"I'll save you, Justin," Kyle said and he lunged at Lindsay but she was prepared. She let him push her down but immediately got him in a headlock. She now had strong holds on both brothers.

"I taught Katie how to grapple," Lindsay said to two. "With a few extra moves like the torture rack."

Katie returned with the rope and saw Lindsay with both brothers.

"You guys are pathetic," Katie said. "One girl is beating you both."

"Tie him up," Lindsay said referring to Kyle.

Katie grabbed Kyle's arms from behind and tied them together. Lindsay let him go and Katie got his legs and tied them up as well.

"I've got him," Lindsay said. "Take him to their yard though." Katie threw Kyle over her shoulder and walked out the yard.

Lindsay finally let go of Justin. He didn't move due to the loss of energy from the head scissor. Lindsay proceeded to tie him up the same way but she kept his legs untied.

She then guided him out of the yard and into his. Justin made no attempt to escape becasue he knew what she could do. Justin saw Katie tying Kyle to a support beam on their porch. She wrapped some cloth around his mouth/

Lindsay did the same to him but on the other beam and wrapped cloth around his mouth. Katie then took out her cell phone and threw Lindsay's to her.

Katie got in front of Kyle and flexed her biceps while Lindsay took pictures of him. Lindsay then had her turn and she did the same in front of Justin. Justin was surprised by her biceps. They were just as big as his.

"Your girlfriend is gonna love this," Lindsay said.

"My girlfriend?" Justin asked but his voice was muffled.

"Katie," Lindsay said. "Do what you want with these two. I'm going to the mall with my friends." Lindsay left the yard.

"Time for some makeovers," Katie said laughing. Kyle and Justin both screamed out but their voices were still muffled. Their parents just had to be gone for the whole day.
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Default Re: Kids Fighting

Thanks - these take me back to some exciting memories from my childhood. I'm not so excited about the bondage stuff though.
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Default Re: Kids Fighting

Story #4
Age: 12
Height/Weight: 5'0''/ 95lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Age: 12
Height/Weight: 5'1''/ 100lbs
Hair Color: Blond
Age: 12
Height/Weight: 5'2''/ 100lbs
Hair Color: Brunette

Friends Joe and James inspected the house in front of them. It was a warm Spring afternoon. The two had just gotten out of school.

"I don't know about this, man," Joe said worried.

"Don't be a baby," James replied. "She's a girl and she's not even home. I know she has my iPod."

The day before, James got careless in class and saw that his precious iPod was stolen from his desk. He immediately targeted Sarah, a girl he never liked. She always seemed snotty to him.

Today, he checked her backpack but it wasn't there. He suspected that it was in her house now. She was at cheerleader practice at the time and her parents were at work so no one was home.

"But we can't break into someone's house," Joe said. "We'll get in trouble."

"No we won't," James said. "I have figured it all out."

"How is that?" Joe asked curiously.

"The house's security code is 4323," James said. "They won't even know we're here."

"How do you know that?" Joe asked.

"I did some recon," James replied. By that, he means he just hid in the bushes when Sarah's dad punched in the code.

"We'll go in," James continued. "You will be the watchman, while I search her room for the iPod."

The two then approached the house.

"Wait," Joe said. "We don't have a key."

"They always keep their windows unlocked," James said.

They went to a nearby window and James opened it. The alarm instantly went off setting a countdown until the authorities would be alerted. James instantly put in the correct code and it stopped.

"If you see anyone approaching the house," James said. "Let me know."

"Got it," Joe said. "Be quick."

James went upstairs into Sarah's room to see a bunch of grappling trophies on shelve cases in her room. He ignored it though and immediately started to search for the iPod.

Joe quickly started to get bored. Suddenly, he heard a noise coming from the back. He went over there to see what exactly was going on. He found nothing in their kitchen but he heard a noise from outside.

He opened the porch door and went into their backyard. He ended up in the middle of it when he heard a voice.

"Hello, Joe," Sarah said with her arms crossed.

Joe turned around in complete shock.

"Jam-" Joe was about to yell for his friend when he was suddenly tackled by Sarah.

James heard a noise from outside but he dismissed it as a bird as he continued his search. He had no idea what was going on outside.

Sarah soon had her legs wrapped around Joe's midsection. She had one arm wrapped around his neck and her hand was covering his mouth so he couldn't speak.

"You won't say a single word, got it!" Sarah said in a forceful way.

All Joe could do was nod as he could've easily been choked out. Sarah took her headband off and put it on him, covering his mouth. She took him forcefully by the hand and led him to a shelf by the house. She grabbed some rope as Joe looked in fear.

James still had no luck in finding the iPod.

"She must have it in her backpack," James said. He decided to give up and leave.

"C'mon man, she probably has it," He said walking down the stairs. He saw Joe wasn't there.

"Dude?" James said.

He went through the kitchen and went through the porch door and was completely shocked. Joe was tied to one of the trees in Sarah's backyard.

"What the hell?" James said.

"You're trespassing on private property," Sarah said from behind James.

He turned around in fear and saw Sarah. She looked pissed. James started to run away but Sarah chased after him. They pretty much ran in circles around her yard for about another minute when James tripped on his own two feet.

Sarah quickly sat got on his back and began to pull his arms back. James immediately fought back by getting her off of him and pinning her.

"Boys are better than girls," James said.

"Actually, it's the exact opposite," Sarah said.

She broke out of his pin and they began to roll around in the grass. It quickly resulted in Sarah getting James in a grapevine pin.

"Girls are stronger than boys," Sarah said spreading James' legs. "I'm stronger than both of you."

"No you're not!" James said as he struggled to get out.

"I'll show you another move," Sarah said.

She unhooked her legs from James' and sat on his neck. She wrapped her legs around his neck and got him in a headscissors.

"I could knock you out right now," Sarah said.

James tried to use every ounce of strength he had to pry her legs apart but it was all for naught. Her legs were far too strong. James started gasping for air.

"You could just submit to me here," Sarah said. "Things would be much easier for both of us."

"I submit," James said through his gasping voice.

"Admit that I'm stronger and I didn't take your stupid iPod," Sarah said.

"You're stronger and you didn't take my iPod," James said.

She still didn't let go for another minute. By that time, James was all out of energy and couldn't move much due to the lack of breathing.

Sarah took him by that hand and led him to the same tree Joe was tied to.

She took some more rope and proceeded to to James to the tree as well. She gagged his mouth with tape.

"And the criminals have been thwarted by the mighty Sarah," she said as she started to flex her strong biceps in front of the two boys.

She took out her phone and began to take pictures of the boys.

"My friends will love this," Sarah said. "I'll be back in a couple hours, I'm going to hang out with them."

Sarah began to walk away when she took something out of her pocket. It was James' iPod!

"Thanks for the lovely gift," Sarah said.

James started screaming curses at her but she couldn't tell due to the tape. She soon left her yard as the boys stayed there tied to a tree for the next few hours.
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Default Re: Kids Fighting

Story #5
Age: 14
Height: 5'6''
Hair Color: Brown
Age: 15
Height: 5'4''
Hair Color: Brown

Growing up, Billy was always harassed by his older sister, Angela. She would always bully him to no end. She always had the advantage because she was always bigger and stronger. Billy had finally gotten bigger over the past year and recently joined the football team for his school while his sister was busy with cheerleading and boys.

He wanted revenge for all the crap that she had put him through growing up and he was getting his opportunity. Their parents were going to be gone for the whole Saturday so Angela would be in charge. He could taste the payback.

Saturday finally came and their parents said goodbye before heading out. They were concerned about the two but they felt that both were mature enough to handle a responsibility like this.

Billy was watching t.v. when Angela entered the living room. Her favorite show was on.

"Move," she said. "I want to watch t.v."

"Why should I do that?" Billy asked.

"Because I'm in charge, idiot," she said. "You have to do what I say or I'll tell mom and dad."

She reached for the remote but Billy yanked it away.

"Give me the remote!" she yelled.

"No!" Billy yelled standing up. "I'm tired of taking your crap! I'm bigger and stronger than you now so you might as well obey me!"

Angela didn't even flinch. All she did was laugh.

"You actually think that you're stronger than me?" she said giggling.

Billy was really starting to get red with anger.

"You know I am!" Billy yelled. "I play sports and you do nothing."

"Wanna prove it?" Angela said. "We'll wrestle and whoever wins is in charge whenever we're alone."

Billy was very much intrigued. He could finally be in charge and would no longer have to take orders from his sister.

"Deal," he said excitedly.

They went to their backyard and cleared everything up so they could have open space to wrestle. Angela was wearing a blue t-shirt and black short athletic shorts while Billy had green athletic shorts on.

"First to three pins or submissions wins," she said and the two began.

They circled each other when an agressive Billy charged Angela. He knocked her down but she was prepared. She ended up with her legs wrapped around his midsection and her arm around his neck.

Billy immediately felt the pain from her strong legs. He tried to lift her in hopes of her grip loosening but the pain weakened him. He then tried to roll around so that she may fall off but he got stopped when he was on his back and Angela was on top of him.

She then moved to a grapevine pin and starting to stretch his legs apart. Billy winced in pain and struggled to get free. It was all for naught.

"1, 2, 3," Angela counted and she took the first fall.

"1-0, loser," she said getting up and flexing. He was surprised by her biceps.

"I'll get right back into this," Billy said.

They circled each other again and Billy decided that he shouldn't be so aggressive. Angela decided to be a bit more aggressive. She charged at him and easily tackled him.

She tried to pin him down but Billy's panicked struggled managed to make him escape. He ended up on his stomach with her on his back. She grabbed his head and began to pull back.

Billy screamed and struggled.

"You better submit," Angela said.

"Never!" Billy yelled.

She then started to pull back farther and Billy yelled even louder.

"Ok! Ok! I give up!" Billy yelled.

Angela let go of him and got up.

"2-0!" she yelled. "One more and I win!"

"You won't get it," Billy said. "I'm all warmed up now."

The two circled each other and then charged. They locked hands and the two were fighting for control. They were both pretty even when Angela let go and wrapped her arms around Billy. Billy was stunned when she grunted and began to lift him into the air.

He was really nervous now. His feet were dangling in over the ground in a bear hug.

"Watch this," she said.

She moved back and performed a supplex on him. Billy hit the ground hard.

"How did you do that?" Billy asked struggling to regroup.

"I've always been stronger than you, little bro," Angela said. "You're also really weak."

Billy was furious. With all his rage, he charged at his sister with full drive to knock her out. Angela was more than prepared however and grabbed his head once he got to her. She pushed his head between her legs.

They fell down but the headscissors remained. Billy attempted to pull her legs apart but she was too strong. He quickly tapped.

"Actually," Angela said. "I think I'm going to keep this going for a little longer."

Billy began thrashing and screaming but it wasn't enough. He eventually stopped thrashing so hard before he passed out.

Angela saw her unconscious brother and finally let go. She got her phone and took a picture of him.

"Should've just given me the remote," she said as she posted the picture to Facebook.
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