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Default Synchronized squeezing


A Scissors Galore Video Production.
Starring Lady Diana, Jenny Wilde, Tracy Lucas, Stella Lucas, Sophie the skater
girl, Annie Loudy, Mindy Hopper and Camilla Romero as The Synchronized Scissor

Take 1:
A short take of the team swimming in the pool. The trainer (Peter) blows his whistle
and tells the girls to leave the pool and go to the gym.

Take 2:
In the gym. Eight male bodybuilders are working out in the gym.

Take 3:
Peter and the girls enter. The eight girls are dressed in shorts and t-shirts with the
text ”Leg power to the people”. Peter says hi to the bodybuilders.

Take 4:
The bodybuilders stop working out and move towards the girls.

Take 5:
Peter presents the two groups to each other. He says the guys have volunteered for
some special training. Each girl is to pick a guy and use him to train her leg muscles
by applying scissor holds on him. The girls show their enthusiasm and thank Peter
who really knows what they like. The girls begin making their selection.

Take 6:
Jenny chooses the biggest bodybuilder and leads him to a mat in a corner where
she orders him to lie down on his back. She stands astride him and looks into his
Jenny: ”You seem like a guy that can take some pain. I would really like to use my
full leg power on you. Do you think you can take it?”
Bodybuilder: ”That’s what I’m here for. Go on, do your worst! I wont let you down.”
Jenny: ”Don’t be to sure. I’m pretty good at this, you know.”
Bodybuilder: ”Your legs look great, but they can’t really hurt me.”
Jenny: ”Wanna bet?”
Bodybuilder: ”Why not. I’ll give you a hundred bucks if you can make me beg you
to quit within half an hour.”
Jenny: ”Done!” Jenny looks at a clock on the wall. ”At exactly twenty past two I’ll
make you beg for mercy.”
Bodybuilder: ”Not likely.”
Jenny starts pulling up her stockings that are down around her ankles. She pulls
the first one up real slowly and sensuously, watching the black stocking with green
stripes running up and down as it begins to cover her leg all the way up to her upper thigh. She then looks at her future victim with lustful pleasure and keeps eye contact
with him as she repeats the procedure with her other stocking. Still standing astride
his prostate body she lets him savour the marvellous sight of her beautiful legs
in thigh high stockings before starting to use them as lethal weapons on him. As
always she makes the most of the moments before the fun begins. She really enjoys
seeing her legs in long stockings and she really enjoys seeing him seeing her legs in
long stockings. She enjoys feeling the long stockings embracing her legs the same
way her stocking clad legs will soon embrace her victim.
She finally sits down on him, just straddling him and sort of getting to know his
body, enjoying the position while thinking about how to start squeezing him. Then
she makes a decision and moves up and sits on his head for a while. Bouncing up
and down a bit, as if to try its durability. Still building up her appetite she seems to
start getting really excited.
After a while she can’t wait any longer to wrap her legs around him, so she turns
around and sits on his head in reverse position. Then she places her right calf under
his neck and her ankle behind her left knee. She bends her left leg around her right
ankle, securing a scissor around his head. Then she slowly lies down over him
while pushing his head up tightly into her crotch with her legs. She grabs his hair
with her right hand and lifts his head even closer up her ass, looking back over her
shoulder. Holding his head in place she stretches out her scissored legs and holds
him fast between her thighs. She lets go of his hair and lies down over him to start
squeezing. The grip is as tight as it can possibly be with his big head lifting off the
ground easily engulfed by her muscular thighs. When she starts squeezing she does
it really hard. The first burst of thigh power makes him scream out loud in pain and
surprise. She starts by squeezing him very hard but in very short intervals. After all,
the purpose of all this is training her legs and she doesn’t want it to end to soon. She
told him she would make him beg for mercy in exactly half an hour so she has to
time her squeezing towards that goal. And she intends to enjoy every second of it.

Take 7:
Annie and Mindy are in another corner of the gym with two guys. They have decided
to do some synchronized double squeezing. They start by placing the guys on all
fours and mount them, scissoring their waists from the back. They count out loud
as they start by squeezing hard for intervals of ten seconds. Then they take turns in
leading the next move. After a couple of minutes of bare back riding and squeezing,
Mindy lets go of her scissor hold and Annie follows her like a mirror image. They
both move up to sit down on the guys’ shoulders and scissor their necks, the
guys still on all fours. Once again they count out loud to really synchronize their
squeezing. And after another couple of minutes it’s Annie who leads the next move
as they get off their horses, lie down on their backs under the guys and order them
to lie down and place their heads between the open and waiting legs of the two girls.
As they do so the girls in perfect synchronization scissors the heads from the front
and start a series of scissor choreography. First they lie still on their backs and move
their legs in a flowing rhythm, bending their knees and stretching out again, time
after time, causing great pain with every move. Then with legs stretched out they
roll over to one side, squeeze with full power for five seconds, back on their backs,another rock hard squeeze, then to the other side etc. They do this over and over
as their victims begin to make more sounds of pain for every squeeze. The gentle,
flowing, perfectly synchronized movement contrasting with the terrible power of the
girls’ well-trained legs.

Take 8:
A shot of Camilla and Stella in action on two benches.
On a bench in the background Camilla is seated with her victim in front of her on
the floor, sitting with his back towards her. She has scissored his neck from behind
and is squeezing calmly and steadily with legs stretched out in front of his face.
He remarks that he really enjoys the view. She laughs and increases the pressure,
telling him to enjoy the view while he still can, because soon he will see nothing but
On another bench the bodybuilder has sat down straddling the bench with one foot
on the floor on either side. Stella is sitting on the bench facing her training partner.
She sits really close to him and embraces him with her legs around his waist. She
clings to him with both arms and legs as she crosses her ankles behind his back
and starts squeezing him in a body scissor from the front.

Take 9:
Sophie is lying down on a bench lifting weights. At the same time as she’s working
on her arms in the bench press, she’s working on her legs by scissoring a guy who’s
sitting on the bench between her legs. He is sitting with both legs on one side of the
bench, which means that she is scissoring his torso from the side. Luckily for him
Sophie seems to concentrate more on her weight lifting than her scissoring. She
doesn’t seem to be using more than 50% of her squeezing capacity. But the training
has just started.

Take 10:
The two veterans of the team are working out on one guy together. The other
bodybuilder is watching in disbelief as he awaits his turn. Diana is sitting on the
mat looking down into the eyes of the guy she has trapped between her thighs in a
vicelike figure four from behind. He lies helplessly on his back with Tracy’s thighs
working hard on his stomach in a body scissors from the side. The experienced
women take turns in holding and squeezing. When the guy is screaming in pain from
Tracy’s body scissor, she stops squeezing hard and just holds him fast as Diana
start squeezing his neck hard, abandoning the figure four hold and stretching her
legs out for better leverage. They keep torturing their victim like this while they now
and again look at the other guy and give him remarks about what’s coming for him.
The future victim has horror in his eyes as he can see the incredible power these
two mature women have in their legs.

Take 11:
Jenny has rolled over to her side, still with her victims head trapped deep between
her hard squeezing thighs in a reverse head scissor. She’s glancing at the clock
on the wall as she keeps squeezing relentlessly timing the power of her legwork to reach 100% just before twenty past two. The bodybuilder knows by now that her
legs are strong enough and skilful enough to make him loose the bet, but every
time his pain becomes almost unbearable she loosens her grip and lets him rest for
a while before starting to squeeze again. He is totally amazed that her legs are so
powerful and that she has such control over their power. This girl must have a vast
experience of scissoring men.

Take 12:
Stella is using the same body scissors as before. Now she is lying down on the
bench, just using her legs to embrace him. The guy is huge and Stella is a rather
small, young girl, but her legs are really starting to hurt him. She has decided to use
this hold, as it’s generally hard to make someone submit with it. It’s a big challenge
to try to make a big, muscular guy like this submit to her scissoring legs. She’s been
putting full pressure on right from the start and can feel that her victim is beginning
to really suffer now. His grunts of pain is mixed with her grunts of strain. She’s
beginning to get very tired, but she knows that if she can keep up the pressure,
sooner or later he will have to submit. She never yet met a man that hasn’t.
Camilla has made her guy turn around facing her as she now scissors his head
from the front. Maybe the view isn’t as nice for him now as it was, but as she
promised he is beginning to see stars. She holds his head with one hand, pushing
it towards her crotch as she squeezes it with full power. Camilla is the least well
trained of all the girls, but her pure pleasure in scissoring and squeezing makes
her go at it passionately and with every fibre of her body. She tells her poor victim
there’s only one way she will refrain from squeezing his head into a pulp. If he gives
her a little more pleasure she will give him a little less pain.

Take 13:
Annie and Mindy are still squeezing in synch. Now they have moved to body
scissors as they repeat their movements of rolling over to one side, to their backs,
to the other side etc. The guys between their thighs aren’t lightweights, but the
two trained divers move them around seemingly effortless with their strong and
magnificent legs.

Take 14:
Sophie has stopped lifting weights and concentrates on her squeezing. She’s still in
the same position, lying calmly on the bench, as she begins to put some pressure
on with her huge pillars. The scissor isn’t even very tight, but still she’s strong
enough to cause pain.

Take 15:
Tracy and Diana are finishing the first guy off. For the first time both of them are
squeezing hard at the same time. The double pain of the guys’ neck and stomach
makes him cry like a baby and they decide that he’s had enough. They get off him
and as he lies recuperating they move over to the other guy. His face is pale as they
place him on the mat. They change places as Tracy scissors his head and Diana his
waist. He lies on his stomach with his face wrapped up in Tracy’s thighs. She starts to squeeze his head while Diana just holds his body tightly with her educated thighs.
Tracy points her toes towards the ceiling as she starts to squeeze his head hard with
her legs stretched.

Take 16:
Annie and Mindy have finally stopped moving around in their flowing choreography.
They decide to finish their victims off with a competition of rib crushing body
scissors. They count to three and let their legs do their worst. Annie has the
strongest legs of the two and feels she is the favourite to win. It was Annie who first
showed Mindy how to use her legs to defeat and humiliate men. Mindy has always
looked up to Annie as her tutor, but now she feels she is ready to compete with her,
having trained her legs very hard recently. Maybe it’s Mindys’ bigger motivation that
settles this match, because as they squeeze away it’s obvious by the reaction of
the bodybuilders that her legs cause the most pain. Annie notes that she’s behind
and starts squeezing like mad, but Mindy too has more to give. Mindy responds
by putting all the pressure she can muster on her victim. She screams out loud as
she wriggles her body, leans on her elbow looking for the best possible leverage,
squeezes so hard and tight that her knees are almost touching. The tortured guy
between her thighs has to yell at the top of his lungs to break through the sound of
Mindy screaming. ”No more, please, stop, I give, I give!” The exhausted Mindy stops
squeezing and looks at Annie in triumph and surprise. They both start laughing and
Annie congratulates Mindy, who is now definitely her equal in the art of scissoring.

Take 17:
Camilla has, using the eloquence of her legs, violently persuaded her enslaved
partner to bring her pleasure if he’s to get out of her scissor unharmed. The slave
gladly obeyed and is now using his tongue to give Camilla the ecstasy she wants.
Still scissoring his head while he gives it to her, she sets the pace for him by
squeezing him with her thighs. The closer she comes to her climax, the faster and
harder she squeezes. It seems she wont let him go unharmed after all. When she
finally reaches a violent orgasm, she gives him an enormously hard last squeeze
that lasts as long as the orgasm itself, which is long enough for him to fall down on
the floor the moment she releases him. ”Oops, I did it again!” says Camilla.
At the same time Stella is still working hard on her body scissor and the giant man
on the bench is beginning to really feel the impact of her strong legs. Stella lies
down on the bench and then sits up, still scissoring and squeezing with all her might.
She does this repeatedly and faster until she’s literally doing sit-ups. For every sit-up
she squeezes as hard and as long as she can, then lies down to rest a few seconds
and catch her breath. For every sit-up the big guy between her thighs shows bigger
signs of pain. Stella feels that she can’t go on much longer, she’s almost totally
exhausted, but she feels that she is close to victory and refuses to quit. She lies
down to rest a little longer and puts all her effort into one gigantic squeeze, as she
sits up again and stretches her legs and push them together in what feels like the
hardest scissor of her life. She feels that she has to maintain the pressure for as
long as possible to make him submit. In a few seconds she will have to let go and
give up her squeezing, but she hangs on desperately. She screams and is beginning to almost black out from the effort, but manages to keep the pressure on when she,
almost as if from a distance, hears the wonderful words: ”I give!” She releases him
and lies for minutes catching her breath. So does he. She must be half his age,
more than half his weight, almost half his size, but her legs has triumphed.

Take 18:
After alternating in squeezing head and body, once again Diana and Tracy finish
by squeezing simultaneously. The terrified victim, who almost submitted just by
watching what they did to his pal, starts screaming that he gives up at once, but
they ignore him and keep on squeezing. They are supposed to be training and want
to work hard. It excites them to see how intimidated two young, fit men are by their
powerful legs and confident scissoring. They squeeze on until the guy passes out.
Diana goes over to the first victim, who has been watching in awe, and throws him
down on the mat. She straddles him and Tracy follows her example, straddling the
second victim. They sit down comfortably over the guys’ heads for some face sitting
dessert. This is the perfect finish for achieving maximum humiliation.

Take 19:
Sophie now is tightening her scissor. Still lying comfortably on the bench, she pulls
her victim towards her, just using her legs. He falls sideways down over her and
tightly into her crotch, between her half open thighs. She closes her massive thighs
around him, swallowing his torso, and begins some serious squeezing. It takes less
than ten seconds for him to start begging her to stop. She doesn’t reply. Seemingly
indifferent she just puts more and more pressure on until he starts to scream for his
life. She looks at him as if she really considers killing him. Then she suddenly let
him go. He falls to the floor and she steps over him and walks to the showers with
motionless face.

Take 20:
Jenny now has five minutes to go. She has held his head between her thighs for
about twenty-five minutes. His head has been worked over really hard, but she
has stopped every time he was on the verge of submitting. She knows she can
finish him off in five seconds if she wants to. It’s no challenge. So she releases his
aching head and puts him in a body scissor instead. He has a big stomach that can
probably take a lot of pressure. Plus she hasn’t spent any time weakening it with her
legs yet. Can she really make this huge guy, the biggest guy she has ever wrestled,
submit in five minutes with a body scissor? This is a challenge. She pulls up her
stockings almost to her hips and gets prepared.
She opens her legs and pulls his massive body in between them. Using her arms
to pull him in as tightly as possible, finding the best spot on his body to place her
thighs, she secures the scissor hold and looks at the clock. Four minutes left. She
starts squeezing. He is so big it’s hard to get good leverage. She has to squeeze
with the absolute maximum power of her legs. Her legs have destroyed hundreds of
men, but maybe this time she has bitten off more than she can chew. Three minutes
left. She can feel and hear her scissoring beginning to take effect. The sight of her
bulging thigh excites her. It’s as if she can see how her thigh is digging deeper and deeper into her victims flesh. It’s as if she can feel how her legs get closer
and closer to each other. Two minutes. A loud cry from her victim tells her she is
definitely on the right track, and moving fast. Even though she is already squeezing
with full power it feels like she is increasing it all the time. Maybe it’s because of the
inspiration she gets when she feels she is approaching the finishing line. She feels
so good being able to squeeze at full power for so long.
She has chosen her victim in hope that he will endure her hard squeezing. But he
wont for long, which probably means that nobody will. Just as the clock is coming
up to nineteen minutes past two he suddenly starts to moan and shake. Jenny
has managed to body scissor a colossal, fit, tough guy into submission in three
minutes. But she has promised him that he will submit at exactly twenty past, so she
diminishes the pressure just before he’s about give up. Looking at the clock, keeping
him between her legs, she says: ”Okay, big guy, you have forty-five seconds to rest
before I finish you off with the last, unsurpassed, hundred dollar squeeze.”
He realizes he can still win the bet and tries desperately to get out of her hold.
She holds him firmly with her legs and rides out his efforts with a superior smile.
The other girls of the team have gathered around Jenny and the giant to watch the
exciting finish. When there is just fifteen seconds remaining to the exact time she
promised he would submit, she puts on maximum pressure again. She hopes her
calculation is correct. Ten seconds left. His face shows great pain, but he endures.
Five seconds. She lets out a big cry and squeezes him so hard she thinks her thighs
will burst. Four, three, two, one… ”I give!” She relaxes her body and kicks the limp
man off her. She feels so good she jumps to her feet and screams with her hands
in the air. She pulls up her stockings and stand with both feet firmly planted on her
victims’ chest in superiority. The other girls are applauding her and so is Peter, the
coach. She runs towards him and jumps up and wraps her arms and legs around
him in a celebrating embrace. He tells her she is still his favourite scissor girl as she
has always been. She thanks him by giving his waist a good squeeze. Then she
jumps off him and goes to the shower with the other girls. Peter looks around in the

Take 21:
Eight male bodybuilders are lying around the gym. They are beaten, hurt, humiliated
and utterly surprised. The looks on their faces reveal that they can’t believe what just

Take 22:
Close up on a trainer with a big, content smile.
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Default Re: Synchronized squeezing

loved it
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Default Re: Synchronized squeezing

Very nice.
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