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Default An Other Good Scissor Story ;)


Her name was Sophie, she was just seventeen and she had the best looking
legs the guys at school had ever seen. She was very tall and big for her age,
Hbut perfectly proportioned. She had a beautiful face and body, but her legs
were the first thing people noted as she always dressed in skirts or shorts. It was as
if she was proud of her legs and wanted to show them to everybody. Her legs were
just awesome and strong as hell. Everybody was talking about her incredible legs.
Sophie was the best young long distance skater in the country and her aim was to
win the Olympics one day. She devoted all her free time at skating and was a bit of a
loner. Guys who tried to get to know her didnít try for very long as she didnít let them
get close to her in any way. She was not a social person. Everybody thought that it
was a waste having her beauty and not using it. Even if she liked showing off her
legs, it appeared that she didnít like guys to get near them.
Most guys didnít pay much attention to Sophie after being ignored by her, but I had
a crush on her that wouldnít wear off. I would be under her spell forever. Since it was
impossible getting close to her I started taking photos of her in secret. I followed her
around wherever she went and took photos with my telescopic lens, hiding from her.
One day I followed her jogging in the park. As she stopped to stretch her legs by
a park bench I hid in a bush and started taking photos of her, zooming in on her
magnificent lithe legs. My heart was racing and there was nothing I wanted more in
the world than to get close to her legs. I had imagined touching them a million times
in my secret fantasies.
Suddenly a skinny but tough guy from school came up to her and started talking to
her. I couldnít hear the exact words, but it was obvious that he was making a pass at
her and that she rejected him. He started to get physical with her but she managed
to hold him at arms length. Her arms were strong as well, even if they couldnít
match her legs. I thought about coming to her rescue, but how would I explain
my presence? Besides it looked as if she didnít need any help. Then the situation
changed as the guy suddenly drew a blade and threatened to cut her. I started
towards them to help her, but it was too late. Before I knew what had happened the
guy was laying flat on his back and the knife was not in his hand anymore.
Sophie bounced herself down hard on the guy and straddled him, holding his arms
to the ground above his head with her hands. I knew that this was what they called
a classic schoolboy pin, but I had never seen it performed so perfectly and with such
power. She sat heavily on his skinny chest, pressing him down with her big and
amazingly strong body. At first he seemed paralysed, but then he tried to shake her
off of him. She rode out all his bridging and bucking, pinning him hard to the ground.
He tried as hard as he could for a long while, but she just straddled him calmly in
the same position, looking into his eyes all the time. I was extremely aroused by
the sight and started taking photos of this sexy female domination. It seemed like
forever that she straddled the suffering guy beneath and between her pinning tree-
trunk thighs. He remained absolutely helpless the whole time.
As he put all his strength into one last effort to bridge her off, she quickly scissored his waist between her solid thighs. He had a look of terror that said that he realized
that he had gone from bad to worse. She gave him a sample squeeze with her iron
legs that had him moaning in pain under her, although it looked to be far from her full
capacity. With the power of legs like Sophieís I realized that it would be possible for
girl to kill a man. Her scissor hold was totally devastating.
She rolled over to her side to get a tighter grip around his skinny body.
Turning him around between her torturing legs and easily moving him closer to
her crotch, she jammed his waist between her big thighs, crossed her ankles and
begun to crush him without mercy. The difference in size between the two was huge.
Her swelling thighs seemed to cover almost his entire torso as they devoured him
greedily. I could tell that she was as turned on by the wrestling as I was. She really
took pleasure in torturing him by squeezing him with her brutal legs.
She soon released her hold, but was far from finished with him. I guess she didnít
want him to pass out to soon for her to get her full enjoyment out of humiliating him.
She let his body rest and started working on his head. Standing over him she pulled
him up in a sitting position. Still standing she yanked his neck between her gigantic
thighs and crossed her ankles to start squeezing again. Thatís when she saw me.
She must have heard my camera snapping away or maybe I couldnít help letting
out a sound of excitement. Anyway she was looking straight at me and I put the
camera down and walked towards her. She was standing there holding him helpless
between her thighs while talking to me. I thought sheíd be mad at me, but she just
told me to come closer for better photos. She asked if she could have some copies
later. Naturally I agreed and started taking more photos, this time without having to
hide. My heart was racing from what she was doing to the guy between her thighs
and from the fact that she didnít mind me watching her through my camera lens.
Still in the standing head scissor she grabbed his hair, loosened her scissor and
forced him to lick her inner thighs. Iím sure she did this to humiliate him and give
sadistic pleasure to herself, but also because she knew that I was watching it. It
was as if she put on a show for me. Maybe she had seen me staring at her legs
many times and knew that I would kill to be in the guys place right now, being held
between her wonderful thighs, licking her legs.
With the power to manoeuvre him anyway she chose, she continued the show
by dragging him to the park bench, sitting down on the bench with him in front of
her and flinging her legs around his neck. Her terrifying thighs covered both his
neck and head as she started to squeeze hard. Her powerfully muscled thighs
effortlessly crushed his head. The mounting pressure of her relentless thighs had
him screaming and begging for mercy. He tried in vain to pry her legs apart but
they didnít move an inch and his fingers slipped away off her tensed muscles that
glistened with sweat. She started toying with him, spreading her legs wide and then
letting them clamp shut and lock him in their trap again. A couple of more times she
spread her legs again and then slammed her granite thighs together against his
skull. While she did this she made eye contact with me, smiling into the camera,
giving me a hard on that was impossible to hide.
She pushed him down on the ground and stood over him triumphantly. It might
have ended there if the stupid guy had had the sense to lie still, but he tried to get
up so Sophie gave him a treatment that would keep him lying down. Standing over him as he tried to get up, she bent down a bit and pulled up his head into her crotch
with his nose buried in her private parts. Clamping her thighs tightly around his
head, she then stood up in her full length and the guyís ass left the ground. He was
literally hanging in her standing head scissor. She started getting up on her toes,
dangling him between her thighs. I had never imagined such a scenario and was
thrilled at being present to see it with my own eyes and make it last forever with my
Then Sophie lay down, still with her thighs around his head and started the
scissoring sequence that would finish him off. Twisting to her side she moved his
trapped head up further between her husky thighs and began to put the pressure
on. This time it looked like she was squeezing with 100% of her tremendous power.
Lying there on her side, looking at me, she would bring her legs towards her,
bringing his face tighter in her butt and then straighten out her legs to crush him
even more. You could see the enormous power in her legs each time she would
stretch them out. She was squeezing his head so hard with her cruel thighs that her
knees were touching.
I saw that she had noted my erection by now but I didnít care. I was too excited to
hide it. She gave him one last squeeze with full pressure that must have lasted for
almost a minute. She must have infinite power in her legs to be able to tense them
in a rock hard squeeze for so long without losing pressure. The guy passed out
between her thighs and she released him, straddled him in a victory pose and sat
back to survey her legwork. Although she had worked hard she regained her breath
in almost no time at all. Still sitting astride her defeated victim she started speaking
to me.
ĒI guess you liked what you saw and I kind of liked you watching meĒ, she said.
Her usual anti-social attitude was gone with the wind, or should I say gone with the
squeeze. ĒJudging from that bump in your pants, I guess you wonít mind playing the
scissor game with me.Ē
Of course I didnít mind. Iíd kill to get between her thighs and experience their
power. So she let me in. She sat on the ground and asked me to get in front of her.
I lie down on my back between her glorious widespread legs and slowly put my
head in her lap. I was terrified of her leg power yet dying to feel her legs embrace
me. Those legs that I had worshiped from a distance for so long. She moved her
legs slowly and sensuously in front of my eyes, flexing her muscles, demonstrating
her magnificent calves. She tensed the muscles of her inner thighs so that I could
feel them even before she scissored me. And then finally my wildest dreams were
fulfilled. She gently but resolutely scissored my neck with her legs stretched out and
locked her ankles together. Oh, bliss!
Iíd always remember the feel of those powerful thighs around my neck, soft
yet strong. Thereís nothing in the world like it. At first I just lay there stunned and
feeling the pressure of her legs calmly and firmly squeezing my neck. I was aroused
beyond belief by her strength and her powerful muscles, even if she didnít put much
pressure on. I flushed as I rubbed my hands up and down her smooth, marble-like
thighs. My erection threatened to bust my pants.
She asked me if I wanted her to squeeze a little harder. I swallowed and said yes
please. I felt a bolt of power from her mighty thighs as she increased the pressure of her scissor. I felt totally helpless being held captive between her lower limbs in a
vicelike grip. I was intimidated yet aroused. The pressure on the sides of my neck
started to become incredibly painful, but still I hoped that she would never stop
squeezing me.
She held me like this for a long time. Then she told me to try and get out of her
hold. I obeyed her and pulled at her knees as hard as I could.
She responded by squeezing me a little harder and her thighs stayed in place
tightly around my neck. I started to feel dizzy and thought that Iíd pass out from
both pleasure and pain. Then she surprised me and asked me to take off my pants.
I obeyed her, as I would always do, happy to be her slave if she wanted me to. My
erect penis was liberated and I felt that an orgasm wasnít far away. Sophie then
kicked off her shoes and placed the soles of her naked feet around my penis. My
body convulsed when she touched my erected penis. She started caressing it with
her feet and I grunted with pleasure. Then she gave me a hard squeeze with her
thighs, which had never seized their pressure on my neck. This made me grunt with
both pain and excitement. She kept squeezing my penis with her feet and my neck
with her thighs simultaneously, causing me a wonderful mix of pleasure and pain.
It didnít take long for me to reach an orgasm, the power of which I never before or
since have felt.
I lay resting between her legs for a while. She was still scissoring me and
squeezing me gently with her legs. Then she loosened her grip and turned me
around, inside her scissoring legs, facing her. She moved her shorts aside and
since she had no knickers I looked right into her sex. My head had never left her
lap and now she scissored me tighter again, this time from the front of my head. I
understood what she wanted. She relaxed her scissor again and adjusted my head
so that my mouth was in perfect position to give her maximum pleasure. I put my
tongue on her erect clitoris and she closed her thighs around my head as tight as
she could. As I started to lick her, she stretched her legs as far as she could to be
able to squeeze my head as hard as possible. She gave me the same treatment as
she had the other guy, applying her favourite scissor hold Ė the frontal head scissor,
but this time it was not with hateful aggression, this time it was purely sexual. Her
immense pleasure made her cry out loud as she put more and more pressure in her
squeezing legs the closer she came to her orgasm. She finally grabbed the back
of my head and pushed my head towards her while squeezing me harder than I
thought would be possible. I think we both saw stars at the same time Ė Sophie from
her powerful orgasm and me from passing out.
When I came to she was gone and so was my camera. I got my camera back from
her, but not the film that was in it. She said the photos were very nice and that sheíd
made several enlargements that she has hung on the walls of her room. Maybe
sheíll let me look at them some time.
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Default Re: An Other Good Scissor Story ;)

Love 'face in the butt' headscissors man!
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