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Old 14-Aug-11, 18:44
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Default My wife is stronger than me

Just a quick anectdote I thought you guys might appreciate. I'm going away tomorrow for about a week, but since this happened just last night had to post it up now. My wife is Korean and is only 5'2, however she is pretty big boned as her wrists are bigger than mine (I have a small frame, but still unusual for a woman.) When we first met she claims she was 120 pounds, I think closer to 130 as she already seemed about my weight, but she was pretty skinny then, so its definitely possible.

Anyway, after getting married she seemed worried about watching her weight, but I told her even though I was skinny I preferred her not to be. I have never overtly revealed to her I also like stronger women, although she may have a clue. Fast forward a few years and I could tell she was getting quite a bit curvier, and for me a heavier so is a turn on for some reason, and I started pestering her about how much she weighed. She's always been a little shy and wouldn't tell me for the longest time. A little over a year ago she finally weighed herself in front of me and was just over 82kg at the time (about 180 pounds) She still had a fairly flat stomach, but her thighs, butt and upper arms were noticeably curvier. Had to buy her two new wardrobes, from s/m to l/xl. Around that time she beat me at armwrestling, not without effort, but fairly convincingly.

I workout, but she doesn't. Despite over 10 years of working out the best I can do is maintain my weight around 130 pounds at 5'7. My wife is still shy about her weight so I don't actually know how much she weighs now, but suffice to say she's continued to enjoy eating and has really packed on the pounds over the last year. I'd guesstimate she's gained at least another 30 pounds maybe even 40. So I'd say she weighs at least 210 now. The main change in her body I've noticed is her calves which were once thin and are now massive balls of muscle. Even when she's laying down they are nearly rock hard with just a bit of flab. Her butt and sadly her stomach are also coming along her stomach isn't massive yet fortunately but it definitely does stick out now. Her thighs are just massive now. We were both lying in bed last week and she looked at my skinny thighs and said "I used to have chopstick legs like that" (Sounds better in korean lol)

My one marital problem area is I like to gamble, and Koreans hate gambling or at least profess to, and my wife is no exception. Took another loss last night, and I was trying to get my wife interested in making love so I was laying on top of her, but she was so pissed she grabbed me by the shoulders and literally threw me off her to the other side of the bed. Made me sleep on the couch too Anyway, I know its not much of a story, but although I know I'm light I think that's very impressive. She did it like I was just a ragdoll on her too, seemingly no effort whatsoever. When I asked her about it this morning she just shrugged her shoulders as if it was no big deal and she knows she's way stronger than me....The amazing thing to me is she's gotten this strong with very little physical activity. She doesn't work, our appartment is tiny and she isn't into sports except for badminton ocassionally. Incidentally, she started being able to pick me up around the time I couldn't pick her up anymore- about 2 years ago. Now she can pick me up from under the shoulders easily, but that's about the only way she shows her strength and she doesn't even do that very often, so I have relatively few stories sadly.
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Old 19-Aug-11, 19:57
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Default Re: My wife is stronger than me

Next time you want to go out to the casino, challenge her to wrestle. Make it a sporting proposition; after all, you're a gamblin' man. If she pins you, you stay home and vacuum the apartment. You pin her, you're off to the races!
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Old 20-Aug-11, 06:41
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Default Re: My wife is stronger than me

I second Volleyball's suggestion.
Also let us know the outcome.
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Old 24-Aug-11, 09:18
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Default Re: My wife is stronger than me

You're lucky guy AcesDJD
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Old 18-Apr-13, 21:10
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Default Re: My wife is stronger than me

ur kucky husband
I wish my wife stronger than me
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