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Default Mixed Tag-Team Sexfight

Can't remember where I got this story from. Full credit to the author, Matboy. Enjoy!

Posted by Matboy. on July 11, 2001

I won't pretend any of this is true but I hope you like the fiction. There may be more to come but I have found it much more difficult to write than I thought so we'll see.
Having finished our work out at the gym, Dan and I had finally plucked up the courage to ask Becky and Kim for a drink. The two girls were often at the gym when we were and as red-blooded males we had admired their fit bodies for few weeks now. They worked out harder than most of the girls and the tight lycra gear they wore certainly showed the results. Becky was blonde, about 5ft 7, 130 lbs with strong shoulders and legs and 34C firm, bouncy tits. Kim was brunette, slightly shorter but slightly heavier with an ample 36C bust. We had been at the bar for much longer than intended. As we drank we discovered that we all had a lot in common; a love for adventure sports such as mountain biking and skiing, a healthy thirst for alcohol and a dislike of pro-wrestling!
“It’s just so unbelievable.” said Becky as she downed another beer. “I mean there is no way those fights are real and if that’s the case what is the point?” We all nodded in agreement. “The most ridiculous thing is trying to convince us that women can compete with men in wrestling!” The girls went quiet and stared at Dan who had made the statement. I also gave Dan a stern look. We had been drinking with the girls for about 3 hours now and all was going well. We were all very drunk and the debates had got heated but if he had ruined all our ground work with that comment I would kill him.
“We don’t think that’s true.” said Kim with a strange look on her face. “Do we Becky?”
“Not if you change the rules slightly” said Becky. “We’ve talked about this before and we’ve always come to the conclusion that although men are likely to be stronger than women we have one weapon that would always even things up.”
I was intrigued. “What do you mean?”
“Sex!” came the simple reply. “If you could use sex in a wrestling match the girls would come out on top…literally!” giggled Becky.
“How?” asked Dan.
Kim explained. “Women can always turn men on better than the other way round. So if making your opponent orgasm first was a way to win a wrestling match then we’d win every time. Simple!”
“But we’d still physically dominate the match,” I said “so we’d just hold you down and make you come!” I was getting in to this!
Becky and Kim roared with laughter “NO WAY!” said Kim “ Most of you can’t get us to come when we want you to so there’s no way you could do it in a fight”
“And we all know boys shoot their load at the touch of your knobs!” added Becky “So we’d make you come so much faster.”
Well the beers continued to flow and the boasts got bigger and all of a sudden the girls had thrown down a challenge. The two of them versus the two of us in a sex wrestling match. Make the other fighter orgasm to eliminate them, first team to be eliminated loses. Wrestling holds and moves allowed to weaken your opponent and tag rules so only one fighter in the ring at once.
“Where are we going to fight!” asked Dan in disbelief.
“I know of a place with a ring in the basement. We can lock the doors for privacy, which we’ll need since the fight will be naked!” explained Becky.
Dan and I spat our beer across the table. Were these hot girls really offering us the chance of a lifetime?
“We except!” I said “Let’s set a date.”
And we did, for two weeks time. Every time we saw them at the gym for that next two weeks we expected them to back out but they just kept teasing us. Saying we better put in extra training and they couldn’t wait to ‘cream’ us!
The day came and we showed up at the address. A guy at the desk told us the girls were already down stairs and showed us the way. Still expecting a set up we went down two flights of stairs to find a large basement with an old but serviceable ring in the centre. And to our surprise there stood Becky and Kim sitting on the edge in robes.
“We thought you might not turn up.” Said Kim smiling and standing up. Her robe clung tightly to her ample breasts and flattered her slim waist. “We’ve turned up the heating so you won’t get cold.”
“Are you ready to go or do you want a second to warm up?” asked Becky “We’re just about to stretch.” she cooed and with that the girls dropped their robes. Our jaws hit the floor and our cocks hit the roof! The two girls stood there completely naked for a few moments so we could get a good look at their bodies. Kim, as I said, was curvy but without a trace of fat. Her firm muscles moved smoothly under her perfect skin as she began to go through a stretching routine. But it was Becky that I couldn’t take my eyes off! She had the most athletic figure I had ever seen, almost Amazonian! Broad, muscled shoulders tapered to a rock hard set of abs (not the only thing rock hard in that room), down past her exquisite pussy and legs that could only be described as statuesque. Strong thighs and beautiful diamond shaped calves.
As they stretched I noticed that they had both lightly oiled their skin to heighten the muscle tone. I had no doubt that this was all part of a routine to get Dan and I as aroused as possible before the match and it was working. As we stripped we both revealed stonking hard-ons. I had seen Dan’s cock many times in the showers and admired its shape, though it had never looked like this. It was slightly thicker but not quite as long as my 9-inch beast and looked impressive. I was pleased to see the girls sneaking looks at our manhood’s as we stretched; it was a small but significant sign that they were horny too! At this point I realised that this was actually going to happen.
After a couple of minutes we all announced we were ready. The girls climbed in to the ring and Dan and I followed, our erections almost catching on the ropes! We met in the middle and Kim reminded us of the rules. We had agreed no highflying throws or slams but other than that normal wrestling rules applied.
“Let’s get started then.” said Becky. Dan and I went to turn away but as we did so the girls took hold of our cocks, Kim on Danny’s and Becky holding mine! We froze for a second as the girls stared into our eyes and stroked their oily fingers up and down. If it was possible, our cocks grew even bigger in size as these hot girls turned us on. Dan came to his senses first, pulling his cock out of Kim’s grasp and pushing Becky away.
“First blood to us!” giggled Kim and the girls turned and walked back to their corner leaving Danny and me standing stupidly in the middle. We were going to have to be on our toes to win this. Danny and I agreed that I would begin the fight and as he climbed out of the ring I turned to face my opponent, who to my utter joy turned out to be Becky!
“Ding! Ding!” called Kim, “Round 1”
Stepping forward, Becky and I began to circle each other slowly. My erect rod bounced awkwardly in front of me as I moved and I suddenly had a thought of how ridiculous it must look. In contrast I watched as Becky’s full breasts hung invitingly in front of her, swaying slightly. All thoughts were quickly ushered out of my mind though, as Becky lunged forward. Stepping neatly to one side I caught her as she went passed and wrapped her up in a side headlock. Feeling pleased with myself for gaining the early advantage I concentrated on tightening the hold and started to walk Becky around the ring to show my dominance. Becky however had remembered that this match was not about submissions and snaking her hand round my waist reached straight for my cock. Whilst I was trying to impress with my wrestling knowledge, my opponent worked her fist up and down my rock hard meat, bringing her closer to winning the fall and me closer to orgasm.
Not yet learning my lesson I continued trying to physically dominate the match. Hip tossing Becky to the mats I spread my feet and leaned in harder to increase the pressure on the hold. However this simply allowed Becky more access to my penis and she quickened the tempo with her hand.
“Go on Becky, work him.” called Kim from her corner, “Make him come.”
Realising that I was not the one in control here I loosened the headlock and scrambled up on top of Becky, forcing her to the mat on her back. I pinned her arms above her head and held her down for a few moments to think. Crossing her wrists, I attempted to hold both her arms down with one of mine while I reached behind me to slip a finger in her pussy. This proved to be a fruitless attack as Becky crossed her legs to deny me access to her snatch and proceeded to work both hands free and resume her massage on my cock. I tried again, this time pinning her arms under my knees spurred on by shouts of encouragement from Dan, (“Slip her the finger! Slip her the finger!”). I leant back and this time managed to force two fingers between Becky’s slippery thighs and began to rub her clit. I gasped as I felt how wet she was down there (I must have got to her more than I had thought) and tried to work my fingers further into her dripping hole. Unfortunately by leaning back I had less pressure on her arms and all too soon she was free again and pumping my swollen prick. Sliding my hand out of her pussy with a slurp, I grabbed her wrists and pinned her to the mat leaning over the most gorgeous face I had ever seen.
“Not easy is it, Tiger.” Teased Becky as she gazed into my eyes with the horniest of looks. “We’re at a bit of a stalemate I think.”
“But I can still do this.” I replied and lowered my head to her superb breasts, taking first one nipple in my mouth and sucking hard then moving to the other and repeating the action, stretching the firm teats with my teeth as I pulled back. I did this several times on each breast as Becky squirmed beneath me.
“That may be nice,” she said after the third time, “but it won’t make me come.”
“I know, but it might make you scream?” I chided as I increased the pressure of my teeth on the last bite.
“OW! You git.” Becky shouted as Dan laughed out loud.
Deciding to cut my losses and realising that I could not take too much more of Becky’s expert hand job, I released her hands and quickly tagged in Dan. As I turned back I saw Becky tagging in Kim and climbing out of the ring. As she stood on the ring apron she caught site of me watching her and slid her middle finger into her dripping beaver and then in the sexiest way I have ever seen, licked the juice from her hand. I couldn’t wait to tackle her again.
Meanwhile, Kim was proving that the extra weight she carried was all muscle. She had got in behind Dan and was applying a full nelson. Despite being a good inch or so smaller than Dan, she managed to drag him over to Becky’s corner and spin him round whereupon Becky dropped to her knees and began frantically sucking his thick cock. She worked her fist up and down the shaft in rhythm with her wet lips, making loud slurping noises as she lubricated his hard-on with saliva.
“Hey, no double teaming!” I called, as much in jealousy as protest about the rule breaking. Becky let Dan’s cock slide out with a plop and winked at me across the ring.
Spinning the helpless Danny around again, Kim lifted him clean off the ground and threw him to the mats. He landed on his back with a thump that knocked the wind out of him. Not wasting time, Kim dropped to the mat beside him and took his erection into her hungry mouth. She rested her lower body on Dan’s chest and abs so he couldn’t move and began earnestly sucking, using her hands to stretch his balls and rub his arse.
“Mmmmmm…Ooooooooh!” moaned Dan as Kim’s mouth had the desired effect.
“Dan! Liven up! Go for her pussy! Go for her pussy!” I screamed from across the ring. Dan stirred slightly and realised he was in trouble. Grabbing Kim around the waist he managed to roll her on to her back but did not dislodge her from her busy sucking. She instantly wrapped her calves around the back of his head pulling his face deep in to her crotch as he eagerly began to lap at her pussy. Kim let out a low moan of pleasure, which rumbled up from around Dan’s slippery wet monster.
For the next few moments it was just like a porn film being acted out in front of me. Both fighters in a 69 with Dan, (who had now forced Kim’s legs wide apart and was holding her knees spread) on top licking and sucking on Kim’s clit while his opponent continued to suck and work on his enraged cock with her mouth and hands. I glanced at Becky, who was watching the action closely while allowing her hands to gently stroke her nipples and pussy. The moans and groans of the two combatants steadily got louder as each one approached orgasm but which one would climax first?
Suddenly Kim removed Dan’s prick from her hot mouth. “Now!” She called and instantly Becky leaned forward, tagged her partner and began to climb in to the ring while Kim resumed her blowjob. I watched in amazement as Becky went round to where Dan’s head was and softly said, “Dan! Time to change.” He looked up, startled, and realised what had happened. Straightening up he pulled his cock from Kim’s mouth with a plop and I watched as drips of pre-come oozed from the tip. As Kim exited the ring, Becky took up position between Dan and myself, denying him the chance to tag out. We had been duped again. Kim had got Dan to the point of orgasm and then had tagged out before she came, to leave him facing the fresh, less aroused Becky. Dan’s saliva soaked prick bobbed in front of him and I knew he would be in trouble if Becky got her hands on it.
Becky’s next move surprised me at first. She raised her hands and invited Dan to a test of strength. “Come on, Honey!” she purred, “ Don’t you think you can beat me?”
Dan couldn’t resist and locked up with the sexy blonde. He began to exert pressure and Becky’s knees started to buckle as she was forced to the mat. But the moment she hit the ground her head darted forward and captured Dan’s aching prick in her horny mouth. This move stunned Dan and he allowed Becky to shake her hands free and grab his calves, pulling hard towards her and sending Dan crashing to the mats. Keeping his meat between her luscious lips, Becky continued her sexual assault on her opponent, slurping her lips up and down the thick shaft. It took a while for Dan to come out of his daze but finally he reacted, crossing his ankles and straightening his legs to lock on a body scissors. Becky called out in pain as Dan swung her to one side and continued over until he sat astride her chest, his massive hard on pointing up between her firm tits.
Dan rested for a moment, contemplating his next move. But Becky needed no time to think. Swinging he legs up she caught Dan under the arms and slammed him hard backwards on to the mat. His head crashed against the ground for the second time. Following her momentum, Becky pushed up on Dan’s ass, folding his legs up over his chest and rolling the dazed wrestler in to a ball. Quickly moving round her opponent, Becky spread Dan’s helpless legs and pushed down on his calves until they pinned his arms. She then plopped her fantastic ass down on top of his legs, trapping him beneath her weight.
“Well, well, well!” she teased reaching forward to caress the cock that hung inches from her face. “What do you think, Kim? Shall I make this quick or slow?” “Just finish him off so we can play with his mate!” smirked Kim as she glanced at me. Becky wrapped the fingers of her right hand all the way around Dan’s quivering erection and began firmly jacking his foreskin back and forth. “I know how to speed things up.” she grinned as she licked the fingers on her other hand. Reaching forward she then inserted her long elegant middle finger right up to the knuckle in his ass.
“AAAAAaaaaaHHHhhhhh…….Biiiiiiitttcchh!” moaned Dan from beneath her as she twisted her weapon home. I screamed at him to buck Becky off but he was securely trapped in her hold and was succumbing to her expert masturbation. Only when he realised that he was about to shoot his load all over his own face did he try to make an escape but it was too late.
“He’s coming, Kim!” called out Becky, “He’s coming!” And come he did. Huge gobs of white spunk shot out from his throbbing prick, landing heavily on his face, forehead, eyes and mouth. Becky let out a sigh of satisfaction as she worked her fist up and down, milking every last drop from her defeated opponent. Finally she stopped and removing her finger from Dan’s ass, executed a perfect backward roll and stood up. Looking over at me she licked a couple of drops of come from her fingers and said, “Winner of the first fall by inverted hand job…Becky and Kim!” Kim cheered as Becky came across and they exchanged a hug. Dan lay in the middle of the ring drowned in his own failure. I threw him a towel and he wiped his face, returned to our corner and apologised for losing. “Just fucking cream that bitch, will you?” he asked.

Becky, having just destroyed Dan, tagged out straight off and I was left facing the formidable Kim. I new she was a strong girl by the way she had handled Dan and I was not about to under estimate my opponent. I was also becoming aware that both her and Becky had some pre meditated moves that they had planned for this match so I would need to be on the look out for any tricks. We circled each other warily and I watched her fabulous tits rise and fall as she moved and breathed. I could see sweat running over the oily skin and dripping off her large, erect nipples.
As we circled I saw Dan over her shoulder leaning on the ropes with a disappointed look on his face, his limp cock resting on his thigh. Another half circle and Becky came in to view and I was momentarily distracted as I gazed once again at her incredible body. This was all the invitation Kim needed as she took advantage of my lack of concentration and lunged forward. She caught me in the chest with her shoulder and knocked me clean off my feet and on to the mats (God this girl was solid). Landing on top of me she scrambled round and in no time had me pinned in a 69. Her shins trapped my forearms, her eager mouth enveloped my throbbing cock and a split second later her dripping snatch landed heavily on my face. I breathed in and caught a lung full of Kim’s female odour, which incredibly turned me on even more than I already was.
“Don’t let him lick you!” called Becky from the ropes. “Just pump that prick!”
Kim responded by swallowing almost three-quarters of my stiff rod before sliding her full lips up the shaft and pumping her fist up and down from the base to the tip as she sucked on my dicks head.
“Tongue the bitch!” retorted Dan. “Cream her pussy!’
Knowing what Kim had done to Dan before, I just wanted out of this situation and as she raised her hot cunt I bucked my hips and bridged up, rolling Kim off to one side. Following her, I caught her on her front and managed to hold her down by spreading my whole body out over hers. Kim bucked and struggled underneath me and my huge erection lodged itself into the crack of her ass. She paused for a moment as she realised what had happened and then began a slow rhythmic reverse humping of her hips, undulating her ass underneath me as her firm buttocks masturbated my oil slick meat.
“I bet that feels real good, Honey. Don’t you just want to let go and shoot your spunk up my back?” whispered Kim.
“It’ll take more that a fancy ass wiggle to bring me off.” I replied but even as I spoke I felt a familiar pressure building in by balls.
Holding Kim’s wrists down, I slid myself off of her and rotated until I was sitting astride her back facing her feet. I new she would be strong enough to buck me off if I let her so I reached forward and grabbed her ankles, crossing one over the other and bending them back down to her ass. Kim let out a grunt as I poured pressure on to the hold but I new this would not contain her for long. Sliding forwards I released her ankles but as they kicked up I caught each one under an armpit and leant back in to a kind of kneeling Boston Crab. With my weight sat on her back and her legs trapped a had fully immobilised my sexy opponent and I looked up to see a worried look on Becky’s pretty face as she watched the match unfold.
Thinking quickly I released one of Kim’s muscular legs and it fell to the floor in front of me. This now gave me a free hand and I wasted no time in reaching it forward and plunging two fingers up to the knuckle in Kim’s wet beaver. She gave a start as they easily slid home.
“I’ve got you now, Sweetie!” I boasted as I worked my double submission/ orgasm hold.
“Not quite.” Came her reply as she tried to close her free leg to deny me access. Modifying my hold again I slipped my leg out from under me and hooked Kim’s with my heel, pulling it as wide out to the side as I could, and quickened the pace with my fingers.
“AAAaaaahhhhh…nnnnnggggg!” moaned Kim from behind me in a mixture of pain and pleasure, her head thrashing about.
“Kick out! Throw him of!” called Becky, a note of panic in her voice.
“You’ve got her! You’ve got her! You should see her face!” Dan yelled.
Encouraged I pressed on. Removing my fingers from Kim’s hot snatch for a second I lubricated my thumb in her flowing juices and twisted it into her inviting ass, before resuming my assault on her sex with three fingers. I worked this for no more than a minute but I could tell Kim was fast approaching climax.
Finally, Kim couldn’t take any more and abandoned herself to her fate. “OOOoooohhh God…Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass!” she cried. “Harder! Harder! Oh God, I’m gonna come! Oh God, I’m gonna come!” And with that her body went in to convulsions as I plunged my fingers in and out of her hole, thrusting my thumb further up her dirt box until after about ten seconds of orgasmic thrashing, Kim finally came to rest underneath me. Removing my fingers and thumb with a plop, I let Kim’s limp leg fall to the mats and tried to catch my breath whilst still sat astride my vanquished foe. I looked up in to Becky’s eyes and she met my gaze with a wry smile, knowing that it was her and me next.
“Winning fall two and tying the match with a combined Boston Crab/ Finger fuck hold…Phil!” I teased.
“And thumb fuck!” joked Dan from behind me. I climbed off Kim and having checked there was no lasting damage, strolled back to my corner to prepare for my showdown with Becky.

As Becky and I faced each other for the final fall I realised that if I let her get anywhere near my cock I would shoot almost immediately. The arousal I had received whilst fighting the two girls had left my meat throbbing with anticipation and streams of pre-come were running out of the tip and down the thick underside onto my balls. Becky watched as my cock jumped and twitched and I could tell she knew how I was feeling. I only hoped that her dripping pussy meant that she was as turned on as me and not just that she was sweating. We spent the opening exchanges of our final round in a kind of stand off; she would attack and I would counter, she would attack and I would counter with me not having the confidence to lock up in case she got hold of my shaft.
“You can’t run for ever, coward!” she chided. “Get over here and let’s finish this off!”
She was right and I knew it. Throwing caution to the wind I charged forward and we tussled in a standing clinch before tumbling to the floor. Becky ended up on top but I grabbed her wrists and pulled her hands down to the mat while she snaked her legs around mine into a grapevine hold. We lay like this panting, staring into each other’s eyes as we contemplated our next move. Becky began to work her legs wider, trying to apply pressure through her grapevine hold and her body slid down mine. Suddenly she stopped and I knew why. The tip of my throbbing shaft had nudged the entrance to her cunt. My firm cock twitched again and I risked edging it forwards towards her glory hole. Widening her legs once more, Becky slid an inch further down and her slippery snatch swallowed the head of my prick. She let out a low moan. She was obviously as horny as I was and we lay there for a moment, an inch of my cock throbbing in her soaking pussy lips. I could hear nothing but the sound of our heavy breathing. Slowly, inch but inch, Becky slid herself further down my body, edging my huge erection into her fabulous pussy. She seemed to be taking care not to go too fast in case she triggered her own orgasm and that suited me fine since mine was already mounting. Finally after what seemed like an age our pubic bones met and again Becky moaned as I ground my pelvis against her clit. Realising that this was my best form of attack I pushed harder against my opponent, pressing home my advantage. Becky tried to counter by squeezing my meat with her powerful cunt but raised herself up slightly to do so. This allowed me access to her fabulous tits and I immediately went to work sucking hard on her erect nipples, kneading the flesh with my eager mouth. Again this brought a moan of pleasure and I thought that things just might be going my way. For over a minute we sparred in this very sexual way; Becky would slide up and down my slippery shaft, milking my rock hard manhood with her fantastic cunt and I would alternately grind her clit or lap at her tits as she moved. Our battle was punctuated with moans and groans of ecstasy from both of us as we tried to out fuck each other.
I dared to think that I would be able to hold out longer than Becky, that I just might be able to get her hornier than me, until she played her trump card. Sliding right down onto all 9 inches of my throbbing flesh she continued to squeeze and release the pulsating shaft. Meanwhile she leaned in close to my face and tipped the scales in her favour.
“Oh god this feels good.” She whispered.” Your cock is so huge and my cunt is stretched to it’s limits. I just love the feeling as you slide in and out Baby, it gets me so horny that I’m simply dripping. Can you feel it running down my leg? Your such a stallion,” she continued as my arousal increased with every hot word “I don’t think anyone has ever fucked me quite the way you have. You could fuck me all day. All day. I only want one more thing to make it complete. I want you to coooommme!” Becky cooed! “I want to feel you pump me full of your sweet, creamy come. Come on Baby, come for me. Fill me to bursting with that love juice. I need it. And you need it too. Fuck me till you come you horny bastard. Fuck me so hard it hurts. Fuck me till you can’t fuck anymore!”
She knew what she was doing. She was talking like a filthy slut and I had no defence. I could feel my cock getting harder and harder, throbbing with the need to unload into this hot bitch. I tried to grind into her clit but knew it was no good. I was reaching the point of no return and she just continued with her commentary, whispering into my ear as she worked me into a sexual frenzy. “I can feel that beast of yours pulsating in my twat. You’re going to come and I’m going to love it. Go on Baby, don’t fight it. Just pump me full. Pump me hard. Make me scream as you tear me apart. Now Baby. Now!”
I couldn’t take any more. I began to hump my hips upwards knowing that the only way to end this was to fuck her senselessly. “Yes! Yes! Come on!” she cried as I thrust in to her. “Come on Baby! That’s it! I can feel you coming! Oh god I can feel you!” and it was all over. My cock gave an almighty jump and I emptied the contents of my balls into Becky. Shot after shot of thick come unloaded up her as she continued to squeeze her victory from me. Sitting up astride me now she milked my cock for everything she could get.
“Is there more?” she kept asking as another spurt of juice erupted from my shaft. “Is there more?” Until it began to subside and I felt my cock wilt in her pussy.
Becky pushed up and looked into my eyes. “I win!” she whispered with a smile.
“You win!” I conceded with a sigh.
“And to the victor, go the spoils.” She added.
“Well one of us hasn’t come yet and the loser better sort that out quick.” She said and with that slid quickly up my body and sat down hard on my face. I couldn’t believe it. Her sweaty fanny dropped straight onto my mouth and my nose was jammed up on to her clit as she wiggled herself further down. I tried to turn my head but she had me firmly held and all I could do was try to draw breath. With every inhalation I got a whiff of her pungent odour along with the sharp tang of my own freshly ejaculated juice. She raised slightly and spoke.
“Don’t just lie there. Lick my pussy. Dan lost. Kim lost. And you lost. I won and I’m the only one who hasn’t been pleasured. So unless you want to pass out down there, make me come!” She reached down to her ass, spread her smooth buttocks and dropped down even harder on my face once more, grinding my nose with her clit and smothering my mouth with her dripping twat. I had no choice. Lick or suffocate, so I began flicking my tongue across her clit. Swirling it round I plunged it as deep as I could into her soaking hole and could just make out her sexual moans despite the fact that her thighs where pressed against my ears. I don’t know how long I was under her but I continued licking her clit and tonguing her pussy trying my very best to please my captor. As she approached orgasm she began to slide her crotch up and down my face, using my nose to pleasure her clit as I worked my tongue deep into her juicy twat.
“That’s good, Baby!” she began to sigh. “Nearly there, Baby! Nearly there!” Her pussy moved faster and faster across my face. My tongue moved faster and faster across her pussy until finally she began to orgasm. Throwing her head back and grinding down another inch onto my moistened features, Becky gave a sharp cry and I felt her cunt muscles contract rapidly as she came on my face. This contraction unfortunately had the effect of squeezing out the spunk I had recently shot up there and I became the second man that day to get a face full of his own come. There was so much of it I began to swallow to stop myself from drowning and I heard Becky laugh as she realised what I was having to do. Finally she came to a stand still and letting out a long sigh, she rolled off of me and lay by my side. We rested there, both panting from out exertions when we heard a grunting noise coming from the girls’ corner. Propping ourselves up on our elbows we saw Kim with her back to the ring post, her legs wrapped tightly round Dan’s waist as he nailed her further in to the corner with every thrust of his cock. We watched for a few moments as Kim’s noises became more high pitched and Dan steadily got faster and faster until with one almighty thrust, Dan emptied his come in to Kim as she screamed out her second orgasm of the day. Moments later they both crashed to the mats and Kim slid down to take Danny'’ softening cock in her mouth to clean off the last drops of come. She slid her lips up and down and swirled her tongue over his limp prick, massaging every last bit of spunk from his empty balls before joining the rest of us flat out on our backs.

“When’s the rematch?” I asked Becky.
“Whenever you’re ready!” she replied!
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