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Default True story from Nikki (doms her husband) (femdom)

From a question/awnser on a site called Sutton

From Nikki M:

Dear Elise, I discovered your site as a friend recommended it. I love reading the stories
and have learned a lot. I am from UK and itís difficult to find women who are also
interested in the Domme scene. I became interested when a new neighbor moved in next
door to my parents house when I was in high school. It was lady who was in her late
thirties and she was divorced with two children. She had a daughter who was my age and
a son that was only nine. I became friends with her daughter Cindy.
One day I went over to her house and found her brother wearing a dress. I asked her why
that was and she said her Mom did that to him as a means to punish him when he was
being naughty. I became aroused at the notion of a boy being dressed like a girl. I found it
very interesting and once Cindy and I helped to dress him fully as a girl. He looked very
cute and I was fascinated by the whole process.
When I eventually moved out of my parentís home and started work, I met a guy who was
kind and gentle and we became good friends. He wasnít my usual type as I preferred
strong and rugged guys but he was a breath of fresh air. The gentle and submissive nature
somehow appealed to me and our friendship grew into much more and eventually we got
married. He is four years younger than I and he is what I would describe as a petite male.
He was very interested in what I liked and a great person to take shopping. One time while
we were out shopping, we saw a young feminine man buying make-up and this appealed
to me. When I got home I told my husband that I wanted to see how he looked as a girl.
He laughed and thought it was a joke. I told him I was serious and persuaded him to let me
dress him up.
He looked cute by the time I had finished and I took a few photos of him. He had very short
hair so it was obvious that he was a man so I went out shopping one day and bought him a
wig. From that point I dressed him several times and it became a regular thing. I told him
that from now on the only time I was going to sleep with him was when he was feminized.
Whilst out shopping, I came across an Adult toy store and I decided to buy a butt plug for
him and I made him wear it to bed. He had no choice in the matter and eventually I
decided to try a strap-on. He was horrified by the idea but it was what I wanted and he
agreed. He was very quiet through out when I took him with the strap-on and all I heard
out of him was gentle whimpering. But i really loved it, and i came like naver before.
Strap-on sex is now a regular part of our sex life and
he have learned to love it. I can now make him cum from fucking him alone, not even touching
his member.
Since then he has become quite docile and our relationship is better than ever.
He has now reached a stage where he not only looks beautiful as girl but he acts
very feminine by nature. And i love beeing in charge, beeing both older and physicly stronger
than him. I am very attracted to him like this.
I wanted to share this with you. Thanks!

Eliseís response:
Nikki, it is interesting that you became sexually aroused the first time you encountered a
male who was feminized. Although your neighbor was only a boy, it was the concept of a
woman forcing a male to dress as a female that touched something within your sexuality.
Back in the Victorian era, it was a common punishment to make a boy dress as a girl to
humiliate him and shame him. In the schoolhouse, a boy might be forced to wear a wig
and sit with the girls when he misbehaved in class. Your friendís mother must have used
the same kind of punishment on her son. Today, society considers such a punishment as
strange and unnatural but it wasnít all that long ago that such a punishment was accepted
by society, especially in the UK. The threat of humiliation was thought to be a proper way
to keep mischievous males in line.
When you witnessed this, something within your sexuality was stirred so it is not surprising
that you sought out a submissive and feminine looking male for a husband. You may have
gone through that experimental stage where you dated macho males but you fell in love
with a submissive male with feminine features.
It was only natural that you eventually introduced feminization into your sex life. That is
what you desired, whether you were mindful of this when you got married or not. Now the
two of you have found that which works for you sexually. I am sure your husband enjoys
this as well. A lot of men would love to have what he has, namely you as a wife.
Thanks for sharing your story and I wish you both the very best.
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