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Old 26-Mar-11, 05:22
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Post Bitchy school girl kicks your ass

Love the way it is written, in the present tense.

Bitchy School Girl Kicks Your Ass

Author: A. J. Brown
Source: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

**If any of my readers are interested in joining my Fan Club and getting a story of mine sent to you weekly please email me at [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] for details. I am also always available to write custom stories for my readers. Feel free to contact me regarding custom stories as well**

It is always going to be true that when you were a kid you were a dork. You were that kid that everybody picked on. The boys in school would pick on you and beat you up. The girls would tease you and say you were ugly and gross. They wanted to be nowhere near you. And even a couple of the stronger girls beat you up when you were a kid too. You had no friends. You sat by yourself at lunch and walked around by yourself at recess always feeling uncomfortable. No matter what you do for the rest of your life, nothing will ever change that.

As you got older, the people at school got used to you and picked on you less. You even made a couple of friends along the way. When you had to start high-school it terrified you that you were just going to start getting picked on all the time again. But that turned out to not be the case. High school was when people started developing different personalities and their own identities. You found your way with an emo crowd that accepted you for who you were. You dressed pretty grungy and wore your hair longer and that became your look. You started making more friends and even the people outside of your emo crowd started to accept you.

Once you got comfortable in school your funny side came out. You started turning into a class clown but your sense of humor was so good that even the teachers thought you were funny. You now had an identity as the funny guy in the emo crowd and you finally enjoyed going to school.

Soon after you turned 18 early in your senior year of high school you got accepted into a prestigious college that your parents were going to pay for. You were excited about going away to college and things looked like they couldn't be better.

But things quickly changed for the worst when your parents found an ounce of pot in your room. You weren't a druggie but you got high like everyone else and your parents did not want to hear any excuses for what they caught you with. They weren't going to pay for any college for someone who was doing drugs. You were given two options: You were to do your senior year of high school at a local private school or your parents weren't going to pay for any college for you.

You knew the right thing to do was just to suck up the last year at the private school and get on with your life but it was a tough decision for you. You had worked so hard and spent so much time just to fit in at the school you were at and now that was all going to be taken away from you. Who knew what the kids at this new private school were going to be like. Maybe they would all reject you and you would have to go back to being the kid that nobody liked and everybody picked on. It would only be a year but you knew a year could feel like an eternity if it was a bad year.

But you came to your senses and thought logically. Your style and your good sense of humor won you friends at your current school so there was no reason the same thing couldn't happen at the new private school. It may be a bit uncomfortable for you at first but you would find friends like your emo friends and they would quickly accept you. You even felt a bit excited about the new challenge and you accepted it.

Your new private school is still co-ed and the very first thing you notice on your first day is that all of the girls are extremely hot. The school uniform for the girls is a long-sleeved navy blue shirt, a short plaid skirt, and navy blue socks pulled up to their knees. You're not sure how a school manages to have every girl looking so incredibly hot but you certainly aren't complaining. You're glad the pants for your uniform aren't too tight because you know you're going to be walking through the halls with a hard-on all of the time.

But other than the scenery being good you realize that being at your new school is not as fun as you hoped it would be. No one picks on you but that's because no one really pays attention to you. Every guy at the school is a preppy looking jock and none of them have the same kind of emo hair or style that you do. Although the girls are hot they are the same kind of girls that didn't really pay any attention to you at your old school and they don't pay any attention to you here either. You find that everyone already as their cliques and groups of friends and you find yourself lonely.

Not having any friends is difficult enough for you and then things get worse. This 18-year-old girl named Cara, who is hot as hell but also has one of those bitchy looking faces where you can just tell that she has been a spoiled little bitch her entire life, decides she is going to start teasing you and picking on you. She starts making fun of you for not having friends, makes fun of your long, grungy looking hair, and she even tells you that you smell (which you know you don't and know she is just saying to make you feel bad about yourself).

As the days go by, Cara's picking on you gets worse. You can't even walk through the halls without her making fun of you or doing things like flicking your ear. She doesn't even call you by your first name. She just calls you 'Dirtbag' and that's the name she has given you. When you're eating lunch by yourself she'll come by and make fun of you and sometimes even throw her garbage on your food. You've been bullied a lot in your day but Cara may be worse than anyone you have ever dealt with. You want so badly to beat her up but you know you can't just beat up a girl like that.

The only thing that makes the school days somewhat enjoyable for you is you find a place where you can sneak cigarettes occasionally. There's a hallway that no one really uses and that hallway has a door that leads outside to a side of the school where there are never any janitors or hall monitors. You are not the only one that knows about this smoking spot and there are definitely other kids in the school that go out there to smoke as well. Sometimes when you go out to smoke there are other students out there and sometimes you have it all to yourself. But either way it's nice for you to get out there a couple of times a day to enjoy a smoke and get away from school.

One day in math class you're really craving a Marlboro and you get a bathroom pass from your teacher. You figure you'll sneak down to your spot for a cig then go back to class. You go out the door and there is Cara wearing her schoolgirl outfit by herself having a cigarette. Even when she is by herself she still has that bitchy look on that hot face of hers. You walk out confidently and you wonder if she is still going to pick on you now that her friends aren't around to put on a show for.

At first Cara doesn't acknowledge you and she looks away like you're not even worth being in her line of sight. You can't believe how much of a bitch she always is but you try not to let it bother you. You light up your cigarette but you're feeling pretty uncomfortable being alone outside with this girl who is better looking and more popular than you are.

"Hey Dirtbag, put out your cigarette and go inside" Cara finally says to you. "I don't like any dirtbags being around me when I am having a cigarette." You cannot believe how cocky Cara is. Even without any of her friends there to back her up she still thinks she can treat you this way. Doesn't she realize that you're a guy and you could beat the shit out of her if you really wanted to?

Despite everything, you still consider putting out your cigarette like Cara told you to. It's only one cigarette and it may be worth it just to avoid more problems from her when you are both back inside the school later. But then you look at her with that bitchy look on her hot face. You are ashamed of yourself for considering putting out your cigarette just because she said so. So you take another drag just to spite her.

"Are you deaf?" Cara asks angrily and she starts walking towards you. "I said, put out your cigarette and go inside!" She then takes another drag of her cigarette, looks up at you since you are taller, and blows the smoke right in your face. It makes you cough a little bit and you can tell that she is smoking a menthol just from the smell of it. She has completely disrespected you and you really want to punch her in the face. It takes all of your self-control not to hit her. But you can only control yourself so much so you take a drag of your cigarette, look down, and blow the smoke right in her face.

"Oh you fucking piece of shit!" Cara yells and then she puts her cigarette out right on your arm. The pain is too much for you to handle and by instinct you take a swing right at Cara's head.

Cara ducks from your punch and before you have any time to react she kicks you right in your shin with her dress shoe. The pain from that kick is unbearable. You scream and immediately bend down to grab your shin. Once you do Cara punches you in the nose. That hurts just as bad and you grab your face in pain as your eyes water up.

Cara takes advantage of your situation. Even though you are taller than her you are completely off guard from the kick and the punch you just took. Cara grabs you by the hair and brings your head down to her level. As you are still trying to get yourself back together from the punch to the nose, Cara starts repeatedly punching you in the head. She has little fists and her punches aren't great punches by any means but she is still hitting you hard enough for it to hurt and you start to cry.

You try to defend yourself but Cara has you in a vulnerable position and every punch that she hits you in the head with makes you just want to guard your head. You end up continually guarding your head and it makes it so you aren't able to do anything else. You flail your arms around pathetically trying to get a punch off but every time before you can connect Cara hits you with another punch. Her little knuckles punching your head really hurts you. You finally stop trying to punch back and you just cover your head with your arms as much as possible hoping to fend off any more punches from her. Cara keeps finding openings and continues to punch you in the head while you hunch over and unsuccessfully try to block.

Cara then delivers a punch which isn't extremely hard but it is hard enough. She punches you right in the back of your head in your weak spot which hurts like hell and makes you fall right on your head. It's pretty dangerous and you hope that Cara will realize that and lay off of you a little bit.

But that ruthless bitch doesn't lay off at all. Cara gets down on the ground, gets behind your head, and wraps her legs right around your neck. You have been beaten up a few times in your day but you have never experienced anything like this. Cara's legs feel extremely strong and much stronger than any arms or legs you have felt before. You never thought that a girl could be this strong.

Even with her legs being as strong as they are, Cara doesn't hold back from squeezing your neck with full force. Your neck is in serious pain, you can't breathe at all, and it feels like she is going to pop your head right off. Tears are pouring down your face and you want to beg her to stop but since you can't breathe you can't talk either.

Cara doesn't let up. In addition to continuing to squeeze your neck tightly she begins using her legs to shake your head all over the place. This makes it difficult to see and you really think you are going to pass out if she doesn't snap your neck first. You feel so incredibly helpless and despite all of the pain and fear it still drives you crazy that this bitchy girl is able to control you so easily.

Finally, after what seems like forever, Cara stops. She loosens up her legs but still keeps them around your neck. Now you are making noise as you lay on the ground crying. "Awe, are you crying?" Cara teased. "Are you a little crybaby?" The teasing makes it worse and it makes you cry even more. Cara teases you more the more you cry but you can't stop.

She lets go of your neck and she stands up. You hope that she is going to walk away but then you see that she is just taking her shoes off. You lay on the dirty ground still crying and just wanting her to go away. With her shoe now off, Cara puts her navy blue socked foot right on your face. In all of your years of getting bullied and picked on you have never felt as degraded as to have someone putting their foot right on your face.

Her foot actually smells somewhat fresh but you can definitely smell a little foot odor to it, especially since it was just on the dirty ground. You try to tilt your head away from it but Cara smothers it in your face so you can't get your face away. She giggles and you are beyond humiliated. You begin to cry some more now purely from the humiliation.

"Awe, you gonna cry some more now?" Cara teases as she continues to rub her foot all over your face. That foot odor is getting stronger and she is starting to use a bit more force as she presses down on your face. She is smooshing your nose now which makes your eyes water up even more. She starts putting her toes on your eyes and you are forced to close your eyes to avoid her toes painfully touching your eyeballs. You feel Cara pushing her toes in on your eyes and you feel very vulnerable because you cannot see. You can still smell the stench from her sock.

Cara finally takes her toes away from your eyes so you can open them again. You feel that your eyes are very watery now. Cara then makes things even worse when she sticks her foot right in your mouth. The taste is even worse than the smell. You immediately try to spit up and that just causes Cara to stick her foot in your mouth even further.

"What's the matter?" Cara teases. "Don't like my foot in your mouth?" Cara digs her foot in there even more and you cannot believe how much she is mortifying you. The only thing that is making this horrible experience so it is not any worse is the fact that there isn't anyone else around. The fact that you and Cara are alone makes you actually respect her a bit more. She isn't doing this just for the attention of others like you thought she was the entire time. She is just a genuine cold-hearted bitch.

With her foot still in your mouth which you are actually starting to get just a bit used to, Cara bends over. You notice that she is picking up the butt of the cigarette that she had put out on you that she had thrown on the ground.

"You know I wasn't finished with this, dickhead" she says and you wish her foot wasn't in your mouth so you could tell her that you didn't tell her to put it out on you. Cara lights up the cigarette again. She stands there with her foot in your mouth and continues to smoke her cigarette while you like on the ground involuntarily sucking on her foot.

When she is completely finished with the cigarette Cara bends down and puts it out on your arm again. It is so extremely painful when she does that. You think about children you've heard of that have been abused by parents that have done the same thing to their children. You now have that same abuse being done to you.

Cara pulls her foot out of her mouth and you can't help but get back to crying like a baby some more. Cara stands above you and just looks down at you and laughs. The total cruelty of her makes you cry even more.

Cara then takes her socked foot and starts to press it into your testicles. She's not doing it with an extreme amount of pressure but she's definitely applying enough pressure to make this quite painful for you. The tears are now pouring down your face and Cara just rolls the ball of her foot around on your nuts as she pleases. You fear that at any point she is just going to kick you there as hard as she can.

She then pulls her foot back just a little bit and she drives her foot right back into your balls. It's still not done extremely hard but she puts a moderate amount of force into it and you let out a little bit of a high pitched scream. Cara still shows not sympathy as you lay on the ground in an extreme amount of pain.

"Oh fuck, I better get back inside" Cara says as she looks at her watch. "I just had a free period but it's almost time for my next class. You almost made me late, you dirtbag. You really pissed me off today. I'm really going to make the rest of this school year hell for you now."

Cara puts her shoe back on. She gives you one last kick right in your shin which is extremely painful and she runs back inside. The kick in the shin makes you start crying again.

Cara also made you realize that you have been gone from class for quite some time since you asked to be excused. You're going to be in trouble for that. But the trouble from that is going to be menial compared to what Cara has in store for you. You thought she was already making the school year hell for you and now she has declared that that has just begun. And the worst part is you now know that this bitchy school girl can kick your ass. You have a very long rest of the school year ahead of you.

**This story will be continued for members of my Fan Club only. If you want information on joining my Fan Club please email me at [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] for details**
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Default Re: Bitchy school girl kicks your ass

is there a part 2?
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Default Re: Bitchy school girl kicks your ass

Alas, no, there is no part 2.
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