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Default Ultimate Surrender Debut Match (F vs FtM): Wenona vs Sonny

This fantasy story was written about 8 months ago & was firstly intended as TRIBUTE to all the beautiful, highly skilled and sexy women who have over the years participated in Ultimate Surrender.

This is a way of saying THANKS for all the erotic pleasure they’ve personally provided this ole transman in watching them compete and fucking each other hard. To me it remains right up there as one of the most erotic, sensual, kinky shows around, and never fails to get me excited and aroused.

Thanks also to Matt Williams from Kink, and smooches to Wenona herself, who gave me permission to write this story a long time ago. Depending on the response, I’ll hopefully be able to write several more kinky stories about my (fantasy) experiences competing with the girls on the Ultimate Surrender mat.

The story is quite long and has a long introductory prelude to sketch the background leading up to my debut match, and then the story unfolds with the Rounds 1-4, post-match interviews, as well as fan comments (where some libery has been taken by including and adapting some of YOUR comment). Some illustrative pics of my own and from Ultimate Surrender have also been included to maybe spice the story up a little more, but please be aware that these pics may not exactly match the text.

Positive, constructive feedback will be greatly appreciated!

If there's any interest in me posting more of my stories, I'd be thrilled & happy to do so.

Cheery hugs
Sonny aka the butch T-guy
P.S. WARNING: For those here who don’t know yet: I'm a female to male transsexual; a FtM or transguy. I was assigned female at birth, but am now living as a male, being on daily testosterone for many years, and having had top surgery (breast removal), but no bottom surgery (due to cost and possible loss of ability to orgasm).



Who will win this Ultimate Surrender match between an experienced Wenona, aka the Gymnast, and the rookie Sonny, the butch T-guy? Who will get to suck whose strap-on cock, and then be brutally fucked like a common slut? Will Wenona’s experience outweigh Sonny’s weight and strength? Or will Sonny easily overpower the smaller girl? Will the trash-talking Sonny plunder Wenona’s sexy pussy with his strap-on cock or will she plunge her winning cock deep into his tight pussy? Who will end up the defeated, humiliated, and well-fucked loser?
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In the most closely contested Ultimate Surrender Match-Up ever video-taped at the Kink studies, the loser gets sexually ravaged in a humiliating gangbang as both referee Isis Love and camera-girl Rain de Grey step in.


By SonnyFtM

(All rights reserved)

Rating: XXX

Story codes: FtM-femme nude wrestling, fingering, strap-on fucking, cunninglingus, fisting, forced orgasm, clit torture, chin dildo, anal, gangbang, etc.

WARNING: Do not read further if sexually explicit scenes easily offend you.

I’m up early in the morning, feeling all excited and aroused at the prospect of finally realizing my hot fantasy, namely, to engage in a steamy, erotic tussle with a sexy Ultimate Surrender girl. I’d flown across the Atlantic a few days earlier, as well as across the USA, and was staying in a hotel not far from the Kink studios where in a short while I was going to be engaged in my Ultimate Surrender debut. Gawd, I’m so fucking excited & hot! I can hardly wait … my body is tingling all over!

Then I become aware of the huge pressure in my bladder, and rush into the toilet to sit down, and release a strong gush of pee. Suddenly a very dirty, erotic thought enters my mind as I relax, and I reach down spreading myself, and tilting myself a little backwards so some of my piss splatters over the seat, I wickedly imagine I’m peeing all over my defeated opponent’s face … seeing her spluttering, crying and begging for me to stop! He, he, what would be more humiliating, huh? Oh my golly, I’m such a fucking bad boi!
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My dirty mind involuntarily goes to Bella Rossi, Dia Zerva, Cheyenne Jewel, Annie Cruz, and other lovely, naughty US girls I’ve seen engage in pee play at other sides, imagining each of them in turn pinned helplessly beneath my showering crotch. Swallowing, gagging, screaming and protesting as I spray them! Oh my gosh, I’m so fucking evil!

Finally, I’m done, and quickly wipe myself dry from front to back, and immediately put the dirty thought out of my mind. Ultimate Surrender has never allowed pee play to come into the humiliation phase, but it was nice and deliciously naughty nonetheless to think of.

I strip off my dark pajamas and stand nude in front of the mirror, examining my body and flexing my muscles. My eyes roam over my well-developed body, thanks to exercise and daily testosterone over more than 25 years, from my short cut hair, quite grey already … (I’m over 50 already) … over my arms with their well-developed biceps, over my flat, surgically altered chest to my taut abs … (I still exercise every day!) … down to my strong, muscular legs … and then back up again to my neatly trimmed, triangular bush. I trace my fingers over my shaved legs and arms, and am a little surprised how smooth it feels … it’s been many, many years since I’d been as hairfree as this. As for most bio men, transmen like me, generally also do not shave their legs and bodies unless they’re cyclists, models, body builders or swimmers.

My gaze drifts towards my crotch where the pink of my butch snatch and the fleshy bulge of my enlarged clit under its hood, is just peeking out from below the bit of hairy fur I’d left on my mons. I lick my finger, and briefly tease my clit, my little cock or dicklit, as I love to think of it fondly, and feel shivers running up my spine, as it slowly swells and responds to my caress. My mind goes back to my meeting yesterday with the Kink Manager and Director, Matt Williams, and the two lovely referees Isis Love and Rain De Grey, both of who had themselves wrestled in US before. It had taken me a long time to get Kink Inc. interested and willing to meet with me: many e-mails and a couple of phone calls.


As I walked into the office, Matt was sitting, and Isis and Rain in short leather minis, were perched sexily on the edge of his desk, just giving me a teasing glimpse of their panties, and I felt my pulse already begin to race. I walked forward and stretched my hand out to Matt, and introduced myself: “Hi Matt, I’m Sonny … “. He gripped my hand and pressed it rather hard – I suppose to test my strength a little - and I automatically responded likewise.

Matt looked me in the eye and said: “Welcome, Sonny, here at Kink … you look and sound just like a man. Congratulations with your transition! Very successful indeed and quite amazing. Must say you look even bigger and stronger than in your pics … and very fit for your age!”

“Thanks, man, for the compliment … but that’s the whole idea of transitioning, isn’t it?” I responding with a twinkle in my eye.

Then I beamed what I thought was my most charming smile towards Rain and Isis who each had appraising smiles around their lips, saying: “Oh hi, Isis and Rain …” They smiled back very sexily, and while Rain winked at me, Isis purred, licking her lipstick lips: “Hi Sonny … Mmm, you’re quite the handsome hunk now, aren’t you? It’s pretty brave of you to think of putting your ass on the line like this …”

My smile grew even bigger and I continued: ‘Ladies, I’m so thrilled finally meeting both of you in person … I’ve watched and perved over so many of your fights … Gawd, you are even more gorgeous in person! Come let me hug you!” I moved forward to give both of them a big hug and a peck on the cheek.

Then Matt said, his voice taking on a more serious tone: “Now Sonny … as I explained to you, with all due respect, our fans wanna see sexy, hot girls up against each other, with curves and boobs and all. To be honest, as masculine as you are, I think you would fit in better in Naked Combat with the gay guys … there are some big, powerful, well-hung guys there that would give you a rough time … and a really hot fuck with their big, hard cocks if you lose! But of course, if you win, you can fuck them up their tight asses with the largest strap-on we have! I bet many of our fans there would like to see you in action there …”

“No, no, Matt, I’m not at all interested in that! As I’ve said before, I’m a straight transman, and am sexually attracted only to women. Though, of course, I’ve craved all my life to have my own penis, fucking bio cock has just not appealed to me. So my erotic fantasy is to participate in Ultimate Surrender against the sexy, female wrestlers on the roster there … definitely not the guys at Naked Combat.”

Matt shook his head: “Sorry, man, but from a business prospect I really don’t think putting a transman like you on the roster … a man for all practical purposes, except of course, for the pussy between your legs … will be an economical option for us … it’s not likely to do well in sales at all.”

“OK, sure, I understand, Matt, but how about me covering your full production cost, the wrestling fee for my opponent? Surely, then there’s no risk or cost for you then at all? Then see how it goes?”

His eyes lighted up, replying: “Hmm, that is different … OK, that sounds like an idea … that could work. But what about an opponent? Have you got anyone specific in mind? Have you spoken to any of the wrestlers? You do realize that very few of the girls, if any, might be willing to go up against you?”

“Yes, I do …”, I grinned back, “but don’t worry, I’ve done my homework already. I’ve been in contact with Wenona for quite a while, and we’ve met over lunch yesterday, and she’s happy and extremely excited to take me on … It would be a first for her to compete against a t-guy, and she promised to fuck me hard if she won … and of course, conversely, so did I promise her if I won! But most of all, I’d love to force her to give my little cock … my enlarged clit … a juicy blowjob! He! He!”

“Mmm, Wenona? She’s much smaller than you, but then she’s very fit and buff, and her experience and youth may help … that could be a very hot and close match … and she could very well beat you! Hhhm, that could work … But there’s one more thing we always ask our rookie wrestlers in their first interview … STRIP!”

I grinned, shrugged nonchalantly and said: “No problem … Wenona told me you would say that …”

And quickly I took off my shirt, my shoes, my jeans, my boxer shorts, as well as my Mr Limpy, that I usually wear inside my shorts to give the appearance of a real dick and balls in my pants, and stood there completely naked and exposed before Matt and the two smiling girls. Despite the air conditioning, my skin felt a little flushed and damp.

“Mmmm, you are very handsome and well muscled …”, Rain said as she and Isis came forward, and starting stroking their hands sensually over my body, from head to toe. I was getting little goosebumps being inspected like this … as if I was some slave on auction or something.

“Oooh yeow, but the hair on those legs, arms and underarms will have to go …” Isis murmured, while moving to the front, and Rain to the back, who gave my muscular butt a quick slap. Then with a naughty glint in her eyes, Isis looked up to my face, and brushing gently over my bush, she suddenly slid her finger right into my tight slit, giggling and teasing me, as I gave a shiver of surprise: “My oh my, Sonny … you’re actually a little wet already …”, Then she really jolted me when she pressed her thumb hard up against my little cock, and I felt my clit stiffen immediately “and you’re so large and big … and getting quite hard!!! … Does Ultimate Surrender excite you so much? Hee! Hee!”

Isis stepped back with an amused grin on her face, and removing her finger, which glistening wetly with my cunt juices, she licked it off slowly, and said: “Mmm, Sonny, I think you’ll do well … win or lose!”

Looking at Matt enquiringly, I asked: “OK, man, do I pass? Is it a deal then?”

Matt smiled and said, “Yup! But one last thing, Sonny. Your trimmed landing patch is neat, but you’ll need to shave that beefy slit of yours. Our US fans wouldn’t want your butch twat hidden behind that hairy forest while wrestling or being fingered. And I think they’ll love seeing more clearly that big, fat clit of yours … sucked, if you win … or abused, if you lose … Ha! Ha!”

“No problem …”, I said relieved, continuing, “I’m so excited, I can’t wait …”

“Good!”, he said, and I eagerly put my right hand out for him to grip firmly, and shake it to seal our agreement. I couldn’t help but smile as I noticed the slight bulge that had grown in his pants, and the unexpected thought flashed through my mind that maybe I might stand a slight chance of getting some support from a few of the hetero male fans in my endeavour to become a regularly featured wrestler at US.

“Let’s drink to that …” Rain said pleasantly, as she took out a bottle of chilled champagne and some crystal glasses and poured some for each of us.

“Cheers! May it be a fucking good first debut and match!”, Isis giggled and klinked her glass against mine, saying sweetly, while winking at me: “Sonny, I’m looking forward to refereeing your debut match … And mmmm, be warned, maybe even fucking or fisting you if you lose! You know that’s how we usually like welcoming newcomers to Ultimate Surrender if they lose, don’t you?”

Chuckling, I retorted: "Mmm, yeah, but it's a pity the winners can't have their way with ref sometimes too?", as I elbowed Isis playfully, while rolling my eyes a little, then winking, "And of course a pity too that you and Rain are no longer on the roster ... I'd love to take you on sometime too!"

Slowly my thoughts return to the here and now in my hotel room, and I think about facing Wenona in a short while. My thoughts are mixed to some extent. One part of me, the dominant, top part obviously wants me to win, and have a bang of a debut! After all, in real life I’m a Daddy top who loves nothing more than to have a beautifully sexy, young girl submit and bottom to me. But then as an occasional switch, who enjoys bottoming now and again too, I can’t help thinking it would be lovely to be beaten and fucked by a sexy young girl such as Wenona. “Mmm, either way it’s a win-win situation for me!”, I smile as I think about tackling her on the US mats.

Though my size and strength will obviously advantage me, my only experience of US type wrestling has been privately with some of my girlfriends whom I easily dominated if I wanted to. However, most of the experienced girls at US, including Wenona, know a fair amount of wrestling moves, and some regularly trained on the mats. Some like the petite, but amazing champion Ariel, even does Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and trains against men bigger than me … Fuck! Against her I’ll probably stand no fucking chance! Not at this stage at least … I smile … but I’ll love to take her on one day.

Mmm, but against Wenona I think I’ve got a fair chance. I’ve studied videos of several of her matches. She’s not the most skilled of the top wrestlers and seems to sometimes have a submissive streak in her, particularly when she goes up against someone bigger and stronger than her. If I can get my fingers in her pussy early, and prevent her from getting hers in mine, especially her fingers on my sensitive little cock, I think I can take her, I mused delightedly.

What I really like about Ultimate Surrender, or other similar nude wrestling sites, is that despite the girls going at it very competitively and hard in the wrestling, as well as the punishment phase, with trashtalking, fingering, strap-ons, vibes, face-sitting, fisting … (basically the works!) … they are still friends afterwards, and can have a good laugh and a drink together later. Maybe even off camera, under the showers, they have some more sexy fun? I chuckle softly to myself, and I’ll find out soon enough. Nude wrestling for dominance is the hottest, kinkiest foreplay imaginable to me!

With all these dirty thoughts flashing through my mind, I step into the shower. Thinking of Wenona’s cute face trapped below my butch crotch, enflames me. And while the hot water cascades over my body, I tease my dicklit out from its hood, and enfold it between my thumb and forefinger, quickly stroking and yanking it to a shuddering orgasm. A vivid vision of us rolling around naked on the mat, arms and legs tangled returned and I furiously began rubbing myself again as I steadily increased the pace. Once again I thought about dominating and controlling the gorgeous Gymnast!

“I’m planning on beating and fucking you, sweet, lovely Wenona”, I whisper excitedly to myself, then chanting, “baby, you’re gonna so be my bitch!!!” Over and over, I chant softly, while rubbing myself, picturing us together, on the mat, naked, wrestling, fucking, and cumming! I feel myself beginning to orgasm again, stroking myself fiercely! I fight to stifle a scream while my second orgasm extends for a full minute. It leaves me gasping for air and a warm glow to my body.

This is a little secret I learnt from Ariel X’s blog some years ago, when she admitted to getting herself off before a match so that she wouldn’t be able to cum so easily if an opponent got her fingers into her. I simply couldn’t take the chance: Wenona was simply too skilled to take lightly. I’ve got to tilt the odds somewhat in my favour, I grinned mischievously, thinking that maybe a win rather than a loss would stand me in better stead to perhaps become a regular on US. Fans were more likely to wanna see me again if I won than if I lost my debut match.


Soon I was in Ultimate Surrender studio where I met Wenona in the dressing room. She was already putting on her pink bikini, and we quickly hugged each other, kissing each other on the cheek, and playfully slapping each other’s butt, joking “your ass is gonna be mine today!” Wenona looked on as I undressed, and then slipped on only a black bikini bottom; not having breasts any more, implied that I’d start topless.

Then Isis Love ushered us into the main arena where the cameras were already set up by Rain de Grey, who was the camera-girl for the match. I’d seen this so many times on US the ritual of the girls stretching and showing off their sexy, toned bodies before engaging in the mandatory trash talk. It felt unreal me being there myself and I felt unbelievably excited to be there.

Wenona, of course, looked ravishingly sexy, her nipples already looking hard and aroused through her bikini top, and I licked my lips, hardly able wait for us to tangle, nude body to nude body. It was hard to believe that only a few months ago she’d given birth to her first child … her body was already back to its toned athletic form … her ripped 6-pack abs almost looking as hard as before.

My own body, reasonably well-toned and muscular, was excitedly tingling all over and even my own surgically reduced nipples felt a little engorged and sensitive. My little cock was also throbbing a bit, and I could even feel my butch snatch moisten with anticipation.

After stretching and warming up and posing for the camera, bending over, and flashing and teasingly jiggling our booties for the lens, it was time for the customary pre-match trash talk. I always loved the dirty trashtalk beforehand as much as the match, and now it was my turn. First we posed together, she looking up at me due to my 4 inch advantage in height, and I down at her. We looked each other up and down, both trying to look disdainful and contemptuous, kinda pulling up our noses … after all that’s what the fans want, not so? :-)

I started a little nervously, speaking into the camera, standing with my hands on my hips, but trying to look brashly confident: “I’ve seen Wenona in many Ultimate Surrender videos and she’s very tough and skilled, but I think my height, weight and strength advantage will see me through and give me the win today.”

Wenona smiled sweetly and retorted into the camera: “Bah! He’s a really cute hunk, and big and strong looking, but I think he’s going down today … heavily, and fucked totally silly! As they say … the bigger they are, they harder they fall … and louder they scream … He! He!”

I decided to lay it on thicker as Isis had advised me, and continued with a cheeky grin: “Another of my strengths, despite my age, is my endurance and fitness … and I think I’m gonna surprise her today … and have her as my obedient, little fuckslut at the end … her face slick and shiny with my cum!”

Wenona giggled and replied: “I think today I’m gonna whip out every kind of style point I can think of … I just wanna do the full, fucking shebang with him, I’m so excited.”

I also laughed: “Mmm, I think I’d love to have her eat me out till I cum … And of course, fuck her up the pussy and ass. She’s really athletic, so I’d like to also finger and fuck her in all kinds of contorted, gymnastic poses … I know the fans usually love that!”

When asked what she’d like to do to me, Wenona said: “Oooh, I think I’ll give him the best pussy fucking he’s ever had … and get in a juicy pussy licking by him while Isis fists him till he cries like a girl …”

Lastly, I quipped, pretending to be angry at her girlie jab at me: “Hmmphh! I’m gonna take you down, bitch!”

Wenona cattily replied: “Let’s get it on, butch boi … we’ll see soon enough who is whose BITCH!”


Finally, it was time to find out who fucked who. I couldn’t wait; my whole body was flush with excited electricity, I ignored the butterflies in my trim stomach, and I willed myself to think of nothing but beating and dominating Wenona. I had only had a few nude wrestling matches privately with some of my babygirls, but most of then were hardly a challenge for me.

After each of us introduced ourselves to the camera, giving our height and weight, Isis mentioned that history was being made with me not only as the first transguy to compete in Ultimate Surrender, but also the oldest competitor ever, Isis said: “Lady … “ pausing momentarily with a small, wry smile continued, “and Gentleman … arm wrestle!”

We quickly got on the floor lying down, facing each other, elbows on the mat, and gripped each other’s right hand tightly. Then the whistle blew, and in a flash, bulging my biceps fiercely, I forced Wenona’s hand onto the ground in one move! She groaned, and her eyes widened in surprise at the quickness and the power with which I’d struck, but could see a twinkle of admiration and surprised respect.

First points to me, I thought with some relief, but a war is seldom won by one battle … many more … erotic, sweaty ones … still lay ahead.

Then we got onto our knees facing each other. Isis looked at Rain who gave her a thumbs up that she was ready and then Isis blew the whistle and said: “Wrestle!” We literally flung ourselves at each other.


As we clashed together, we struggled to maintain our balance, our arms interlocking and trying to push or jerk the other off balance. Then using my weight and leaning forward, I managed to push Wenona backward, until she fell backwards. Swiftly I put her into a headlock, using my right arm, with my left hand locking with my right wrist. Wenona just rode it out at first, not really resisting, just holding my arms, not really attempting to break them loose. At this point, I felt incredibly strong and confident, and I realized that one of my lifelong, erotic fantasies was happening at this very moment. To compete at Ultimate Surrender!

I began to increase the pressure. "How's that feel, bitch?" I asked her loudly.

Wenona didn't say a word, but she reached behind me up my arse and grabbed my thong, pulling it up my ass-crack, giving me some discomfort in my nether regions. With this I applied full-pressure, and her hand released my thong, her arms and legs flailing wildly.

Isis circled us, clicking away, grinning with delight at the intense start of the match, saying: “Submission possible …” Eagerly, I piled on the pressure, hoping to gain a commanding lead early on.

Then suddenly out of the corner of my eyes I was surprised to see that Rain was topless behind the camera, and was pinching her own nipples roughly. Distracted for a split second, my grip loosened, and I felt Wenona slip out from under me, and the headlock.

I heard Isis say: “Control broken”, and the next moment I felt Wenona on my back, clamping her smooth, athletic thighs around my waist tightly, and her hands underneath my chin. Pulling hard backwards, we slammed into the mat with a thud. A groan escaped my lips, while now it was Wenona’s turn to whisper to me: "Now Sonny boi, let's see how tough you are!"

She was clinging like a limpet on my back, applying pressure with her strong legs, and pressing hard on my diaphragm, making breathing difficult, but grabbing her hands under my chin, I managed to force her to loosen her chin grip. However, her legs were still clamped tightly around my waist; so I flexed and twisted my body, so that we rolled completely over again. This time we landed much harder with me driving my weight from the top into her toned abs, forcing the air from her lungs, and causing her grip to loosen sufficiently for me to escape.

I now realized that Wenona was one spirited and determined woman, intent on beating me. This was no picnic, and was going to be more difficult than I thought.

By now we had both working up a sweat, our sleek muscles and toned bodies glistening with sweat.

We circled each other cautiously for a few seconds on our knees. I knew I had to use my wits now. I would let her make the first move, and then counterattack. She didn't disappoint me.

We clinched again, and she attempted to throw me to the mat and get me in a headlock this time. As she spun me, I deftly grabbed her left arm, and catching her off balance, slammed her to the mat, landing on top of her. A loud "UNGH" spat from her, and I knew she was dazed. I quickly dropped my full weight onto her stomach, landing hard with my butt winding her a little, and then pressed her arms spread-eagled to the mat. I held her like that for a few moments, considering what next move should be.
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However, Wenona caught me by surprise, by acrobatically lifting her legs up and around me neck, getting me in neck lock, partially twisting me of her.

Wenona rolled onto her stomach, which allowed me to pounce onto her back. Naughtily I thought that this would be a good time to show the camera some skin. She was still a little groggy, but recovering quickly. I pulled her arms behind her back, holding them with one hand, and with the other hand, I quickly untied her pink bikini top. It slid quickly of her sweat-soaked skin, exposing Wenona’s lovely firm titties, her coral tipped nipples looking hard and erect from the excitement. Eagerly I fondled and played with her breasts and nipples, hearing Isis clicking away as I gained some style points.

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Default Re: Ultimate Surrender Debut Match (F vs FtM): Wenona vs Sonny

But it was time for a new hold. I slid higher up her back, and grabbed her around the chin, pulling back hard, initiating a camel-clutch, and I worked the clutch hard, jiggling her small, conical breasts up and down. She instinctively grabbed my thighs, wrapped her arms around them, and I could feel the sweat dripping from her exertion. Farther and farther I pulled her back, stretching her strong abdominals, hearing her moan. Her boobs now jutted out seductively like that of a female figurehead on an ancient sailing ship. I kept her in this position for several seconds.

But Wenona began to rally. She placed her hands on the mat, and started to move her powerful legs under her. I worked the clutch harder, but to no effect. Soon she was on all fours, with me riding her like a pony, my moistening crotch rubbing hard onto her back, and the calves of my legs brushed against her breasts. Losing control, I weakened my grip on her chin, and in one motion, she flipped me off of her. I was momentarily stunned, and Wenona made her move. She grabbed my wrists and began pulling me toward her, grasping with her legs. She moved into position, and her right hand locked onto my left ankle, pulling me to her, and I shrieked as her powerful legs executed a scissors.

I panicked, struggling to free myself before she could launch the full pressure of her legs, but to no relief. Wenona began to work my stomach, her legs applying increasing pressure, and I felt my wind escape my lips. I tightened my muscles as a defense, but she began to loosen and tighten her legs, working my stomach, until I couldn't help, but totally succumb to her move. Wenona rolled me over onto my back, exposing my flat, masculine chest, but she noticed how hard my nipples were.

"Enjoying this, Sonny? You look like you are, judging from how hard your small, manly nipples are!" she taunted.

I couldn't reply, because she was right. As much as I wanted to win, I was aroused by the situation, and I was quickly weakening. I had to get free.

Bringing my legs in underneath me, I gave a huge heave so that we fell backwards, with me landing on top, my weight pounding into hers, Wenona yelped, and her lock on my waist broke as her ankles flew apart. I rolled away quickly, still gasping for breath. But I was still on hands and knees, when Wenona came at me, grabbing my wrists and twisting them behind my back, Then holding them with one hand, her other hand quickly moved to my thong, swiftly untying it. I was totally nude now, my trimmed bush and shaved crack exposed to the camera.

Wenona moved quickly to a Boston-crab, grabbing my ankles and pulling them high into the air. I grabbed her ankles with my arms, holding on tightly, and she bent me backwards, killing my back and stomach. Slowly she lowered herself down, finally sitting on my arse, and I was in trouble again. I banged the mat furiously, and with every ounce of strength left I pushed with my arms, raising myself up.

Surprised by my strength, Wenona lost her grip on my ankles, and with a shrill yell, I flipped her off me. Diving at her as if it were a rugby tackle, I drove my shoulder into her stomach, and she fell to the matt with a plop. And as she rolled onto all fours, I knelt between her spread legs, and quickly untied and tossed away her thong, exposing her nude, smoothly shaven crotch to the zooming camera. I pounced on her back, flipped her over, quickly wrapping my arms under hers and cupping my hands behind her neck, launching a full nelson. In addition, I wrapped my strong legs around her waist, and now it was my turn to tease her.

"You won't get out of this one, baby. I think you like this too, feeling my strong, masculine torso on your back, don’t you?" I cooed.

Wenona desperately tried to pull her legs up, but I pushed back harder with my torso, and pressing my crotch hard into her buttocks, effectively keeping her immobilized. Our bodies were soaking wet with sweat now, and we were both breathing heavily. The sexuality of the entire scene was getting to both of us, and Wenona responded by moving her arse sensually above me, up and down, stimulating and rubbing my aroused, slippery clit. I increased the pressure of my hold, her arms flinging wildly in the air, and she ceased undulating her sexy arse. I wasn't about to get distracted again, but the throbbing urge to climax was getting more powerful. Maintaining concentration, I squeezed with every ounce of strength I had.

Before long, she tapped out and I had my first submission at Ultimate Surrender! I felt elated and released my full nelson and leg scissors, just as Isis blew the whistle for the end of the first round. I glanced up at the scoreboard and was delighted to see I was leading … not by much, but in front nonetheless.

The start of the second round was equally furious, and soon we were again rolling on the mat like two wildcats. Then suddenly I managed to land on top of her, her right leg pressed into my groin while I straddled her sweaty thigh, my own right thigh pressing into her vulva. I smiled as I realized we were in a classic scissors position for humping as I pinning her arms back. Beads of perspiration fell from my head to her face. I gazed at her sexy breasts, her nipples hard and extended.

With my trimmed, wet pussy pressing and rubbing erotically against her smooth thigh, and hers against mine, it felt tempting to try and hump her to orgasm. As I drove myself down, I felt my naughty little cock throb excitedly as she raised her thigh higher to squeeze back harder into my spread snatch, eliciting a loud groan of pleasure from me. She also moaned and her eyelids fluttered, but then her eyes opened wide, looking a little amused into mine.

Humping me rhythmically from below, she laughed softly: "You want to cum, don't you, Sonny? Shall we hump and ride each other to see who has the best endurance?"

Feeling the horny urge to ride her leg to orgasm rise like a tidal wave in me, but uncertain whether she would cum before me, I hesitated and faltered. Cumming before her would be a huge mistake and give her the lead, and I wasn’t sure I could last longer than her in the erotic position we were in.

Instead, I began licking and sucking Wenona’s nipples and was rewarded with them growing stiff from the stimulation. Her loud moaning excited me, and thinking it was an opportune time for some fingering, I pinned her arms above her with the one hand, and moved my right thigh out of the way, and slipped two fingers into her well-oiled cunt. Immediately she bucked desperately to dislodge me, but I hung on continuing to frigg her, determined to make her cum like a slut on the mat.
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However, soon my grip on her hands slipped, and very quickly she slid out from under me, and before I had time to react, she was on my back, pulling me back sharply. Expertly she applied a chin lock, and slipped her legs underneath my knees and around my ankles, in a classic grapevine hold. To me this was always one of the most arousing and erotic moves to see executed on Ultimate Surrender. Seeing a sexy girl struggling helpless with her legs spread wide … her pussy lasciviously exposed in a classic ‘fuck me, please’ missionary position … always quickens my pulse and makes my mouth dry with lust … [and usually turns me into a bit of a dog visualizing myself on my knees between her captive legs … my strap-on cock eager and ready to slide into her openly displayed intimate treasure … :-)]
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But now it was I who was helpless in a grapevine … in this humiliatingly, erotic position!!! My legs spread wide like that of a cheap trollop, my aroused clit and glistening twat lewdly and invitingly gaping open for the camera, which I was sure at that point was zooming in so that their customers could delight in my wanton sexual exposure. I felt my face flush in shame and shocked embarrassment … but also erotic excitement … the lewd kinkiness of my spread pose strangely appealed to my inherent streak of exhibitionism …

Then I felt her right hand slide down my trim abs until her fingers teased through my curly pubic hairs … before shoving 3 fingers deep into my wet slit and making me cry out in pleasure. Wenona started pumping her fingers in and out like a cock making sure to brush the most sensitive areas of my exposed twat. My hips bucked like mad trying to fight off her off ... and I felt my arousal build up inexorably like a volcano ready to erupt!

“No, no …. NO!!!”, I moaned and yelled, and then with a massive upward thrust of my body, powerfully tensing all my muscles, I manage to break her humiliating hold, and quickly roll away, just as the whistle went for the end of the 2nd round.

I glanced up at the scoreboard and saw that now Wenona was marginally in the lead. Shit, I’ll have to pull out all stops in the 3rd round to win!

Continuing at the same frenetic pace as before, we started the third round. First, I caught her with a leg clamp, which allowed me to fondle her tits, and then it was her turn, when she caught me in a scissors with her legs around my waist. Both of us got brief moments of fingering the other’s snatch, but not long enough to force an orgasm or gain enough points to get a commanding lead. Though the lead changed a few times, Wenona was leading as we approached the last quarter of the third round, and I seemed unable to overtake her.
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After rolling around furiously for a few moments with none of us gaining ascendancy, our sweaty bodies pressed against each other, our arms and legs entangled, I suddenly managed to swivel myself to plant my muscular butt and wet, horny crotch right over Wenona’s face … and with my knees pinning her arms helplessly beside her face … I dove my right hand right into her moist, exposed pussy as she squirmed and struggled furiously to close her thighs, and moaned in despair to buck me off …

I grinned gleefully in satisfaction as I heard Isis say” Finger in pussy by black … fingerfucking in progress … pussy in face too …”, and knew at that point as I glanced up at the scoreboard that I was gonna won my debut match! My score was racing past that of Wenona, and with so little time left, there was absolutely no chance of her catching me again … I’d fucking done it!

My finger slid deeper into Wenona’s warm, inviting sex .... and as I slipped my index finger into her pussy, I felt her moist and tender opening wrap around my finger … giving me an exciting thrill …

It felt amazingly hot to feel Wenona squirm in anguish as she lay below me on her back as I invaded her cunt ... and I could feel her beginning to respond to the forced fingering … Excited by the possibility of fingering her to orgasm in the last few minutes … I quickly drove two more in to speed up the process … “Come for me, baby …”, I whispered … and felt the sexual tension building inside of Wenona’s body, as her muscles stiffened and her hips began to move in rhythm with the in and out thrusts of my wrist.

Elated at the prospect of strap-on fucking Wenona in Round 4 … with her legs acrobatically behind her head as only the flexible Gymnast can do and her sexy athletic pussy and arse thrust high up in the air … my dicklit throbbed wildly and swelled with horny desire … and I started humping and grinding my excited slit and little cock hard into her upturned face … with erotic thoughts of a juicy blowjob as my winning celebration … her lips and tongue enfolding and sucking my victorious little manhood … flashing through my enflamed mind …

Then as if she was reading my dirty mind, I felt Wenona’s tongue subserviently trace over my slick pussy lips … her tongue like a snake slithering up my widely opened crack … until she flicked it over my hard, erect clit that now stood fully risen, throbbing hugely, from its hood … and as her lips enfolded it and she began sucking & licking my excited dicklit, I muttered: “Ooohhh YEAH … that’s it, bitch! Lick my winning cock … “

I closed my eyes as I started succumbing to her skillful tongue and started shuddering and shaking as I felt an explosive orgasm approaching … lost in ecstasy, my mind going numb, I groaned with intense pleasure: “Uh, uh … uhhh!... UHHH! … Yes, yes … YES! Fucking SUCK IT! … Uh, fuck; that’s a GOOD little bitch!”

My head was tossing back and forth in delirious delight as I felt my orgasm approaching … already starting to savour my debut triumph … but then suddenly, I felt Wenona slide quickly to the side from underneath me, and with a mighty heave, she flipped me of her so I landed on my back, and before I’d realized what had happened, her wet crotch muffled my surprised, and frustrated scream. She was on top now with a reverse school girl pin, my arms trapped beneath her legs, my face under sexy butt. Instinctively, I brought my legs up, trying to get my ankles around her head, to dislodge her. But that was a huge mistake!

Wenona’s left hand caught and help my legs, my muscular ass up humiliatingly in the air, while her right hand swept swiftly between my legs cupping my hirsute pussy; the pad of her hand landing right on my rigid and erect clitoris … my little cock! OHHH FUCK!!! My eyes rolled back in my head while it flashed through my shocked mind: “No, NO! She can’t do this to me …”

Horrified, I felt Wenona push two fingers into my wet, uptilted cunt, and I gasped, arching my back in response, and then she started frenziedly finger fucking me … just as I’d been doing her moments ago. Through my dazed state, I heard Isis say “Pink finger fucking and facesitting black” and heard the scoreboard ticking ominously on, and desperately I tried to dislodge Wenona. Panic settled in and frantically I tried bucking her off …

But she held tight and ground her soaked pussy even harder onto my squirming face, while she pumped deeper and deeper into my convulsing butch twat. She grabbed my hair and mashed my face further and further into her pussy. She then began to rhythmically scrub her drenched slit over my eyes, nose and mouth. My legs began to shake and I felt my whole body tremble as she plunged her hand deeper and thrust faster into my tight, moist hole.
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Unexpectedly I was now the fly, Wenona the spider, and I was caught in her helplessly in her web.

Suddenly I felt totally spent, having no further strength to resist. My eyes starting rolling, and my mouth was agape … OMG!!!

Sensing my weakness, Wenona also began to work my manhood … my stiff, rubbery clit … rubbing it gently between her thumb and forefinger as if it were a cock, wanking it deftly up and down, sensing that I was quickly climbing the ladder to an orgasm … it only took a few strokes of my inflamed dicklit … and that was it! My orgasm ripped me in two. I shrieked in a delicious agony, my mouth gaping open wide. "Ahhhhhhhh... ohhhhhhh ... Gaaaaaawwwwwwwddddddddddd... OOOOOOOOOOOOHH ...no, NOOO! FUCK!!!!"

I cried out helplessly, as I quivered and shook as if I was having an epileptic fit … the effect rippling out from my sensitive little cock, and I even felt my cunt contract powerfully and even gush a little, cumming wetly on Wenona’s plunging hand, rocking me violently as the orgasm shook me like a tree in a swirling tornado. It was as if my body had a built in vibrator, I was shaking so ferociously. My orgasm consumed me as I fluttered like a leaf under Wenona, my head tossing back and forth

“That’s it, bitch boi … cum for me … and the camera!”, she giggled.

And then I loudly heard the whistle signaling the end of the match as Wenona rolled her sweaty, sculpted body off me, and kissed me fully and quickly on the mouth, her tongue sensually probing mine. Then she stood up and looking down at me, smiled like a cat that has caught a mouse, while I lay panting and tired on my back, my chest heaving, my legs and arms spread out … I glanced up at the scoreboard, and with a sinking feeling in my stomach, saw that Wenona had just managed to sneak past my score … with a single point!

Fuck, if only I could’ve held out a little longer and had not cum like a bloody slut! I felt betrayed by my own body. Despite wanking and fingering myself off beforehand my high sexual desire had gotten the better of me. My stomach lurched a little as realization sunk in. I’d come so close to victory, but in the end I’d still lost. A little sob of disappointment tore through my heaving chest, and I swallowed hard, trying to maintain a brave, stoic face. But OMG! Now I was gonna get humiliated and fucked in front of the camera in Round 4! For everyone to see!


Like the vast majority of FtM’s (transmen), I used to absolutely loath having a vagina, and saw it as a curse and birth defect. Having my cunt fully penetrated was therefore seriously taboo for many years, and in fact, I didn’t even allow myself to be touched ‘down there’ as it would be an embarrassing reminder that I was not anatomically fully a man.

It was only with the years, and the support and encouragement of a very special girlfriend that I gradually grew comfortable with my body, to the point that I eventually started accepting, and even enjoying the pleasure of having a pussy and the occasional penetration … and like Buck Angel to become proud of my relative uniqueness as a ‘man with a pussy’. I started using vaginal creams with estrogen to restore elasticity and combat the induced dryness from my daily testosterone doses. Even so, unless my sensitive, but somewhat elusive G-spot was hit, vaginal penetration was not likely to give me a huge orgasm. At least nowhere comparable to having my little cock sucked and licked!

But having lost my debut match that wasn’t gonna happen today!

So despite being well lubed up, I was shivering and trembling a little in fearful anticipation of what I knew was coming as I stood next to Isis holding my arm and that of Wenona as we faced the camera, operated by a grinning Rain. As one who usually wore the strap-on cock and being the dominant, I felt mentally, emotionally and psychologically … nude, vulnerable and exposed. Then Isis announced: “And the winner of this match … the closest, most hard fought in the history of Ultimate Surrender … with 225 points to 224 … is WENONA!!!”, lifting her arm as the winner!
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Wenona then gleefully raised both hands above her head in the air and shouted “Yipee! Time to kick some transman ass!”, her big, pink strapon jiggling up and down as she turned and started walking towards me, saying: “Come on, bitch boi … give me your bands!”
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With my face turned down in dejection, I quickly slipped my black bands of my arms and legs giving them to her.

Then Wenona flung me facedown and sternly ordered me to lift my loser ass in the air. She taunted me cruelly as she spread my ass cheeks: “Come on, Sonny … show your fucking loser pussy and that big, cocky clit of yours to the world … come on Rain, zoom in closer on the butch boi!”

Standing behind me she gave my muscular ass a couple of viciously, hard slaps that stung and jolted me, and caused me to involuntary yelp. She crudely slid her hand between my legs and slid her fingers through my bush that I’d specially trimmed for the match, and gripped and gave me a couple of sudden jerks. My head snapped up and I shrieked and groaned in pain, my eyes bulging in pain. Oh my gawd, I hope she doesn’t rip em out, and bald my cunt!

But then the pressure relented, and her fingers moved … and touched and traced the moist lips of my lewdly displayed twat. My eyes grew wide and I felt my face flush beetroot red in embarrassment. Oooh fuck!!! Millions of people were gonna see Wenona make me her bitch! My mind reeled at the horrifyingly humiliating thought.

"Oooh, will you look at that! Whatta big, fat clit you have … it really looks almost like a little cock! And despite your butch, manly appearance, Sonny, you really have a very pretty little pussy …” Wenona shrilly mocked me, continuing: “Aw, and it looks so tight and unspoilt … almost like a virgin … a ripe cherry to be plucked … and I’m gonna be the first to enjoy popping your Ultimate Surrender cherry! WOOPEEE!!!”

While I shuddered and shivered anxiously at her trashtalking. Part of me was shocked, but another part of me was being turned on, and I flushed more as below my trimmed triangular bush, I felt my smoothly shaved, butch snatch getting soaked, and trickle and drip down my muscular thighs and legs.

Her fingers stroked along my thick, engorged labia, slowly and delicately sliding along the slick cuntlips. I felt myself quiver with tension like a taut bowstring; totally on edge. Even my small manly nipples were erect to a point of near pain ... Then I felt it; her fingertips brushed over my aching hood, electricity ran up my spine and I bit a little harder on my lip to stifle the yelp.

Wenona laughed cattily: “Geez, and you are really, really wet … drenched! Fucking soaking like a bitch in heat, aren’t you, huh? … Come on Rain … zoom in so the world can see the whorish, losing slut that Sonny is!"

I then felt her fingers first peel my sodden pussy lips, and then my fleshy hood wide apart. I shivered a little as I felt the cool air on my testosterone enhanced clit as it popped up and out like a mini penis, erect out of its hood, throbbing hard. She whistled and giggled delighted at the sight; then pinched and pulled and wrenched my little cock between her thumb and forefinger. “OOOOWWWW! FUCK!!! SHIT!!!”, I screamed helplessly, tears of pain running down my cheeks, not able to contain myself as she brutally tortured my sensitive dicklit.
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Default Re: Ultimate Surrender Debut Match (F vs FtM): Wenona vs Sonny

“Aw, is that sore, Mr T-guy? Well, surprise, surprise … that’s what happens to losers … especially big cocky butches like you who waltz in here, and think Ultimate Surrender is a fucking walk in the park!” Wenona sadistically taunted. In the background I could also hear both Rain and Isis tittering softly, barely able to contain their mirth at my discomfort.

I squirmed and groaned and yelped as she continued relentlessly punishing my engorged, bulbous clit … I felt my body break out in a cold sweat from the pain and soon found myself swallowing my transmale pride and sobbed and begged: “No, no! P .. pp … PL …Please STOP … I beg of you, Wenona! I can’t take it any more!”

She let go of me and walked round to my front and roughly grabbed my under the chin and lifted my head, then pulled it towards the huge, pink latex dick while snapping, "Okay, loser, on your knees … suck my winning cock!!! Make it nice and wet!”

And as my lips slid over the huge, fake cock and started engulfing the enormous length, Wenona taunted me cruelly, pulling my head hard towards her: “Mmm, that’s a good boi … Looks like today I’m the ‘man’ wearing the cock, not you … LOSER! He! He!”
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The strap-on cock rammed down deep into my throat, making it hard to breath, and I felt my eyes roll in my head, and I almost gagged. Trying to catch my breath, gasping for air, and trying to keep from gagging, I struggled frantically to relieve the pressure of the dildo at the back of my throat.

“Gee, come on, Sonny! Haven’t you ever sucked a cock? … You can do a hellavu better than that! Fucking SUCK IT like you mean it … and as if this a real cock!”, she commanded, thrusting her hips forward to drive it back in.

With sweat breaking out on my forehead, my eyes almost popping, I obediently sucked and licked her cock, as best as I could, for what seemed almost like an eternity. Then Wenona again ordered me on hands and knees, and to lift my ass high in the air. Nothing seemed more humiliating to me than to be fucked like an animal from behind … of all the animals, humans are the only species to make love facing each other, and knowing that I was now to be fucked doggystyle seemed so terribly dehumanizing to me.

I felt some tears well up in my eyes and knew that I was about to get brutally fucked by that monster cock, and began to involuntary shake with some fear as well as some embarrassing lust. After slapping my puffy, exposed snatch with her rubber dick a few times, causing me to flinch and tremble a little, I felt the head of that monster size dildo press against the entrance of my cunt.

" Now Sonny boi, are you ready to get the fucking of your life?", Wenona taunted. She shoved it in slowly at first, gradually opening up my frontal hole by pushing my thick labia aside, and kinda wriggling it in, but once she had the head fully in, she plunged it in with the full force of her strong athletic body … right to the hilt, her pubis slapping hard into my ass. To my shame, I literally shrieked and moaned like a girl as it fully entered me. OOOOHH FUCK!...OH GAWD, IT’S SOOOO BIG ... UNNNGHH!!!
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The combination of the lube and my own excitement fortunately meant there was little resistance as Wenona started slowly, fucking me in and out with deep strokes, gradually picking up the pace. I gasped and groaned out loud every time she hit bottom. I'd been fucked before by some of my babygirls, but I'd never felt so full, and deeply penetrated!
“Ooooh, strap-on fucking my first butch boi … is making me so WET!”, Wenona purred as she relentlessly drove the cock deep into my straining pussy!!!

The pain and pleasure were a mixed up blur as Wenona fucked me over and over again! Her rampant strap-on plunged like a piston, furiously in and out of my tight fuckhole, making embarrassingly wet, squelchy sounds. Then as Wenona tried to pull out as far as possible before ramming the huge strap-on full length back into me, it suddenly popped out with a loud plop as my violated twat gave a powerful contraction.

“Aw, don’t push it out, loser … I know you WANT it … I know many a night you’ve been masturbating … and dreaming wetly about this for ages … haven’t you, Sonny? He! He!”, Wenona laughed as she re-inserted her dick, and then rammed it all the way in one stroke … causing me to gasp and shudder in response … OOOH FUCK!

Wenona giggled as she resumed my furious fucking and gripped my hips pulling me hard towards her in rhythm with her thrusts: “Do you like my winner’s cock? Come on, Sonny, admit your loser pussy loves it! Say it, slut!!!”

Groaning in humiliation, but also in rising passion, I breathlessly blurted out as she continued impaling me from behind: “Uh, uh … yeah, yeah … my loser pussy … loves … loves your winning cock …”

Suddenly Wenona paused momentarily, and briefly glancing back over my shoulder, I saw that Isis was showing her something on a cell phone. Then she leaned forward, again forcefully driving the dildo right up to the wall of my cervix, gripped my head and turned it around and said: “Hey loser … just had a message from Princess Catie … she says you insulted her … and that she wants you to apologize to her in front of everyone … and to admit that you’re a nothing but a losing bitch!”

Feeling like shit, but having no choice, I looked into the camera, and tearfully did as she commanded. I could only imagine how delighted that little bitch Princess Catie must be watching this. Catelyn had prior to the match taunted and made cruel fun of me, and I’d stupidly retaliated by calling her names. She’s probably sitting there at home on her bed with legs spread wide, and pumping her own cunt with her vibe … enjoying every moment of my disgrace and humiliation.

Then Wenona, shoved her the fingers of both hands into the corners of my mouth, pulling my head back and up, in a move I’d often seen the winner apply to the loser at Ultimate Surrender, and started accelerating her pumping action … faster and faster it went … then she reached down with her left hand, and again teased out my little cock from its hood … starting to gently rub and circle it with her forefinger … and immediately I felt my sensitive clit harden and throb again … Her touch jolted me with another blast of pleasuring electricity. And soon another wave of thundering orgasms flooded through my heaving body, like tidal waves lapping on a beach … “Ung! Arr! UNG!! Fuck … yes, fuck …. Yes … YES!!! … I’m CUMMING!!!” And I felt her pulling out of me with a loud plop, giving my quivering butt a slap with the bare hand as I collapsed forward with arms and legs spread wide … my butch pussy and little cock still embarrassingly twitching in post coital spasms!!!

As I rolled over onto my back, Wenona planted her foot on my heaving stomach, then laughed and mocked me: “Shit, Sonny, you scream worse than a fucking girl … some man you are!”

I’d never felt so humiliated in my life, lying buck naked on the Ultimate Surrender mat, with the cameras rolling and knowing thousands of people would later be seeing Wenona standing victoriously over my defeated and abused transman body, and ready to add yet more embarrassment to my already shameful debut.

Wenona quickly unbuckled and slipped off her strap-on. Then she knelt alongside me, grabbed my chin and twisted my face up towards hers, and while looking me in the eye, commanded: “Come on, loser … time to pleasure my winning pussy!”

She lay back and spread her legs wide. She reached down with her both hands to open her swollen vulva, proudly showing me, and the camera her lovely twat, her lips pouting out showing her pink, wet depths. She proffered her small, but extended clit to me, spreading her slim, yet athletic legs, and arching her back backwards to tilt her pelvis up towards me. Her abs were tight and glistening with her sweat.

"Suck! Come on! Suck my winning clit, you big fucking bitch, SUCK IT! NOW!", she harshly ordered me.

Obediently I got on to my hands and knees and crawled towards her. Unhesitatingly I lowered my face and began to lap at her gorgeous pussy, circling her petite, excited clit with my tongue before my supple lips locked around it drawing and sucking on it hard.

"Yeah! Suck and lick my hot cunt, you big, butch slut!" Wenona gloated.

Wenona shoved her crotch forward, grinding her wet pubic mound against my face. Obediently I opened my mouth, and thrust my tongue forward. I tasted the strong juices from her pussy and began lapping them up. The Gymnast grabbed the back of my head holding on to my short hair and mashed her groin into my face, demanding I suck harder. I slurped and suckled at her oozing slit hole, my tongue dipping in as deep as it would go, lapping and twisting into Wenona's drooling slit.

In the mean time, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Isis had re-entered the arena, wearing a big strap-on cock as well, and positioned herself behind my raised butt. After giving me a couple of slaps on my already burning ass cheeks, I felt her fingers slide down to my cunt, and she began to pull and twist my pussy lips lewdly … pussy lips that were already abused and swollen … spreading and teasing them …

"Are you enjoying this, you losing slut?" Isis said, while I continued eating out Wenona.

Ashamed, I felt my juices starting to flow again, and Isis cupped my twat with her fingers so that it oozed between her fingers. She rubbed and pressed my huge, abused clit round and round. She spread my labia and forcefully squeezed the hood of my clitoris … of my little cock … stretching it out and pulling it up and down over the wet, swollen head of my throbbing dicklit … while I moaned and whimpered with each stroke.

Trying to ignore the erotic stimulation of my nether regions by Isis, I tried focusing on Wenona instead. I pushed my tongue out as far as possible and rasped it slowly over Wenona’s aroused clit, bringing a moan of pleasure from her. I wiped, ground and slithered my tongue over and over against the sensitive little fold of flesh, rubbing and teasing. Then I closed my lips over her clit as tight as I could, and then pulled and sucked deeply.

It felt great to hear Wenona yelp and then jerk against my face as her clit vibrated in time to my sucking mouth.

"OOOH that's it, bitch! That's it, loser … pleasure my winning pussy!!!!" she yelled.

Without interrupting my licking and sucking of Wenona, I felt Isis from behind, slowly slide the index finger of her left hand into the wetness of my butch slit, causing me to groan noisely. Slowly, she rimmed the opening, pulling at the still tight muscles that guarded my entrance. A second finger followed. Her strong digits pushed into my warm flesh and penetrated up to the third knuckle while I felt my Kegel muscles relaxing slightly.

And as I relaxed, Isis slid her third and fourth finger along side the others into me, and wedged it into the sticky folds of my cunt. The group of fingers was wedged just above the second knuckle. Then Isis spread and pushed her fingers alternately, until the breadth of her third knuckle was surrounded by the stretched muscles of my abused twat.
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Spontaneously I grunted at this invasion: "Oh UNGH! UHHH UNGHH! OHHH NUHHH!", and couldn’t help momentarily pulling my head back from servicing Wenona’s drenched pussy. But she moaned loudly and gripped me behind my head pulling my mouth hard back into her moist folds.

“Oh no, Sonny … fucking get back to work … make me CUM!!!”, she shouted, trembling and quivering with horny desire for release.

Wenona began humping her vulva hard up into my face, her fingers holding my short cut hair in a vice like grip. I snorted for breath as Wenona’s cunt almost seemed to suck and pull on my tongue, drawing it deeper and deeper into her velvet depths. Sensing that she was getting close, I stabbed my tongue in and out rapidly, like that of a little lizard, feeling Wenona beginning to shudder, her whole body jolting with each thrust.

While Wenona was holding on to my head, her legs shot out, straight on either side of my face … and with a howl of animal pleasure she came … like a dam that had broken … “AAAIEEEEE!!!”, she screeched, quivering and shaking, while I was suddenly deluged with gush after gush of cunt juice, squirting from her gash. I spluttered as it filled my mouth … warm, strong tasting, feminine fluid which flooded my mouth, and ran down my chin as spurt after spurt shot up into my face, trapped as it was between the spasming thighs of Wenona.

Meanwhile behind me, Isis clenched and unclenched her hand, rotating it back and forth … slowly opening me up wider and wider … and suddenly I felt the last resistance of my heated tight hole begin to yield … and her hand slipped in all the way, right up to her wrist! Then Isis made a fist and began pumping, going deeper and deeper with each thrust.

“OOOOHHHHHH shit … shit … shit … no… Ahhhhh… oh … oh… no … fuck …”, I moaned.

Soon Isis had her fist in five or six inches, twisting and pumping … while I writhed in ecstasy, another orgasm rapidly rising in my violated pussy. But this was deep, deep inside my vagina. Something I had never suspected existed. I was rapidly building to a deep orgasm …

She whispered, "You like that, you big butch, not so? My hand inside you, huh?”

Deeper and deeper Isis thrust, and more and more my ardor rose, I was building to a monumental orgasm … I groaned and humped back with each violent thrust of her fist … Then finally … I felt it come like a geyser: … “fuck… fuck … fuck … Uh … yes … yes …. OMG, I’m cu … cu … cumming!!! Yes …. YESSSSSSS!!!!!”, my cunt squirting and splashing copiously as Isis withdrew her fist from my powerfully contracting sheath … like a burst water pipe. Never before had I ejaculated … squirted … so profusely … not even in my college days before I’d started using testosterone! Quivering with exhaustion, dazed and delirious, I collapsed forward into Wenona’s still spread crotch.

“Jeez, look at the fucking mess you’ve made, boi … ”, Isis shouted angrily at me from behind. Then gripping me fiercely by my short hair, she pulled me off Wenona, and ordered me to first lick my own juices off her sticky fingers … and then to lap up my monstrous ejaculate … pussy juices … that lay in a widening puddle on the floor, and to also do the same for Wenona’s. While I shamefully licked and lapped up my own juices and that of Wenona from the floor, the two girls laughingly took turns to slap my already reddening butt with their bare hands from behind, telling me to hurry up.

“Oooh, Rain tells me that Boundfighter, one of your friends, suggested you use a chin-dildo on me if you won … and ride my face to orgasm …”, Wenona laughed. “but since you’re the fucking loser, Sonny, I’ll give Rain that pleasure now … Ha! Ha!”

And with those words, Rain came grinning from ear to ear from behind the camera, and strapped a big, black dildo securely onto my chin, and ordered me to lie on my back. It had a huge, wide head. Shorter than the one that Wenona had fucked me with, but veined, heavily studded, and just as thick; the chin-dildo was specially made for just that purpose. It's length allowed the wearer's mouth to stimulate the mound and clit of her/his lover while it was fully buried in the recipient's cunt. Rain quickly lowered her own wet muff forward, towards my mouth, and down onto the rigid cock, impaling herself deeply. Her cunt lips were spread wide by the cock, and her aroused clit was protruding pinkly from her upper labia, directly above my mouth.
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Default Re: Ultimate Surrender Debut Match (F vs FtM): Wenona vs Sonny

Meanwhile, Isis had positioned herself between my legs, spreading them wide, while she whistled at my still gaping cunt, which was still leaking from the deep fisting she’d given me. “Aw, your little brown starfish hole looks so lonely and neglected … I think it needs some attention, don’t you think?”, she giggled. Horrified I writhed helplessly underneath Wenona. Though I’ve used the odd butt plug and experimented a few times taking a strap-on up my arse, it’s not something I’ve really enjoyed or found pleasurable … I was just not one of those transmen who preferred getting fucked there because they wanted to be like bio men who only have that one bottom hole …

So it was with trepidation, that I felt Isis lift my legs over her shoulder to raise my butt, then lubing up my tight arsehole, and fingering it a bit wider … until with a violent shudder, I felt her slam her artificial cock in, driving it in past my sphincter muscle, deep inside, impaling me as my yelps of embarrassed anguish got muffled by the chin dildo: FUCK! Ungg! UNNNGHH!

Grabbing the hair on the back of my head, Rain forced my face directly between her legs. Suddenly overwhelmed by her scent and wetness, I shakily, stuck out my tongue yet again and licked obediently, tasting the upper regions of her drenched pussy. Immediately she started moving up and down on the dildo, gyrating her hips, to further tickle herself with my tongue.

Meanwhile, Wenona had plugged in a Hitachi vibrator and was frenetically working over my exhausted vulva, focusing on my already over-stimulated little cock … causing my hips and legs to jerk and spasm wildly … as I squirmed helplessly … not only from the irresistible sensation of the vibe, that tore through to my core and seemed to set my whole crotch aflame, but also the constant, rhythmic in and out fucking of my arsehole by Isis … Gawd, I was really being turned into a fucking slut and raving nympho … helplessly dominated and abused at both ends by the three of them!

With my face trapped beneath Rain’s grinding twat, I had no choice but to open my mouth wide, until my lips engulfed the upper regions of her cunt as she mashed down harder and harder. My wet tongue moving between her pink pussy lips, surrounding and sucking her rigid, engorged clit ... as her tight, hungry pussy hole devoured the dildo while clearly trying to rub her G-spot deep inside onto it's tip ... wilder and wilder she rode my face ... while at the other end, Isis continued ramming me with her strap-on cock, and Wenona tortured me with the buzzing Hitachi that was on full blast … my body was trembling and quivering, soaked in sweat, writhing as I was being worked over by all three girls.

My mind was slowly being fried from sensory overload … almost like I’d been electrocuted and frazzled from high power voltage … and I started feeling dazed, delirious, numb like a zombie … while Rain noisily whimpered, moaned and screamed in ecstasy as only she can. I began to slide my tongue around her dancing, stabbing clit, slurping up her now copious pussy juice that dripped from the sides of the glistening chin dildo. I went crazy sucking, licking and nipping Rain’s swollen upper pussy lips and clitoris ... rock-hard with desire ... mashing my lips, tongue, mouth and chin up and down between my captor’s legs, and around the stretched cunt lips as far as I could reach.

"Ooooh, Arrrrrrh!, Arrrh! oh God! I-I-Aaaaaaah! You’re so fucking goood !!! … ", Rain yelled in ecstasy. Her orgasm was powerful and strong … whimpering and shrieking loudly … “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” … spasming and shuddering … she rammed and ground her shaved pussy down hard onto the base of the dildo and my tongue ... and splashed her pussy juices over my face as she withdrew.

My body by now was constantly shivering and shaking … so I wasn’t even sure if I was still cumming now and again … everything just became a fuzzy blur … the pain and the pleasure of the Hitachi directly on my engorged clit drove me wild … and I was only barely aware that Isis had switched places with Rain, impaling her pussy on my chin dildo and also ordering me to make her cum …
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Meanwhile Rain plunged her own rubber prick into my tender, aching arsehole, settling into a furious rhythm … rocking my tortured body to and fro … while Rain mocked me, sarcasm dripping heavily from her voice: “Oh Sonny, your babygirls must be so proud of you … to see their strong butch Daddy gangbanged like a fucking whore, huh?”

Maybe I passed out for a while as I can’t recall whether Isis came or not … but before long Wenona replaced Isis, and soon I was spluttering and swallowing her victory juices again as she squirted all over my trapped face … squeezing and torturing my sensitive little nips while she rode me hard like a stallion, moving up and down, while shouting: “Giddy-up … giddy-up … GIDDY UP! Ohhhh … yeah! … Yipeee YEAHHHH!”
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Finally, they all three stood up and left me on my back, spread-eagled and limp … totally fucked and exhausted from multiple orgasms … drenched with their pussy juices and some of my own … barely conscious, I saw them slide their arms around each other’s waists, line up in a row … then they sang in a chorus tauntingly together: “WELCOME SONNY … TO ULTIMATE SURRENDER!!!” …

Leaving me alone … defeated, humiliated and gangbanged on the mat … sobbing and gasping while I slowly recovered from my ordeal …


I barely had time to quickly rinse my face, before Wenona and I together … arm in arm … stood facing the camera, both of us grinning … with Isis ready to ask us our reflections on the match …

Isis: “That was a brilliant match … one of the closest ever seen here at US … Now Sonny, what’s your comments on your debut match …”

Sonny: “Oh, the wrestling was simply amazing … sensual and sexy, of course, but much tougher than I thought … but I loved it! I thought I had a chance, and to be honest, to come so close to a win, and then lose, was a little disappointing … But heck, all credit to Wenona … she’s one hellavu girl!” (while I gave Wenona a little hug with her beaming up a smile up at me)

Isis: “What do you think you’ve learnt, Sonny?”

Sonny: “Well, I obviously need to gain more experience of the rules and learn more holds … and how to utilize my strengths and use my weight and height advantage better … and of course defend my weaknesses …”

Isis: “Such as …?”

Smiling wryly and blushing a little, Sonny (reaching around with my left hand and naughtily fondling Wenona’s firm, perky right breast, who thrusts her breasts out in response, pouting her lips): “Well, suppose getting too aroused and horny … and definitely avoiding getting my pussy fingered and my little cock wanked … He! He!”

Isis: “Wenona, do you have any advice to give Sonny?”

Wenona (turning towards me, patting me playfully on my abs, tracing a finger along my toned biceps): “Oh, Sonny, you were marvelous … your upper body strength is superior to any of the girls here, and you managed to get out of a number of holds through pure brute strength … but if you can learn to more effectively utilize your arms, and those incredibly strong thighs of yours, especially from behind your opponent as you did in the 1st round, getting that submission from me, you will be very hard to beat … When you first contacted me and I heard you were already in your fifties, I really thought you were crazy, and just a dirty ole t-man who wouldn’t even get a point from me … but hell you are incredibly fit and strong … and I was just fortunate to turn it around in the last minute or two … for someone old enough to be my mom … or dad … you were fucking awesome! And awesome to fuck … He! He!” (patting me on my butt)

Sonny grins happily with the praise: “Um, actually, Wenona … it may shock you and others watching here … but I do have a daughter about your age … from just before I started transitioning, from semen kindly donated by a gay friend …”

Wenona, eyebrows raised in surprise: “Wow! That I didn’t know … would never have thought that! You are indeed a very unique person, Sonny!”

Isis grinning: “Sonny, and the 4th round … how was it?”

Sonny chuckling: “Oh golly gosh!! Jeepers, what can I say? Fucking explosively orgasmic … Wenona (hugging her with one arm) … and you and Rain (looking at them) … really worked me over so much … I lost count of the number of times I came! I truly felt like a slut out there … but hell, I loved being the centre of attention!”

Isis: “And your thoughts, Wenona?”

Wenona giggling: “Oooh, Sonny was a brilliant fuck … and am sure he himself is just as good at fucking and face-sitting too … but those girls who manage to beat him, are gonna adore him … he’s a brilliant licker and sucker … a truly gifted artist with his skillful tongue …”

Isis smiling: “Well, Sonny, I suspect you are gonna to make quite a splash … and we’re looking forward to seeing more of you around …”

Sonny: “Sure, I’ll love that …”

Wenona: “Talking of which … my tagteam partner has unfortunately been injured … and was wondering, Sonny, if you’d be interested in joining me as my partner?’

Sonny grinning widely, and giving her an embrace: “OMG, that’ll be a wonderfully sexy pleasure … I’ve always wanted to perform in front of a live audience … Wenona, hun, you and I are so gonna kick butt, aren’t we? He! He!”

Isis: “Oh, sorry, Sonny I forgot something … One last question … how do you feel about not only having paid for the full production cost, but also for Wenona’s prize money for kicking your butt?”

Sonny: “Oh no problem … it was money well worth spending … for the privilege of being here! … Am just hoping to get some support from the fans here to be able to continue …”

Isis, winking: “I definitely think you will … “

With the interviews over, we traipsed arms around each other’s waists, over to the doors leading to the showers. As they say, what happens in the Ultimate Surrender showers afterwards, stays in the Ultimate Surrender showers … until next time! Goodsbye! winks! :-)


Rickster - Good fight
Fuck, I looove this match! Nothing is better than seeing a much smaller woman outwrestle, demoralize, and dominate in the end! Wenona showed masterful skill and control throughout. Round four was wonderfully brutal - one of the best I've ever seen – was exciting to see the big, strong Sonny fucked like a whore on the mat. A great matchup of size, strength and skill. But I look forward to seeing more from both wrestlers! Sonny certainly adds a different, much-needed spice to Ultimate Surrender.

Kidman - Ultimate surrender!
Fucking fantastic - this is exactly what I wanted to see! Sonny is incredibly strong and fit for his age - but his inflated ego, and huge clit, got in the way of winning, and he got his transman ass wonderfully kicked! Made me hard seeing Wenona jiggling his huge dicklit and have him spasming like an epileptic – LOL! Well done, Wenona - and Isis and Rain too - round 4 was simply spectacular!

Sammy – Superior battle
Loved it. Wenona and Sonny were super hot! Am now an avid fan of Sonny.

PrincessCatie – Ultimate Surrender!
Oooh, loved Sonny’s disheveled, sweaty and tearful look as he apologized to me in front of everyone. Was delightful to watch Wenona pounding his cocky, little twat from behind, and making him her gushing bitch! Thanks, Wenona, you’re a sweet darling … your total domination of the big ole butch in Rd 4 made me oh so wet! For someone who’s supposed to be a guy, Sonny squeals just like a slutty whore when fucked, doesn’t he? Next time it’ll be me beating and fucking him … that’s if he’s brave enough to take me on! Giggles!

Andi - Good fight!
Luv Wenona – and great novelty bringing in a butch transman like Sonny into the Ultimate Surrender fold, he acquitted himself amazingly well. He took his fucking … umm, like a man! Ha! Ha! But have to confess can’t wait to see more of him … his little cock is to die for!

Jessika - Ultimate Surrender!
Hmmm, that big, juicy clit … dicklit of yours, Sonny … is so adorable! Just love your amazing duality … the big, strong & masculine, softened with a little bit of feminine … You did fabulously great, Sonny, in your debut … looking forward to seeing you & the gorgeous Wenona together in some equally hot tagteam matches … If I was not retired, perhaps my daughter, Trina, and I could’ve taken you on ourselves, and given you a lesson or so! LOL!

Barelezluvr - Superior battle
Outstanding effort from both - great battlers! Wenona is right that Sonny must learn some more technique, but for now, he really uses his size well; we have seen some of the bigger wrestlers in the past who never made effective use of their size advantage. When Sonny can couple that with added skills, he will be a powerhouse. Plus, I love his positive attitude (which, I hope, will keep him around here for a long time). He’s a gorgeous T-man hunk, and I think I’m already developing a bit of a crush on the big butch. LOL!

Boundfighter - Good fight!
Sonny and Wenona you were both Fabulous & Awesome. Totally thrilled that my suggestion for a chin dildo was used, and was hot to see all three women ride Sonny’s face like a horse till they all squirted their juices over him. He certainly was drenched! The brutal force in round 4 was just awesome, but I think more variety & surprises in future can spice things up even more. Looking forward excitedly to see more of Sonny in singles matches, and by the sounds of it, maybe some tagteam matches with Wenona too? They would certainly make quite a formidable team!

Blondesalwayswin – Superior battle!
Wenona did very well to nullify the weight and strength advantage of Sonny. And what a great figure she has; such a tough athletic body. Sonny will be very difficult to beat when he has a few wrestling moves under his belt. Also loved seeing his trashtalking mouth being covered by a chin dildo and the winner’s crotch, as well as the other two girls, as his big eyes looked up miserably and pleaded for mercy. Good match & very erotic fucking & fisting.

Lovelysexyjobbers - Ultimate surrender!
I'm really enjoying this string of competitive matches lately, round 3's in particular have been very suspenseful. Right down to the wire! Sonny is gonna be a force though when he bears down on his opponents with every bit of that 170 pounds. I really thought Wenona was history when Sonny landed that face sit in round 3. Credit to Wenona for the awesome escape and then beautifully reversing it. I doubt any other wrestler had the flexibility to escape in such a manner.

Rosefights - Ultimate surrender!
Was hoping Sonny would kick Wenona’s pretty ass, but Sonny is great even in defeat and he still can smile. Like Dragon, Rain, Gia and a couple of others they can still smile. Not like Syd who never smiles even in winning, Really admire 'The T-man' - looking forward to seeing a lot more of him.

MonaMayfair _ Superior Battle!
Great see-saw battle! Rd 4 was hot, and glad to see some anal done to Sonny too. Though loved how Isis made him lick off her sticky fingers after she’d fisted him to orgasm and then making him lick up his and Wenona’s squirt from the floor… mmmm, very hot! (laughs wickedly).

WrestleJackNYC – Superior Match
I really thought, despite Sonny’s reach and weight advantage, that Wenona with her experience and technique would wipe the floor with him! Boy was I wrong! One of the hottest, closest finishes I’ve ever seen with a great fingerfucking move by Wenona to gain victory!

BrigitteG – Ultimate surrender!
Had hoped Sonny would beat & humiliate Wenona, but a great, close match! And whatta sizzling hot fuck, fist and chin dildo action!

Bad Steph - Good fight!
Looked a bit to me that Sonny threw the fight there at the end, so he could get fucked. At times he almost seemed to be secretly chuckling at Wenona, and all those tears and grunts and groans, I think, were more of enjoyment than anything else. Mmm, but a FABULOUS show nonetheless! :-)

Boeing666 - Ultimate surrender!
Pity no tickling is allowed, otherwise Sonny could’ve won easily by tickling Wenona to submission … just love seeing her writhe when tickled … maybe next time in Rd 4 when she loses to someone!

Ado - Ultimate surrender!
Sonny edged that match and should have won. Excellent, close fought contest though.

Telstar – Superior battle
Great debut match for the Sonny... he will be good … round 4 sizzled with a super gangbang ... hoping to see some wins and upsets from the handsome transman. Bet he knows how to handle a strap-on quite fiercely, and looking forward to see him skewer some pretty victims …

Laurenwantstowrestle – Ultimate Surrender!
Oooh, despite losing by the narrowest of margins, I thought Sonny was magnificent in his debut … looking fwd to seeing him get some notches on his strap-on cock! LOL!

MyLezDesires – Ultimate Surrender!
Love watching Sonny. He’s the sexiest man I know, and my girlfriend thinks so too! Sapphic love and kisses to him, Wenona and all the other sexy US girls! You all rock! xxx

Maggie – Superior Battle!
Pretty girls rule! Big butches get fucked! Woopee!

Maura – Thumbs down
Sorry, the match did nothing for me. Bringing a masculine looking transman into Ultimate Surrender unfortunately spoils it for me.

Flash22gord - Ultimate surrender!
Very good match up. I am glad Wenona won and did a pretty damn good strapon fucking of Sonny. Though I would have liked it if she fucked him harder, really slammed that strapon deep, like Ariel X does, but Isis Love fisting him till he squirted like a slut - was fucking amazing!!! Overall a great match and a great round 4. I would love though to see the diminutive Ariel X take on Sonny, beat him and give the butch T-man a really serious strapon fucking in round 4, in all his holes.

TheScribbler - Ultimate surrender!
Hot stuff. Kudos to both for a sexy show! But is it possible to hope for a Darling vs Sonny match some time down the line? I'm sure it will be a hard, great and strong fight, and have great trashtalking and loads of erotic humiliation in Rd 4.

prnlvrnj – Ultimate Surrender!
Sonny is a deliciously, handsome hunk. I only wish he would also wrestle men. I’d suck that beautiful clit-cock in a heartbeat!

degrade_gracefully – Superior Battle!
Very close, high level match! Wenona’s technique went further than Sonny’s strength advantages – but his longer reach kinda evened that out. I guessed Wenona would win in the end, but not so close. Bravo to both!

DemonFighter – Good fight
I really thought Wenona would have her sexy butt handed to her in this match, but instead Sonny got beat and fucked! Hot stuff!

HumanPunchingBag - Ultimate Surrender!
Ahhh, whatta really AWESOME match! The bigger one against the more skilled one ... a clash of the titans! A David vs Goliath rematch … with Wenona narrowly slaying giant Sonny!

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Default Re: Ultimate Surrender Debut Match (F vs FtM): Wenona vs Sonny

This is a great story and i have enjoyed your humiliation a lot. Maybe we can team up for a tagmatch to show this US girls who is the boss in the ring
Or goes down side by side
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Default Re: Ultimate Surrender Debut Match (F vs FtM): Wenona vs Sonny

Thanks, deepKick and femdomlurker for your likes ...

And Boundfighter for your comment ... ... even if it's at my expense! Yeah, maybe we could join forces some time against some of the US girls ... that could be fun!

P.S. have just posted another story of mine at:
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Default Re: Ultimate Surrender Debut Match (F vs FtM): Wenona vs Sonny

Moved to ''Female Domination Stories''.
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