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Old 10-Nov-11, 21:11
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Default smother power in skirt

Found this on the net:
My sister who was older than me by 5 years sat on me many times during my
childhood. Ill write about one of them now – I was a lanky 12 and my sister 17.
My parents had just for a paty that evening leaving my sister in charge of me
and Jason, a friend of mine who had come over who was also 12 and lanky. Jason
and I were messing around with playing cards when she cam over. She was wearing
a balck plaid skirt and a tight white top and was around 165cm and 130 lbs . She
came and sat next to us and said shed play with us. Each on of us had to pick a
card and whoever got the lower card lost. She would then sit on one part of the
the loser for a minute. I lost the first game and she decided to choose the face
right at the first so I had to lay down while she kneeled over my face and then
comfortably sat down fullweight - she was wearing white panties and before I
knew it I wasa engulfed in complete darkness inside her skirt. my friend must
have just been staring at my face being hidden under her skirt while waiting for
his turn. I was submerged in the scent of her panties while being pressed under
the whole weight of her body. She pulled up her skirt once for a couple of
seconds to check on my face before letting the skirt fall again. I could breathe
though it was difficult as my nose was pressed against her crotch. Finally after
a while which seemed like eternity she got up and we played the game again – she
had a smile on her face which showed she had enjoyed it. This wasn't the first
time she sat on my face so I was starting to get used to it. The next time Jason
lost at the card game and she decided to sit on his chest – he was a thin kid so
her was having some difficulty breathing under her weight but somehow managed to
stay there – my sister was actually quite good looking and he also had a slight
crush on her so he wouldn't have asked her to get up even if he was
uncomfortable – I think she knew that. When the minute got over she decided she
wasn't happy with it and moved ahead and sat on his face and now his face
disappeared under her skirt. he did not move around too much while she sat there
comfortably looking down smiling at her skirt covering his face. She sat on him
this way for a minute or maybe even a bit longer as he continued to bear her
weight. Also when she sat on him he was lying on hard uncarpeted floor so the
back of his head must have been really hurting while I at least had the luxury
of the carpet. When she finally got up from his face , it was completely red and
he had a very plain expression on his face – I think he had really struggled
under her weight but treid not not to show it too much.
She decided to end the game there – I am not sure why as she could have sat
on Jason how many ever times she wanted as he would have not said a thing and I
had gotten used to being overpowered by her over and over again and had accepted
my fate.

She sat on me many times, sometimes as punishment while sometimes for no
reason at all. I must say this was her favourite way of punishing me. I had told
my mom a couple of times about this but she never even bothered to ask my sister
– I think she thought it was ok even if it was true. She always sat on me only
when she wore a short loose skirt and never sat on me when she was in pants. I
think she used to enjoy smothering me with her panties and see my head
disappearing under her skirt. these sitting sessions finally came to an end at
the age of 14 when my sister moved out.
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Old 26-Jan-15, 14:30
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Default Re: smother power in skirt

Hi there~ Mind if I wanted your sister to do the same to me? Thanks
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Old 19-Feb-15, 20:05
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Default Re: smother power in skirt

Would love to hear more about your experiences. ..
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brother, sister, skirt, smother

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