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Old 20-Sep-13, 12:49
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Default Re: Headscissor Knockouts

Bye Bye Lamia
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Old 24-Sep-13, 09:43
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Default Re: Headscissor Knockouts

Originally Posted by MWFanMW [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Just wondering if I could get help on this topic from people who have experienced it or have an understanding of a headscissor knockout. Does a Figure-4 Headscissor knockout and a Reverse Headscissor knockout feel the same during getting knocked out? Also the after effects/pain feel the same?

Also, which of these two knockouts would you prefer your dream girl to perform on you?
I've been chasing the knockout for a good while, it truly is an exciting yet terrifying experience. My girlfriend has been practicing various headscissor holds on me for 5 years now, and it hasn't really been until recently that I have gotten comfortable with her attempting mild or "soft" knockout. She recently started triangle choking me with her legs and that has been very successful in terms of getting close or being knocked out.

Now your question having to do with the "feel of getting knocked out" different in various chokes? While it depends on the person, for the most part no. When you are locked properly in triangle choke, or your girlfriend's legs get the right angle on your neck in a reverse headscissor and they squeeze, its a very distinct feeling. You get light headed, start to panic, paresthesia (tingling sensation) can occur in parts / all over your body, inability to focus, feels like the energy in your body is getting sucked out rapidly. All this occurs simultaneously. It's impossible to not struggle / fight back / tap out when this is happening to you. No matter how hard I try to not tap out when I feel a knock out coming, I just can't, I literally cannot stop myself.

My experience in a reverse headscissor when my girlfriend gets the right angle, ie putting pressure on the carotid artery; and and just cranks it up fast, its quite scary. Within seconds I'm struggling and panicking because you can feel it in your head, the blood being cut off from you. Then within 6 - 10 seconds I start tapping because the feeling strongly intensifies. She holds for a few seconds and then lets go. I like this, but its hard because I'm just scared of being put out, especially because she isn't looking at me in the reverse headscissor. So I feel like with the reverse headscissor I tap earlier just because I'm scared. She has come very close / mildly knocked me out in a reverse headscissor. (its hard to tell sometimes since it happens so fast and usually during these moments after the choke you just feel so confused and have no idea whats going on or where you are somtime)

With the triangle choke I feel more comfortable letting her knock me out because gets a direct look at whats going on with me. In this choke, its the same deal only the feeling of getting knocked out happens like 9 times out of 10. Unlike a reverse headscissor where sometimes it feels like a blood choke but a lot of the times just ends up being a air choke. So what happens with the triangle is these feelings come in, but in a triangle the pressure isn't so intense as it is with a headscissor, so I feel less panicked initially, this means I usually tap later. Practicing this choke has definitely has pushed me closer to fully being knocked out. Just this past weekend she put me in the triangle, she locked it in and squeezed, I was enjoying it (for about 5 seconds) until I felt those tell tale signs of being knocked out. I try to hold out as long as I can but I tap, struggle / thrash, but she always holds on for a few seconds to really push my limitations.

During these limitation pushes, its hard to say what happens from my point of view, sometimes I can't remember her letting me out of the choke. Sometimes I think I'm completely lucid and my girlfriend tells me that for a couple second I look like I'm in another universe. All I can confirm from personal experience that no matter if I feel like I partially blacked out or not, there is a specific feeling of the blood rushing back into your head. It is very euphoric, your vision is blurry if you can see anything at all. Things seem to spin, reality is really hard to come to terms with. For those seconds after the hold is released, I feel like I have no idea where I am, or whats going on. If paresthesia set in my body parts I can feel the sensation going away (cause it doesn't happen every time). And then there is a sudden clarity moment, your vision returns to normal, you realize everything around you and become aware.

It's really hard to translate these feelings into describing words. I hope this helps.
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Old 28-Sep-13, 15:32
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Default Re: Headscissor Knockouts

That's gotta be the most useful explanation I've ever come across. I've never experienced it myself, mainly because my girlfriend is cautious (and rightly so I guess) about ko'ing me.

This has really made me wanna be knockout now!

Thanks for the post!
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Old 30-Sep-13, 01:57
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Default Re: Headscissor Knockouts

stopping the bloodflow is easy. a real feat of strenght is to let the skull move in till the eyes come out and i little bit more would make you Pop like a tomatoe. this is the way i love to do it and this is much more scary than if i simply put someone into dreamland.
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Old 01-Oct-13, 13:08
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Default Re: Headscissor Knockouts

anna-konda your scissors seems real crazy
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