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Sarah vs. Thomas : BRANDING BRAWL 2011

Mixed wrestling:
competitive mixed wrestling

boy, girl, real

Video Details
Title Sarah vs. Thomas : BRANDING BRAWL 2011
Description LONG AWAITED (and at the same time often occurring) BATTLE BETWEEN SARAH AND TOMMY!

These guys fight all the time, but from what i know, this is the first time it's been filmed. These guys dont hold back. Thomas couldnt care less that Sarahs a girl, and she can keep up with the best of em.

Misbehavior to the max! you guys oughta be ashamed of yourselves :P

NOTE: No one was actually hurt in this bought. This was strictly for fun, recreation, and expulsion of energy.
Category Mixed wrestling Rating
Date 14-Sep-17, 11:55 Time 4:03
by del Views 4,330
Hoster YouTube Comments 1
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  1. Luvstrongwmn
    07-Oct-17, 17:04
    Fun to watch

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