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Schoolgirl pin punching him to a KO!

Mixed wrestling:
competitive mixed wrestling

punching, sgpin, victory pose

Video Details
Title Schoolgirl pin punching him to a KO!
Description She straddles the bigger guy, punches him out and then stands in a victory pose.
Category Mixed wrestling Rating
Date 06-May-11, 18:07 Time 1:20
by Zweig Views 50,435
Hoster YouTube Comments 11
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  1. jackson25
    19-Jan-18, 23:12
    Hi does anyone have this please?
  2. stephennh
    30-Mar-17, 07:45
    where can I find this video?
  3. cozieboy
    20-May-14, 20:37
    anybody find the entire video?
  4. linx333
    14-Feb-14, 22:56
    too bad those punches are fake
  5. JohnnyJoe
    03-Feb-14, 06:52

    found it on another site
  6. maveric74
    30-Dec-13, 11:23
    not even a reply... sad
  7. maveric74
    27-Nov-13, 10:06
    No one? Really?
  8. maveric74
    16-Nov-13, 10:46
    someone still have this video?
  9. marino2
    05-Jun-12, 21:32
    Yeah, I'd love to see this clip too.
  10. MixedWrestlingFanBoy
    08-Jan-12, 23:14
    I may have this downloaded, but don't get your hopes up. I'll have to do some digging

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