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Sexy divas champion Nikki and Brie Bella vs Natalya and Paige.

Mixed wrestling:
competitive mixed wrestling

beatdown, brie, natalya, nikki, paige

Video Details
Title Sexy divas champion Nikki and Brie Bella vs Natalya and Paige.
Description The Bella twins singled Natalya out and gave her the beating of her life in this match. Poor Natalya almost ran out of breath and nearly passing out at one point the match. What's up with Paige acting all sexy when she gets the chance to pin an opponent and she didn't do much to help Natalya at all. The Bella twins had a good day mobbing the ring floor with Natalya until they won the match.
Category Female wrestling Rating
Date 15-Feb-15, 14:31 Time ???
by Atonyefvf Views 1,377
Hoster YouTube Comments 2
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  1. Atonyefvf
    15-Feb-15, 20:52
    Of course this is malevsfemale.org but there is also space for those who love female vs female fights.
  2. wombat750
    15-Feb-15, 15:34
    i thought this was malevsfemale.org

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