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Default Re: The benefits of learning a new language

Americans also say "how are you?" *a lot*, which is confusing to Europeans. By the time the European has answered, the American has already walked away It really means 'hi'.

Learning languages is also a hobby of mine, but I must say, the typical language used in a session is very simple. It's much more interesting to actually read books. I've done sessions in multiple languages, but didn't really feel like that was stretching my brain.

I noticed when I returned to Australia that people said "sorry" when they bumped you in the street. It was such a nice thing. It was much different than the uncaring attitude of the US, Russia and China.
This really depends on the city. In most of the US, I'd expect sorry/excuse me/oops/etc. But in some cities, like New York, you might get the cold attitude you're describing.
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