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Default An email to my wife

Well that was sneaky of you last night, kissing me to lower my defences and then manoeuvring me onto the floor on my back with the implicit promise of making love, before taking advantage of my injured shoulder to overpower me.
I should have smelt a rat when you had conveniently put a mat down before I got home but I didn’t pay much attention to it in the heat of your passionate kissing and my impassioned response. Perhaps you just wanted to make love in the living room. Although the bottle of wine with just one glass should have alerted me as should you wearing a very short, flippy skirt with a lace edged flippy half slip under it and a silky scarf around your neck.

Next thing I wind up with you pinning me down and sitting on my neck, holding down my arms and telling me you are going to beat me up for a while because you felt like it. I took that as a challenge and struggled but you took advantage of the leverage afforded you sitting on top of me and pinned my arms between your thighs and your calves making me helpless. Your patronising smile as you did so and your taunting question, “Can you move?” knowing full well I couldn’t were very frustrating, as was the sight of your obviously swollen and wet pussy in those soft clingy white panties you wear when you feel like doing this to me.

You increased my frustration by reaching back and loosening my shorts and underpants exposing my cock. You taunted me by smiling and teasing, “I’m going to sit on your face in my silky panties and smother you now, my darling, and there is nothing you can do about it.” I was helpless as you moved forward and buried my face in your pussy, looking down at me the whole time. You tormented me by spending some time arranging yourself on my face, making sure my nose was between your pussy lips and that I couldn’t breathe at all.

Then more teasing, “Can you breathe sweetheart?” You know I can’t when you sit in me like this and the look of satisfaction on your face as I moan my frustration makes me vow revenge on you. Then, as if you could read my mind, you laughed and said, “I’m going to be sitting on your face for a long time my love so I suggest you think about how you can hold your breath and don’t worry about silly plans to get me back. I can pin you down and smother you any time I want.” The fact that you obviously understand just how frustrating it is to have the woman you love pinning you helplessly and sitting on your face smothering you and to smell and taste her wet pussy continuously as she does so makes me feel completely at your mercy. You bully!

The evening progressed with you playing me as you wished. All I could do was lie there and look up at you while you teased, tormented and smothered me. Your ploy of regularly asking me if I gave in with the hint that you’d let me breathe and then calmly advising that you had no intention of letting me do so when I moaned my submission was obviously done for your own jollies. You were making me moan to use me sexually! The fact that you would stroke my cock when you asked me to give in merely heightened my sexual frustration.

I think it was when you were on your second glass of wine and had been amusing yourself teasing me with your lacy slip and skirt that you upped the ante and told me you were going to enjoy yourself. Then with a smile down at me you moved forward and slipped my nose right into your very wet pussy and spread your bottom over my mouth. You then slowly used my face and gradually built up to such an orgasm that you moaned instead of me. You stroked my cock on and off as you did to encourage me to moan and use my tongue to assist you in coming. The effect of you coming on my face and of not once letting me breathe as you did was incredible. I was yours for the taking.

And take me you did. When you had come down from your orgasm, you moved back slightly and once more arranged yourself so I couldn’t breathe. The scent and taste of your pussy was driving me wild with desire as was the carefully concocted hypoxia I was suffering from. Then came the piece de resistance. You asked me if I can breathe and in my used, exhausted state I could barely moan. You looked into my eyes as you reached back and started stroking my cock and softly told me that you were going to finish me off. Not once did you let me breathe as you smiled down at me, sweetly asked, “Give in darling?” and agonisingly frustratingly built me to an enormous orgasm. My world became your panties, your pussy, your gorgeous teasing, cheeky face, your sexy tormenting voice and your soft hand stroking me right through that amazing climax.

When I finished, you moved back onto my neck and as I caught up on what seemed a lifetime of not breathing, you told me to get used to being on my back with you on top as this will happen whenever you feel like it.
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