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Default Re: - Updates

New today on [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

2nd Degree Blackbelt champ Irene is showing a fight video to one of the other fighters of a woman destroying a man. Ninja can't believe that it is a real fight as no man would really lose to a woman as they are too strong. Irene takes offense to his stupid suggestion and challenges him to an arm wrestling match. After beating him at that, his ego is hurt and he challenges Irene to a real fight! She gladly accepts and soon he finds himself in a whirlwind of kicks and punches as Irene lays the smack down on him. After easily defeating him she leaves him on the floor in a heap.

1 year goes by and Ninja returns for a rematch. Having trained all year to beat her he is confident he now has what it takes to show her that men are superior! Irene laughs again at him. She accepts the rematch and soon he finds himself in a familiar position! Irene in her bikini decides to distract him even more by going topless for the last part of the fight, not that he can see straight anymore at that point!

Starring: Irene Silver, Jason Ninja

Clip Features: Mixed Fighting, Karateka feet, Sound FX, Beatdowns, Female Domination

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