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Default Re: * Botposting not allowed *

Originally Posted by Zweig [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
From now on botposting in this section of the forum is disallowed.

Botposting is a word I just made up for making automatic posts via a program each day with thumbs and links to file sharing websites. It is done to earn money to the poster, and is not welcome in this forum. If you are not posting via a program but are perceived that way you are still botposting in a sense.

Today I have deleted several threads of people that do nothing but post links to femdom videos on file sharing websites, and banned them permanently. But I left threads by [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] because of his contribution to the wrestling section.

If we cannot decide whether the posts are made by a human being or a bot, we will still delete the posts and ban the poster, if they are not an active participants of all of the forum in general.

If you are posting 10 posts per topic per day, and all of them containing a single video, you are a botposter. A good rule of thumb to avoid being labeled a botposter would be to post 5 posts per topic per day. Each of those posts can contain and unlimited amount of videos anyway.

If you are here just to post links to videos on file sharing websites in Female domination videos forum, then please, leave the forum. There is an enormous amount of forums for that. We have a Female domination section because of its major relevance to the mixed wrestling topic, and we are not going to allow it to become a porn corner.

In other words, if you are not going to become a part of the community, don't bother posting in Female domination videos forum.

Thanks for your understanding.
Good shout boss interlopers out purely for financial gain are not welcome here....So, on your bike chancers.
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