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Default Re: blood choke knockouts and safety

Just happened to run across this thread and think that post #8 is the most informative piece I've ever read concerning this subject. It's something I've always wondered about.

I have been doing sessions for longer than I care to admit and I have never been knocked out in a headscissor and I've been told by many ladies that it's almost as if I am able to go into a "trance"... they swear my carotid arteries must not exist.

One of my favorite stories is of a well known lady who would wear her sneakers to get extra "traction"...used to get really PO'd at me.

However, to me the more dangerous effect of the headscissors over a long period of time is the cumulative damage to the neck. In fact, I have been told of one well know scissor website producer who has had several surgeries on his neck.

Just saying...
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