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Default Re: The safety of smother KOs

No problem, what you are saying is more than interesting enough to scroll through walls of text !

There is something I am unsure of. On the one hand, you say that KOs in themselves are about OK when they come quickly and seemlessly. On the other hand, you say that it is dangerous to play with the vagus nerve.

But from what I had read here and there on the internet, I thought that all KOs that come quickly and seemlessly come because of a vagal reflex. In particular, in a blood choke, the vagal reflex that makes the victim faint was supposed to set the body in economy mode in order to survive with less oxygen to the brain. At least it seems well-known that there are receptors in the neck that are sensitive to pressure, and that the stimulation of those receptors can make somebody faint.

Now I am not a doctor, and I know that there is a lot of dubious stuff on the internet. It just leaves me a bit confused.
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