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Default Re: blood choke knockouts and safety

Originally Posted by hwillish [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Just happened to run across this thread and think that post #8 is the most informative piece I've ever read concerning this subject. It's something I've always wondered about.

I have been doing sessions for longer than I care to admit and I have never been knocked out in a headscissor and I've been told by many ladies that it's almost as if I am able to go into a "trance"... they swear my carotid arteries must not exist.

One of my favorite stories is of a well known lady who would wear her sneakers to get extra "traction"...used to get really PO'd at me.

However, to me the more dangerous effect of the headscissors over a long period of time is the cumulative damage to the neck. In fact, I have been told of one well know scissor website producer who has had several surgeries on his neck.

Just saying...
That IS an excellent post, thanks for directing me to it!

Originally Posted by yahooserious [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
a lot of misinformation here and everywhere else. A KO from a blood choke in and of itself IS NOT DANGEROUS. Let me repeat, it IS NOT DANGEROUS. And there are NO LONG TERM EFFECTS. It is not the same thing as a KO from a blow to the head.

Here is what is actually happening with a blood choke. When the carotid artery is constricted the sensor in the carotid artery senses a reduction in blood flow. It is a safety mechanism that protects the parts of the brain that regulate life support systems from shutting down. The brain shuts down activity in the frontal lobe so that the life support systems int he brain can operate at full capacity. So when you go out it is not because your brain is being starved for oxygen it is because a safety mechanism has been triggered and the activity in the frontal lobe is being turned off.

Now all the convulsing and snorting etc. This is not a seizure or anything to worry about. Once the choke is released the same trigger in the carotid artery recognizes the return of the blood flow. This trips another safety mechanism. the rebooting of the frontal lobe so to speak. It triggers a surge of adrenalin which gets the heart pumping and speeds up the reboot. That is the euphoric rush you feel when coming out of a sleeper hold. The twitching and the disorientation is just the frontal lobe rebooting. It's random synapses firing off as a result of the frontal lobe getting kick started again.

There is no brain damage. A person would have to hold a choke for in excess of five minutes for real brain damage to occur.

The tangential risk of choke holds is damage to the wind pipe. So choke holds need to be done properly to really be considered safe. Damage to the windpipe is serious. If you feel painful pressure on your windpipe always tap. Otherwise don't worry and have fun.
With respect to neck damage, what I always found is that it never took significant (to the point of real pain) pressure to make me go out. And I did often have to coach wrestlers not to put too much pressure on my windpipe - that shit hurts and kills the experience immediately.

Although I'm not addicted to it, I do love that feeling of coming to. I didn't realize this euphoria was so common, as I never heard anyone mention it before. For me, it's indescribably cool. And now I know the cause.
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