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Default Re: Fighting in the water, women drowning men

I had a similar experience, was on vacation with my friends family around 12 years old, there were a bunch of families staying in this condo community near the beach and all the teens/kids would hang at the pool during the day. There were two girls who were a little rough, what we call "country girls" from a smaller town. I got on with them fine but some of the other city kids we're mean to them so the two girls started being mean back and a sort of rivalry developed.

One girl was about my size with red hair, her friend was a quiet brunette, taller and heavier than me. Being a lover of strong girls even at that young age I secretly had the hots for the brunette. One day some wrestling broke out, I don't recall exactly how it started but I think I baited the brunette with a little trash talk. She suddenly grabbed a hold of me and started dunking me in the water. It's amazing how quickly the vibe switched from rush of wanting it to happen to "oh shit I'm going to drown". I was honestly scared and wanted her to let me go immediately because as you said, the water and fear of drowning caused me to lose strength much faster than I would have if we were tussling in the grass.

She only "had me" for about 10 seconds but it felt much longer, she was also pinching my arms with her grip which hurt like hell. I honestly steered clear of her after that.

It was also interesting how the dynamic between me and those girls changed after that, I actually feared that girl a little bit. She didn't seem to notice but her smaller friend did and would play it to her advantage. I was not inclined to be ugly to them in the first place but when some of the older kids I was with started to be dicks to them the red head would zero in on me as if to say "I know you aren't going to talk any shit because I'll get my friend Bertha over here to rag doll you again." As the week came to a close the red head actually gave me a pseudo apology for being mean the whole time. Crazy how the adolescent emotions work, she probably wanted to hook up with me but I had no interest, I wanted her big lovely friend until she pinched the crap out of my arm muscles and nearly drowned me, which changed my feelings from wanting her to being slightly afraid of her.

Added after 6 minutes:

That Baywatch scene is friggin hot btw, not sure how I missed that. Hasselfoff's reaction and the creepy piano music are priceless.

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