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Default Re: Fighting in the water, women drowning men

Originally Posted by Stirlingbloomingdale [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I had a similar experience, was on vacation with my friends family around 12 years old, there were a bunch of families staying in this condo community near the beach and all the teens/kids would hang at the pool during the day. There were two girls who were a little rough, what we call "country girls" from a smaller town. I got on with them fine but some of the other city kids we're mean to them so the two girls started being mean back and a sort of rivalry developed.

One girl was about my size with red hair, her friend was a quiet brunette, taller and heavier than me. Being a lover of strong girls even at that young age I secretly had the hots for the brunette. One day some wrestling broke out, I don't recall exactly how it started but I think I baited the brunette with a little trash talk. She suddenly grabbed a hold of me and started dunking me in the water. It's amazing how quickly the vibe switched from rush of wanting it to happen to "oh shit I'm going to drown". I was honestly scared and wanted her to let me go immediately because as you said, the water and fear of drowning caused me to lose strength much faster than I would have if we were tussling in the grass.

She only "had me" for about 10 seconds but it felt much longer, she was also pinching my arms with her grip which hurt like hell. I honestly steered clear of her after that.
Thanks for your input.

When I was young we used to playfully wrestle with the girls in the pool and try to dunk each other a lot. A friend of mine (actually a distant relative of mine) who I used to hang out with and went to holidays with him was always really comfortable with women (he's just a naturally good looking guy and charismatic and even at that age women just somehow gravitated towards him) so when we were at local swimming pool or at summer vacations at seaside we always ended up hanging out with groups of girls because he would just start to talk to them. Often we would end up playing with them and wrestling/dunking each other in the pool. I really enjoyed it since I liked women beating me back then already and I guess this friend of mine must have liked it too since he seemed to like letting the girls beat him as well. One time one girl held him and controlled him in a pool for like 10 minutes and taunted him, making him say all kinds of things and if she didn't like what he answered she dunked him under the water. He seemed to willingly play along and didn't resist her.

Also I think at that age (12-16) girls are really competitive with boys and some of them really wanted to beat us and really felt like they were better than us. Also us boys weren't as phisically developed back then so it was more even competition, especially if the girls were athletic.

This girl that I lost to in the story I posted acted really smug and arrogant and wasn't friendly at all. I think not even all the girls she hanged out with liked her. I genuinely wanted to dominate her and humble her because I was a bit frustrated after her and her girls stole the ball from us and passed it around and also because she beat me to the ball and proved she was a faster swimmer like I described in the detailed version. On the other hand she also seemed to be angry with me and was equally eager to come out from this confrontation victorious.

It was as close to a real fight as it gets because I really tried my best and there was a lot of pride at stake for both of us. Hell it practically was a real fight. Even though I liked girls beating me it was a devastating loss at the time and I felt so weak and defeated, partly also because of the panic of being drowned like you described it perfectly. I didn't try to initiate anything with her for the rest of the day, I was really scared about what she can do to me when we were in the pool and I wasn't confident I could resist her given how easily she handled me the first time. She just seemed so agile and athletic and was really determined to win, I think she fought a bit dirty too, putting her fingers in my face while we wrestled and before she dunked me. The only reason why she let me go was because she was occupied with helping the other girls to keep the ball away from us, if we were alone she definitely had the kind of character that she would make me beg her to let me go or something humiliating like this or maybe someone else would have to break it up which would be even worse. When we went out of the pool I felt even more humiliated when I saw how skinny she was (she was relatively tall and athletic, but also lean and skinny) and it was embarrassing to think about what she was able to do to me. She could have literally killed me with her own hands by drowning me. She also acted really smug and I could tell that she felt so superior to me after her little victory and it was frustrating that I wasn't able to prove her wrong.

Also at that age you are just insecure about everything. I tried to rationalize my defeat but I couldn't really come up with any excuse since I initiated it and I couldn't just say she caught me by surprise. The only thing I could console myself with was that I would probably beat her in a real wrestling match/fight and that she just took the advantage of the fight being in the water where her agility and great shape made her better. As time passed by though I was excited thinking about it and fantasized about having a fight with her again.

That Baywatch scene is friggin hot btw, not sure how I missed that. Hasselfoff's reaction and the creepy piano music are priceless.
That was a bit like what happened to me only that it was much more humiliating in my case since she didn't catch me off guard but it was actually me who initiated it. Also the way that the male starts gasping for air in the video that was pretty much like what I was like, only that she didn't let me go but just dunked me under the water again. It's literally impossible to fight back when you are disoriented, exhausted, in a bit of a panic and just want to get some air while on the other hand the woman is in complete control of the fight and has much more energy and is behind your back. Your weight slowly starts playing against you as well since you need more energy to stay afloat. I think even today it would be really hard for me to beat a determined agile athletic in shape woman in such a fight.

Imagine that you would fight a woman water polo player and she would drag you in some pool, I don't think even with my strenght and weight advantage I would be able to stop her from making me her bitch in her environment, those girls know how to fight dirty in the water:

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Women water polo players are also strong and athletic as hell, I love their tight one piece swimsuits as well:

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