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Default Re: Fighting in the water, women drowning men

Originally Posted by Stirlingbloomingdale [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Indeed, those 12 - 16 years were my favorite when it came to fighting with girls. They often had equal if not greater strength and had not yet been convinced by society that they could not fight with a male, they had the beginnings of womanhood with the lingering carefree attitude of childhood.
At around 16 women start to become more submissive to men and don't challenge them anymore. At least this was from my experience as around that age we stopped playing these "silly" games like wrestling in the pool with the girls and they stopped trying to compete with us. Hanging out with them became more about partying, socializing, talking with them, flirting... But before that a lot of girls actually acted quite mean like you described and really wanted to beat us.

I wouldn't take losing to a taller, thinner girl too hard, height and leverage has a great deal to do with fighting in the water because you can't exactly score a takedown and start grappling on the bottom of the pool.
Obviously looking back it was a great experience and I'm happy that it happened and I fantasized a lot about being in a similar situation again but at the time it was extremely humiliating, I guess this is what it makes it so great. The thing is that I was always naturally strong and shouldn't be having any problems with this girl and if we wrestled normally I would probably be able to just hold her down. While I liked being beaten by girls it was always some kind of scenario where it was playful and I somehow let her have her way with me and didn't try hard and I was never scared that a girl would do anything crazy to me. In my head though I thought that there was no way that a regular girl like the dark haired girl from the pool could beat me under any type of circumstances if I fought her for real. Also I really wanted to dominate her and humble her because of the way she acted but then in the end I was the one who got humbled big time.

I think there's just something special about losing a fight in the water and ending up being held down and drowned for a bit. Like I said it's just a prolonged feeling of being completely helpless and scared and dominated. A lot of it is a natural reaction to being in a situation like that but what made it even worse is that I barely knew the girl and we weren't friends but rather disliked each other. She seemed to be genuinely pissed off at me because I tried to dunk her under the water and was a bit rough with her so I couldn't really "trust" her.

While she was a bit of a bitch (at least judging by the way she acted that entire day and also some other times we briefly met beforehand), she obviously probably didn't want to hurt me real bad or anything (but she did want to teach me a good lesson I guess), but at the same time I couldn't really know just how crazy and pissed off she is and what she intends to do to me. I literally couldn't do anything back because of being exhausted from her drowning me and she was controlling me being behind me and was wrapping her long arms around me and pushing me down. Even with strength advantage I was useless at that point. It was basically a genuine fight because I was really trying my best to beat her (after she started to drown me if I could punch her I would have done that just to make her back off but it was impossible in the water and in the situation I was in) and she was very determined as well and I ended up completely at her mercy no matter how you look at it, and that was after I was the one who initiated the whole thing. I mean theoretically if she really wanted she could have drowned me to death and there wouldn't be anything I could have done about it.

Also the way that I was genuinely scared of her for the rest of the day while we were in the water just made me feel more humiliated, it was basically me admitting to myself that I probably can't do anything to her under those circumstances. I also stayed away from her when we were outside the water because I was afraid that she would start to taunt me about what she was able to do to me in front of everyone. I guess I could have consoled myself that I would still be able to beat her in a normal fight, but in some weird way that even made it worse because I got completely dominated by a girl that had absolutely no business beating me. When you're naturally strong and big losses like this one bother you more because it looks much more embarrassing.

But yeah what you say makes sense from a rational point of view, she was just better suited for that type of fight and I guess it was a rightful punishment for me for being overconfident and underestimating her and starting the whole thing. At the time it was extremely humiliating though. I also remember a situation from before that where I playfully wrestled with some tall girl near the pool once on a summer vacation and I ended up tossing her in the water rather easily because I was clearly stronger than her but then I followed her in the water where we continued to playfully wrestle and I couldn't really do anything to her anymore from then on. I was actually a bit frustrated that I couldn't overpower her and dunk her under the water but she was just so awkward to fight with her height and it seemed like she was actually starting to get the better of me but then we both got tired so it ended in some sort of stalemate. I should have learned my lesson back then not to mess with tall girls in the water lol.

Originally Posted by Ricoswrap [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I actually got to experience this once during a session with Shauna Ryanne. When she came to my town I put her up in a hotel that had a large jacuzzi in her room. We filled it up and as our session was ending she dragged me over and threw me in. She then climbed in and locked me in an underwater head scissors. It was awesome but also quite scary and I loved it. She then placed me in a headlock and locked a hand over my mouth while I was still under water. I thrashed around furiously but she wouldn't release me and I was actually afraid for my life. One of my favorite ever session experiences.
Thanks for sharing that. Like I said being a bit scared and in panic is just a natural reaction to being in a situation like that even if it's a playful thing with someone you trust. What made it worse in my situation is that I was basically fighting that girl who I barely knew and we were both emotional and adrenaline was running high. It just made it that much scarier and also more humiliating because I really felt like I was at her mercy at one point. In grappling you get used to tap out when being choked and you know that the other grappler will just release you or if theoretically she doesn't you'd pass out quickly, but being trapped under water and not being able to do anything about it is not something you can get used to and it lasts longer. After she let me go I really felt dominated and defeated.

Here's a scene that might remind you of your experience, it's from some Argentine series, a woman is dominating and drowning a man in jacuzzi:
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