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Default Re: Fighting in the water, women drowning men

Originally Posted by Stirlingbloomingdale [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
The deeper the water the greater the advantage for the female assuming she is taller and in better shape. You could take a 120 lb beach lifeguard chick, put her in deep water with nearly any male on this site and she would completely dominate him, could easily drown him if she were motivated enough to do it.
That would be extremely humiliating and exciting at the same time for me if a 120 lbs lifeguard girl would be able to do that to me (I'm over 200lbs, muscular and not fat) and I can certainly imagine that's it's in the realm of possibilities.

It's interesting because I wouldn't feel humiliated if say a skilled 120 lbs woman grappler handled me and made me submit and beat me. I think this is because I just have a lot of respect for fighters in general and if a woman figher would be able to do that to me I would gain a lot of genuine respect for her skills and her determination to get to that level. I'm training boxing myself and I understand that losses are part of your process of growing up as a fighter and never really had a problem with losing to people under some combat sport setting.

Losing in a fight in a water to a girl who has no fighting training however would be humiliating to me, because there wouldn't be that element of gaining respect for her as a "fighter" but I would just feel frustrated and if she was drowning me I would probably feel genuine anger towards her because she would made me feel so helpless and scared. I'd feel like the only reason why she could do that to me is because she is tall and awkward to fight under those circumstances and not because she had any special skills I should respect. Even if she had some training how to subdue and control a person in the water I wouldn't have the same respect for her as I'd have for a girl who has serious training in some combat sport that I love and respect deeply (boxing, wrestling, BJJ, MMA...). I would feel that compared to girls highly skilled in BJJ that's just some glorified course and not serious day to day training that goes on for years.

Don't get me wrong, I know that being a lifeguard is a dangerous job but I just don't regard it as highly as fighting which is a passion of mine, if that makes sense, I'm just being honest about it. If anything I can imagine myself making some joking comment about it in front of that 120lbs lifeguard girl and disregarding her training to subdue and control people in the water to the point where my attitude would make her want to challenge me to prove me wrong and she'd initiate a fight in the water. In this case it would be a very very humbling experience if she would be able to dominate me and made me eat my words, especially if there were other girls watching. I could never be humbled by a real woman fighter/wrestler like this since I would never underestimate her in the first place.

Thinking about it it's actually very realistic that in the water even at this point in my life where I'm in really good shape, athletic and muscular I would struggle against some women I would otherwise control with ease. I used to think that when I lost to that dark haired tall girl who made me her bitch in the pool it was because I wasn't as physically developed and strong at that age, but now I'm not so sure that a similar thing couldn't happen again to a tall athletic girl, especially after what you wrote. Indeed, in the deep water many of my advantages would be gone. I'm over 200lbs of functional muscle due to my boxing training and I'm really strong (I generally overpower strong male boxers in the clinch), but I'm also short for my size being 5 foot 10 and I have short limbs and I don't swim a lot so I'm not used to keeping my body afloat and I don't have that conditioning. I guess my weight could at some point even be a disadvantage.

I'll now really look to challenge myself in this and get some tall athletic woman to wrestle in the pool with me and I'll try my best without going too rough on her. Since summer is coming up there will be plenty opportunities to go to the swimming pool or for a short vacation at the sea. I don't want her to have any lifeguard training like you described or anything, I want it to be more spontaneous. Do you think there's a possibility that I might not be able to control a woman around my height or taller (who is let's say around 140 lbs) or even worse she would be able to get the better of me and start drowning me?

I'm more excited about this that I would be about regular wrestling because at regular wrestling I always feel like if it was a real fight I would still be able to beat the woman with my punches (as a heavy boxer I hit really hard, I can't imagine a woman handling it), unless she would be able to take me down and hold me down all the time which even an elite female grappler would probably have trouble with given my size and I have some basic idea what to do at the ground since I used to grapple with some MMA fighters I knew from boxing. But in the water my punches would be of no use so wrestling in the water and losing would feel more like losing a real fight to a girl and would therefore be more humiliating and exciting. You have to understand that for a guy of my size and training losing to a non-trained girl under any circumstances (including in the water) would be very embarrassing, but obviously a huge turn on at the same time. This seems to be one of rare types of circumstances where I could actually lose.

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