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Default Re: blood choke knockouts and safety

Originally Posted by krell [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I hate to tell all of you this...but not only are blood chokes hazardous to your health, the hard neck-scissors used to induce them are themselves unhealthy. The neck is a delicate and unprotected part of the human body. Any unnatural pressure on it, especially if sustained or done often, automatically involves abnormal pressure on the cervical spine. It's unavoidable. All the nerves in the body come down from the brain through the neck. Those critical nerves are also being compressed during a hard neck-scissor, and that's not to mention the noticeably increased blood pressure in the head during a neck-scissor. All of this comes under the heading of "trauma," and sooner or later it catches up to you. Don't kid yourself. There's no free lunch.
Unless the neck scissor is strong enough to squeeze bone flat, your nerves are unaffected by a neck scissor. That's basic anatomy.

Added after 8 minutes:

Originally Posted by hwillish [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Yes, the across the throat neckscissor is the "one" hold I will immediately tap out's way to dangerous!!! Otherwise, crank away and I'll just enjoy the "zone"
I love the throat neck scissor, but only if the lady knows what she's doing. Unlike the standard neck scissor - which is painful, a proper (to me) throat neck scissor doesn't hurt, it just restricts breathing like a hand choke. The lady puts enough pressure to control the guys breathing and it can be fun. She can also prevent your talking which can be kind of funny during a session. The trick is not too much pressure. It can be a playful hold where the lady has 100% control. As a submission hold, I agree with you. I'd tap out of a throat scissor submission immediately, but I enjoy a playful throat scissor.

One time with Julie Squeeze she throat scissored me a little too often and/or too hard and I had a bruised wind pipe or something where it hurt every-time I took a breath for 2 days. That kinda sucked and it didn't hurt a lot, but it hurt enough to be annoying. It's a hold where the minimum pressure to control breathing is ideal.

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