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Default Re: blood choke knockouts and safety

Originally Posted by krell [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
You don't have to "squeeze bone flat" to cause damage. Compressing ANYTHING in the neck is risky business. A word to the wise....
To cause nerve damage inside the vertebrae you need to either break or crush the bone.

I don't object to a post that says there's danger in getting a hard head-scissor cause there is some danger, but a person's critical nerves aren't being compressed, which is what you wrote. These were your actual words:

All the nerves in the body come down from the brain through the neck. Those critical nerves are also being compressed during a hard neck-scissor
Now, it's possible that sufficient twisting might cause nerve damage. A poster here (I forget his name), wrote about an experience he had when a stripper-lady got him in a brutal camel clutch and didn't let go for like 5-10 minutes and he had trouble walking after that and needed some physical therapy. I think that indicates some nerve damage, and he did make a full recovery after a couple months (it was a great story even if somewhat intense), so some nerve damage may be possible, but I think it's pretty unlikely. Some structural damage to the neck is possible - that happened to Bill Wick I gather. The chance of nerve damage from a head scissor should be quite small.
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