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Default Re: Session rates are getting out of hand

Well, regarding 2):
- if you publicly advertise your rates, it's harder to raise them. Imagine having your rates all over you old tweets, pictures, whatever.
Recently the price of one of the submission room wrestlers switched from 175 to 250 and I just randomly noticed, because I wanted to book her.
- if you don't make your price public, you can charge different people different prices. Not ethic, but I'm pretty sure it happens.

I'm also pretty sure the industry in general profits of not making prices public (the girls profit, I mean):
- You probably don't mail 20 girls asking for their prices, so you won't just pick the cheapest one, which would drive prices down (if enough do it)
- If prices of 400$+/hour are all over the interent, I suspect lots of other girls would get interested in this. It's a niche now, I'm pretty sure most people outside have no clue how much money goes over the table.
If a woman is a sex worker, for example, charging 1000$ or 200$, why wouldn't she accommodate wrestling, where she doesn't need to get as intimate as with other customers? There are probably also enough woman in BDSM, who charge less.
And the more of those enter the wrestling world, the more competition..

There is a internal form of communication between the wrestlers at for example (mainly for exchanging information about dangerous customers, as I understand it) but I could also imagine that they communicate more.. Who knows 🤷*♂️

That's btw. also the only two ways how session rates could be reduced:
- Make them public (more people pick the cheapest girls & harder to increase rates)
- Get more woman into the industry (advertising with high rates is surely one way to do it)

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