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Default Re: Session rates are getting out of hand

Uxiel and Juvi,

Juvi you said "it's not a fair world...''

uxiel you said "For many of the average, or somewhat above average, session girls, I have personally seen:

girl tapping on her phone all day long (I was having a meal with her after our session), dealing with guys trying to negotiate, complaining about the guy who no-showed her, etc.
girl who couldn't get enough deposits even for a hotel room and had to cancel her trip to a very popular session city
girl who was staying in an admittedly not-so-popular city for a couple days and could only get 2 bookings"

Have you ever thought that these things happen because the way the session girls go about things is not always the right way.
Dealing with guys trying to negotiate is a good thing, not a bad thing. It shows they are willing to be customers but can't afford a price that is $400.
Once again, lets look at the custom video world. And yes we are in the same boat. I used to happily give the girls the full price of the custom and only to be very disappointed. If you seen the crap they gave me you would understand that I am now taking a stance at saying the 'rate' for a custom is not worth it. After I give them a script and tell them the do's and do nots, they still botch it. The first 5 minutes of the custom is them standing in front of each other catty talking. I never told them to do that. Then they roll around and talk through out the video (over selling like rookies) and if I am lucky I might see what I was asking for, but only for a few seconds.
Or I have to wait months for it only to be disappointed.
Or I may not even get the custom.
Or they may just pull a old video off the shelf and send it to me.
And these are your main stream Session Wrestlers. It seems the more popular you are as a session wrestler the better you are at working the fans.
So now..... because of negotiating and knowing that I am the one with the gold and the boss. I now send them a 'This is what I want and this is the price I pay for it' email.
I give them the option. And if they do it right I offer a bonus.
And trust me, It worked for me.

See the customer can weed out the session girls too you know. And the ones that are working with me are doing well. They also have the right to sell it on the clip store too.
So they get the money for the custom and the clip sales.

That my friends is good business. WIN/WIN...and win for the other fans like yourself too so that you can see a different video instead of the same thing repeated all the time.

So yes life is not fair. But its the ones who makes the rules that determine what is fair or not. And in this culture, its YOU that has the gold in his wallets.
And I have helped make a lot of sessions girls money with the customs that I help them make. Its business.
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