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Default Re: Session rates are getting out of hand

Originally Posted by uxiel [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I'm glad you blessed us with your views. I didn't call any of these companies great. I called them big. The point is short-term vs long-term planning. This guy who was complaining about spending $100 over and over again with bad results could have spent more upfront once, and been happy with the product.

Sounds like he was talking about sessions where it wasn't 100% perfect or it ended up being a little different than he had imagined. Not necessarily a bad session. Not something that would be worth writing bad reviews in public and putting the woman's livelihood at stake. There are white knights around here (e.g., a woman refused to wrestle at all in a $500 session, some people will still defend the woman, saying he got to spend 65 minutes with her instead of 60... doing things not even agreed to), but the poster you're quoting isn't one of them.

There are other ways to get cheap videos that are good too. I once found a girl on instagram and DMed her, ended up getting a great video for $30. Takes a lot more time to find this though.
Did you read my posts clearly? I said when I payed full price for a custom from the session wrestlers I got crap. When I payed a non session wrestler less for a custom, I got a masterpiece. I am buying wrestling customs from non wrestling producers who are giving me the best wrestling video experience that I have ever seen.
They call me Sir when emailing me and are actually paying attention to the details of the script. In the end of the day, its the quality of the product regardless of if its a session or a custom. The high price the session wrestlers are charging is what is causing people like me (a long time supporter) to leave the scene and give others my money.
So if the session wrestlers are in it for the money, I will ask again, why would they want myself and many others to give non wrestling producers our money?

Added after 12 minutes:

Originally Posted by bizyz [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
If you want to pay alot less for custom videos just hire street hookers.You get what you pay for.
Once again read my posts more clearly. I am getting more from the none wrestling producers at $100 bucks than I am getting from the session wrestlers at full price.
Would you like to compare a dominatrix to a session wrestler.
Ok lets do it.
Session wrestler understands playfighting.
Dominatrix understands pain.
Session wrestler understands money.
Dominatrix understands pain.
Session wrestler understands only what the other catfighters tell them.
Dominatrix understands pain.
Session wrestler looks at us as a dime a dozen.
dominatrix understands pain.
Session wrestler does not understand pain to other girls so they giggle when they PLAYFIGHT and they roll around doing the same hold sequence that has been ongoing since the 1990s.
Dominatrix understands pain.
Session wrestler tells you that she can make the product easily and wants $400 for the custom video. Then makes you wait to only give you a bad product that has little to do with your script.
Dominatrix who understands pains is happy to do it for $100 dollars so that she can enter a new fan base and tries hard to make the script perfect.
Session wrestler then puts a giant water mark over the video that is anoying and a constant disturbance to the video.
Dominatrix is happy to get the video selling rights so that she not only gets the $100 but also makes money selling the clips. So she does everything in her power to make you happy.
Session Wrestler does not understand that they are not the only shows in town anymore.
The Dominatrix is now not only making $100 for a custom plus video sales, but now she has new clients coming to her for sessions.

And in the end of the day, its a Win/Win/ for ME, the Dominatrix who makes my custom..... and you because now you get a new face in the scene.

I already posted screen shots of the clipsforsale rankings, would you like me to show you pics comparing the session wrestlers products with the non session wrestlers products?

My point has been that if WE all work together with the session wrestlers we can make this scene of ours a better place and make more money for the session wrestlers. TRUST ME I would be happy to get a good video from the session wrestlers and I would be happy to pay a good price if they would take us more seriously.

Until then, We are in the same boat. Cost of sessions effect costs of customs. Poor customer service with sessions equals poor customer service with customs.

Originally Posted by arras [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
i've had sessions at an acceptable rate in recent months, they were great sessions, however i am not identifying any names as they may wish to remain private.

Yes some of the session wrestlers are good and understanding. I may buy customs from non session wrestlers but I am working with a couple of good session wrestlers in hope to help bring back some good videos.

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