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Default Re: Sometimes The Men Win - Videos

Originally Posted by Elbow Escape [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
To be fair it's not really like this, he may have started BJJ specifically since three days but he already is an experienced grappler since he is a wrestler and MMA fighter, and she trained mainly in Gi BJJ which is essentially a very different sport from the No Gi grappling rules they were sparring under (since you can't use the gi grips to control, slow down or choke your opponent like you are used to and that makes a ton of difference).
You're right to point out that she said she has trained mostly in Gi. It's hard to tell what she meant by "mostly" exactly, but even if she had only spent about 20% of her training time throughout these three years on No Gi, that would still mean that she has over half a year of training in it. That is vastly more than his three days.

Similarly, I'm not sure what he meant by wrestling (lucha). If, as I understood him, he meant pins-only competitions, than that's a very different beast to competitions where you have to submit your opponent.

If he fights in MMA, he should have some training in grappling, but again, we do not know how much.
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