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Default Re: Coughing up blood?

Maybe... it'd take a lot from a body scissor to break anything. You can get blood in your throat from a headscissor pretty easily, and it might come up if you cough. I've a video that supposedly had someone break one of the floating ribs from a body scissor. Take that for what it's worth. There was a time in the UFC that someone broke another fighter's rib with a body triangle, but it was more from him leveraging his whole body against the rib than leg strength. So it isn't impossible, but I wouldn't put money on it happening.

I'd bet someone could make someone throw up pretty easily with a body scissor though, if it was place right. Probably more from pressure, but I bet she could do it with a headscissor too. The body has some weird responses to lack of oxygen. I don't *know* it would, but I bet it isn't too different from running so long you throw up.
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