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Default Rear naked choke while climaxing. Has anyone ever tried it?

Have any of you guys ever had a woman put you in a RNC and use her feet to help you climax? What was it like?

I had a friend tell me once that choking oneself while climaxing is an amazing experience, but I will never try this because of the danger. If I remember correctly, the actor from the Kung-fu TV show accidentally killed himself doing this. I have considered asking my wife to put me in a rear naked choke without fulling applying pressure on my neck while she rubs her foot against my crotch as I struggle to break free. Once she feels me climaxing, then she will increase the pressure on her choke hold while I climax and gasp for breath at the same time. I'm not sure how to approach her about his though.

Although I'm happy that she trains martial arts, I don't want her to feel it is ONLY to please me sexually. She knows that I have a foot fetish and she is totally cool with this (mainly because she gets free foot massages). She also knows that I find her BJJ skills to be attractive, but I don't think she actually knows that this is a full blown fetish.

Anyways, I'm not sure if I will ever get to experience a RNC/climax combo as I'm to shy to ask her. So if you any of you guys have ever tried it, please share!
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