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Default Re: "Instigating" a Match

Originally Posted by fvmbd [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
It took me about 8 years of knowing this girl to build up the courage to do so, but all I had to do was ask her and she took me up on it. I just told her the truth...that I have this fetish and that it's hard to not only talk about in society, but especially to find girls who I would feel comfortable even asking if they wanted to wrestle (or especially in my case, straight up fight). So I asked her if she'd be down to do fight me if I paid her for it, and her reaction actually helped get rid of the awkwardness for me as she started uncontrollably. A friend of hers was also present in another room, and my friend told her what I just asked her. Her friend was also like "OMG" but both of their reactions really helped ease the tension I had in building up to ask that question (that I had wanted to ask her for years and perhaps lucked into finding the right moment). I told her friend I would pay her to film it, and then I asked my friend if she honestly thought she could win. She said (paraphrasing) "yeah, I'm pretty sure I can take you" and we've had several fights/matches since then.
Did the friend end up filming it? Would love to see it if so
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